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Wahoo McDaniel
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Wahoo McDaniel's in-ring career is truly legendary. As Tully Blanchard says, "Some guys could draw money in their little area... But Wahoo McDaniel was a star everywhere he went."

What fans didn't see was his generosity. If you were a young wrestler and struggling, you could always depend on Wahoo for a ride. He was generous with his talent. He would show up early and work out with young wrestlers. He was quick to recommend new talent. He would help make a new star in the ring.

In addition to his in-ring contributions, Wahoo McDaniel’s behind-the-scenes influence as a booker, trainer, and talent scout has helped shape the course that the wrestling industry has taken in the past three decades. He is a legend. He is a champion. 

This is a multi-media tribute to the legendary career of Wahoo McDaniel.

Wahoo McDaniel In Words

Leader of the Tribe... Richard Sullivan has created a fascinating timeline of Wahoo's career.  Click Here

How tough was Wahoo? Mark Nulty gets first hand knowledge as to exactly how tough the Super Chief was.  Click Here

Wahoo McDaniel In Audio

Ringside Live
A special edition of Ringside Live. Wahoo is remembered by Red Bastien, Joe Blanchard, Tully Blanchard, Jack Brisco, Ivan Koloff, and Superstar Billy Graham. It is in Real Audio format.


Wahoo McDaniel talks about Johnny Valentine

In one of his final public interviews, Wahoo McDaniel pays his respects to his greatest opponent, the legendary Johnny Valentine. This interview was taped May 4, 2001. 



Wahoo McDaniel In Video

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tully Blanchard
The feud that put Southwest Championship Wrestling on the map was Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tully Blanchard. Here is a look at the intensity and action. 

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Dial-Up Connection

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Atushi Onita
Atsushi Onita would gain fame in Japan as a hardcore wrestler. But early in his career, he traveled to San Antonio for seasoning. Wahoo McDaniel gave him a taste of what hardcore wrestling is all about. 

High-Speed Connection

Dial-Up Connection

Wahoo McDaniel interview
Wahoo's intensity came across in the way he did television interviews. When he said that someone was going to get a beating, the fans believed him and bought tickets. Here he tells the fans in Charleston what's about to happen to Ivan Koloff and Super Destroyer (Don Jardine) prior to a tag match with Paul Jones.  

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Wahoo McDaniel In Pictures

The best Wahoo McDaniel photopgraphs on the Internet are the Wahoo McDaniel Photo Albums on one of the very best wrestling Web sites on the net, the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Gateway.

 Click here to see this great collection of photos. 

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