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Author Topic: ECW Barely Legal PPV question
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I just finished watching Tod Gordon shoot interview (I won't review it) and had a question about something coming up. He mentioned about Bruce Mitchell of Observer(?) trying to get the PPV cancelled cause of the Kulas incident.

What was the whole story on that? Also, is there anybody in wrestling that actually like Meltzer? Most shoots I have seen (Corny the exception) has blasted him.

As usual, just curious

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Hopefully someone will be able to fill in the blanks here because my memory is shot. I believe they sent a tape of the Kulas incident to the PPV operators.
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ken bowen
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Here's the story from PWTorch, so take it with a grain of salt...

"And then there's Paul Heyman, who apparently has been too busy "spinning" to have time for Erich Kulas.

Paul Heyman doesn't spin like a normal person, or even a normal wrestler. Spinning for Heyman is an art form, a challenge for him to prove that he is smarter than the person to whom he is spinning. Creative half–truths, variations of the truth, irrelevant truths, the truth, and lies are all mixed until Heyman has his subject so dazed that he or she just gives in to the avalanche of verbiage or, in some cases, refuses to talk to Heyman anymore.

For example, Heyman's detailed account of how Kulas moved his head while New Jack was blading him sure sounded good, didn't it? Too bad that one viewing of the tape dispels his entire assertion.

But then Heyman went too far. Anyone at Revere or anyone who had seen the video knew damn well that Heyman would be crazy to let any television executive, who was not an ECW apologist already, see the incident or even hear the details of it.

But Heyman couldn't resist the opportunity to spin the situation to make it sound as if he had everything under control. That's why he claimed during the Torch interview regarding that incident: "This tape has been seen by everybody who is in a decision making position that regards anything in our future, including the eight network affiliates in L.A., Detroit, Cincinnati, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Dallas that we are in negotiation with to clear our Friday night late night timeslot. Including Viewer's Choice. Including Request Television. Including Direct TV. And including all potential and signed on sponsors for the event. They have all seen the tape already. They were all notified Monday morning that we had an incident, that it most probably was going to cause bad publicity, and that we wanted to be the first ones to alert them to the situation, tell them our side of the story, and give them a tape so that three months down the road it's not like, ‘Oh my *** ! You told me it was bad, but I didn't know it was this bad.' ‘Here it is guys, this is how bad it is, if you're going to tell me to f––– off, tell me now.'"

There are at least some people at the television stations who either knew or didn't care about what happened, including a higher-up at Network One. But when Request TV was asked about the incident in Revere by Wade Keller in the course of checking the pay–per–view date and then seeking the reason for the delay in securing one, they not only hadn't heard about it, they became curious. When their curiosity was sated, they decided they no longer wanted to be in business with ECW. Viewer's Choice had already nixed the ECW pay–per–view because of content problems before hearing about the incident, although they, too, said no one there had received the Revere tape. At this point ECW's pay–per–view was effectively dead.

And a string of needlessly violent incidents that threaten any chance ECW has to grow have been inflamed by ECW's "extreme at all costs" atmosphere: Shane Douglas gets into two separate fights with fans at the latest ECW show. Fans and wrestlers, including New Jack and Tommy Dreamer, fight in the crowd at the mountaintop bar in Jim Thorpe, Pa. Devon Storm is bashed in the face by a fan requiring stitches. An angle using fire sends Terry Funk to the hospital and injures at least one fan. Bleeding wrestlers constantly fighting among the fans. Fans constantly throwing things at the wrestlers in the ring.

All of these incidents didn't happen because of bad luck. Heyman has used blood in the ring, the constant abusive searing, the self–destructive stunt bumps, the beating of women, and the brawling among fans as a substitute for true, cutting edge action for too long.

ECW fans have seen so many dangerous stunts that they react to pouring blood or heads bouncing off concrete as casually as other fans do to WWF undercard matches. And ECW wrestlers have poured so much blood and bounced so many heads that they must resent some of the more callous fans. Add that to an often lax security force and you can understand why these incidents seem to come faster and more severe by the month.

All of this has now backfired on Heyman. ECW's bush league actions and reactions have needlessly crippled their chance to go major league and wasted all of the creativity and sacrifice of the principles who have worked so hard to bring the best new concept in worked wrestling to the audience it deserves.

ECW, due in part to the incident in Revere, has lost its chance to go on pay–per–view. Any public airing of that videotape on a tabloid TV show, for instance, might end ECW television for good.

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Long Legged Mackdaddy El Topo
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The story originally reported is that Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell presented a videotape of the Kuhlas incident with the intention of having the show taken off PPV. Wade explained that they showed the tape to said exec to get his REACTION, as a news story.

The timing is what got them the bad rap.

More people than you think like Meltzer. It depends on what he writes about you! Generally, I think he's a pretty good and fair guy, even if I don't agree with everything he writes and his choice of indie results he prints.

[This message has been edited by El Topo (edited 07-24-2001).]

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I believe either Wade Keller or Bruce Mitchell called the pay-per-view company to get their opinion on the Kulas incident.

The company didn't know anything about it.

Finding out about it left them less than interested in airing the show.

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