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Author Topic: June Lucha Libre results
Matt Farmer from WA
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Here are some Lucha Libre results for the month of June. As usual I may add some notes or story behind certain results.

June 21, 1934 Arena Mexico DF
"Charro" Francisco Aguayo* beat Manuel Hernandez- Mexican National Heavyweight Title
Walter Lacore beat Jack Morgan DQ
Firpo Segura beat Gorilla Macias
Eladio Flores beat Arturo Martinez

The Mexican National Heavyweight Championship is still defended to this day. The championship dates back to before Salvador Lutteroth began promoting in 1933. So this championship may be one of if not the oldest continual championship today.

There may be some confusion for the card above. I've seen some reports listing it as taking place at Arena Nacional. However I've seen a lineup which lists it as from Arena Mexico, which predates the current Arena Mexico.

June 17, 1937 Arena Mexico DF
El Pantera beat Jerry Markus
Yaqui Joe beat Bobby Bruns
Pat O'Dowdy beat Andy Tremaine
Raul Romero beat Tony Infante
Adolfo Bonales beat Eddie Palau

Bobby Bruns and Andy Tremaine were both well know wrestlers based out of Mexico. Tremaine of course is a longtime National Wrestling Association World Light Heavyweight Champion, and Bruns was very successful booking Japan and St. Louis among other things.

Eddie Palau has the distinction of being El Santo's first opponent and was a long time referee for EMLL.

June 11, 1943 Arena Coliseo DF att: 8,800*
Bobby Bonales beat El Santo*- Win Mexican National Middleweight Title
Bum Bum beat Jesus Anaya
Firpo Segura beat Ray Duran
Dientes Hernandez drew Miguel Cortez (30:00)
Caballero Lee beat Francisco Urrutia

Bobby Bonales was a the clean cut babyface while Santo was heel.

June 15, 1947 Arena Mexico DF
Enrique Llanes beat Rolando Vera (2-1)
Emilio Charles beat Raul Romero
El Santo beat Diablo Lopez
Dientes Hernandez beat El Lobo Negro DQ
Diablo Velasco beat Juan Saiza
plus Battal Campal!

There is a lot of history in the card above. Enrique Llanes sister married Gory Guerrero, which makes him the Uncle to Chavo, Mando, Hector and Eddy Guerrero. Enrique was also a huge babyface or technico during his career and took part in one of the most famous Mask versus Hair matches ever with El Santo.

Diablo Velasco is the legendary wrestling trainer. He is responsible for more Hall of Fame and legendary wrestlers as a trainer than any trainer ever in wrestling.

June 25, 1954 Arena Coliseo DF
Los Parejas Atomicos (El Santo & Gori Guerrero) beat Blue Demon & Black Shadow
Enrique Llanes beat Sordomundo Rodriquez
Orquidea beat Joe Marin
Manuel Robles beat Gustavo Segura
Juan Dia beat Willie Villanueva

Main event featured two of Mexico's biggest tag teams of all time.

June 13, 1960 Medico Asesino (Cesario Anselmo Gonzalez) passed away just a few months before his 40th birthday. Medico Asesino was a very big attraction not only in Mexico but some cities in the United States. At one time he held the record for largest crowd to watch Lucha Libre in Mexico, but also drew a record gate in Houston when he challenged Lou Thesz for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and they turned away an estimated 5,000 fans. He was also one of Mexico first big television stars during the early 1950's before Lucha was banned on television in the Federal District.

It was in Houston that he was first started feeling sick, when he returned to Mexico he was examined with a very advanced form of cancer and would die from it less than a year later.

However he was smart with his money and investments, and when he passed away had a large nest egg for his family. At one time he was one of Mexico's biggest stars, even selling out the 45,000 seat Plaza de Toros. He's a wrestler who should get a stronger look when examining candidates for the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

June 6, 1969 Arena Mexico DF
Blue Demon & Black Shadow & Rayo de Jalisco beat Karloff Lagarde & Rene Guajardo & El Nazi
Anibal & Felipe Ham Lee beat El Solitario & Carlos Moll
Olimpus Savenas beat Saul Montes DQ
Cavernario Galindo beat Terry Jow
Chino Chow drew Billy Rogers

Famous rudo Cavernario Galindo is one of the few wrestlers to have wrestled seven decades. Galindo was trained by Diablo Velasco and debuted in 1938 with his final match taking place towards the end of 1992. One of his partners in that tag match was "Fabuloso Blondy" Ken Timbs.

June 26, 1970 Arena Mexico DF
Masio Koma & Katsuhisa Shibata beat El Solitario & Rene Guajardo
Blue Demon & Tony Charles beat Coloso Colosetti & Black Gordman
Raul Mata beat El Nazi
Raul Reyes beat Chino Chow
Cesar Valentino beat Rizado Ruiz DQ
Lenny Hurst beat Adorable Rubi
Pepe Casas beat Angel Negro

June 22, 1973 Arena Mexico DF
Kim Sung Ho & Kum Chul Won & Yamamoto (Kantaro Hoshino) beat Rene Guajardo & Alfonso Dantes & Karloff Lagarde
Ray Mendoza & Rayo de Jalisco beat Angel Blanco & Koichi Hayashi
El Marques beat El Vikingo
Black Shadow beat Luis Mariscal
Chino Chow beat El Cobarde
Leo Lopez beat Rafael Salamanaca
Johnny Lezcano beat El Bleda

June 29, 1973 Arena Mexico DF
Kim Sung Ho beat Alfonso Dantes*- Win NWA World Light Heavyweight Title
Rene Guajardo beat Yamamoto (Kantaro Hoshino)- Hair vs Hair Match
Ray Mendoza & Rayo de Jalisco beat Kum Chul Won & Hayashi
Anibal beat El Nazi
El Rostro beat Gran Markus
El Comando II drew Jose Escobedo
Martin Escobedo beat Leo Lopez

June 16, 1976 Palacio de los Deportes DF (Torneo de la Muerta Loser Advance)
Dr. Wagner beat Ray Mendoza
Villano III beat Babe Face- Mask vs Hair Match
El Matematico & Huracan Ramirez beat Babe Face & Villano III
Cesar Valentino & Rene Guajardo beat El Matematico & Huracan Ramirez
Angel Blanco & Sunni War Cloud beat Babe Face & Villano III
Dorrel Dixon & TNT beat El Matematico & Huracan Ramirez
Alberto Munoz & Audaz beat Cesar Valentino & Rene Guajardo
Anibal & Jose Torres beat Babe Face & Villano III
El Solitario & Ultraman beat Angel Blanco & Sunni War Cloud DQ

The stipulations was the losing team would advance in the tournament. When in the finals that team would then be forced to face each other and the loser would then lose their mask or hair.

June 3, 1977 Arena Coliseo DF
Perro Aguayo & Gran Markus beat Cien Caras & Mano Negra
El Monarca & El Cobarde beat Karloff Lagarde & Demonio Blanco
Franco Colombo beat Rizado Ruiz
Mr. Niebla beat Alfa Centauria
Lizmark beat Dr. O’Borman
Irazu beat Talisman
Roy Lancer beat Gorilla Flores

June 12, 1977 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 15,000
Lou Thesz* beat Dr. Wagner- UWA World Heavyweight Title
El Santo & Mil Mascaras & El Solitario beat Ray Mendoza & El Canek & TNT
Bello Greco & Sergio el Hermoso & Babe Sharon beat Huracan Ramirez & Anibal & Dorrel Dixon
El Marquez beat Scorpio- Hair vs Hair Match
Vic Ramirez beat Zorro Plateado

June 19, 1977 Palacio de los Deportes DF (16 Mascaras al Infierno) att: 16,000
Dr. Wagner* beat El Canek- Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title
Ultraman & Estrella Blanco beat Pantera Azul (Juan Garcia Ramos) & Zeus (Octavio Marroquin Quesada)-Ruleta de la Muerte
Villano I & Masked Marvel beat Pantera Azul & Zeus
El Imposter & Comando I beat Ultraman & Estrella Blanca
Huracan Ramirez & El Matematico beat Pantera Azul & Zeus
El Rostro & Saeta Azul beat Villano I & Masked Marvel
Septiembre Negro & Astro Rey beat Ultraman & Estrella Blanca
Tinieblas & Gallo Tapado beat El Imposter & Comando I

At this time UWA was running weekly at the huge Palacio de los Deportes and they were doing excellent business. However the building was very expensive for Mexico's standards to rent.

June 23, 1978 Arena Mexico DF
Ringo Mendoza beat Perro Aguayo*- Win NWA Middleweight Title
Halcon Ortiz & Satoru Sayama & El Faraon beat Alfonso Dantes & Dr. Wagner & Angel Blanco
Gran Markus beat Raul Mata- Mask vs Hair Match
Blue Demon & Mano Negra beat Sangre Chicana & Bruno Victoria
Jose Luis Mendieta beat Rizado Ruiz

June 29, 1980 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 22,000*
Rene Guajardo beat Perro Aguayo- Hair vs Hair Match
Gran Hamada & Kuniaki Kobayashi beat El Canek & Babe Face
Cesar Valentino & Coloso Colosett beat Los Caballeros (El Solitario & Anibal)
Ultraman & Shazam & Mano Negra beat Villano III & Negro Navarro & America Salvaje
Enrique Vera beat El Scorpio
Enrique Vera & Garringo NC El Signo & El Scorpio

June 12, 1981 Arena Mexico DF att: 14,000
Halcon Ortiz beat Adorable Rubi- Hair vs Hair Match
Ringo Mendoza* beat El Faraon- NWA World Middleweight Title
Perro Aguayo & Babe Face beat Bobby Lee & Gran Hamada
Alfonso Dantes & El Satanico & Sangre Chicana beat Tony Salazar & Solar I & El Jalisco
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Alfil beat Asesino Negro & El Nazi
Zagan vs Minotauro
Willy Cortez vs Lalo Castel

June 20, 1982 Arena Mexico DF att: 17,500*
El Solitario beat El Olimpico (Julio Diaz Adame)- Mask vs Mask Match
El Satanico beat Sangre Chicana- Hair vs Hair Match
Perro Aguayo beat Gran Hamada
Fishman & Enrique Vera & Dorrel Dixon (sub for Kiss) beat Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) DQ
Babe Face & Luis Mariscal & Killer Kim beat Riki Choshu & George Takano & Masa Saito DQ
El Halcon & El Falcon beat Sergio el Hermoso & Bello Greco

June 27, 1982 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Gran Hamada* beat Perro Aguayo- WWF World Light Heavyweight Title
Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) beat Riki Choshu & George Takano & Masa Saito
El Solitario & Enrique Vera & Fishman beat Anibal & Villano III & Olimpico
Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Matematico beat Lobo Rubio & Scorpio Jr & Flama Azul
Gran Nicolai & Pequeno Goliath beat Gulliver & Arturito- Mini’s Match

June 12, 1983 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan (Mexico vs Japan) att: 30,000*
El Canek beat Tatsumi Fujinami* DQ- Win UWA Heavyweight Title
Tiger Mask* beat Fishman- NWA Junior & WWF Junior Heavyweight Title
Norio Honoga & Hiro Saito & Seiji Sakaguchi beat El Solitario & Anibal & Villano III
Gran Hamada & George Takano beat Perro Aguayo & Babe Face DQ
Dr. Wagner & Scorpio & Abdullah Tamba beat Enrique Vera & Junji Hirata & Black Man

It was reported as a sellout of 30,000 people. And the photos and video the building is jam packed I doubt there is anyway you could get more than 25,000 people in the building. Because at that reported number they had people sitting in the isles.

June 12, 1983 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 8,000
Tinieblas & Mr. Tempest & Felipe Ham Lee beat Gran Markus & El Faraon & Asesino Galactico
Huracan Ramirez & Blue Demon beat Angel Blanco & America Salvaje
Los Halcones Dorados I & II beat Los Indios Salvajes
Atlantis beat El Mercenario
Rey Saul beat Bufalo Salvaje

Yes these cards were on the same day just 30 minutes or so away too.

June 24, 1983 Arena Mexico att: 15,000 (seen listed as a sellout)
Solar II beat Enfermero Jr (sub for El Crucero Enfermero Jr aka Jaime Alvarez Mendoza aka Jaque Mate)- Mask vs Mask Match
Ringo & Cachorro Mendoza* beat La Fiera & Mocho Cota DQ- Mexican National Tag Team Titles
Espectro Jr DDQ Sangre Chicana- Super Lucha
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Lizmark & Villano III beat MS-1 & Pirata Morgan & Herodes DQ
Gran Cochisse & El Jalisco beat El Supremo & El Satanico
Kung Fu & Americo Rocca beat Talisman & Carlos Plata
Franco Colombo & Hombre Bala beat Jerry Estrada & El Enfermero Jr

June 19, 1984 Arena Coliseo DF
Kamikaze Misawa & Samurai Shiro & Estrella Blanca Jr vs Tierra-Viento y Fuego & Popitekus & Belcebu
Franco Colombo & Ruso Flores & Animal vs Unicornio & Estrella Blanca Jr & Javier Llanes
Modulo & Electron & El As vs El Primate & Rocco Valente & El Cirujano
Erupcion & Javier Cruz & El Invasor vs Ari Romero & Bufalo Salvaje & Lemus
Amenaza Elegante vs El Comodin

While I only have the lineup for the above card I included it because of course Kamikaze Misawa is a young Mitsuharu Misawa and Samurai Shiro is Shiro Koshinaka. Both were sent to Mexico from All Japan by mentor Giant Baba.

June 9, 1985 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras & Villano III beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo)
Perro Aguayo & Fishman & La Fiera beat El Solar & Anibal & Super Halcon
Los Tigres del Ring (Scorpio & Babe Face & Luis Mariscal) beat Los Villanos I & IV & V
El Cobarde & Cowboy & El Perverso beat Danny Boy & Lasser & Black Shadow Jr
Los Pandilleros I & II beat Black Panther & Irazu Jr

June 30, 1985 Arena Mexico DF
El Hijo del Santo* beat El Mestizo- UWA World Lightweight Title
El Dorado beat El Verdugo (Manuel Ortiz)- Mask vs Mask Match
El Satanico & MS-1 beat Cien Caras & Mocho Cota
Angel Blanco Jr & Herodes & El Nazi beat Cachorro Mendoza & Tony Benetto & Super Halcon
Guerrero Negro & MS-2 & Animal vs Rino Castro & Emilio Charles Jr & Sombra Poblana
Los Palarys I & II vs El As & Amenaza Elegante

Believe it or not it was rare for "Lightweights" to get main event matches. And EMLL was usually even stricter than rivals UWA in doing so. El Hijo del Santo despite being a huge drawing card in Mexico was often relegated to working semi-mains due to his size.

June 3, 1988 Arena Mexico DF att: 13,000
Los Hermanos Dinamitas (Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000) beat Fabuloso Blondy (Ken Timbs) & El Satanico & Killer
Kung Fu & Atlantis & El Hijo del Gladiador beat Kato Kung Lee & MS-1 & Masakre
Emilio Charles Jr & Vulcano & Tony Arce beat Eddy Guerrero & Javier Llanes & Javier Cruz
Los Pegasos I & II beat Bufalo Salvaje & Babe Richard
Angel Azteca & El Solar II & Rokambole beat Comando Ruso & Fuerza Guerrera & El Indomito DQ

June 15, 1990 Arena Coliseo DF att: 6,000*
Perro Aguayo & Fabuloso Blondy (Ken Timbs) DCO Sangre Chicana & Ringo Mendoza
Atlantis & Angel Azteca beat El Satanico & El Dandy
Los Brazo (Brazo de Oro & El Brazo & Brazo de Plata) beat Villano III & Lizmark & Solomon Grundy
Mascara Sagrada & Justiciero & Javier Cruz beat Emilio Charles Jr & Espectro Jr & Espectro III

June 2, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan att: 15,000
Perro Aguayo beat Negro Navarro- Hair vs Hair Match
Buffalo Allen & Kokina beat Dos Caras & El Canek
El Texano & Silver King beat Fatu & Tonga Kid DQ
Gran Hamada & Akiyoshi & Takayama beat El Signo & Black Power & Babe Face
Los Tortugas Ninjas I & II & III & IV beat El Indomito & Lobo Rubio & Angel de la Muerte & Kahoz

June 9, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
Buffalo Allen & Negro Navarro & Black Power beat El Canek & Dos Cars & Enrique Vera
Los Villanos I & IV & V beat Negro Casas & Babe Face & El Signo DQ
Valente Fernandez & Solar & Fantasma beat Kahoz & El Indomito & El Engendro
Los Tortugas Ninjas I (Vincent Gonzalez) & II (Guadalupe Mata) & III (Loco aka Leonardo aka Martin Corona) & IV (Oscar Gonzalez) beat Lobo Rubio & Angel de la Muerte & El Hijo del Diablo & Rey Cobra
Xochitl Hamada & Zuleyma drew Pantera Surena & Neftali- Ladies Tag Match

Los Tortugas Ninjas was a group of wrestlers that dressed the part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And believe it or not became short term draws usually facing a group that dressed up like Thundercats!

June 21, 1991 Arena Mexico DF att: 17,800*
El Satanico beat Kato Kung Lee- Hair vs Hair Match
Konnan & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Sangre Chicana beat Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000
Vampiro Casanova & Atlantis & Mascara Sagrada beat Fabuloso Blondy & Nitron & Pierroth Jr DQ
Ringo Mendoza & Super Astro & Black Magic beat MS-1 & Jerry Estrada & Masakre
Javier Llanes & Bestia Salvaje beat Huracan Seville & El Solar II

June 12, 1992 Arena Mexico DF att: 10,000
Bull Nakano beat Lola Gonzalez*- Win WWA Women's Title
Pierroth Jr & Lizmark beat Sangre Chicana & Brazo de Oro
Pirata Morgan & Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Vampiro Casanova & MS-1- Relevos Increibles
Atlantis & El Faraon & Solomon Grudny beat Negro Casas & Brazo de Plata & El Brazo
Kung Fu & Felino & La Fiera beat Blue Demon Jr & Kato Kung Lee & Ringo Mendoza
Cachorro Mendoza & Huracan Seville beat Bello Incognito & Guerrero de la Muerte

June 6, 1993 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan att: 750
El Signo* beat Scorpio Jr- WWF World Light Heavyweight Title
Dr. Wagner Jr & Killer & Yamato beat Enrique Vera & El Texano & Silver King
Scorpio & Shu el Guerrero & El Engendro beat El Sagrado & Nuevo Audaz & King Lee
Pimpinela Escarlata & Casandro beat Los Mohicanos I & II

Yes business had really fallen for Carlos Maynes UWA. They were now competing with CMLL and AAA, both companies that had time slots on Televisa which would be similar to both WWF and WCW having time slots back to back on CBS! UWA was the odd man out.

June 25, 1993 Juan de la Barrera Gimnasio, DF
Perro Aguayo & Rayo de Jalsico Jr & Octagon beat El Satanico & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000
Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera & La Parka beat Los Gringos Locos (Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero) & Lizmark DQ
Winners & Angel Azteca & Solar I beat Los Destructores (Tony Arce & Vulcano & Rocco Valente)
Hecatombe & Maremoto & Terremoto beat Diamante & Brillante & Zafiro
Rudy Reyna & Babe Sharon & May Flowers beat Halcon 78 & El Falcon & Torero

June 19, 1994 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan att: 8,000 (Double Power)
Perro Aguayo beat El Canek- La Copa Double Power
Octagon & Lizmark & Mascara Sagrada beat Los Villanos III & IV & V DQ
El Signo & Negro Navarro & Rocky Santana beat Rey Misterio Jr & El Solar I & Super Muneco
Black Power & El Seminarista & King beat Maremoto & El Terromoto & Picudo
Angel Morta & Gallego & Mr. Condor beat Aguila Negra & Gran Apache I & II

Business picked up temporarily when Antonio Pena threw them a bone and booked some of his stars from AAA into El Toreo. Perro Aguayo, Octagon, Mascara Sagrada and Lizmark were all regulars for AAA. After they pulled out UWA quickly went out of business.

June 22, 1994 Clark County Fairgrounds, Vancouver WA att: 500
Los Gringos Locos (Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero) & Bruiser Brian beat Konnan & Perro Aguayo & Blue Panther (2-1)
Rey Misterio Jr & Billy Jack Haynes & CW Bergstrom beat Psicosis & Col. DeBeers & Ryuma Go
Mascarita Sagrada beat Espectrito (2-1)- Mini's Match
Bart & Bill Sawyer beat Chavo & Mando Guerrero DQ
Billy Two Eagles & Jim & Karl Pope beat Minnesota Maulers I & II & III
Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes) beat Dane Rush

Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding accompanied Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero to the ring.
June 5, 1998 Arena Mexico att: 17,680*
Rayo de Jalisco Jr beat Steel (Sean Morley)- Mask vs Mask Match
Atlantis & Head Hunters A & B beat Cien Caras & Bestia Salvaje & Apolo Dantes
Negro Casas & Shocker & Mr. Aguila beat El Hijo del Santo & El Satanico & Black Warrior
Mascara Magica & Olimpico & El Solar I beat Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & Violencia
Chicago Express & Valentin Mayo beat Ultraman Jr & Sendero

June 7, 1998 Arena Coliseo DF
Lizmark & Head Hunters A & B beat Cien Caras & Steel (Sean Morely) & Gran Markus Jr DQ
Chicago Express & Mogur beat Ringo Mendoza & Yoshihiro Tajiri
Guerrero del Futuro & Jeque beat Filoso & Mano Negra Jr
El Fiero & Fugaz beat Angel de Plata & Sombra de Plata

June 13, 1999 Diablo Velazco passed away at the age of 80. As I mentioned earlier Diablo in unparalleled in the sheer number of wrestlers he trained and hall of fame level wrestlers who were trained by him. He began wrestling in the late 30's and was such a natural for it he began training nearly full time.

June 17, 2000 Plaza de Toros, Mexico City DF att: 25,000
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Brazo de Plata & Octagon & La Parka Jr beat Shocker & Pierroth Jr & Cibernetico & Abismo Negro
Negro Casas & Felino & Heavy Metal beat Pirata Morgan & Electro Shock & Bestia Salvaje
Hector Garza & Latin Lover & Tarzan Boy beat Los Infernales (El Satanico & Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero)
Mr. Niebla & Olimpico & Emilio Charles Jr beat Sangre Chicana & El Cobarde & El Texano

This card featured wrestlers from both CMLL and AAA, as it was promoted by Televisa. The television station both promotions aired on. It was mostly forced upon the promotions and lead to some really interesting matches with some almost turning into shoots both in the ring and in the locker rooms.

June 9, 2003 Arena Puebla, Puebla att: 5,500*
Dr. Wagner Jr & Black Tiger III (Silver King) beat Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero
Shocker & Damian 666 & Halloween beat Super Parka & Mascara Sagrada & Lizmark Jr
Safari & Virus & Centella de Oro beat Hooligan & Tarahumara & Furia Chicana
Valentin Mayo & Bobby Jack beat Asturiano & Legionario

June 3, 2005 Arena Mexico DF att: 12,000
LA Park & Groon XXX & Dr. Wagner Jr beat Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & Olimpico DQ
Mistico & Negro Casas & Heavy Metal beat Perros Del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr & Hector Garza & Pierroth)
Damian 666 & Halloween & El Terrible beat El Satanico & Universo 2000 & Mascara Magica
Ricky Marvin & Virus & Misterioso II beat Masada & Sangre Azteca & Shigeo Okumura
Ramstein & Jeque beat Meteorix & Leono
(Groon XXX Arena Mexico debut)

June 20, 2008 Arena Mexico DF att: 11,000 ($33,000)
Dr. Wagner Jr & Negro Casas & Heavy Metal beat Perro Aguayo Jr & Mr. Aguila & Damian 666
Mistico & Dos Caras Jr & Blue Panther beat Atlantis & Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero
Felino & La Sombra & Grey Shadow beat Sangre Azteca & Ephesto & Misterioso II
Maximo & Mascara Purpura & Metalik beat Dr. X & Diamante Negro Jr & Vangelis
Hooligan & Arkangel de la Muerte beat Astro Boy & Starman

Ringo Mendoza & El Satanico & Talisman & Franco Colombo & Tony Salazar were honored during this event. The gate was $33,000 because CMLL got into a habit of running special discounted events.

June 6, 2010 Palacio de los Deportes DF att: 15,000
LA Park NC La Parka
Dr. Wagner Jr beat Electro Shock*- Win AAA Super Mega Title
Jack Evans beat Extreme Tiger* & Christopher Daniels & Nosawa- 4 Way AAA Cruiserweight Title
Abyss & Cibernetico beat Vampiro & Zorro- Extreme Rules Match
Chessman & Alex Koslov & Hernandez (managed by El Hijo del Tirantes) beat Octagon & Pimpinela Escarlata & Heavy Metal (managed by Piero)- Losing Team Manager gets head shaved
Silver King & El Hijo del Gladiator beat Go Shiozaki & Atsushi Aoki* & Joe Lider & Nicho & Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Roode)- Win AAA Tag Title 4 Way Match
Sexy Star & Jennifer Blake & Rain beat Cynthia Moreno & Fabi & Mari Apache- Losers to be maid’s of the winners.
Octagoncito beat Mini Abismo Negro & Mascarita Sagrada & Mascarita Divina & Mini Charly Manson & La Parkita & Mini Psicosis & Pequeno Histeria- Mini’s TLC Match

Here is a link to May Lucha Libre results

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