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Posted by rwallner (Member # 178) on :
Last night I watched a tape of an old documentary-style movie about that great 60's-70's villian, The Sheik (called "I Like to Hurt People"

The movie showed a couple months in the life of the Sheik's Detroit-based NWA promotion that he ran in the 70's. The Sheik (Ed Farhat) owned the promotion and almost always wore the U.S. title, which he'd defend against various guest star babyfaces he'd bring in from around the country. The movie showed matches against Dick the Bruiser, Dory and Terry Funk, Bobo Brazil and others. The Sheik was managed by the Grand Wizard.

I remember the Sheik from years ago, he was the originator of the fireball gimmick, and drew great heat particularly in bible belt towns, by doing his prayer gimmick on his shawl before matches. But watching this film, it amazes me how he got over when he hardly did any real wrestling. Sheik's gimmick was to get his opponent in the ropes, take out a pencil and start stabbing the opponent in the arm and forehead. I dont think I've ever seen a single non-tvsquash match involving Sheik where there wasnt blood and often a lot!

Ed "The Sheik" Farhat wrestled up until the early 90's when I believe he was nearly killed when the fire got out of control in a firematch in Japan. The Sheik was one of the great villains in my opinion. Anyone have any memories of the Sheik?

Posted by Davidwilliamsoon on :
I have two 1974 matches of the Sheik vs. Jackie Fargo, one in Louisville,Ky. and one in Nashville,Tn. on video tape and their both great, wild action! He would come into our Tenn. area on and off in the mid and late 70's, and always provided great brawl style matches. Saw him in 1978 in a wild one vs. Dutch Mantell, and in Birmingham,Ala. in 1977 I saw the Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher team in two super brawls vs. fellow heels Crazy Luke Graham and King Ripper Collins. Wild stuff!! Then "Abby" and Sheik met in a really wild grudge bout in B'ham which ended up in them battling out of Boutwell Auditorium, and outside onto 8th Ave. where they held up traffic until the police broke it up. Just classic, bloody mayhem, Sheik style for sure!!
Posted by Zarr Zanyo (Member # 618) on :
The Shiek was/is the best "heel" of all time. I remember once on the Big Time Wrestling TV show out of Detroit they interviewed him. Of course he never spoke english. This interview lasted several minutes and The Sheik spoke his usual language, whatever it was, but it got over.

Does anyone know if he ever used any other gimmick?

The Sheik had many classic battles over the years.

Posted by ttf (Member # 34) on :
I believe, the Sheik started in the early fifties as the Sheik of Araby. Wonder if he did any wrestling moves then.
Posted by Zarr Zanyo (Member # 618) on :
One of the ESPN Classic Wrestling shows that has been on a few times has a match with the Sheik in a tag team with The Crusher as his tag team partner. The tape is from Chicago I think it is either 1952 or 1958. Anway The Sheik was announced as "The Sheik of Araby" he wore a different type of head dress and did not have his prayer rug with him. He did actually use some wrestling moves.
Posted by KrisZ (Member # 291) on :
The Sheik had a small, but good feud with Tony Atlas in Georgia in 1977. Very bloody and this feud really propelled Atlas into stardom.
Posted by JOEY (Member # 789) on :
Yes, the Sheik did wrestle as the Sheik of Araby, and yes he did know how to wrestle. It wasn't until the early/mid 60s when Sheik dropped "of araby" and pretty much became the wildman from syria, began throwing fireballs (they were really small compared to the HUGE flames he hurled in the 70s), and began causing mayhem everywhere he went. I have only seen about 10-15 matches with the Sheik, and they pretty much cover his entire career, from the 50s to the 90s, and if anyone has any pics they would like to send please let me know, especially fireball ones.
Posted by rboyle (Member # 436) on :
I understand that The
Shiek actually promoted the Ali-Inoki match in the mid 70's and LOST a fortune. That was one of the reasons he still wrestled.
Posted by Henry S (Member # 332) on :
I always enjoyed the Shiek also. I saw him on TV in Bruisers Indiana wrestling in the 70's. I also read all the magazines in the 70's it seems that I remember he had a lot of bloody matches with Fred Blassie. One thing I always wondered since I am just a fan of wrestling so I don't have any inside info, is that I always heard that The Shiek (Ed Farhat) went to the Univ. of Cinncinnati. If this is true was he in any sports there and what degree did he graduate with. I think he started wrestling in the 50's, so if this is true I don't know what year he went to school there. Maybe the Cinn. Kid or one of you guys know this info. Thanx.
Posted by Henry S (Member # 332) on :
oops maybe he went to the Univ. of Mich. Sorry tlyne.

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Posted by Crimson Mask I on :
I saw the tag match as 'Sheik of Araby', and while he DID employ a COUPLE of wrestling moves, he didn't employ them very WELL...I could be wrong, but I doubt he was a college wrestler.

So long from the Sunshine State!

Posted by Cincinnati Kid (Member # 339) on :
I had never heard of Ed Farhat attending the University of Cincinnati or participating in sports there.

Of course, he participated in many, many matches at the Cincinnati Gardens over the years.

I remember he always parked his Lincoln automobile - with Michigan license plates - in the firelane next to the building. At one time, it was his promotion out of Detroit that held matches at the Gardens.

Posted by Henry S (Member # 332) on :
Thanx Cincinnati Kid. I heard that a long time ago and always wondered if it was true.
I remembered that you had talked about the Univ. of Cincinnati (sorry if I mispelled) football in past posts. So I thought maybe you or someone could clear that up for me.
Posted by Vic Orlandino (Member # 387) on :
I still recall to this day the huge fireball The Sheik hurled at Sailor Art Thomas in Indianapolis. It was during a tag match in which he teamed with Sgt. Jacques Goulet against Dick The Bruiser and Thomas. That fireball seemed to come very, very close to Art's face and burned a lot longer than usual. I always wondered if Thomas didn't really suffer some kind of burn. Does anyone know what eventually became of Captain Ed George, Farhat's son?
Posted by tlyne (Member # 319) on :
Cincinnati Kid, how often did the Sheik run Cincinnati Gardens or any other place in Cincy? I know they did every so often, but, was it a regular thing?
Posted by M.DuPree (Member # 426) on :
Sheik liked to play softball.A buddy of mine called up to talk to him and he was out with the local league.So much for kayfabe.
I'd heard he went to U of M and actually wrestled some AAU,but I never thought to ask him.Jerry Graham might have mentioned it in a conversation once,and with Jerry you could never tell.
The fireball on Thomas was in a singles match,and it did look like Art might have got warmed up a bit.Sheik burned Bruiser in the tag match mentioned,and he did get singed pretty good.
Posted by drew (Member # 530) on :
RWALLNER,I also heard that the SHEIK had
suffered a heart attack while attempting to
enter a taxi cab in Tokyo in the early 90's.
When I was a kid growing up in San Francisco
Bay Area in the 60's, just to see a picture
of his face on Roy Shires Big Time Wrestling
used to scare me.He was the BEST HEEL EVER!
Posted by Cincinnati Kid (Member # 339) on :

I'm not sure of the exact timeline. Ed Farhat's involvement would have been during the time that the Gardens had wrestling shows that were from the Detroit promotion. That would have been from approximately the mid-1960's to the late 1970's. Prior to that, the Gardens was connected with the promotion out of Indianapolis. Some of those Indy matches did feature The Sheik.

In the highest period of activity, the Gardens featured wrestling every other week. This was about 1960 through late that decade. During the early portion of that period, wrestling from another promotion was held in Cincinnati, but in another location. The two never went head-to-head. Although, for a very short time, I recall some of the Indianapolis wrestlers meeting the other promotion's wrestlers, but those matches were always at the Gardens.

I've heard a guy who ushed at the Gardens remark how he saw Farhat sitting in a room in the building eating steak on a night that there was a wrestling show.

Somewhere in the mid-1960's up into the early 1970's, the shows promoting the Gardens' matches came out of Detroit. Taped matches from there were shown on local TV here and featured local inserts with wrestlers who were going to be in the upcoming matches here.

The last show that I remember in the Gardens that featured Farhat's wrestlers was in 1978. Farhat, himself, appeared in a match with his usual Sheik tactics. Following that, there was some brief promotion, but the matches were held in local high schools, etc. By that time, the TV shows were tapes with local inserts that aired at 2 A.M. on Saturday (yes 2 A.M.).


Posted by tlyne (Member # 319) on :
Thank Kid,

We got Detroit wrestling on Akron and Cleveland TV. They promoted cards in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland. I just wondered how often they got to Cincinnati.


Posted by Zarr Zanyo (Member # 618) on :
The Sheik's promotion also ran shows at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio during the 1960's through the late 1970's. His studio show "Big Time Wrestling" was shown on Columbus TV during this same time frame. The intro to the show said "World Wide Sports" presents.

The Sheik continued to book spot shows around Ohio into the early 1980's.

In some of the spot shows he actually billed himself as Sheik Farhat. This was during the time that the Iron Sheik was in the WWF

I had to add the following: The shows at the fairgrounds were held at Cooper Arena on Thursday nights.

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Posted by amsboom on :
Eddie also ran shows during the 60`s-70`s at the Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio on Monday nights.
Posted by eastside kid (Member # 419) on :
The Columbus shows at Cooper Arena, Ernie Roth announcing,[Then managing The Sheik] on the T.V. shows, tickets on sale at the Central Ticket Office,228-1305, don't miss it The Sheik vs BoBo Brazil for the United States Championship, ahhh what a great time in life!!!
Posted by Masanori Horie (Member # 61) on :
These two pictures of THE SHEIK were taken on December 13, 1998.
Posted by bigcg98 (Member # 808) on :
I was wondering how that fat blob Ed George became a star. Now I guess I know. Didn't know he was Farhat's son!

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