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This section features a collection of articles, photos and other items from professional wrestling history that have been previously showcased in WrestlingClassics.com's Museum's exhibits.

mcdaniel_vs_harley_race.jpg (18281 bytes)

Two truly tough guys collided when Wahoo McDaniel went after the NWA gold held by Harley Race.

Valentine uses armbar 

When Johnny Valentine grabbed an arm bar there was little doubt in anyone's mind as to whether or not it was a legitimate hold.

 Valentine with US Belt

From his rise to fame in Detroit in the 1960's, to his tragic "retirement" at the height of his career as Mid Atlantic Wrestling's US Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Valentine thrilled fans with his stiff, methodical style

 jones_slams_swede_hanson.jpg (22455 bytes)

Few wrestling fans realize how strong Paul Jones. Here he has the 300-pound Swede Hanson under control as he slams him to the mat.

Jones boots Buddy Colt In 1972, Paul Jones was right in the middle of Florida's wrestling action. Among his opponents was the hated Buddy Colt.  Paul takes on former world champion Dory Funk Jr. from Florida with Gordon Solie calling the action.
funk_terry_throws_punch.jpg (7432 bytes) 

Most of all, Terry Funk likes to fight. Catch all the action in the Legend of Terry Funk available now.

Superstar Billy Graham, a WWWF opponent

Wahoo McDaniel didn't limit himself to wrestling for just the NWA title. He traveled to the WWWF to face their champion Superstar Billy Graham.

Valentine pounds Paul Jones

Inside the ring or out, if you were in reach of Johnny Valentine you were fair game to get one of his big hammers across the chest or back.

Valentine wearing Fla Heavyweight Belt

In Florida, Johnny Valentine was the Florida Heavyweight Champion.

Valentine wrestling Paul Jones

Everything Johnny Valentine did in the ring was stiff. Look at the hand across the face of Paul Jones as the two lock up in the referee's position.

sheik.jpg (5802 bytes)

The Sheik created move havoc in more arenas than any wrestler. The Sheik of the 1950s that appears in Before They Were Stars1, is more subtle, but there's still unmistakable hints of the dominant madman we all know today.

poffo_l_and_mr_fujiani.jpg (12884 bytes)

Few wrestlers had more natural talent than Lanny Poffo. In Before They Were Stars1, he takes on a very young One Man Gang.

Bill Edite asthe Masked Superstar with  Boris Malenko

Many wrestling fans remember Bill Eadie as Demolition Ax. Other fans remember his exploits as Masked Superstar. Before either of those personas however, he thrilled fans in the IWA as Bolo Mongol.

Jones wrestles Koloff 

The best of friends, Paul Jones and Ivan Koloff tore up arenas across the South.

Darling Dagmar Rarely staying for more than a week at a time in any one territory, few wrestlers traveled more than the midgets or the women. In 1965, 35-86 pound Darling Dagmar and her perennial opponent Diamond Lil were on the road in Austin TX.
 Valentine boots Paul Jones

Fritz von Erich may have had a reputation for being stiff with his kicks, but he had nothing on Johnny Valentine!

Valentine seated in dressing room

A lot has been said, both good and bad, about Johnny Valentine. One thing that has never been questioned was his dedication to wrestling or his willingness to give everything to have a great match.

Tully Blanchard with Chuck Forro

The hardest working man in wrestling, Tully Blanchard takes a minute out of his schedule to pose for this shot with Wrestling Classics regular Chuck Forro. If you have photos with your favorite stars, send scanned copies to us here at Wrestling Classics. We'll share them with the world.

Anderson  Brothers were some of the best wrestlers in the world.

Wahoo McDaniel wrestled the best in the world. He works the leg of Ole Anderson while brother Gene Anderson looks on.

 Mcdaniel headlocks Mulligan

Size never mattered to "The Chief" as he keeps big Blackjack Mulligan down with a simple headlock.

funk_terry_grabs_foot.jpg (7724 bytes)

Terry Funk is an accomplished wrestler, skilled in the basics like his older brother Dory Funk Jr.


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