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Hosting and Internet Services

We are pleased to offer these reasonable hosting rates to our friends at WrestlingClassics.Com. Email accounts (i.e., yourname@wrestlingclassics.com) are offered at $19.95 per year.

We also offer customized hosting solutions for Web sites with large traffic, databases, or e-commerce accounts.

Need a business or personal Web site? Our award winning Web development team has designed wrestling, boxing and bowling sites, as well as other sports-related and business sites. Check out their Web site and client portfolio.

More questions about our hosting services are answered below. For more information, please email us.

Base Cost $20/month
yourname.com Yes
Site Traffic 1gig/month
Disk Space 150 megs
Access Ftp
POP Email 5
PlusMail Roamer $9.00/month
Secure Server Yes
Wusage 6.0 Yes
Referrer Logs $3/month
Email Redirects 200
Infobots Unlimited
Email Aliases Unlimited
Majordomo $10/month
Cgi-bin/FrontPage Yes
Password Protected Pages Yes
Single Page Shopcart Yes
Graphical Counter Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Real Audio/Video Yes
Subscribable Maillist Yes
Java Chat $8/month
MSQL 2.0.3 Access Yes
Plusmail Webcontrol System Yes



What if monthly transfer is exceeded?
You will be notified ahead of time to see if you would like to pay for the extra transfer. You will be charged at $25.00 per gig on all excess traffic.
What type of connection is my site hosted on?
All sites will be hosted on a DS3 connection on powerful Dual Pentium II hosting servers, 258 megs of ram, and 450 mghz chips. The network is monitored 24 hours per day with 99% uptime.
What if I need more space?
You may add additional space to your account at .25 cents per meg, which must be purchased in 10 meg increments.
What operating system and server software is being used?
All our systems run a customized version of Redhat, using the powerful apache webserver and apache SSL server for secure transactions.
How is billing handled?
You will be billed once a month for all domains and features listed on your account. Credit card payments are available.
Do you offer technical support?
Yes, however, we provide tech support only, and cannot provide help with HTML syntax or cgi programming problems.
How is domain registration handled?
You will fill out a form to submit the domain for setup on our servers. This is done in less than 6 hours, and you can get login information back quickly.
How do I add features?
Email us with your needs.
Do you handle foreign registrations?
We currently house domains from over 100 countries, and can house any valid extension. An additional $25.00 foreign registration fee is added to your initial $25 setup fee.
Are there any materials available to assist me?
There is a full on-line manual that you can use. You will also find we place a FAQ in every domain when it is setup. This can be easily referenced from any browser. Beside the documentation, we are always making improvements to make features as easy as possible to integrate into a site.
Can additional domains be pointed to my main domain?
Yes, we can alias (park) additional domains to point to the same main page as your master domain and it will also share the same mail system. There is just a one time $25.00 setup for each domain you add as a alias and an additional $5.00/month fee for each domain.

True Domain
The base monthly charge for hosting your domain is $15.00/month plus a $20.00 setup fee. This is a domain using a name of your choice (yourname.com) This domain is assigned its own IP#. You are responsible for your own domain charges through the Internic which are $35.00 per year, 2 years payable within 6 weeks after registration of your domain name.For a domain extension account (i.e., www.sidm.com/your-name), the charge is $12.00/month with NO setup fee.

Disk Storage
We give a very generous amount of space: 150 megs for your files.

Daily Traffic Allowance
The traffic allowance provided per domain is apprx 30 times what a normal user would need.

Email Forwarding
You will be able to redirect email addresses in a simple text file and have them each goto a location of your choice.

Unlimited Email Alias
Unlike many systems, we have designed our network using our trade marked Powerplus mail system to automatically capture anyname that may be sent to your domain name. This means as long as the @yourdomain.com is proper even typos in the user name will still be captured and not refused.

By default with each domain, the main login includes shell, ftp and a pop mailbox.

POP Accounts
This is a private storage box for email. It would be accessed by a 3rd party email program like eudora, or netscape.

These are simple text files you place in your domain in a folder called infobots. When email is sent to your domain with the name of one of these files, the file is automatically returned to the sender of the email.

Wusage 6.0
This is a very powerful tool for tracking vistiors to your site. It will tell you how long they were there, what pages they visited and the order they were visited in. With advanced logging activated it will even tell where they came from and what browser was being used.

This is a very flexible tool for interacting with your customers or clients. In simple terms its a interactive style news letter that allows all subscribers to distribute information. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe and much more. Each list can email up to 1500 mails per day, if you would like to increase the limit email us for pricing.

Referrer Logs
This is a extended logging features that will document where each vistor to your site came from. You will know if they found you from a search engine another website link ect..., invaluable information when planning your sites marketing.

Access to Secure Server
Secure server access is provided on all accounts, we used the Power apache server to encrypt any information you desire that is read or transmited through a web browser.

Customizable Missing Docs Page
By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html you will be able to give a customized page to any viewer that requests a file with their browser that does not exist on your domain.

Server Side Includes
SSI or Server side includes, allow the server to parse special page commands. As example if you had a footer you wanted on all your pages that may change from time to time, you can create a text file with the desired footer and place it in your domain. On each page you put a simple include to read that file and place it at the bottom of the desired pages.

This is Microsofts simple editor, it requires you own the Frontpage 98 software and have it installed on your home system also. Though Frontpage does not completly disable regular cgi access, there will be a few scripts that will not work properly while this is in use.

One-Page Shop Cart
A simple one-page shop cart that you can use for your e-commerce. You'll need to understand some basic HTML commands to install it.

Subscribable Maillists
This will allow you to give your customers a email address that they can send to and be added to your personalized maillist. This is a great way to offer your customers a monthly newsletter, sales updates or just a freindly hello. The Plusmail system is capable of multiple lists so you can organize what information your customers may be looking for, a freindly welcome message will also be sent. The lists can be upto 1000 names and you can email a message upto 75k to the lists you create.

PlusMail Roamer

PlusMail Roamer is the web-based email solution for busy Internet users. PlusMail Roamer includes all of the common features of a normal e-mail service, as well as many unique functions. You may create upto 50 web based pop accounts with this feature. This works with the default email box provided with your account and does not effect the normal pop accounts that are included.

PlusMail Roamer offers:

  • HTML-capable email
  • Messages filtered as they arrive -24 hours a day
  • Multiple folders
  • Send/receive file attachments
  • Instant new message notification
  • Integrated addressbook
  • Mail collection (check other POP accounts through PlusMail Roamer)
  • Vacation autoreply
  • Group messaging (multiple recipient address list)

Why use PlusMail Roamer?

  • Accessibility:
    Browser-based PlusMail Roamer means you can access your mail from any Web browser, anywhere.
  • Privacy:
    PlusMail Roamer gives you a private email account, separate from your company email account
  • Speed:
    PlusMail Roamer is one of the fastest web-based mail systems available, and runs noticeably faster than the other leading browser-based mail providers.
  • Convenience:
    PlusMail Roamer lets you consolidate all of your email accounts into one and receive mail from all of your POP accounts through your PlusMail Roamer account.
  • Forwarding:
    It's easy to forward your PlusMail Roamer account to another address; maintain one email address no matter what ISP you use.
  • Ease of Use:
    PlusMail Roamer is extremely easy to use; you can configure your account in minutes.
  • Power:
    Despite this ease of use, PlusMail Roamer is a powerful mail system. Configure up to 10 different filtering rules, up to five mail folders, and an address book - with photos, if you prefer.
  • 24 Hour Service: PlusMail Roamer is always connected to the Internet. Mail forwarding, mail filtering, and delayed message sending are always active, whether you're online or not.
  • Reminder Service: PlusMail Roamer can be used to send yourself (or others) reminders at future dates and times.
  • Address Book: Your universal address book can be accessed any time, from anywhere. 

Who should use PlusMail Roamer?

  • Road Warriors:
    Access email from anywhere, and have PlusMail Roamer send all of your POP email to you wherever you are.
  • Employers:
    Provide your employees with a flexible, mobile email system. Each employee will have their own email account, accessible from anywhere on the Intenet, and you don't have the headaches or expense of a private email system.
  • Families:
    Get an email account for everyone in the family - put an end to lost messages and "snooping".
  • Students:
    Get an email address that goes with you when you graduate.
  • Schools:
    Give each student a personal email address within minutes!
  • Non-Computer Owners: Get your own private email address! You can access your mail from a local library, cybercafe, or anywhere you can use a computer with Internet access.
1998 Wrestling Classics: Frank Dusek, Mark Nulty
1998 Design: Jan Herod
Created: October 1998