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This is the history of professional wrestling as seen through the eyes of the man who was the top star in the sport from the 30s through the 60s and the only man to compete in seven different decades. The stories are all true and, in some cases, brutally honest. He gives his opinions on every major wrestler from the turn of the century to modern era champions such as Hulk Hogan. He tells about his victories and defeat in the ring and the seemingly never-ending battles with promoters behind the scenes. He talks about the double-crosses and the time an opponent tried to steal his title in the ring. He tells about his role in the birth of Japanese professional wrestling. His wild stories from all over the world. Some of the personalities he discusses include Bruno Sammartino, Argentina Rocca, Sam Muchnick, Vince McMahon Sr., Johnny Valentine, Paul Boesch, and many more. If you are a serious student of professional wrestling, this book is a must have. It is a fascinating set of stories that you will read over and over.

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WrestlingClassics.com Shoot Interviews

Playboy Gart Hart, Sir Oliver Humperdink, and Jimmy Garvin
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It's the three of the most provocative, powerful, and controversial Shoot Interviews ever. Order these three new Shoot Interviews and the critically acclaimed Jack Brisco Shoot Interview at one low price. All interviews are professional two camera shoots with professional studio post production.
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At WrestlingClassics.com we're fans of wrestling Websites, too. To cross-link with us, please email us through Submissions. This page will be updated often.

Here are some favorites and more will certainly be added:

WrestlingClassics.com stars Jack Brisco, Buddy Colt, Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin, Sir Oliver Humperdink, and Number One Paul Jones will be appearing at Wrestle Reunion in Tampa in January

Georgia Wrestling History
One of the premier historical wrestling sites... the encyclopedia of Georgia wrestling

Kayfabe Memories
A site dedicated solely to the old territorial regions from wrestling's past.

The Mid-Atlantic Gateway
The best MACW site on the net! 

NWA Virginia
A site dedicated to the Virginia chapter of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling
The official website for the promotion tearing up the Carolinas.


The Pro Wrestling Cartoon


Southeastern Championship Wrestling (SECW)
Top level Independent organization based out of Orlando. One of the best produced Independent wrestling shows in the country.

NWA Online

International Wrestling Institute and Museum
The official web site for this great museum which has a comprehensive look of International wrestling over the years.

One of the most popular wrestling Websites on the Internet. Bob Ryder, Dave Scherer and Georgiann Makropoulos provide the most current news and commentary, updated daily. Also is the home of ECW television.


The Great Hisa's Pororesu Dojo
Hisaharu Tanabe provides excellent resource for titles, supercards and wrestling greats. American fans will get a lot of this site, but this is the undisputed authority for the history of Japanese wrestling.

Frank Gotch  
The official Web site of one of the greatest pure wrestlers of all-time and a pioneer of this great sport.

Superstar Billy Graham
The official Web site of one of the most colorful and charismatic stars ever.

Eddie Gilbert
A terrific Web site for one of the most talented popular wrestlers of his era.

The Way It Was
Percival A. Friend was a top manager in the old Amarillo territory. He has some colorful stories about one of the most colorful wrestling territories ever.

Wrestlelink Search
Providing a search engine to the wrestling world.

Whatever Happened to...?
Scott Teal has developed one of the most respected Websites in the industry. When you see his research and read some of his interviews with wrestling stars from the past, you'll know why.

Wrestling Then & Now
The only wrestling history newsletter published monthly since 1990. Features columns by Killer Kowalski, his protégé Bryan Walsh and Dale Pierce.

General Skandar Akbar
Tribute site for the leader of Devastation, Inc.


The website with the mission to put Mr. Flair where he should be: a media icon, a champion athlete, a philosophical figure of the 20th century.

World Wrestling Control Center
A news page concentrating on house shows and television tapings.

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DDT Digest
Bill Milano provides a well-written site devoted to comprehensive television recaps with some house show reports and features.


Solie's Vintage Wrestling
Earl Oliver features an extensive title history, several photo galleries and more in a Website dedicated to Gordon Solie.

The official website for Florida Championship Wrestling manager the "Master of Darkness" Abudadein.

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NWA Midwest
Mitch Hartsey is the webmaster for the official website of the NWA Midwest promotion. Also features championship belts from Reggie Parks.


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