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WMC TV5 Studios
Memphis, TN

DX arrives at the studio in a cold opening as they exit their limo and enter the studio.

The opening rolls.

In studio, Lance Russell is joined by Larry Zbyszko at the table for today's episode of Power Pro Wrestling with the lovely Lilian Garcia providing ring announcing.

We go to the ring for the opening bout quickly where Robert Roode defeats Billy Joe Travis in singles competition with a spine buster.

Post match, Roode says he is the future of Power Pro Wrestling and he challenges any of the "big names" around here holding him down to a singles match at Jones boro Jam. Roode says he would hate to confuse the fans by having two Roberts or two Bobbys in the ring at the same time (a dig at his ring name being Robert instead of Bobby due to Bobby Eaton debuting at around the same time he did) but he wants someone he can make a name off of.


Stacy Keibler is out with Eric Young and Dr. Tom Prichard. Prichard says The Heavenly Bodies have been the premier tag team in this territory since Day 1 and they will continue to be after they regain the tag belts at Jonesboro Jam when they get their rematch with Wolfie D and Ali. Stacy says it is so much better without that old lady Debra out here or that failure Bobby Eaton. Prichard says he asked them to stay in the back. Prichard tells Eric Young that "this right here", pointing at Keibler isn't working. Prichard says Stacy is one of the most beautiful women in the world but she is dividing this team. Dr. Tom says either she falls into line and gets along with Debra or she falls by the wayside and hits the bricks. Eric Young appears conflicted as Prichard leaves and Stacy pouts. Stacy throws a tantrum and shoves Lilian Garcia down as she introduces Eric Young for his studio bout against Brian Logan. Young wins with a slingshot suplex. Post match, Stacy attacks Lilian and rips her skirt off before Debra is out for the rescue. Debra takes Stacy's shirt in the melee that follows.
Cue commercial voiced over by Jeremy Borash for the Women of Power Pro Wrestling poster Series.


Austin Idol is out after being away from the scene for the past two weeks with a ruptured testicle. Idol talks about hearing about the stipulation for the fourth match in the best of five loser retires Series with Jerry Lawler being a piledrives match in Jonesboro on May 28. Idol says that's fine with him but with Mother's Day coming up tomorrow, he received a phone call this morning from someone he never expected to and he would like to bring this special lady out today. Austin Idol introduces Jerry Lawler's mother (Jimmy Hart in drag). Jimmy begs Idol to put Lawler in traction and says he has been a horrible son who doesn't visit. Jimmy (as Lawler's mom) says Jerry spends too much time at the softball field and has threatened to put her in a home.
This brings Jerry Lawler out to stop the proceedings. Idol sees him coming but Hart doesn't and gets a right hand that knocks his wig off as he crawls out of the studio. Lawler holds the wig up and says that's a taste of what's coming on May 28. Lawler goes to exit but sees Bulldog Raines in the ring taunting fans before the next match and says he's gonna show everyone how a piledrives match works. Lawler goes in and piledrives Bulldog. He covers him and makes his own three-count.

Back from break and PPW Young Guns Champion Colt Cabana defeats former champion Lance Jade in singles competition. Cabana continues to beat on Jade post match until Ace Steel makes his return to Power Pro Wrestling to make the surprise save.
Cabana scampers away.
Lance sends it to a video of DX and says they are scheduled to be in studio after this break.


Degeneration X (Power Pro Wrestling Unified Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash, The New Age Outlaws and Brandon Baxter) is out. Baxter talks about having the premier tag team in all of the world here and says they deserve a tag title shot of some type. Nash says he is the premier big man in all of wrestling but he can't wrestle due to the injuries suffered by the blindside attack of Sid Vicious. Nash says he guesses he will just have to sit out his contract and hold onto this title belt until he is well enough to wrestle.

From the control room, Randy Hales interjects and tells Kevin Nash he will be defending the Unified championship.

Nash asks who is going to make him. Hales says he's glad he asked because he is introducing a new matchmaker today and this guy isn't going to put up with Degeneration X's antics. Nash asks who this fearless leader is and who Hales is going to appoint as his lieutenant.
Hales says he's glad he asked because it's not a lieutenant. Instead it's a sergeant.
In full military fatigues out comes Sgt. Slaughter. Slaughter calls DX maggot and tells Kevin Nash he will face Lord Humongous
on May 28 at Jonesboro Jam.
Nash, the Outlaws and Baxter mock Hugo with Frankenstein walks. Slaughter says the other three think they're real funny but they best bring their best on May 28 because it will be The New Age Outlaws and Brandon Baxter taking on the men they cost the World Tag team championship - The Road Warriors - and Sid Vicious.
Baxter and the Outlaws aren't happy at this revelation at all but it gets worse before it gets better.

Slaughter also tells the Outlaws to get their wrestling boots on because they will be facing Too Cool and that match starts now and if Baxter or Nash interfere, they're fired and that's an order.

The New Age Outlaws defeat Too Cool ("Too Sexy" Brian Christopher/Scotty 2 Hotty) when The Rock N Roll Express costs Too Cool with a distraction as Robert Gibson gets on the ring apron after Ricky Morton pulls Brian Christopher from the ring apron. Road Dogg grabs Scott 2 Hotty from behind and hits a pump handle slam for th victory.
The RNRs attempt a post-match attack but Brian and Scotty recover to send them packing. Brian AMD Scotty demand a bout for Jonesboro Jam as Lance Russell asks if we can see about that match being made on the way to commercial.


Power Pro Wrestling tag team champions Ali Stevens/Wolfie D make their way out for an interview but ate interrupted by the surprise appearance of Redd Dogg (Rodney Mack). Lance says they don't want trouble out here. Redd offers his hand and says Congratulations as Ali and Wolfie back away with the history between RD and Ali and their bitter feud. Lance asks Redd if he blames them as they head to the ring for the main event of the day where Lord Humongous and Spike Dudley defeat The Headbangers.
DX circles the ring after the bout to create a 4-on-2 but Sid Vicious and The Road Warriors slide into the ring to ward off their ambush attempt as the show goes off the air.

Copyright Power Pro Wrestling 1999 Raycom Sports

PPW Unified Heavyweight Championship

Champion Dates of Reign City Won
Lord Humongous 12/09/97- Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler 01/16/98 - Jonesboro, AR
Lord Humongous 01/23/98 Jonesboro, AR
The Big Show 02/13/98 Jonesboro, AR
*Jerry Lawler 02/20/98 Jonesboro, AR
VACANT from 06/02/98 until 06/18/98
*Jesse James Armstrong 06/18/98 Little Rock, AR
Jerry Lawler 07/30/98 Jonesboro, AR
Jesse James Armstrong 09/19/98 Memphis, TN
Bradshaw 10/21/98 Memphis, TN
Shawn Michaels 01/12/99 Memphis, TN
Bradshaw 01/15/99 Memphis, TN
Kevin Nash 02/14/99 Jonesboro, AR
*Lawler was forced to vacate the championship due to injury effective 06/02/98. Armstrong won a 16-man tournament - defeating Bradshaw in the finals.

PPW Tag Team Championship:

Champion Dates of Reign City Won
* The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard/Eric Young) 01/16/98 - Jonesboro, AR
Steve Keirn/Steve McMichael 03/14/98 - Jonesboro, AR
**The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard/Eric Young) 03/24/98 - Memphis, TN
The Fabulous Ones 07/04/98 - Memphis, TN
The Headbangers 09/03/98 - Jackson, TN
***The Road Warriors 09/19/98 - Memphis, TN
The Heavenly Bodies 11/23/98 - Memphis, TN
Wolfie D/Ali 04/27/99 - Murfreesboro, TN

*Prichard defeated Steve Keirn in a cage match for the held up belts. Prichard chose Eric Young as his tag team partner.
** The Fabulous Ones defeated The Heavenly Bodies on April 10 for the tag titles, but the match was overruled due to the contract originally being for the HB vs. Steve Keirn/Steve McMichael. The PPW Tag Titles were returned to The Heavenly Bodies on 4/21.
*** Hawk pinned Eric Young of The Heavenly Bodies to win the belts in a four-team match that also included The Headbangers and The Fabulous Ones

PPW Young Guns Championship
Champion Date Won City Won
Derrick King 01/30/98 Jonesboro, AR
Lance Jade 03/10/98 Memphis, TN
Billy Joe Travis 04/10/98 Memphis, TN
Derrick King 08/25/98 Jonesboro, AR
Scott Taylor 10/21/98 Memphis, TN
Derrick King 12/29/98 Fayetteville, AR
Scotty Too Hotty 01/12/99 Hot Springs, AR
Vic Grimes 02/09/99 Memphis, TN
Derrick King 02/23/99 Memphis, TN
Colt Cabana 03/16/99 Nashville, TN
Ace Steel 04/01/99 Memphis, TN
Colt Cabana 04/27/99 Murfreesboro, TN

PPW Ozark Mountain Championship
Champion Date Won City Won
*Koko Ware was recognized as the champion from holding the title in the now-defunct Ozark Mountain Wrestling territory
Meng 02/13/98 Jonesboro, AR
Title unified with PPW Heavyweight Title on 04/10/98
Posted by jp1985 (Member # 113226) on :
D-X had been running wild here so it will be interesting to see if Sgt. Slaughter can rein them in. Clearly Randy Hales wasn't much of a force, but Slaughter can be more imposing. IRL he looked terrible opposite D-X as they walked all over him, but they don't have the same juvenile tactics here and are more like the nWo it feels like.

For a makeshift team, your commitment towards selling Ali Stevens & Wolfie D is working well. They feel like a team as opposed to two singles thrown together. Redd Dogg returning should make for a strong challenge if he can find the right partner.

The Rock N Roll Express heel turn here has been a nice change of pace. They only have so much shelf life at this stage and while IRL, they were pretty popular most places they went, when faced with a stronger roster in WWF and presented as dated, they were buyable in the role. They definitely could come across that way here, especially opposite Too Cool and their appeal to younger fans, so it's not hard to buy into fans turning on them.
Posted by Omega JeriFlair (Member # 129026) on :
Another exciting show out of this territory.
Between the DX & Sid stuff, the Lawlor-Idol feud and an evil RnR....this has certainly become an on fire promotion and must read each week. Well done.

Also, CokeMan - let me know when you make room in your inbox. I replied to your PM a few days ago but it was returned.

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Posted by CokeMan (Member # 125331) on :
Originally posted by Omega JeriFlair:
Another exciting show out of this territory.
Between the DX & Sid stuff, the Lawlor-Idol feud and an evil RnR....this has certainly become an on fire promotion and must read each week. Well done.

Also, CokeMan - let me know when you make room in your inbox. I replied to your PM a few days ago but it was returned.

Made room.

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