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Author Topic: WCFL - OVW TV 07/09/98 #132 - Bill Dundee and J.C. Ice are judged on their mistakes
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OVW TV Episode #132
Recorded at The Arena in Jeffersonville, IN on July 8, 1998

Airs Monday, July 9, 1998 - 7:00pm local time
Select America One affiliate stations
Streaming live on americaone.com through NetShow v2.0

Repeats Saturday, July 14, 1998 - 11:00am eastern time
WBNA-TV 21 out of Louisville, KY
WAZE-TV 19 out of Madisonville, KY covering Evansville, IN
WSTR-TV 64 out of Cincinnati, OH
WXIN 59 out of Indianapolis, IN

Heavyweight champion - Steve Bradley, May 20, 1998 (49 days)
Tag Team champions - The Haas Brothers, July 7, 1998 (1 day)
TV champion - Reckless Youth, February 22, 1997 (501 days)
Light Heavyweight champion - Sean Casey, July 7, 1998 (1 day)

Ohio Valley Wrestling takes to the airwaves. A full hour of 'tomorrow's superstars, today'. Dean Hill is ready to call the action on play by play, joined by Jim Cornette and Kenny Bolin as the camera opens to Chris Jericho on his way to the ring with bodyguard Curtis Hughes behind him with The Highlight Reel again opening the broadcast. The commentators note a very newsworthy Summer Blast event, including Reckless Youth defeating Jericho to go on to challenge Jerry Lynn for the WCFL World Junior Heavyweight championship. Dean notes Youth also in action today as he will defend the TV Title against his biggest challenge to date in The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry.


Jericho is in the ring where the usual two chairs are setup, and has the mic.

Chris Jericho: "Alright, cut the music. I said cut the music. CUT IT!"

Clearly not in his usual joking mood today. A light Y2J chant starts, but he ignores it.

Chris Jericho: "After what went down at the Summer Blast, I'm not in a very good mood today. Reckless Youth committed a crime on Saturday at Louisville Gardens, that being theft of victory. If anybody thinks that he deserved that win, you've got another thing coming! All the Jerichoholics wanted to see yours truly - the Paragon of Virtue, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, the most entertaining wrestler in the world today, and above all else, the greatest match maker since Chuck Woolery on Love Connection - Y2J, Chris Jericho! They wanted to see me against Jerry Lynn at The Great American Bash, becoming World champion and skyrocketing to the top of the rankings where I belong, a match I fought to give."

Hughes nods in agreement as Jericho briefly pauses.

Chris Jericho: "Instead, just like the disappointing Super Juniors tournament over in the UK this year that couldn't hold a candle to the 1995 edition, won by me over Jushin Thunder Liger. The real Jushin Thunder Liger, I might add. Not some cheap knockoff like Reckless Youth was trying to pair himself up with out here!"

Cornette notes the absurdity of that statement, given it was Jericho trying to pass off J.C. Ice dressed as Liger to fool Youth. Bolin however says Youth is all about being a phony, questioning if he even went to the U.K., let alone won the Super Juniors like Jericho did.

Chris Jericho: "I beat the best of the best of the best ... of the best. Reckless Youth beat a group of nothings, and he is rewarded with a shot at a title he doesn't deserve. And then, to top it all off, he may as well have walked into a bank, handed a note to the teller, and left with a bag full of money, because he performed the wrestling equivalent of that at Summer Blast. I did not ... I repeat ... did NOT tap out! I was reaching for the ropes and the dorkus malorkus of a referee, he took it upon himself to rule it a tap. But that wasn't all because then you had the idiot known as J.C. Ice! That's right! That inept moron. He came out here and got involved, handing the win to Youth. Well J.C. Ice, you wanted the spotlight and now it's on you, so without further ado ... today's guest on Chris Jericho presents The Highlight Reel, starring Chris Jericho! ... the lowly ... pathetic ... J.C. Ice."


From the back comes J.C. Ice to a mixed reaction. He seems confused by the comments as he gets in the ring.

Chris Jericho: "J.C. Ice. The lesser J.C. now that Chasez is on the scene thanks to pop band N Sync climbing the charts this summer. Well like them, it's tearin' up my heart that the match at The Great American Bash will be Reckless Youth challenging Jerry Lynn, and YOU are to blame!"

J.C. Ice: "Hold on man, hold on. Yo, yo, yo ... it ain't like that dawg! It ain't like that. I was out there to help you. You gotta believe me on that!"

Chris Jericho: "First off, don't ever call me a canine again. I'm not your dog, your cat, your pet hamster, so you can call me Mr. Jericho or nothing at all. As for your supposed help, in what universe do you call that help, costing me the match, huh? In what world is what you did supposed to be an aid to victory for Y2J?"

J.C. Ice: "Man, at least I tried! Curtis here, he did nothing!"

Hughes is ready to go at Ice when Jericho steps in and cools the bodyguard down.

Chris Jericho: "You can come on here and insult me. I'm used to it as others try and use me as a stepping stone, knowing how great I am. However! I'll be the son of a monkey's uncle if you think you'll come on The Highlight Reel and insult Curtis! There's things you don't do on here and that's one of them. What I want J.C., I want-"

J.C. Ice: "Call me C.J."

Chris Jericho: "What?"

J.C. Ice: "C.J. Ice. You know, Chris Jericho. C.J."

Chris Jericho: "C.J. Ice. You want to be called C.J. ... Ice? I mean, what are you, Pamela Anderson on Baywatch? Is that what you think? You think people want to watch you run down the beach in slow motion, yeah? Well you do have one thing in common with her, when I look at you, I do see a giant boob! I see somebody that's very artificial! I promise you that I will never ... E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-VER!!! ... call you C.J. annnnnnnnnything! But I'll give you another chance. A chance to make up for your failures. Get down on all fours ... and kiss my feet. Go ahead! Do it."

Ice is hesitant to accommodate the request.

J.C. Ice: "Chris, I was trying to help. Why you gotta be like this, bro!"

Chris Jericho: "Chris, I was just trying to help, bro. Why you gotta be like that, bro. JUST DO IT! Kiss my feet! NOWWWWWWWWW!"

Ice shakes his head but drops down to a knee. The fans boo this, wanting to see Ice show some backbone here. Jericho sticks out his foot. Ice can't believe what he's doing. He seems ready, but ultimately shakes his head and stands back up.

J.C. Ice: "No. I won't do it. I may not be much here, but I do have my pride. I was just trying to help you win, and if that's not good enough, I'm sorry."

Chris Jericho: "You hear that Curtis? J.C. Ice is sorry. J.C. Ice apologizes for his mishap. That's good J.C., that's good. I can respect a man who recognizes his mistakes. What I can't respect though is that I still don't have a World Title shot at The Great American Bash, so Curtis, do your thing!"

Hughes hits Ice and starts laying him out. He kicks him to the mat before picking him like a rag doll and dropping him back first across the knee. He holds Ice, lifts him up and does it a second time. Jericho meanwhile doesn't watch, instead he looks to the crowd. Hughes picks Ice up and sends him into the ropes, catching him with the spinning side slam. Jericho pats Hughes on the back.

Chris Jericho: "Good job Curtis, well done. And Youth, take a nice, long look. We're not finished today and he was just the beginning! One way or another, I'll get what I want so you'd better watch your back!"

A warning from Jericho towards Reckless Youth ends today's Highlight Reel. Dean reminds us that Youth will be out later today, defending the TV Title against Mark Henry, and if we're to believe the words of Y2J, we haven't seen the last of him in the hour. Bolin meanwhile focuses on Bolin Services once again having gold by the end of the broadcast because there's no way Henry doesn't turn Youth into road kill. Cornette agrees that is exactly what we might see but adds Youth is a fighter and won't back down regardless of the imposing presence of Henry or the looming threat from Jericho.

A quick ad airs for OVW's River City Rumble with a voiceover by Jim Cornette, available now on VHS for only $22.95. See the epic 30 man River City Rumble match with the winner becoming OVW champion! Danny Davis battles Shane McMahon with ownership stake in OVW up for grabs! Kurt Angle makes his pro wrestling debut! 5 big matches in all! Also available, OVW Bluegrass Brawl, OVW Futureshock, OVW Christmas Chaos, and more. Write OVW, P.O. Box 1052, for full catalogue. Get yours, AVAILABLE NOW!

-- commercial break (1:30) --

Backstage, Chris Jericho is with Curtis Hughes, accosting commissioner Bill Dundee.

Chris Jericho: "I want a rematch with Reckless Youth. Sign it!"

Bill Dundee: "I can't do that, he's already got a match today with Mark Henry for that TV Title. And even if I could, after the stunt you just pulled, you're lucky I don't send you to the wolves, man! You're on your last legs around here, you got that? You're not wrestling tonight, not at The Bash, not ever as far as I'm concerned."

Chris Jericho: "Alright. You wanna play hardball, you pathetic Paul Hogan wannabe? I can do that. Just remember, I asked for it, and you denied me. What happens now is on your hands. Let's go Curtis."

Jericho & Hughes walk off as Bobcat comes up from behind Dundee.

Bill Dundee: "What happens now is Youth against Mark Henry. I know what happens now, don't worry about me, kid."

Bobcat: "Superstar, Shane McMahon says he wants to see you in the ring later."

Bill Dundee: "Me?! What for?"

Bobcat: "He's holding you responsible for Doug Basham losing to Nick Dinsmore at Summer Blast thanks to Rico Constantino and he wants to do an employment evaluation later today in front of everybody."

Dundee shakes his head as she heads off.

The Rock N Roll Express
The Mean Street Posse

Fresh off losing the Tag Team championship after a solid 5 month reign on top, The Rock N Roll Express are not resting on a guaranteed rematch and right back in the mix. While they ultimately showed respect for The Haas Brothers after the match at Summer Blast, it's unlikely that they have any respect for The Mean Street Posse, Pete Gas & Rodney. This marks our first look at Shane McMahon's stooges although they have been instrumental in several matches, participating in more than a few Greenwich style beat downs when necessary.

The Posse are very outmatched early on with Ricky & Robert controlling the early going. A double hiptoss to Rodney is followed by another to Gas as he charges in. Rodney is hit with a fist to the midsection and a running knee from Gibson. The cover however is interrupted by Gas. The Posse finally catch a break opposite Morton when Gas clubs him in the back of the head as he hits the ropes. The Posse start making tags and a very basic heel offense - kicks and punches with the occasional wear down hold. Rodney does show some skill when he hits a crucifix on Morton, good for a 2. Gas hits a suplex, good for another 2. Morton eventually ducks a clothesline and catches Gas with a kick to the midsection, running the ropes and coming back with a running neckbreaker. Gas gets to Rodney for the tag, but across the way, Morton gets the hot tag to Gibson.

Gibson comes in and starts hammering away on Rodney, sending him into the ropes for a back elbow. Rodney gets up in the corner with Gibson heading up and firing off 10 right hands. Gas comes back in but Gibson jumps back, downing him with a right hand. Morton comes back in and together, they hit the double dropkick on Rodney. Gibson covers with the referee focused on getting Morton out. As that goes on, Gas is on the top rope, flying off with a legdrop. He reverses the cover so Rodney is on top of Gibson and slides out. The referee turns to count as Morton enters to break it up but is too late. What just happened?!?

The Mean Street Posse defeat The Rock N Roll Express @ 5:37 when Rodney pinned Robert Gibson after a flying legdrop from Pete Gas.

Post match has Dean questioning reality. Cornette notes that this might be the biggest upset in OVW history - The Mean Street Posse just beat The Rock N Roll Express, possibly through some sort of divine intervention. The referee raises Gas & Rodney's hands in victory as Morton checks on Gibson. Ricky & Robert can only watch on as The Posse get obnoxious outside the ring as they realize the magnitude of what they've done. Gibson shakes his head as Morton points at them. Just hours after losing the Tag Team Title to The Haas Brothers, The Rock N Roll Express lose this - has father time caught up to Ricky & Robert?

More OVW after the break.

-- commercial break (1:30) --

Backstage, Stacy is standing by with new Tag Team champions, The Haas Brothers.

Stacy: "Welcome back. With me now are Charlie & Russ, The Haas Brothers - the new Ohio Valley Tag Team champions. Congratulations on the victory."

Charlie Haas: "Thanks Stacy. We couldn't have done it without the fans and I certainly couldn't have done it without Russ in my corner. This is the first of many championships, and to do it over The Rock N Roll Express was a big moment for us. To have them give us their seal of approval after the match, it really means something. We saw what just happened out there, and well, hey! It happens. You win some, you lose some. We still owe Ricky & Robert a rematch though, and any time, any place, they got it."

Russ Haas: "That's right. We don't intend on backing down from any of the tag teams here in OVW. Whether it's The Posse, The Disciples, The Suicide Blondes, Flash & Trash, even The Lords of The Ring - any of them want a shot, all you gotta do is ask. We aren't running and hiding with these and ..."

Jason Sensation walks into view.

Russ Haas: "Hey! You're the guy with the impressions from last week. Great stuff, man!"

Jason Sensation: "Thank you, thank you. I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries when I say that you guys are the excellence of execution.."

Charlie Haas: "Ha, good stuff. Bret Hart, World Tag Team champion. What about his brother, Owen?"

Jason Sensation: "You mean enough is enough, and it's time for a change! WOOOOO!"

The Haas Brothers seem impressed with the work of Jason as the three head off, laughing.

Stacy: "Haha, there you have it. Dean, back to you."

The OVW Rewind presented by Wick's Pizza
The brief 30 second segment shows footage from last week's TV. The footage is of Chad Collyer vs The Damaja. They are outside the ring when Damaja slides in and distracts the referee. Kurt Angle arrives, throwing Collyer into the ringpost, leading to a countout win for Damaja. Hungry? Grab the phone and order Wick's Pizza today!

Chad Collyer
Kurt Angle

A rematch from Summer Blast. While Kurt Angle's record in OVW looks good so far on paper, undefeated with no losses, the way he's picked up those wins has been subject to some criticism. Espousing his credo of the three I's, Angle has cheated to win, jumped opponents from behind, and more. Chad Collyer showed some success on TV, but the match at Summer Blast ended with an Angle victory thanks to an exposed turnbuckle bolt. Having a better idea what he's up against now, Collyer hopes to even things up at a win apiece.

No pre-match spiel from Angle this time as he's all business with Collyer. The two trade the advantage off the bell, with Angle eventually taking him down. On the mat though, Collyer reverses into a hammerlock and then a front facelock. Angle gets into the ropes and exits to the floor to avoid Collyer building too much momentum early. Back inside and they lockup with Collyer backing Angle to the corner. Angle wants a clean break, of course raking the eyes with the referee out of position. Angle starts on the offense, hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex, good for a 2 count. He lowers a strap and readies for the Olympic Slam, but Collyer counters. Instead he gets behind Angle and runs him into the ropes for a go behind, getting a 2. Back up and Collyer lands a dropkick. He suplexes Angle and waits. Angle stands and Collyer goes for the Northern Lights Suplex. Angle manages to grab the top rope as a counter. He drops down and knees Collyer in the head, dropping him back. Angle rolls him up and as the referee counts, puts his feet on the ropes for added leverage. The referee counts 3 as Angle beats Collyer again.

Kurt Angle defeats Chad Collyer @ 5:02 via pinfall with a rollup and his own feet on the ropes.

Post match and Angle does his usual over the top celebratory routine. The commentators note that Angle remains undefeated, but continues to do so by underhanded means. Bolin tells them to get with it - this is 1998, win how you can, as long as you win. Cornette wonders how long Angle can keep this up as while he may be an Olympic Gold medalist, professional wrestling is proving to be a more difficult venture for the man early on. Bolin feels differently, asking how many talents are undefeated in OVW? None, aside from Kurt Angle. He's doing fine.

More OVW after the break.

-- commercial break (1:30) --

Backstage, Stacy is standing by with Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway, The Lords Of The Ring.

Stacy: "Welcome back, and with me now, the man who will challenge Ric Flair for the World Title at The Great American Bash, Mr. Wrestling, Nick Dinsmore, joined by Ironman, Rob Conway - The Lords Of The Ring."

Rob Conway: "Did you see what this man did at Summer Blast? He went in there and went through Doug Basham, finally putting him in his place. I can't wait for The Great American Bash because I know that he's going to go in there and beat Ric Flair to become the new World champion and finally bring the big gold belt to OVW for all the fans here in Kentuckiana."

Nick Dinsmore: "You know, last time I got a shot at Flair, Doug Basham got involved and cost me that chance. It was justice at its best that to get back to Flair and a second shot, I did it by beating Doug at Summer Blast. Same way that on July 28 at Cardinal Stadium, I'm going to go in there and I will beat Ric Flair for that WCFL World Heavyweight Title. Last time, it was a 3 way, but this time it's just 1 on 1. No distractions. It's time. It's my time. The fans here of OVW deserve it and I don't plan on letting them down! And I understand that next week here on TV, The Nature Boy will be here. I'll be listening to what Flair has to say, and if he wants to go a little early, then I don't mind that one bit."

Stacy: "Certainly no shortage of confidence. Dean, back to you."

Trailer Park Trash
K Krush

Big stakes in this one. After a controversial finish at Summer Blast, Flash Flanagan will get another opportunity at Steve Bradley and the OVW Title at The Great American Bash on July 28. Trailer Park Trash was handcuffed to K Krush in the Summer Blast match, but today the roles are reversed with Flash handcuffed to Bradley to prevent interference. Added stipulation, if Trash wins then Flash will choose the stipulation for the Bash rematch, while if Krush wins then Bradley will get to choose the stipulation.

The real fireworks are outside the ring as Flash immediately starts to pummel Bradley upon being handcuffed to him. Inside the ring, they try to have a match, but the fans are more focused on the outside. A second referee comes out with lieutenant commissioner Bobcat, and she orders them to be separated. Flash is ordered to the back, drawing a laugh from Bradley. That laugh goes away fast though when Bradley is also ordered to the back! He's not sure what he did wrong here, but the hammer has dropped. Inside, Trash hits a running clothesline on Krush and seems to be getting the better of him. A big back body drop follows. Trash seems to have the match in hand, but a DDT gets countered by Krush driving him back first into the corner. As Trash steps out, Krush runs and jumps into a flying forearm.

Krush starts to work on wearing Trash down, hitting a sitout inverted suplex slam and drawing a 2. He hits a corner splash, followed by a vertical suplex stunner. He then pulls him to the corner and goes for the 450 Splash but Trash manages to get out of the way. With both wrestlers down, fans turn as Bradley stumbles from the back with Flash laying into him. Looks like that send off to the back did little to stop their brawling. As the wrestlers in the ring stand, Trash lands several rights on Krush, followed by a hiptoss. A bodyslam follows with Bradley left begging off from Flash on the floor. Trash heads up top and with Krush down on the mat, flies with the Trailer Jack top rope legdrop. Trash covers as the referee counts and makes the 3.

Trailer Park Trash defeats K Krush @ 6:19 via pinfall after the Trailer Jack.

Post match and Bradley is left on his knees, pleading. Flash takes the mic as the referee raises Trash's hand in victory. Per the stip of this match, Flash now gets to name the stip of his rematch with Bradley at the Great American Bash on July 28.

Flash Flanagan: "Relax Bradley, I'm not gonna hurt you. Not yet at least. See, I got you right where I want you now. Just me and you, and July 28, Great American Bash, that's how it'll stay. Because it's going to be me and you ... inside a Steel Cage! No K Krush, no Corporation - if you wanna leave champion, you do it on your own merit. And judging by you right now, you don't have any. See you soon MoFo."

Trash high 10s Flash as Flash thanks him for the win. Bradley stands, angry by the decision, but there's little he can do at this stage. The match is official and his title reign could be coming to an end sooner over later.

More OVW after the break.

-- commercial break (1:30) --

Backstage, we see an angry Doug Basham pacing back and forth. Shane McMahon and The Mean Street Posse walk into view.

Doug Basham: "Shane, what the hell, man?! I want answers and I want them now!"

Shane McMahon: "Doug, relax. Bashman, calm down. I got this. I got it. I'm calling Bill Dundee out to the ring, he's-"

Doug Basham: "Dundee?!? You think I give a damn about Dundee?!? I'm talking about that scumbag referee, Rico Constantino! That piece of garbage cost me my chance at the World Title, and I want something done about it!"

Shane McMahon: "Like I said, I got this. I got my boys with me, The Posse. Talkin' Pete Gas, Rodney - trust me. We'll make sure that Dundee changes that match and at The Bash, it'll be Ric Flair defending against Doug Basham, just like it should be."

Doug Basham: "You'd better! If you don't, then I will, and I won't be so civil about it. Understand?"

Basham walks away as McMahon nods to The Posse, reiterating they got this.

TV Title match
 -  -
Reckless Youth
Mark Henry

By far the biggest challenge yet for Reckless Youth when it comes to the TV Title as he defends against Mark Henry. While he may be coming off the biggest win of his career at Summer Blast over Chris Jericho, Mark Henry was also picking up a W and taking out Leviathan in the process in a 6 man tag team match. Earlier today, Jericho & Curtis Hughes took out J.C. Ice and promised to do the same to Youth before the broadcast is finished.

Henry is out first but during Youth's entrance, Jericho is out and smacks him across the back with a chair. Youth goes down to his hands and knees as Jericho winds up and hits him across the back again. Jericho throws the chair down and picks up Youth, dropping him throat first across the metal barricade. He kicks away at Youth before picking up the chair again, pushing it against the throat of Youth. Commissioner Bill Dundee is out with some officials, trying to get Jericho off him. Christopher Daniels is out now and Jericho backs away, finally. Pending some actual retaliation, Jericho puts his hands up and just backs away. Daniels shakes his head as Youth is left in bad shape here, facing possible injury.

Dundee naturally waves the match off, feeling there's no way Youth can compete here today. Bolin over at commentary however feels otherwise. He takes a house mic to address the situation.

Kenny Bolin: "Now hold on here, hold on. Are you telling me that Reckless Youth can't compete today? You're saying he can't defend that TV Title? Well I don't think it's fair to punish my man, Mark Henry, in all this. So if this is a forfeit, fair is fair - award the win to Mark Henry, and name him the new TV champion! Come on now!"

Daniels yells for Bolin to shut up. He offers to Dundee that he'll take Youth's place but Dundee tells him that's not how it's done. If Youth can't compete, then that's it! His reign as TV champion is over! Henry waits on for an official decision, but as Daniels pleads his case to Dundee, Youth crawls away and stands, stumbling towards the ring. What the hell is he doing? Youth almost collapses but gets to the ring and rolls in. Daniels races to ringside as Henry snickers. The referee is hesitant but Youth makes the call - ring the bell!

The TV Title match is on as Henry immediately picks Youth up and throws him into the corner, hammering away on him. Cornette notes this was already a mismatch, but throw in that attack by Jericho and it's borderline suicide for Youth to be going in there. Bolin notes Youth had a choice, he made it, and he'll now live by it. Henry is almost toying with Youth, but picks him up and sends him to the corner with a hard Irish whip - such force that he collapses to the mat. Henry picks Youth up, but give him credit as Youth tries firing off some right hands. They have little impact as Henry picks him up and drops him with a clothesline. A big elbow drop later and Henry covers ...

... 1

... 2

... NO!

Youth gets a shoulder up, probably against better judgment. Henry laughs as he stands and picks up Youth. He sends him into the ropes for a clothesline but Youth ducks. Henry turns and Youth with a dropkick! Henry is rocked a bit, but a second dropkick manages to put him down on a knee. Youth now quickly goes up top - missile dropkick and Henry is down! Youth covers ...

... 1

... 2

... kickout

Henry presses Youth off, sending him several feet into the air. Henry gets up with Youth going to a side headlock. Henry pushes him off. Youth comes back, sliding between the legs. Henry turns to several right hands. Youth backs up to the ropes and charges into a dive but Henry catches him. Henry holds him there a few seconds before driving Youth to the mat with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry stands and backs into the ropes, heading forward, full steam - World's Strongest Splash. Henry flattens Youth like a pancake ...

... 1

... 2

... 3

Mark Henry defeats TV champion Reckless Youth to win the title @ 2:54 via pinfall after the World's Strongest Splash.

And just like that ... 501 days become 0. Mark Henry, the World's Strongest Man, is the new TV champion. The same man that did the impossible, taking out Leviathan at Summer Blast, has done it again by putting a stop to the never ending TV Title reign of Reckless Youth. Dean notes the assist to Chris Jericho, but Bolin says not to rain on the man's parade - Mark Henry is the one that got the 3, and he's the new TV champion. More importantly, gold returns to Bolin Services. Cornette says there may be question now if Youth can even compete against Jerry Lynn at The Great American Bash, but Bolin says to cry him a river and nobody cares.

Henry disappears to the back. Daniels is in, helping Youth up. The fans give him a standing ovation in recognition of his run with the TV Title. Cornette notes that he's been down before and come back stronger, and Jericho had better be careful with his actions as he can only back them up for so long.

A quick ad airs for OVW's River City Rumble with a voiceover by Jim Cornette, available now on VHS for only $22.95. See the epic 30 man River City Rumble match with the winner becoming OVW champion! Danny Davis battles Shane McMahon with ownership stake in OVW up for grabs! Kurt Angle makes his pro wrestling debut! 5 big matches in all! Also available, OVW Bluegrass Brawl, OVW Futureshock, OVW Christmas Chaos, and more. Write OVW, P.O. Box 1052, for full catalogue. Get yours, AVAILABLE NOW!

-- commercial break (1:00)--

Before the next segment, a promo for OVW live.

- Saturday, July 28 in Louisville, KY at Cardinal Stadium - it is The Great American Bash! Get your tickets today!
- Saturday, August 18 in Cincinnati, OH at the Cincinnati Masonic Center! Get your tickets today!
- Saturday, September 8 in Louisville, KY at Louisville Gardens - it is Rage In A Cage! Get your tickets today!
- Every Sunday night in Jeffersonville, IN at The Arena as we tape for a television. See yourself on TV, become an instant celebrity with your friends! Admission only $5!

Don't miss OVW live!

Back at the desk, the commentators are in full Great American Bash hype mode. The event takes place on July 28 at Cardinal Stadium, but even before that, a big stop on the road. On Thursday, July 19 at 8pm, OVW goes prime time on America One for Wrestlerock, a special 1 hour preview show for The Bash with appearances in the ring by several WCFL World champions - to be immediately followed by a special 1 hour best of show, showcasing some of OVW's greatest moments. More on that next week. As for The Bash, we currently know of 3 matches signed, but they are big ones. The matches are ...

- Flash Flanagan challenges Steve Bradley for the OVW championship inside of a Steel Cage
- Reckless Youth challenges Jerry Lynn for the World Junior Heavyweight championship, assuming Youth can even compete after what we just saw
- Nick Dinsmore challenges Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight championship

Dean says that OVW has outdone itself again. This event will be massive with more to come. Imagine though, Nick Dinsmore, new World Heavyweight champion? A lot can and will happen on July 28. Bolin prefers to focus on what matters, Mark Henry destroying Reckless Youth moments ago to become TV champion, as he did at Summer Blast to Leviathan. He invites any member of James MitcHell's Disciples next week to test their luck against The World's Strongest Man - a hollow gesture maybe with Leviathan rumored to be on the shelf injured. Dean says that speaking of next week, big rematch from today - The Rock N Roll Express vs The Mean Street Posse. Cornette says that perhaps biggest of all - World champion, Ric Flair, will be on next week's broadcast and will address Nick Dinsmore ahead of The Bash and just days before Wrestlerock. This is of course all assuming that the match is indeed Dinsmore and Flair per Doug Basham's complaint and Shane McMahon promising to rectify the situation with commissioner Bill Dundee ...

Speakng of which ...

Shane McMahon is out with The Mean Street Posse at his side. Perhaps some necessary backup given the word that Shane is going to give commissioner Bill Dundee a live job evaluation in front of the fans here today. Bolin says the job of commissioner might be wide open given Dundee's failure to get the job done, getting Doug Basham the World Title match. The three of them are in the ring as Shane has a mic in hand.

Shane McMahon: "The time for talk is over and the time for action is now! Chris Jericho wasn't the only one robbed of a win at Summer Blast, and just like he made it right a few moments ago, it's now time that Doug Basham's loss be righted as well. So Superstar - Bill Dundee - commish, whatever it is you call yourselves these days, get out here now because we got some important business to discuss."

From the back comes commissioner Bill Dundee. Dean speculates on him being made the scapegoat and it being undeserved. Bolin comments that this may be a bad night for people with the last name Dundee and thinks history is about to repeat itself. Dundee gets into the ring.

Shane McMahon: "Bill. Good to have you out here. I want to talk you now about what went down at Summer Blast. Specifically what went down during the Nick Dinsmore and Doug Basham match. Even more specifically, the actions of referee Rico Constantino. The American Gladiator. Now-"

Bill Dundee: "Hold on a minute here, brother. I just wanna say first, I'm not responsible for Rico and his actions out here. He's his own man - so am I for that matter, not that we're keeping score or nothing. You know, like I do, the office of Jack Brisco, they chose that referee. They handed down the decision to me, and I had nothing to do with it, man! I'm just a patsy in all this."

Shane McMahon: "A patsy? Superstar, for once in your life, show some spine! Some back bone! You're the commissioner of OVW! What is Jack Brisco, huh?! For that matter, who is Jack Brisco?! I know Gerald Brisco, very loyal to the McMahon family. A great man, a great individual. Jack Brisco though? Why does his opinion matter within an OVW ring? It doesn't. What matters is you, Bill! You should have overruled that stupid decision to put Rico Constantino as the referee, you should've shown that you got grapefruits, understand? Instead, you sat there. Yes, sir. No, sir. Is that what you are, Bill? You're just a yes man?"

Bill Dundee: "I got my own opinion - we all got opinions. I'm tellin' ya, I didn't pick Rico. I'm no yes man though, and what I say goes in this ring. I'm here to make the final say. You got 50% of OVW, Danny Davis has the other 50%, that's where I come in. I call the shots around here, not Brisco, not anybody!"

Shane McMahon: "So you're not a yes man. Good to know. If you leave that decision as is though, this isn't you having the final say. It's Brisco. If you do nothing, you're nothing more than Jack Brisco's little b****!"

Dundee grabs McMahon by the collar and forces him back to the corner, but Rodney and Pete Gas step in. Dundee lets go and backs away.

Shane McMahon: "You heard me. So what will it be Bill? Are you still The Superstar? The man that headlined this building against names like Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Jackie Fargo, Tojo Yamamoto, Jerry Jarrett, the list goes on. Are you that man? Or ... or ... are you, as I said before, Jack Brisco's b****!?"

Dundee is fuming at this as The Posse step in front of Shane. Before this can continue though ...


Nightmare Danny Davis!!! He hasn't been seen since The River City Rumble when he lost 50% ownership in OVW, thanks to interference from The Mean Street Posse and Kurt Angle going into business for himself. He gets into the ring, mic in hand.

Danny Davis: "Oh, how I've missed this! Shane McMahon being Shane McMahon! I see that nothing has changed since I was last here."

Shane McMahon: "Nothing, except that I now own 50% of OVW! So if you don't mind, Danny ..."

Danny Davis: "You do. You're absolutely right. You do. But I own the other 50%, and don't you ever forget that! Now I've been sitting back there, biding my time while you tried to run OVW into the ground. I've let a lot go, but reversing Nick Dinsmore's title win? No way! Nick won, Doug lost, get over it! If Doug wants to blame somebody for his loss, he should look in the mirror. The Superstar is not responsible and I won't stand by while you 3 try to bully him because your little 3 on 1 is now a 3 on 2. So what do you say Shane? You got the guts?"

Shane McMahon: "Me? You wanna know if a McMahon has guts? We were born taking risks. That's the reason my father and the McMahon name is synonymous with New York city and Madison Square Garden. That's the reason I'm going to take over the entire WCFL, starting right here. I gotta build an army first, and if you want to pick a fight with me and The Posse, we accept. But if Dundee wants to fight, he's vanquishing the rights to rule as commissioner. So by the power vested in me ..."

Unexpected music hits ...

JIM ROSS!!! GOOD OL' J.R. IS HERE! Boomer Sooner blares as Ross approaches the ring while the fans show their appreciation. He waves his cowboy hat before getting into the ring. Everybody is taken back as J.R. requests the mic. Davis hands it over as J.R. thanks him.

Jim Ross: "Thank you. It's my pleasure to be here, and I'll tell ya what - I've been watching OVW a long time now, and to be standing in this ring where some of these young up & comers have competed, it's an honor and a privilege. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I got a call from another fine, outstanding gentleman from Oklahoma - talkin' 'bout Jack Brisco there, and he wanted me to come here and see if I could put two and two together. Tully Blanchard was here and he couldn't get the job done, maybe a bit too physical, a bit too arrogant, but you can bet your last dollar that we're gonna see some law & order restored going forward."

Shane McMahon: "J.R. Boomer sooner. I'd like to say it's good to see you, but uh, it's not! You know the last time I saw you, my pops was firing your ass, just like he's done so many times before. Face it J.R., you're yesterday's news. This is a young man's world. All of you need to go run along and let me do my thing because this is my time! Me and The Posse, we run OVW! And since I own OVW, allow me to do the honors here, J.R. ... you're fired! That's fun. You're fired! I can see why my Dad likes that so much."

Jim Ross: "Well first thing's first Shane, I don't work for you or Mr. Davis here, with all due respect to The Nightmare. I'm here representing the office of Jack Brisco, so I'd advise you show a little class out here. Show some respect! So if you're gonna strip The Superstar here of any power, I'm gonna give it right back to him. This man (Dundee) is the commissioner, he's in charge, and he calls the shots! And now as far as The Great American Bash goes, I got two announcements about that. Announcement #1 is I'll be in the house because I wanna see it live and in person - Nick Dinsmore vs Ric Flair. And I'll be calling the match, assuming the great Dean Hill & Jim Cornette don't mind."

Neither mind one bit, although Bolin over commentary wonders what about him? Cornette responds what about him?

Jim Ross: "And announcement #2, if you boys wanna get it on with old school here, we can do that. At The Great American Bash, it will be Shane McMahon and your boys here, Pete Gas & Rodney, The Mean Street Posse, and the three of you will be taking on the team of Nightmare Danny Davis ... Superstar Bill Dundee ... and a partner of their choosing. And since that has the fixings to be a good ol' fashion slobberknocker, let's make it No Holds Barred. Anything goes. That sound good to all of you?"

The fans cheer.

Jim Ross: "Alright then. We'll see what's what, July 28 at Cardinal Stadium. It's OVW and The Great American Bash, a night you won't soon forget!"


Boomer Sooner starts to play as the combatants pair off. It's official - Shane McMahon & The Mean Street Posse vs Danny Davis, Bill Dundee, a partner TBA - No Holds Barred.

For Jim Cornette, Kenny Bolin, and the rest of OVW, Dean Hill saying so long until next week. OVW, tomorrow's superstars, today!

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Well, the Dundees looked to have a bad day for sure until Good Ole J.R. showed up. Now, Shane may just get his. Does look like the RnR are on their way out. Henry really stopped the momentum of Reckless Youth cold. Congrats to the new TV Champ. Poor J.C. Ice. Great show.


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Grape Ape
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501! Man, what a run. Might have gone a little longer if it wasn't Jericho and a chair. At least Youth didn't lose it totally cleanly. Now, he gets to be in unfamiliar territory as he is chasing others.

Poor JC Ice. Former tag team champion reduced to this. If he ever needs a vacation ...

JR in to restore some order might be what the doctor ordered.

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I have to admit even with Jericho's attack, I didn't count Youth out until the ref counted 3. 501 days is a hell of an achievement and I think dropping this belt now, just clears the way for bigger things in the future.

I am not really sure what to make of what is going on with the RnR Express. I know it was a fluky loss to the Posse but I hope it's enough to ignite a fire in the bellies of Ricky and Robert.

Really nice surprise with J.R. coming in at the end and laying down the law. I like the way you have structured the Owner versus Owner feud so that the heel hasn't been able to run rampant, because of Dundee. I thought for a minute we were going to get a major stip on that 6 man but think you did the right thing by holding off on that. At this point, everything is still fresh enough that the match sells itself.

Impeccably written and entertaining as always.

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