One of the greatest wrestling family dynasties is the CURRY FAMILY. Three generations of great athletes have graced the squared circle.

The Patriarch of the family was Wild Bull Curry, one of the wildest wrestlers of all time. He was the king of the Brass Knucks match and innovated the style that today's fan refers to as "Hardcore." Bull was one of the greatest drawing cards in wrestling in the 50s and 60s and is still a legend in Texas, where he set many box office records.

In contrast was Bull's son. Flying Fred Curry was considered one of the best looking and most popular wrestlers of the 60s and 70s. Fred was a terrific aerial wrestler, earning his nickname. Fans still talk about his matches in the Midwest against great stars such as The Sheik. 

The third generation to burst on the scene is Rocket Fred Curry. Already being courted by the major promotions, Rocket Curry was a standout college athlete and is already making his mark in professional wrestling. Rocket Curry combines his father's athleticism and aerial style with his grandfather's tenacity.

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