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Author Topic: July Lucha Libre results
Matt Farmer from WA
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Here are some July Lucha Libre results.

During the early years of Salvodor Lutteroth’s promotion he ran the majority of his events at Arena Nacional or Arena Modelo, which was also refered to often as Arena Mexico. The building was built during the early 1910’s primarily for boxing, but had been abandoned before Lutteroth began using the building for his Lucha Libre events.

I’ve seen different sources on how large or how small the building was but if I were to guess I would say it was a mid-size are possibly holding seven or eight thousand people. I’ve seen some attendance listing but those are rare.

July 19, 1934 Old Arena Mexico DF a: 6,500
Leroy McGuirk beat Luis Mayo
Tug Wilson beat Stephen Berne
Alfredo Ontiveros beat Hector Lopez

July 24, 1935 Arena Mexico DF
Mae Stein beat Dot Apollo- Ladies Match
Louis Francis beat Teddy Meyers- Ladies Match
Natalie Vazquez beat Katherine Hart- Ladies Match
Henry Burke beat Gorila Macias
Eddie Palau beat Loco Hernandez

July 4, 1940 Arena Mexico DF a: 8,000*
El Murciélago Enmascarado beat Dientes Hernández- Mask vs Hair Match
Duke Ruppenthal beat Firpo Segura DQ
Maurice Boyer beat Bobby Segura
Jimmy el Apolo beat Juan Siaza
Salvador Flores beat Tony Parelli

July 18, 1940 Arena Mexico DF a: (SRO Thousand Turned Away)
Octavio Gaona beat El Murciélago Enmascarado (Jesus Velázquez Quintero aka Murciélago Velázquez)- Hair vs Mask Match
While I do not have the entire card this match was legendary as it’s the match where Murciélago Velázquez is parted with him mask. Prior to this match Murcielago Velazquez had accumilated four straight weeks where he put his mask on the line against the hair of his opponents. These stipulation matches were not common in Mexico but Velazquez made an imediate reputation off of these matches.
Beginning on June 23rd of 1940 the four men in order that he took the hair from included Merced Gomez, Bobby Bonales, Dientes Hernandez and Ciclon Veloz before losing his own mask the following week to Gaona.

July 26, 1942 Arena México a: 9,000
Ciclón Veloz beat El Santo DQ
Ciclón Veloz & El Santo beat Bobby Bonales & Ed Pavloski & Gorila Macias II & Bobby Rood & Lobo Negro & Murciélago Velázquez- 8 Man Battle Royal Final two wrestle
This card marked the Arena Mexico debut of Mexico’s biggest name El Santo. He started his career of as a rule breaker and became an instant star when he won and 8 man battle royal were the final two men would face each other.

July 22, 1945 Arena Mexico DF
Mildred Burke* beat Rosa Evans- Women’s World Title
El Santo beat El Lobo Negro
Ciclon Veloz beat Eskimo Blancarte
Chamaco Castro vs Joe Silva
Alberto Alvarez vs Yaqui Galicia

Women wrestling became a major attraction in Mexico City during the 1940’s but was later banned in the Federal District which governed over wrestling in a strict many.

July 3, 1949 Arena Mexico DF a: 9,000* (Massive Overflow & Turn Away)
El Santo beat Enrique Llanes- Mask vs Hair Match
Firpo Segura beat Hombre Montana
Dientes Hernandez beat Eskimo Blancarte
Carlos Moreno beat Demonio Rojo

Famous Match where fans didn’t want Llanes to lose his hair so they picked him up and carried him out of the building. When he attempted to make his way back into the ring the audience would not allow him to. Later that evening he returned home with a full head of hair his mother started weeping thinking her son had unmasked El Santo. Even though Santo was a rudo he was a rudo that the people loved. She immediately ordered her son to cut his hair off.

At the time Llanes was not a big star in Lucha Libre, but his performace was so great that fans took to him and he became a big star with the lose. Llanes was a major rival of Gori Guerrero, yet were best friends in real life. In fact Gori Guerrero married Enrique sister Herlinda, who of course is the mother of Chavo, Mando, Hector and Eddy Guerrero.

July 31, 1954 Arena Mexico DF
Espanto I & La Bestia & Henry Pilusso beat El Santo & Dorrel Dixon & Relampago Cubano
Blue Demon beat Karloff Lagarde
Rayo de Jalisco beat El Gladiador
Humberto Garza beat Dick Medrano
Conde Negro drew Milo Milan
El Muerto beat Umberot Cortez
Benny Romero beat Chico Veloz

In late 1954 the old Arena Mexico is torn down to make room for the new and current Arena Mexico which was built on the parking lot of the original arena.

July 29, 1960 Arena Mexico DF att: 15,000
Rey Mendoza beat Gory Guerrero*- NWA Light Heavyweight Title
Dorrel Dixon & Rolando Vera beat Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo
Blue Demon beat Cavernario Galindo
Sugi Sato vs Humberto Garza
Ruben Juarez vs El Enfermero
Jorge Allende vs Bobby Bonales
Jalisco Gonzalez vs El Rebelde

July 30, 1965 Arena Mexico DF
Ray Mendoza beat Karloff Lagarde- Hair vs Hair Match
Rene Guajardo vs Antonio Montoro
Mil Mascaras vs Benny Galant
Henry Pilusso vs Bobby Shane
El Gladiador vs Quasimodo
Raul Reyes vs Sugi Sito

July 21, 1972 Arena Coliseo DF
Ray Mendoza & Ciclon Veloz Jr beat Karloff Lagarde & Alfonso Dantes
La Ola Blanca (Dr. Wagner & Angel Blanco) beat Blue Demon &Raul Reyes
Enrique Vera beat Gran Markus
El Enfermero beat Chucho Villa
Adorable Rubi beat Sergio Borrayo
Atila & Tino Herrera beat Zorro Plateado & La Saeta Azteca

July 14, 1975 Plaza de Toros Alberto Balderas, Ciudad Juarez CHI
El Vikingo vs Buddy Rogers Jr (Buddy Rosen)
Chavo & Hector Guerrero vs Pedro Guillen & Profesor Konak
Javier Llanes vs Huracan Torres
Bobby Garcia vs El Veternario
Oscar Bustamante vs Dorado Hedz
Lobo Franco vs Zumbi Placio
Gorilat Ortega & Nico Calderon vs Beto Gardea & Joe Ibarra

Buddy Rogers Jr was the same guy that wrestled as Buddy Rose in Los Angeles in the early 70’s and also worked as Buddy Rosen in other regions.

July 26, 1975 Plaza de Toros Mexico DF att: 13,000 (Huge rain storm)
Mil Mascaras* beat Lou Thesz- IWA World Heavyweight Title
Ray Mendoza beat Angel Blanco- Hair vs Hair match
Gran Hamada beat Rene Guajardo- Hair vs Hair Match
El Solitario & Huracan Ramirez & Tinieblas beat Dorrel Dixon & El Vikingo & Cesar Valentino
Villano III beat Lobo Rubio- Mask vs Hair Match

This card was promoted as a huge spectacular but was not a success. You may look at the 13,000 fans as a good crowd and it’s not bad, but this event was held in the Plaza de Toros which is a 50,000 seat outdoor bullring. There was a massive rain storm that day so it kept the attendnace down as Mexico is traditionally 90% walk up business. Lou Thesz would remember this match later as talking about wrestling in a ring that was a mixture of puddles and gobs of hair laying on the mat.

July 29, 1977 Arena Mexico DF att: 14,000
Mil Mascaras beat El Halcon (Jose Luis Melchor Ortiz)- Mask vs Mask Match
El Santo & Ringo Mendoza beat Alfonso Dantes & Adorable Rubi
Jose Luis Mendieta* beat As Charro- Mexican National Middleweight Title
Fishman* beat Kung Fu- National Welterweight Title
Carlos Plata & Raul Reyes beat El Nazi & Herodes DQ
Tony Lopez beat Ivan el Bronco

July 16, 1978 Plaza de Toros el Monumental, Monterrey
Bobby Lee beat Solar- UWA Welterweight Title
El Canek & El Vikingo & Jose Torres beat El Santo & Gran Hamada & Sunny War Cloud
Destructor Negro & King beat Dos Caras & Ruben Juarez
Impacto & Mario Segura beat Alex Cortez & Tano Cruz

July 13, 1980 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 22,000
Ultraman beat Shazam (Medico Asesino Jr)- Mask vs Mask Match
Perro Aguayo* beat Rene Guajardo- UWA World Light Heavyweight Title
America Salvaje & Villano III beat Shazam & Ultraman- Relevos Suicidas Match
Satoru Sayama & Kuniaki Kobayashi & Gran Hamada beat El Canek
El Solitario & Blue Demon & Angel Blanco beat Colosso Colosetti & Cesar Valentino & Dr. Wagner
El Scorpio beat Enrique Vera

July 7, 1981 Arena Coliseo DF
Cachorro Mendoza & Talisman & Franco Colombo beat Espectro Jr & Mocho Cota & El Supremo
Crucero I & Ruso Flores beat Aguila de Plata & El Doberman
Willy Cortez & Rodolfo Ruiz beat Yanco & Sombra Roja
Climax II & Electron beat Espia II & Aries

July 19, 1981 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 18,500
Babe Face beat El Asesino- Hair vs Hair Match
El Solitario beat Eric Embry*- Win UWA Junior Light Heavyweight Title
Fishman* beat Villano III- UWA Light Heavyweight Title
Perro Aguayo & Anibal beat Rene Guajardo & Ray Mendoza- Super Libre Match
El Santo & Huracan Ramirez & Rayo de Jalisco beat Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)

Looking at this card and you could turn the match order around and have a matches in that order and it would make sense. The UWA promotion was stacked with talent and stars to the point that you had one a team of legends wrestling the hottest trio team in the business, in the opening match!

July 2, 1982 Arena Mexico DF att: 13,000
Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat MS-1 (Paublo Fuentes Reyna)- Mask vs Mask Match
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & El Jalisco beat MS-1 & Carlos Plata- Relevos Suicida
Sangre Chicana beat El Satanico- Hair vs Hair Match
Lizmark beat El Faraon
Ringo Mendoza & Halcon Ortiz & Mascara Ano 2000 beat Alfonso Dantes & Herodes & Tony Benetto
Tony Salazar & El Solar I & II beat Divino Boy & El Nazi & Espectro Jr
Aristoteles & Vulcano beat Terror Blanco & Minotauro

The main event was a tag team match with the losing team facing each other in a “apuestas” or “bet” match putting up either their hair or their mask.

July 8, 1983 Arena Coliseo DF att: 6,000*
Andre the Giant & Colosso Colosetti beat MS-1 & Popitekus & Herodes & Tony Benetto- Handicap Match
Sangre Chicana & Mocho Cota & La Fiera beat Lizmark & Halcon Ortiz & El Jalisco
El Supremo & Espectro Jr & El Enfermero Jr beat Ringo Mendoza & Gran Cochisse & Kung Fu
Cesar Curiel & Cien Caras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Talisman & Pirata Morgan & Tierra-Viento y Fuego
Belcebu & Jerry Estrada beat Aguila de Plata & Chamaco Valaguez
Fuerza Guerrera & Bufalo Salvaje beat Aristoteles I & Zorro Mendoza

July 31, 1983 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan att: 17,000
Hulk Hogan & Gran Hamada beat El Canek & Perro Aguayo DQ
Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) beat El Solitario & Villano III & Anibal
El Hijo del Santo & El Matematico & Black Man beat Blue Panther & Lobo Rubio & Black Terry- Super Libre
Bello Greco & Sergio el Hermoso beat Rizado Ruiz & Rudy Reyna
Lola Gonzalez & La Venus beat Reyna Gallegos & Chela Salazar

This was Hulk Hogan’s Mexico debut. The height difference between Hogan and his partner Gran Hamada must have been a sight to see. Another interesting trivia note is that El Santo made an appearance with his son in only his second match at the famous El Toreo. So there may have been a chance meeting and possible photo opt with El Santo and Hulk Hogan, two of the most famous wrestlers from their countries.

July 1, 1984 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)* beat Los Tigres del Ring (Scorpio & Babe Face & Luis Mariscal)- UWA World Trios Titles
Los Cadetes del Espacio (El Solar & Super Astro & Ultraman) beat Los Temararios (Black Terry & Jose Luis Feliciano & Lobo Rubio)
Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo) beate Dorrel Dixon & Halcon 78 & El Falcon
Panterita Surena* beat Lola Gonzalez- UWA World Women’s Title
Pequeno Solin & El Brillante beat Ray Richard & Dr. Ho

July 28, 1985 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
El Hijo del Santo beat Aristoteles I (Leonardo Araujo Diaz)- Mask vs Mask Match
Villano III & Dos Caras & Enrique Vera beat El Canek & El Cobrade II & Abdullah Tamba
Fishman & Lobo Rubio & Espanto Jr beat Los Villanos I & IV & V
Los Tigres del Ring (Scorpio & Babe Face & Luis Mariscal) beat Avispon Negro & Black Man & Kendo
Chia Salazar & Yuma beat Dama de la Camelias & Rosa Maria

July 28, 1989 Arena Mexico DF att: 13,000
El Dandy drew Emilio Charles Jr- Hair vs Hair Match (Both Men lost hair)
Fabuloso Blondy (Ken Timbs) & Rick Patterson & American Destroyer beat El Faraon & Rayo de Jalisco & Popitekus
Americo Rocca & Javier Cruz & Blue Demon Jr beat Bestia Salvaje & El Supremo & Pierroth
Steve Nelson & Atlantis & Ringo Mendoza vs Los Infernales (El Satanico & MS-1 & Masakre)
La Salvaje & Martha Villalobos & La Monster beat Lolo Gonzalez & Selene & Athenas
Canelo Casas & El Mestizo vs Los Estrella Blancas

The main event pitted El Dandy putting his hair up against the hair of Emilio Charles Jr. Due to the stipulation and the ending of the match being a time limit draw. BOTH men lost their hair, for many years Mexico really protected their stipulation matches.

July 4, 1989 Gimnasio Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua
Rocky Star & Crazy Boy 32 & 33 drew Cinta de Oro & El Samurai & El Angel
Espanto Jr & El Cobarde beat Los Chivos (Enigma de Oro & Kayam)
Baby Sharon & Pimpinela Escarlata beat Casandro & Takeda
Zorro & Gardenia del Ring beat Birdman & Dorado Hernandez
Bello Armando & Espectro III beat Guerrero Escarlata & Rey Guerrero

July 30, 1989 Plaza de Toros la Monumental, Monterrey 16,000*
Blue Demon beat Rayo de Jalisco (Maximino Linares Moreno)- Mask versus Mask Match
Mil Mascaras & Perro Aguayo & El Hijo del Santo beat Sangre Chicana & Scorpio & Espanto Jr
Villano III & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Lizmark beat Gran Markus Jr & Herodes & Scorpio Jr
Black Shadow Jr & Blue Demon Jr & Huracan Ramirez Jr beat Centurion Negro & Dr. Karonte & Bello David
Rambo & Kahoz & Loco Zandokan beat Los Thundercatos (Leono & Panthro & Tigro)

One of Lucha Libres biggest matches of the year took place for Carlos Elizondos FILL promotion based out of Monterrey Mexico. Blue Demon was one of the top five biggest stars in Mexico’s history and he was putting up his mask against another huge star in Lucha Libre Rayo de Jalisco. This was presented as part of Blue Demon’s retirement tour and was a very big deal with fans packing the bull ring with thousands left outside without a ticket to buy.

Both men were ready to retire as Blue Demon was 67 years old and Rayo de Jalisco was 56 and had been through many wars in the ring.

July 5, 1991 Arena Coliseo DF att: 5,600*
Konnan & Vampiro Casanova & Lizmark beat Los Infernales (El Satanico & MS-1 & Masakre)
Black Magic (Norman Smiley) & Misterioso & El Hijo del Diablo beat Emilio Charles Jr & Fuerza Guerrear & Herodes DQ
Mando & Eddy Guerrero & Javier Cruz beat Mano Negra & Cachorro Mendoza & Apolo Dantes
Lady Apache & Lola Gonzalez & La Sirenita beat Martha Villalobos & Tania & Ivonne- Ladies Tag Match
El Simbolo & Cadaver de Ultratumba beat Eclipse & Astro Boy

July 21, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit)* beat Gran Hamada- WWF Light Heavyweight Title
El Canek & Killer beat Mil Mascaras & El Fantasma
El Texano & Silver King & Kato Kung Lee II beat Negro Navarro & Black Power & El Indomito
Los Temerarios (Shu el Guerrero & Jose Luis Feliciano & Black Terry) beat El Samurai & Shoji Akiyoshi & Keiji Takayama
Pimpinela Escarlata & May Flowers & Rudy Reyna beat Valente Fernandez & Katana & Marlin

July 10, 1992 Arena Mexico DF att: 11,000
Vampiro Casanova & Love Machine (Art Barr) & Lizmark beat Los Infernales (El Satanico & MS-1 & Pirata Morgan)
Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & El Brazo & Brazo de Plata) beat Emilio Charles Jr & Gran Markus Jr & Nitron
Negro Casas & La Fiera & Bestia Salvaje beat Ringo Mendoza & Ultimo Dragon & El Dandy
Hombre Bala & Comando Ruso beat Apolo Dantes & El Hijo del Solitario
Felino & Ponzona beat Ciclon Ramirez & Huracan Seville

July 17, 1992 Plaza de Toros Torreon, Torreon Coahuila att: 11,800* (turn away crowd)
Perro Aguayo & Konnan & Mascara Sagrada beat Jerry Estrada & Angel Blanco Jr & Universo 2000
Volador & Angel Azteca & Misterioso beat La Parka & Rambo & Herodes
Jerrito Estrada & La Parkita & Picudito DCO Espectrito I & Pequeño Cobarde & Piratita Morgan- Mini’s Tag Match
Rey Misterio Jr & Super Calo & Pantera del Ring beat Psicosis & El Indomito & The Rose

While only a few months old AAA was touring Mexico and attracting huge crowds all over. During the early stages of the promotion they found themselves without a building in Mexico City so this forced them to hit cities that did not always get stacked cards like the ones AAA were presenting. This worked out in their favor because the local fans took to the stars of AAA like no other promotion before. Guys like Konnan and Perro Aguayo had been all over EMLL televisión and became national stars, now they were appearing in every small town across the country.

July 26, 1992 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Buffalo Allen & Kokina & El Gigante Warrior beat El Canek & Dr. Wagner Jr & Loco Zandokan
Dos Caras & Villano III beat Head Hunter A & B
Shu el Guerrero & Kahoz & Scorpio Jr & Bucanero Jr beat El Matematico & Lasser & Ojo de Tigre & Tortugas Ninja I
Enrique Vera & Villano V & Sato beat Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & Negro Navarro & Black Power II) DQ
Los Villanos I & IV & The King beat Aero Flash & Tigre Canadiense & Transformer
Ninja Sasuke & Celestial beat El Engendro & Zeus

July 16, 1993 Arena Coliseo DF att: 450
Negro Casas & El Dandy beat Ultimo Dragon & Corazon de Leon
Cachorro Mendoza & Gran Markus Jr beat Americo Rocca & Oro
Ringo Mendoza & La Fiera beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Tornado Negro
Mano Negra & El Hijo del Gladiator beat Bestia Salvaje & Guerrero de la Muerte
Negro Casas & El Dandy co-winners of Battle Royal
CMLL formerly known as EMLL was struggling at the box office at times. With their Friday night cards which were going head to head with AAA were being hurt the most. While this event did not draw well the main event was one of the best matches of the year. Fan litered the ring with money as a sign of appreciation.

July 18, 1998 Palacio de los Deportes DF (Ruleta de la Muerte) a: 21,000
El Hijo del Santo beat Guerrero del Futuro (Jose Luis Feliciano)- Mask vs Mask Match
Mr. Niebla & Black Warrior beat El Hijo del Santo & Guerrero del Futuro- Torneo Finals
Blue Panther & Felino beat El Hijo del Santo & Guerrero del Futuro- Semi-Finals Torneo
Dr. Wagner Jr & Super Astro beat Mr. Niebla & Black Warrior- Semi-Finals Torneo
Villano III & Shocker beat El Hijo del Santo & Guerrero del Futuro- Round Two Torneo
Scorpio Jr & La Morgue beat Blue Panther & Felino- Round Two Torneo
Mascara Sagrada & Angel Azteca beat Mr. Niebla & Black Warrior- Round Two Torneo
Violencia & Abdul el Eslavo beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Super Astro- Round Two Torneo
Mil Mascaras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Villano III & Shocker- Round One Torneo
Fishman & Lizmark beat El Hijo del Santo & Guerrero del Futuro- Round One Torneo
Mascara Sagrada & Angel Azteca beat Blue Panther & Felino- Round One Torneo
El Solar & Fantasma beat La Morgue & Scorpio Jr- Round One Torneo
Tinieblas Jr & Universo 2000 beat Mr. Niebla & Black Warrior- Round One Torneo
Rey Bucanero & Shu el Guerrero beat Mascara Sagrada & Angel Azteca- Round One Torneo
El Hijo del Gladiator & Tormenta Star beat Dr. Wagner Jr & Super Astro- Round One Torneo
Rey Pirata & Zapatista beat Abdul el Eslavo & Violencia- Round One Torneo
32 Man Battle Royal to determine tag pairings for loser advance tournament: Mil Mascaras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr Winners

This card was promoted by Aristóteles Radamés Coccó Flores who wrestled as Masakre under the banner of OCESA promotions. It was also Mexico’s first pay per view event. The event feature a mix of CMLL wrestlers and independent wrestlers. Originally El Hijo del Santo was booked to team with El Hijo del Espectro and the rumor is he was going to lose his mask, but he no-showed and money was offer to Jose Luis Feliciano who was a well known wrestler prior to donning the hood as Guerrero del Futuro

July 19, 1999 Cavernario Galindo (Rodolfo Galindo Ramirez) passed away at the either the age of 75 or possibly as old as 77 years old. There are numerous conflicting reports on his exact age. What is known is that Galindo debuted as a wrestler in 1938 and continued to wrestle until November of 1992 making him one of only a handful of wrestlers to compete in seven different decades. Galindo also holds the honor of being the first student of legendary trainer Diablo Velasco who was only a few years older than Galindo but he had a knack for training.

Cavernario was also one of the first wrestler to use a valet. Her name was Esmeralda and she would escort Galindo to the ring wearing skimpy clothes and often draped with a huge snake!

Even though Galindo was weathly and had no need for money he continued to wrestle even after having to take a few years off to heal a broken back. In 1989 he was honored as the first inductee into the Lucha Libre Hall of Fame.

July 16, 2005 Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles CA
El Hijo del Santo beat Scorpio Jr- Mask vs Hair Mathc
Los Hermanos Dinamitas (Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000) beat Blue Demon Jr & Mascara Sagrada & La Parka Jr
Altar Boy Luke beat Angel
Phoenix Star & Zokre beat Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
Kaos & Mongol beat Damian 666 & Halloween

July 24, 2005 Arena Coliseo att: 5,600* (Turn away crowd)
Groon XXX & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Lizmark Jr beat El Canek & Rey Bucanero & Tarzan Boy DQ
Negro Casas & El Satanico & Black Warrior beat Averno & Mephisto & El Hijo del Pierroth
Brazo de Oro & Felino & Safari beat Arkangel de la Muerte & Dr. X & Veneno
Tigre Metalico & Trueno & Kronos beat Guerrero del Futuro & Messala & Zayco
Polvora & Vaquero beat Los Rayo Tapatios I & II

Groon XXX was formerly known as Gronda who was a creation of AAA founder Antonio Pena. Groon was a huge bodybuilder with very little wrestling skill but became a big star. He had left AAA after a despute over money and wrestled for CMLL for a short time before returning to AAA a few years later.

Here is a link to June's Lucha Libre results.

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These Lucha results are great! Thanks Matt!
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Matt Farmer from WA
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Thanks JS!
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