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Posted by Tim Hornbaker (Member # 2439) on :
I recently received a copy of Big Gold: A Close Look at Pro Wrestling's Most Celebrated Championship Belt by Dick Bourne. Like many of the posters here, I'd read "Ten Pounds of Gold" also by Mr. Bourne, and was expecting nothing but top-notch research and insight into one of wrestling's most notable belts. I wasn't disappointed. This is a great book. The time and amount of detail put into the different aspects of the belt, balanced with great photos, create a truly collectible book that is a must for anyone interested in wrestling history. The facts about how it was made and the lineage of the belt were great revelations for me. I don't know if he is a poster here, but I want to say, thanks Dick for another great effort. What do you have on tap next?
Posted by Baltimore Jack (Member # 123) on :
Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Hornbaker! High praise from someone whose work I so greatly admire. I actually have three other projects in the works. One is memorabilia-related tied to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling in the 1970s. The other two are very niche projects similar to the two belt books I've done. One will be belt related, the other not, but the latter will cover something else near and and dear to wrestling fans' hearts. Details coming later this year, if it all falls in place.

Anyone interested in learning more about my book "Big Gold", which features a detailed history of the belt itself as well as the three different world championships it represented from 1986-2000, can follow the links at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway. We were able to photograph the original Crumrine belt in close detail, provide photos of everyone involved in its creation in both nevada and North Carolina, and even managed a photo of Ric Flair with the original belt modern day. It was the first time since 1999 that he had seen it. Cool moment.

Mid-Atlantic Gateway

Posted by Sed76 (Member # 6884) on :
I have the book and it is a great read. Highly recommended for not just belt marks but fans of wrestling history.
Posted by Greg Ganja (Member # 1677) on :
Bought the first book-- ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Definitely getting Big Gold.
Posted by maloned (Member # 4570) on :
Was this book always $31.46? I wanted to buy it today to take it on a trip with me, but it's a bit expensive. I might get the Daniel Bryan book and buy this one in the future. Thanks.
Posted by Shropshire Slasher (Member # 123456) on :
Excellent read. I still prefer the domed belt over Big Gold but the book was really done well with a lot of information.
Posted by malenko101 (Member # 804) on :
I loved ten pounds. As a worker, trainer and above all, a wrestling fan, I would recommend it to anyone. Now looking forward to the next.

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