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An Exercise
in Hypocrisy

Features Panel

By Mark Nulty

The Associated Press, Inside Edition and a few other so-called mainstream outlets are using an Indiana University study to blast wrestling in general and the WWF in particular.

Indiana University released a study where they counted all the inappropriate acts in a year's worth of Monday night RAW TV shows.

If you live at Indiana, grimace as you think of your tax dollars at work.

If the school had wanted to count inappropriate acts, I could have saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

They didn't have to spend money gathering up Monday night wrestling tapes. All they had to do is walk across campus and go to a basketball game.

The University of Indiana employs one of the most inappropriate people in sports, their head basketball coach, Bobby Knight.

You want to count instances of vulgar language? Well, the media department wouldn't be able to do it. You'd have to go get the higher mathematics division of the university.

Tell you what, since we're counting instances of inappropriate behavior, be sure to add these to the tally:

Striking college students: Indiana coach Bobby Knight several, WWF 0.

Assaulting police officers: Indiana coach Bobby Knight 1, WWF 0.

Getting barred from Puerto Rico: coach Bobby Knight 1, WWF 0

Throwing a chair on to the field of play during competition: Indiana coach Bobby Knight 1, WWF, well, maybe the WWF has a few of those.

But here's my question, which portrays themselves as role models? The WWF has never claimed to be a role model. On the other hand, Bobby Knight is employed and endorsed by a institution of higher learning.

For the record, Bobby Knight has abused referees worse than Stone Cold Steve Austin could ever dream.

Hey, Indiana University, I've got two words for ya':

You're hypocrites.

Mark Nulty is a professional journalist that has been in the professional wrestling industry since the mid-80s as an announcer, referee and promoter.

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