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Author Topic: August Lucha Libre resutls
Matt Farmer from WA
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Here are Lucha Libre results for the month of August!

In August of 1934 Salavdor Lutteroth’s EMLL was not even a year old yet. During the first few years there was a much heavier US influence on the cards than what we would see years later.

The Arena Mexico that is listed for the events below was the original Arena Mexico. Sometimes called Antiqua Arena Mexico or even called Arena Modelo for a period of time. It was built in approximately 1910 and was not very well constructed, but it was cheaper rent that Arena Nacional. Which is another building that Salvador Lutteroth booked in the early days of the promotion.

August 2, 1934 Arena Mexico DF
Leroy McGuirk beat Tug Wilson (2-1)
Luis Mayo beat Jim Loft
Dientes Hernandez beat David Barragan

The card below is only the lineup for the event. But I thought it was cool seeing Tex Hager and Dizzy Davis on the bill I decided to post the card.

August 21, 1941 Arena Mexico DF
Tarzan Lopez vs Tex Hager
Dizzy Davis vs Firpo Segura
El Enmascardo Rojo vs Billy Canny
Tony Felletti vs Charro Aguayo
Adolfo Bonales vs Juan Saiza

Salvador Lutteroth opened his Arena Coliseo building in 1943. And is the same building still used today by the promotion. Originally it had a seating capacity of 8,863. Since that time it has been modified to seat just under 6,000 fans.

August 29, 1947 Arena Coliseo DF
Mildred Burke* beat Anita Laverne- Women’s World Title
Evelyn Wall beat June Byers

August 19, 1948 Arena Coliseo DF a: sellout
Murcielago Velazquez beat El Santo
Cavernario Galindo beat Bobby Bonales
Ciclon Veloz drew Joe Marin
Daniel Aldana beat Hombre Montana
Saul Montes beat Erik Bouloff

August 14, 1959 Arena Coliseo DF
Blue Demon & Dorrel Dixon beat Los Rebeldes (Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde)
Manuel Robles beat El Califa
Huroki Sito beat Rafael Salamanca
Chico Veloz vs El Pirata
Moloch vs Frankenstein

August 14, 1959 Arena Coliseo DF
Blue Demon & Dorrel Dixon beat Los Rebeldes (Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde)
Manuel Robles beat El Califa
Huroki Sito beat Rafael Salamanca
Chico Veloz vs El Pirata
Moloch vs Frankenstein

August 25, 1965 Arena Coliseo, Acapulco Guerrero (Wednesday)
El Santo & Mil Mascaras vs Rene Guajardo & Karloff Lagarde
Jose Azzari & Bobby Shane vs Cavernario Galindo & El Enfermero
Dick Medrano vs Johnny Ceballos
El Paladin vs La Centella

By 1967 EMLL was operating events in their own Arena Mexico. This building is the same one the company uses today for its weekly cards. It has just under 18,000 available and at times has had over 20,000 fans in the building.

August 25, 1967 Arena Mexico DF a: 13,500 ($128.867.00 pes)
El Angel Exterminador beat Black Shadow- Mask vs Hair Match
El Santo & Rayo de Jalisco beat Rene Guajardo & Dorrel Dixon
Ray Mendoza beat Henry Pilusso
Mil Mascaras beat Dr. Wagner
Apolo Curiel beat Sugi Sito
Vento Casetella beat Rizado Ruiz
Tony Lopez beat Manuel Robles

August 20, 1968 Arena Mexico DF
Black Shadow beat Karloff Lagarde- Hair vs Hair Match
Rey Mendoza beat Alfonso Dantes
Estrella Blanca beat Raul Guerrero*- Win Mexican National Lightweight Title
Humberto Garza beat El Vikingo
Alberto Munoz beat Vick Amezcua
Great Goliath beat Chico Casasola

August 7, 1970 Arena Mexico DF a: 17,800*
El Santo & Blue Demon & Rayo de Jalisco beat El Solitario & La Ola Blanca (Dr. Wagner & Angel Blanco)
Mr. Koma & Katsuhisa Shibata beat Ray Mendoza & Anibal
Raul Reyes beat Goliath
Chucho Villa beat Los Gemelos I DQ
Los Gemelos II vs Cesar Valentino
Mr. Steel vs Eespanto III
Mario Rocca vs Oso Blanco

August 9, 1970 Arena Coliseo
Karloff Lagarde & El Nazi vs Dr. Wagner & El Enfermero
El Audaz & Humberto Garza vs Raul Reyes & Raul Mata
Murio Tulio vs Manuel Robles
Tony Sugar vs Tauro
Sergio Borrayo vs Rafael Salmanaca

August 16, 1974 Francisco Flores & Benjamin Mora Sr announced the formation of their “Promocionces Mora y Asociados”. Which was later known as simply UWA or “El Toreo.” They would go on to hold their first event in January of 1975.

August 20, 1974 Arena Coliseo DF (Tuesday)
Indio Jeronimo & Leon Negro beat Dardo Aguilar & Cesar Silva
Manuel Robles & Tauro beat Chino Chow & Talisman
Indio Jeronimo Leon Negro beat Carlos Mata & El Vengador
Carlos Mata & El Vengador beat Black Shadow & Estrella Blanca
Black Shadow & Estrella Blanca beat Los Escorpions I & II DQ
Chino Chow & Talisman beat Irazu & Ivan el Bronco
Mr. Lancer beat El Capitan

August 23, 1974 Arena Mexico DF a: 15,000 (Friday)
Alfonso Dantes beat Tony Stone- Hair vs Hair Match
Anibal* beat Adorable Rubi Ruvalcaba (2-1)- Mexican National Middleweight Title
El Halcon & Super Star beat Black Gordman & Coloso Colosetti
Enrique Vera beat Goro Tanaka DQ
Tigre Colombiano beat El Audaz
Rudo Martin & Ciclon Veloz beat Perro Aguayo & Murasaki

August 28, 1975 Tarzán López (Carlos López Tovar) passed away on his 63nd birthday. Born August 28, 1912 Tarzan Lopez was one of Mexico’s first major Lucha Libre stars. He was also one Diablo Velazco’s first students in a long line of future hall of famers that Diablo would go on to train.

During the 1940’s Lopez was considered Mexico’s best wrestler and biggest draw in the country. He was a multiple time NWA World Middleweight Champion when that Championship was one of the most prestigious in the country and he was also one of El Santo’s first major rivals.

August 20, 1976 Arena Mexico DF
Alfonso Dantes & Ringo Mendoza & El Halcon beat Perro Aguayo & Carlos Plata & Adorable Rubi
El Faraon & Mano Negra beat Fishman & Cesar Valentino
Enrique Vera & El Rostro beat Gran Markus & El Judas DQ
Sangre Chicana beat Demonio Blanco
Bruno Victoria beat Cesar Silva
August 23, 1977 Arena Coliseo DF a: 6,500*
Talisman beat Irazu- Mask vs Hair Match
Los Gemelos Diablos I & II beat Enrique Vera & El Cobarde
El Vengador & Mr. Niebla beat Gran Cochisse & Aguila India DQ
El Invasor beat Rafael Salamanca
Bufalo Salvaje beat Mr. Steel
Gorila Flores beat Lalo Castell

August 13, 1978 Palacio de los Deportes DF a: 24,000*
Villano III & Bobby Lee beat Los Escorpiones I (Raul Reyes Garcia) & II (Benny Romero)- Double Mask vs Mask Match
Tatsumi Fujinami* beat Ray Mendoza (2-1)- WWWF Junior Heavyweight Title
Anibal & El Solitario & Gran Hamada beat El Canek & Karloff Lagarde & Cesar Valentino DQ
Perro Aguayo & Fishman & Leon Negro beat Huracan Ramirez & Karl Gotch Jr (Joe Malenko) & Ultraman
Sergio el Hermoso & Bello Greco drew Babe Face & Scorpio

Karl Gotch was in attendance and seconded Tatsumi Fujinami. Nippon TV brought a film crew to film some of the matches. He was also there with Joel Malenko, who was wrestling under the name Karl Gotch Jr.

This next event is one of the more legendary cards in Lucha Libre history. Not only did a Young up and comer Bobby Lee defeat the legendary El Santo. But a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned with El Canek beating Lou Thesz. In Mexico Lucha Libre magazines and newspapers that covered the sport would often post stories on the biggest names that competed in the United States, and Thesz was one of the guys who that magazines portrayed as one of the best wrestlers ever.

August 27, 1978 Palacio de los Deportes DF (Homenaje al Santo “Enmascarado de Plata) att: 21,450* (995,000.00 pes)
Bobby Lee* beat El Santo- UWA World Welterweight Title
El Canek beat Lou Thesz*- Win UWA World Heavyweight Title
Ultraman beat Leon Negro (Jose del Carmelo Castillo Aguilera)- Mask vs Mask Match
Anibal & El Solitario beat Perro Aguayo & Fishman- Revelos Increibles
Los Villanos I & II & III beat Dorrel Dixon & Karl Gotch Jr (Joe Malenko) & Rayo de Jalisco

Below I did something a little different. The results for August 3, 1980 were posted from an upcoming section in one of the Lucha Libre magazines and I typed them up to give people just a little taste of the sheer number of events that took place in Mexico on any given day.

August 3, 1980 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City DF (12:00pm start)
Luis Mariscal & Satan* vs Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu- El Cortijo Tag Team Titles
Tamba vs Escorpio
El Matematico & Brazo de Plata vs El Veternario & Rudy Rivera
Gran Petronio & Jose Luis Feliciano vs Condor Azul & Tony Ledezma
Lasser vs El Coreano

August 3, 1980 Arena Porthos, Col la Era (3:00pm start)
Ringo Medina & Los Venusinos I & II vs El Siriaco & Perro Negro & Faisan Dorado
Alejandro Guzman & El Muneco vs Conde II & Chucho I
Gregorio Arcos & Chamaco Arcos vs El Toscano & El Chiapaneco
Estrella del Norte vs Cesar Santander
Kentoky vs Avizpon Imperial

August 3, 1980 Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Juarez Pantitlan Edo de Mexico (4:00pm start)
Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu & As Charro vs Jose Torres & Los Indio Bravos- Relay Tag Match
El Matematico & Las Estrellas Blancas I & II vs Rey Neptuno & Bull Power & Barba Negra
Danny Cruz vs Al Suarez
Siki Osama I & II vs Los Sanguinarios I & II
Memo Arenas vs El Pachuco de Oro

August 3, 1980 Arena Del Comite, Cd Neza (4:00pm start)
Rocky Moreno vs El Halconero- Hair vs Hair Match
Round Robin Battle Royal: El Funebre & Dany Martinez & Centauro Blanco & Yoko I & II & Ancla Negra & Cuervo Infernal & Trini Rocha & Murcielago Dorado & Fanatico I & El Conquistador & The Murder Silver Arrow & Indio Sibi & Satelite Rojo & Linber III

August 3, 1980 Palacio de los Deportes DF a: 18,000 (5:00pm start)
Halcon 78 & El Solar beat Los Comandos I & II- Double Mask vs Mask Match
El Solitario* beat Anibal- UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title
Perro Aguayo & Tiger Jeet Singh & Dr. Wagner beat Tinieblas & Angel Blanco & Dorrel Dixon
El Canek & Babe Face & Fishman vs Gran Hamada & Kuniaki Kobayashi & Satoru Sayama
Lobo Rubio vs Brazo de Oro

August 3, 1980 Arena Coliseo DF (5:00pm start)
Siglo XX & Cien Caras & El Fantasma vs Carnicero Aguilar & Herodes & Tony Benetto
Alma Grande & El Vegador vs Leo Lopez & Manuel Robles
El Nomada & Huroki Sito vs Rafael Salamanca & El Doberman
Zorro Mendoza vs Yanco
Aguila del Sol vs Tommy Nava

August 3, 1980 Arena Naucalpan, Naucalpan Edo de Mex (5:30pm start)
Black Shadow & Mano Negra & El Matematico vs Masanobu Kurisu & Los Villanos I & II
Los Bengalas I & II vs Barbaro Fonseca & Beny Castello
(2 more match and 1 ladies tag match)

August 3, 1980 Pista Arena Revolucion DF (5:30pm start)
Lizmark & El Reo & Jon Guil Don vs Sangre Chicana & Mocho Cota & El Supremo
Scaramouche & Pirata Morgan vs Cesar Curiel & El Egipcio
Vulcano & Bufalo Salvaje vs El As & Mr. Steel
Rey David vs Caballero Blanco
El Volador vs El Pescador

August 3, 1980 Nueva Arena Apatlaco (6:00pm start)
El Matematico & Estrellita Blanca vs El Delfin & El Veterinario
Bull Santana vs Delicado del Moral
El Sultan vs El Cheyene
El Canalla vs El Ermitano

August 3, 1980 Arena Azteca, Tulyehualco (6:00pm Start)
Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu vs America Salvaje & Septimbre Negro
Fantastic & El Herrero vs Shazam & Charro de Jalisco
La Fiera Guerrero vs Tony Vazquez
El Impala vs Negro Casas
Mr. Rolling vs Jack Veloz

August 3, 1980 Arena Puebla, Puebla (6:00pm start)
Franco Colombo & Talisman vs El Nazi & Bruno Victoria
La Fiera & Rodolfo Ruiz & Crucero I vs Chamaco Ortiz & Irazu & El Mago
El Invasor & Hermoso Hercules vs Caballero Rojo & Caballero Azul
Principe Rojo vs El Cid Campeador

August 3, 1980 Deportivo San Pedro, Col Iztacihuatl (6:00pm start)
Rudos Tag Tournament:
Kurok & Dracula
Perla Negra & Mr. Neblina
Los Chicos Malos I & II
Los Bisontes Salvajes I & II
Tecnico Tag Tournament:
Mr. Misterio & La Serpiente
Gran Apache & Gori Cortes
Alejandro Guzman & Galactico
Brujo Blanco & Halcon Rojo
Yorvick vs Ciclon Hidalguense

The summer of 1982 Promociones Mora was on fire. These two events on the same day under the same promotional banner were held just a short 20 minute drive from each other. Both events did near capacity numbers and featured some of the top wrestlers in the company.

August 1, 1982 Palacio de los Deportes DF a: 18,000
Villano III beat El Signo- Mask vs Hair Match
Riki Choshu & Gran Hamada beat El Canek & Babe Face- UWA Tag Title Torneo Finals
El Texano & Negro Navarro beat Ray Mendoza & Villano I
Dr. Wagner & Anibal beat George Takano & Masa Saito
Abdullah Tamba & Black Man beat Scorpio & Colosso Colosetti

August 1, 1982 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 17,000
Perro Aguayo beat Fishman* DQ- UWA World Light Heavyweight Title
Enrique Vera & Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata beat Luis Mariscal & Cuchillo & El Salvaje
Panterita Surena & Chela Salazar beat Marina Rey & La Venus- UWA Women’s Tag Torneo
Gyuki & Vicky Carranza beat Mary Carmen & Rosa Maria
Reyna Gallegos & Veronica beat La Texana & La Valentina
Irma Aguilar & Irma Gonzalez beat La Monster & Lola Gonzalez

El Santo chose to retire in 1982 and in doing so decided that he would appear in three of the largest buildings used by the major promotions. August 22nd was the 1st in a three building tour that would end a few weeks later at the El Toreo in Naucalpan. The event was a tag team tournament where the losing team would advance, and the losing team would then be forced to unmask.

August 22, 1982 Palacio de los Deportes DF (El Santo Retirement Tour & Colosal Torneo de la Muerte) a: 28,000* (2,221,000 Mill Pesos)
Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata) beat El Enfermero II (Martin Herrera) & Flama Azul (Antonio Sanchez Vargas)- Double Mask vs Mask Match- Finals
Villano I & Leopardo Negro beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata)- Semi Finals
As Charro & Septiembre Negro beat El Enfermero II & Flama Azul- Semi Finals
Villano III & Rokambole beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata)- Quarter Finals
Espectro & El Supremo beat Villano I & Leopardo Negro- Quarter Finals
Dos Caras & Huracan Ramirez beat As Charro & Septiembre Negro- Quarter Finals
Fishman & Mano Negra beat El Enfermero II & Flama Azul- Quarter Finals
Anibal & Dr. Wagner beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata)- Round One
El Santo & El Solitario beat Villano III & Rokambole (Villano V)- Round One
Halcon 78 & El Falcon beat Espectro & El Supremo- Round One
Kato Kung Lee & Kung Fu beat Villano I & Leopardo Negro- Round One
(El Hijo del Santo introduced to the live crowd.)

That same day across town they promoted another successful event at El Toreo.

August 22, 1982 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 13,000
Abduallah the Butcher & Perro Agauyo beat El Canek & Carlos Colon DQ
Gran Hamada & Masa Saito & Riki Choshu & George Takano beat Babe Face & Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)
Enrique Vera & Abdullah Tamba beat Luis Mariscal & Scorpio
Cesar Valentino & Colosso Colosetti beat Bello Greco & Sergio el Hermoso
Irma Aguilar & Veronika beat La Texana & La Valentina- Ladies Tag Match

August 12, 1983 Arena Coliseo DF
Jerry Estrada beat Javier Llanes- Hair vs Hair Match
Ultraman* beat Aguila Solitaria- Mexican National Middleweight Title
Fuerza Guerrera & Bufalo Salvaje & Tony Arce beat Baron Chumedo & El As & Dardo Aguilar
El Supremo & Espectro Jr & Talisman beat Atlantis & Americo Rocca & Hombre Bala
Tony Salazar & Halcon 78 & Mascara Ano 2000 beat Talisman & Espectro Jr & El Supremo

The card below was held under the promotional banner of AWWA (Azteca World Wrestling Association). This promotion would usually run events in smaller buildings across Mexico City and later adopted a formula of presenting its matches and charters towards children. However on this date they took a huge risk in booking the huge Estadio Azteca which has a seating capacity of around 100,000 fans. It is the largest stadium in Mexico and one of the largest soccer stadiums in the world!

This event was unique in that they set up three rings on the center field of the stadium in a circus like set up. And each ring would have a different match stipulation in a tournament format.

August 21, 1983 Estadio Azteca att: 18,000
Cesar Valentino beat Tully Blanchard- AWWA Junior Heavyweight Title Lou Thesz Referee
El Puma & Zar de la Muerte & Juan Ruiz
Chamaco Ramos & Enrique Apleton beat Fantasma de la Opera & Rolando Valentino
50 Man 3 Ring Battle Royal
Ring 1: Loser Mascara
Huracan Ramirez & Megatron & El Mercenario & El Animal & Los Halcones Dorados I & II & Los Exorcistas I & II & Marduck & Voltio Negro & Gran Markus & Crucero I & Los Sirios I & II beat El Puma (Juan Ruiz) & Zar de la Muerte (Luis Valderrama Jr)
Ring 2: AWWA Junior Heavyweight Title
Tully Blanchard & Felipe Ham Lee & Septiembre Negro & TNT & El Fantasma & Adorable Rubi & Marco el Magnifico & Angel Blanco & Barba Negra & Rogelio Garza & Cesar Valentino & America Salvaje & Apolo Estrada & Blue Angel & Carnicero Aguilar & El Faraon & Panchoa Zapata
Ring 3: Loser Hair
Reyes Veloz & Principe Odin & El Comanche & Ruddy Espinoza & Rolando Valentino & El Vengador & Ebano Ruiz & Nahur Kaliff & Rodolfo Ruiz & Tony Sugar & El Maldito & Gerardo Contreras & Teddy & Chamaco Ramos & Enrique Apleton beat Fantasma de la Opera
(Lou Thesz & Cavernario Galindo & Cabecitas Alvarez & Sugi Sito & Espectro I & Dientes Hernandez in attendance.)

August 19, 1986 Arena Coliseo DF
Gran Cochisse* beat El Solar I- Mexican National Middleweight Title
Franco Colombo* beat Aguila Solitaria- District Federal Welterweight Title
Talisman & Guerrero Negro & El Dandy beat Kung Fu & Kiss & Americo Rocca
Mogur & El Solar II & Javier Llanes beat Emilio Charles Jr & Super Maquina & Comando Ruso
Darth Vader & Hectombe & El Doberman beat Cimarron Negro & Kalimaco & Rey David
El Faisan & Electron beat Babe Richard & El Primate

August 22, 1986 Arena Mexico DF
Kiss beat Masakre (Aristóteles Radamés Coccó Flores)- Mask vs Mask Match
Atlantis & Ringo & Cachorro Mendoza beat Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)
Americo Rocca & Kung Fu & Chamaco Valaguez beat Jerry Estrada & Gran Cochisse & El Supremo
Javier Llanes & El Impacto beat Franco Colombo & Panico
Jupiter & Sombra Poblana beat MS-2 & Bufalo Salvaje

August 24, 1986 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Fishman beat Villano III*- Win WWF Light Heavyweight Title
Fishman & Villano III beat Perro Aguayo- Triangle Match
Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) beat El Canek & Babe Face & Scorpio
Silver King & Black Man & Kendo & Ringo Mendoza beat Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & Lobo Rubio & Blue Panther
Kahoz & Sandokan beat Los Corsarios I & II
Aladino & Modulo beat Stone Man & El Veterinario

August 28, 1987 Arena Mexico DF
Cien Caras* beat Rayo de Jalisco Jr- NWA Light Heavyweight Title
Fishman & El Satanico & Gran Markus Jr beat MS-1 & Masakre & As Charro
Siglo XX & Gran Cochisse beat Kung Fu & Rokambole
Comando Ruso & Colosso Colosetti beat Aguila Solitaria & Hecatombe
Bestia Salvaje beat Comando Ruso (sub for Leon Chino)

August 17, 1990 Arena Mexico DF a: 14,800
Ringo Mendoza beat Scorpio- Hair vs Hair Match
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & El Satanico & El Dandy beat Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & MS-1 DQ
Los Thundercatos (Leono & Panthro & Tigro) beat Arqueros del Espacio (Danny Boy & Robin Hood & Lasser)*- Win Mexican National Trios Titles
Anibal & Angel Azteca & Astro de Oro beat Pirata Morgan & Masakre & Angel Blanco Jr DQ

August 4, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
(No card due to Vanilla Ice concert)

August and September of 1991 was huge for EMLL. Every Friday night at Arena Mexico drew over 15,000 fans and most Friday’s it was a sellout. The companies big 58th Anniversary card was held on September 6th featuring a Triangle Hair match with Perro Aguayo and Konnan both surviving while Cien Caras walked away bald. Most expected business at Arena Mexico to stay strong until a late September Union Strike among the wrestlers which caused some buildings to cancel its events.

August 9, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 17,850*
Atlantis* beat Blue Panther- NWA World Middleweight Title
Konnan & Vampiro Casanova & Octagon beat Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & El Satanico
Apolo Dantes beat Javier Cruz- Hair vs Hair Match
Ringo Mendoza & Black Magic & El Dandy beat Pierroth Jr & Fuerza Guerrera & Jerry Estrada
Martha Villalobos & Lady Star & Karla Ivonne beat Lady Apache & Lola Gonzalez & Vicky Carranza- Ladies Tag Match

August 11, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 17,800*
Atlantis & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & El Hijo del Solitario beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & El Brazo & Brazo de Plata)
Lizmark & Blue Demon Jr & La Fiera beat Jerry Estrada & Gran Markus Jr & Angel Blanco Jr
Kung Fu & Jacque Mate & Espectro Jr beat Kato Kung Lee & Huracan Sevilla & Ninja
Espectrito & Jerrito Estrada beat Mascarita Sagrada & Aguilitia Solitaria- Minis Match
Los Gemelos Diablos I & II beat Los Huracans I & II
(El Hijo del Solitario Arena Mexico Debut)

August 16, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 17,580*
Konnan & Vampiro Casanova & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000- Relevos Increibles
Lizmark & Lizmark Jr & Atlantis beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & El Brazo & Brazo de Plata)
El Dandy & Black Magic & Apolo Dantes beat Blue Panther & Pierroth Jr & Javier Cruz
Fuerza Guerrera & Kung Fu & Emilio Charles Jr beat Kato Kung Lee & Super Astro & Angel Azteca
Espectro de Ultratumba & Ponzona beat Antifaz & Mogur

August 18, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Mil Mascaras & Tinieblas Sr & Jr NC Kokina & El Signo & Black Power
Villano III & Gran Hamada & Solar beat Negro Casas & Rambo & Scorpio
El Texano & Silver King & Villano I drew Negro Navarro & El Engendro & El Indomito
Super Raton & Super Pinochio & Ruben Garcia beat Kahoz & Scorpio Jr & Caballo Loco
Jose Luis Feliciano & Black Terry & Angel Mortal beat Zeus & Katana & Celestial

August 23, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 17,560*
Konnan & Vampiro Casanova & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Nitron
Pierroth Jr & Pirata Morgan & Kendo Nagasaki beat Atlantis & Octagon & Mascara Sagrada
Ringo Mendoza & Apolo Dantes & El Dandy beat Bestia Salvaje & Los Cannibals (Moondog Spot & Spike) DQ
Ciclon Solitaria & Aguila Solitaria & Pantera II vs Ponzona & Enjambre & Marabunta

August 25, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 11,000 (Sunday)
Cien Caras & Nitron & Chris Adams beat Konnan & Kevin Von Erich & El Hijo del Solitario
El Dandy & La Fiera & Apolo Dantes beat Pierroth Jr & Jerry Estrada & MS-1
Volador & Misterioso & Ninja beat Espectro Jr & Espectro de Ultratumba & Ponzona
Oro & Plata beat Los Supremos I & II
Zuleyma & Super Estrella & Selene beat Martha Villalobos & Pantera Surena & Lady Star- Ladies Tag Match

August 25, 1991 Arena Coliseo DF (Sunday)
Black Magic & Ringo Mendoza & Sangre Chicana vs Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo)
Chavo & Mando Guerrero & El Solar II vs Gran Sheik & Ulyses & Tierra-Viento y Fuego
Lola Gonzalez & La Sirenita & Lady Apache vs Carla Ivonne & Pantera Surena & La Coralilla- Ladies Tag Match
Pegaso & Super Gallo vs Rocco Valente & Climax II
Kalimaco & Rey David vs Magica Azul & Dick Angelo Jr

August 30, 1991 Arena Mexico DF a: 15,000
Perro Aguayo & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Konnan & Cien Caras DQ
Pirata Morgan & Kendo Nagasaki & Chris Adams beat Atlantis & Mascara Sagrada & Kevin Von Erich
Octagon & Anibal & Kato Kung Lee beat El Satanico & Kung Fu & Emilio Charles Jr

August 9, 1992 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 4,000
Scorpio Jr beat Los Tortugas Ninjas Donatello (Victor Manuel Vargas aka Rocky Santana)- Mask vs Mask Match
Dos Caras & Enrique Vera & Villano III beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Killer & Shu el Guerrero
Babe Face & Scorpio Sr & Loco Zandokan beat Gran Hamada & El Texano & Silver King
Kahoz & El Engendro beat Sato & El Colosso
Rudy Reyna & May Flowers & Pimpinela Escarlata beat Ojo de Tigre & La Flecha & Lasser

August 28, 1992 Palenque del Hippodromo, Tijuana BC
Espanto Jr & La Parka & El Sicodelico beat Konnan & El Hijo del Santo & Octagon DQ
Solar & Super Astro & Angel Azteca beat Blue Panther & El Cobarde & El Indomito
Psicosis & Huichol & Terecera Dimension beat Rey Misterio Sr & Jr & Kendo Star
La Venus & La Briosa & La Marquesa beat Martha Villalobos & Pantera Surena & Wendy- Ladies Tag Match
Superstar Jr & Thunderbird & Ultraman 2000 beat Picudo & Junior & Bronco

By August of 1993 Antonio Pena’s AAA promotion while only a year old was consistently doing excellent business and was drawing more paying customers than any wrestling Company in the world that year.

August 13, 1933 Rio Nilo Convention Center, Tonala Jalisco a: 20,000 (thousands turned away)
Cien Caras beat MS-1- Hair vs Hair Match
Los Gringos Locos (Love Machine Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero) & Fuerza Guerrera beat Perro Aguayo & Octagon & Blue Panther
El Hijo del Santo beat Heavy Metal*- Win WWA World Welterweight Title
Tinieblas Jr & Lizmark Jr & El Hijo del Solitario beat La Parka & Espanto Jr & Espectro Jr
Rey Misterio Jr & Volador & Misterioso beat Rudy Reyna & May Flowers & Huichol

August 7, 1994 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 650
El Canek & Villano III & Cibernetico beat Dos Caras & Loco Zandokan & The King I DQ
El Signo & Negro Navarro & Rocky Santana beat Scorpio Jr & Shu el Guerrero & El Engendro
Nuevo Audaz & Gamma & Seminarista beat Karloff Lagarde Jr & Principe Maya & Perro Silva
El Sagrado & Oriental & Takeda beat Los Machos I & II & III
Los Teutones I & II beat Aero Flash & Condor Man

As you can see business for Carlos Maynes UWA promotion was poor. Only drawing 650 in a near 20,000 seat arena. They were third place in a wrestling war between CMLL and AAA.

August 18, 1995 Arena Mexico DF
El Hijo del Santo & Atlantis & Vampiro Casanova beat El Satanico & Emilio Charles Jr & Foreign Exchange
Dr. Wagner Jr & Felino & Rey Gonzalez beat Ultimo Dragon & El Dandy & Hector Garza
Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo) beat Mano Negra & Kahoz & Jaque Mate
Aguila Solitaria & El Hijo del Solitario & El Trueno beat Comando Ruso & Astro Rey Jr & Guerrero de la Muerte
Angel de Plata & Metalico beat El Supremo II & Reyes Veloz

August 6, 1999 Arena Mexico DF
El Hijo del Santo & Brazo de Plata & El Gigante Kurrgan beat Lizmark & Emilio Charles Jr & Tarzan Boy
Ricky Marvin & Sombra de Plata beat Sangre Azteca & Fugaz
El Satanico & Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior beat Brazo de Oro & Olimpico & Tony Rivera
Torero & Mr. Hoy beat Mogur & Rencor Latino
Enemigo Publico & Guerrero del Futuro beat El Filoso & Olimpus

August 20, 1999 Arena Mexico DF a: 16,000
Mr. Niebla beat Mr. Niebla II (Miguel Angel Guzman Velazquez)- Mask vs Mask Match
El Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas & Atlantis beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Pierroth Jr & Villano III
Emilio Charles Jr & Brazo de Plata & El Gigante Silva beat Cien Caras & Universo 2000 & El Gigante Kurrgan & Apolo Dantes
Olimpico beat El Solar I & Ringo Mendoza & Tony Rivera & Super Astro & El Satanico & Ultimo Dragon & Rey Bucanero & Zumbido & Shocker- Cibernetico Torneo
Astro Rey Jr & Starman beat Karloff Lagarde Jr & Rencor Latino

August 4, 2000 Arena Mexico a: 17,803*
Perro Aguayo & Villano III & Pierroth beat Mascara Ano 2000 (Jesus Reyes)- 4 Way Hair or Mask Cage Elimination Match
Blue Panther & Dr. O’Borman Jr & Rencor Latino & Violencia & Black Warrior & Antifaz del Norte & Astro Rey Jr & Mascara Magica & El Solar I & Safari & Olimpico beat El Hijo del Gladiador (Arturo Ramirez)- Elimination Mask Match
Los Infernales (Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero) beat Villano IV & Mr. Niebla
Nergo Casas & Brazo de Plata & Lizmark Jr beat Dr. Wagner Jr & El Satanico & Bestia Salvaje DQ
Ultimo Dragoncito & Cicloncito Ramirez & Bracito de Oro beat Fierito & Fire & Pierrothito- Mini’s Tag Match
(Broadcast on Pay Per View)

This card was promoted by an independent promotion. Fishman was given a large payday to lose his match.

August 25, 2000 Palacio de los Deportes DF a: 3,000
Mascara Sagrada beat Fishman (Jose Angel Najera)- Mask vs Mask Match
La Parka & Shu el Guerrero won Battle Royal
Tony Arce & Vulcano & Rocco Valente beat Andy Barrow & Conde Bartock & Halcon Dorade Jr- Triple Hair vs Hair Match
Enrique Vera & Negro Navarro & Super Muneco & Maquina Salvaje beat Indomito & El Hijo del Espanto & Doink the Clown & Big Warrior
Sismo & Maniac Cop & Chicano Power beat Thor & Trueno & Aguila Solitaria
Kung Fu Jr & Kato Kung Lee Jr & Black Man Jr beat Negro Peralta & Diamante Blanco & Cripta
Skayde & Turbo beat Black Thunder & Drako

August 1, 2003 Arena Mexico DF a: 16,000
Damien el Terrible beat Bestia Salvaje- Hair vs Hair Cage Match
Shocker & Mascara Magica & Scorpio Jr & Emilio Charles Jr beat Damien el Terrible & Bestia Salvaje- Loser Advance Cage of Death
Perro Aguayo Jr & Lizmark Jr & Mr. Niebla beat Damian 666 & Halloween & Super Crazy
Ricky Marvin & Volador Jr & Virus beat Rocky Quance & Rocky Romero & Puma Boy
Marcela & Azumi Hyuga beat Comando Boilshoi & Amapola- Ladies Tag Match
Loco Max & Hooligan beat Tigre Blanco & Neutron
(Perro Aguayo Jr Arena Mexico debut)

August 13, 2004 Arena Mexico DF a: 13,000
El Hijo del Santo DCO Perro Aguayo Jr
Shocker & Negro Casas & Mascara Sagrada beat Hector Garza & Tarzan Boy & El Terrible
El Canek & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Brazo de Plata beat Vampiro Casanova & Universo 2000 & Apolo Dantes
Blue Panther & Felino & Black Warrior beat Pierroth Jr & Averno & Mephisto
Mistico beat Virus
Loco Max & Super Comando beat Brazo de Oro Jr & Sombre de Plata

August 26, 2005 Arena Mexico DF a: 12,500
Mistico & El Hijo del Santo & Dr. Wagner Jr beat Ultimo Guerrero & Averno & Mephisto
Perro Aguayo Jr & Hector Garza & Tarzan Boy beat El Satanico & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000
Negro Casas & Brazo de Plata & Ultimo Dragon beat Shigeo Okumura & Ryusuke Taguchi & Hajime Ohara
Pantera & El Sagrado & Safari beat Mr. Mexico & Arkangel de la Muerte & Sangre Azteca
Sombra de Plata & Zetta beat La Flecha & Vaquero

August 4, 2006 Arena Mexico DF a: 18,250*
El Hijo del Santo & Mistico & Negro Casas beat Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero & Black Warrior
Perros Del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr & Hector Garza & Damian 666) beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Rey Bucanero & Dos Caras Jr
Blue Panther & Volador Jr & La Mascara beat Olimpico & Misterioso Jr & Sangre Azteca
El Satanico & El Sagrado & Virus beat Shigeo Okumura & Nitro & Loco Max
Tigre Metalico & Tigre Blanco beat Artillero & Super Comando

August 6, 2006 Arena Coliseo DF a: 5,500*
Mistico & Negro Casas* beat Atlantis & Olimpico- CMLL Tag Titles
Dr. Wagner Jr & Rey Bucanero & Lizmark Jr beat Ultimo Guerrero & Pierroth & Mascara Ano 2000
Mr. Aguila & Damian 666 & El Terrible beat El Satanico & El Sagrado & Volador Jr
Dark Angel & India Sioux & Marcela beat Princesa Sugei & La Nazi & Medusa
Pequeno Olimpico & Tzuki & Bam Bam beat Sombrita de Plata & Mr. Aguilita & Fire- Mini’s Tag Match

To check out last month's results. http://wrestlingclassics.com/.ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=145334#000000

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Pier 6er from NY
Member # 916

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Pier 6er from NY   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Thanks a lot as always for your monthly lucha libre results, Matt. While the results alone are great, your extra comments that you include are most educational. I started watching lucha libre regularly on Galavision back in 1992 (when AAA was created), as that was such a spectacular era in lucha libre. I stopped watching American wrestling almost 15 years ago (after WCW & ECW both folded), but I continued to watch lucha libre until just a few years ago.

If GShea from TN can love Sarah Palin, then I can like Holly Holm!

"A woman's place is where I put 'em"
- The Latin Heartthrob, Al Perez in World Class Championship Wrestling (@ 6:10 mark):

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Austin Idle
Member # 119843

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Austin Idle     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Any info on Bobby Lee, the guy who beat El Santo in 1978? I've never heard that name before. He must have been a big deal at one point to beat El Santo.
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Steve Ogilvie
Member # 5116

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Steve Ogilvie   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Bobby Lee had a really cool green mask, he lost it to El Santo in a big match, but perhaps a little too early on. A month later he lost his hair to El Santo too.

Later he put the mask back on in Japan, under the name Masked Hurricane and worked against Tiger Mask, losing his mask to him.

I believe he became a promoter of a town in Mexico and had a son that also wrestled.

"Mr 100%"

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Matt Farmer from WA
Member # 1177

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Matt Farmer from WA     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Thanks for the compliments, I realize there are only a handful of people here that enjoy the Lucha results. But I will post that anyways.

Yeah Bobby Lee became a huge star quickly, he was probably too young to look after himself. His star rose so quickly he was booked in a mask versus mask match with Santo at Palacio de los Deportes. Of course Bobby lost his hood, then about a month later the two came back and he dropped his hair to Santo.

Not sure if he was in need of the big bonus that comes along with dropping a hood or your hair. But he took them, but probably should have protected himself better.

When he went to New Japan, who had a working agreement with UWA. He wore his mask, which was a no-no in Mexico and he got a lot of heat for it.

He did become a promoter in the town of Leon at the Domo de la Feria (Dome at the Fair). It's a 5,300 seat basketball auditorium that sits on the fairgrounds in Leon Guanajuato. He has a history of doing good to great business and still promotes there to this very day.

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Member # 5296

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Phil_Lions     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Matt, I don't think I've ever posted in one of your lucha results topics but I always read them and always enjoy them tremendously. Thank you for making them and please do continue to make them.

Like Pier 6er from NY, I also find the extra notes quite educational. Knowing the context around the events is always a big plus in my book.

P.S. Next month's results should be particularly interesting with September being the month of CMLL's anniversary shows.

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Austin Idle
Member # 119843

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Austin Idle     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Thanks for the answers about Bobby Lee. It is interesting to me that he promotes in Leon, Guanajuato. My wife and her family are from Celaya and her brother lives in Leon. Thank you for the monthly results. I always enjoy reading them.
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John Shelvey
Member # 7742

Icon 1 posted      Profile for John Shelvey     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Hi Matt, as Phil says please do continue with the results. There would be more people interested than you might think, it is just that many will not bother with feedback. As I recently posted on another wrestling web-site, those same people would be the first to wonder why a web-site was closed down because it was deemed that there was a lack of interest and complain ' well that sucks, I enjoyed that site.' Thanks again.


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Matt Farmer from WA
Member # 1177

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Appreciate it guys.

I'm constantly adding to my Lucha results and enjoy sharing them.

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