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Author Topic: WCFL HWA TV: One More Time (Taped 6/7/98, Airing 6/15/98)
Commish from California
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WCFL Heartland Wrestling Association TV
TV airing 6/15/1998 (Taped 6/7/1998)
Family Arena, St Charles, Missouri
Airing on The WB affiliates

Jim Ross and Michael Cole open up this week’s edition of HWA TV, and Ross ‘levels’ with viewers that there is some chaos right now in HWA and the WCFL. The future of HWA is up in the air, but what Jim Ross can tell viewers is that the Heartland Wrestling Association is on the air TONIGHT with a somewhat re-jigged lineup of talent, but tonight, we will have the rematch between Diamond Dallas Page against Missouri Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino one-on-one. Ross also announces that we will have The Big Show against Val Venis. What happens after tonight is anybody’s guess, but tonight, HWA is going to give fans the best damn wrestling show on TV anywhere in the country.

Or, at least, once the ring clears. The camera pans to the ring where there is a mariachi band playing in the ring and they begin playing a festive tune. The camera pans over the ring ropes where we can see a banner reading ‘Super Juniors’. The band plays as ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero makes their way down the aisle.


Eddie dances a little to the mariachi band, after sliding into the ring. After a few seconds of that, Eddie then quiets them down and pulls a microphone out of his pocket.

Eddie Guerrero: “Give ‘em a hand! Los Gatos! The only mariachi band this side of the Mason Dixon Line - head on backstage hermanos. Like we agreed, there’s no cash, but plenty of tequila. (Whispers once they pass him) The cheap stuff. They won't know the diference, am I right? (At normal volume) You know, whatever’s going on with the HWA, it doesn’t matter man. What DOES matter is that we celebrate the Herculean effort of an athlete who put his spirit, his soul and his body on the line to become the Best of the Super Juniors, ese. I think you know who I’m talkin’ about!”

The fans cheer a bit as Eddie hypes them up.

Eddie Guerrero: “We’re gonna celebrate one tough S.O.B. He flew all the way to England. He fought through the jetlag. He beat one the best British wrestlers in the game, homes. He beat the top junior heavyweights from all over the world in Wembley Stadium. And… he WON the Best of the Super Juniors tournament! That’s right, we’re here to celebrate the 1997 Best of the Super Juniors winner, yours truly, Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero! We’re gonna celebrate me again… because I deserve it!”

As Eddie is yucking it up, Jim Ross points out that Eddie is taking a shot at his nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr., who was successful across three nights at the Best of the Super Juniors tournament to make it to the finals, which he lost in a nail-biter to Reckless Youth.

Eddie Guerrero: “Oh what? You thought I was talkin’ about somebody else? No, no. See, in the Guerrero family… we only celebrate winners! And my nephew Chavo, just like I said, he lost…”

The camera pans to the aisle where Chavo Guerrero is escorting referee Mickey Jay down the aisle to the ring and he asks the referee to ring the bell! This is happening, finally, right here and right now! Chavo has had enough!


It’s been months in the making, but here we are, Chavo and Eddie are finally going one-on-one. Chavo can barely contain his fury as he whips off his ring vest. Eddie and Chavo meet in the center of the ring and Eddie spits in Chavo's face. Chavo tackles Eddie and then lands a series of kicks to Eddie's chest as he tries to get up. Chavo sends Eddie off the ropes and catches him with a spinning wheel kick to the chest and now he motions for the Tornado DDT already.

Just as Chavo turns around, Eddie is up and he drives his shoulder into the back of Chavo's right knee, sending Chavo falling to the canvas. Eddie is right on his nephew, stomping Chavo's knee and then driving his own knees into it. Eddie works over Chavo's knee for the next few minutes and now looks to apply La Magistral. Chavo kicks him away and Eddie falls into the corner.

Chavo is slow to his feet, but he grabs Eddie by the hair and slams his head into the turnbuckle several times. And now Chavo is signaling for the end - he’s getting his uncle in position for the deadly tombstone piledriver. Chavo isn’t thinking clearly, he could cripple his uncle Eddie here!

He lifts Eddie up, but Eddie blocks it and lands a shot that was clearly below the belt. Normally that'd be a disqualification, but clearly the referee is showing leniency here since this is a match months in the making. Mickey Jay does warn Eddie that if he does it again, he'll have to throw the match out.

Chavo is doubled over in pain and Eddie is right there to kick his leg out from underneath his nephew. Eddie goes to over grab Chavo, but incredibly Chavo is still fighting and he knocks Eddie away with a head-butt to the stomach. Chavo tries to get to his feet, but he's having trouble.

Just then, Eddie charges in, grabs Chavo's injured right leg and rolls him into a small package. Mickey Jay administers the count for the one… two… no! Chavo manages to get that shoulder up just in time! Eddie doesn't give up and he's right back on Chavo and now he picks him and drops him stomach first across the top rope.

Eddie pulls Chavo up and goes to finish him with the trio of vertical suplexes, but somehow Chavo breaks his uncle's grip the third time and then connects with a forearm strike to Eddie's chin. Chavo grabs a chin-lock, he spins the finger around and he’s going for the Tornado DDT again!

Chavo hits the turnbuckle, leaps up, but Eddie grabs the middle ropes and propels himself out to the floor! Ever the wily veteran, Eddie Guerrero takes a walk around ringside, grabs the microphone from ring announcer Scott Hudson and heads up the ramp before turning around to Chavo, who’s holding open the ropes for his uncle to get back into the ring.

Eddie Guerrero: “Chavito, I gotta admit, you showed me something tonight, ese. The fire in the belly that I got, that your papa had, that your tios had, you got it man. Which is exactly why it’s gonna burn you up… when I do this to you, homes!”

Eddie Guerrero just hopped the railing and took off running through the crowd! All Chavo could do was watch as his uncle darted up the aisles, finally turning around with a big grin on his face as referee Mickey Jay was forced to count him out.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. technically gets a win over his uncle Eddie Guerrero, but not the win he wanted.









As we return, Michael P.S. Hayes is standing by with Diamond Dallas Page and asks him about having this title match set against this chaos.

Diamond Dallas Page: “It’s all just noise, PS. As far as I’m concerned, chaos works in my favor. I like chaos, I thrive on it, in fact, It’s going to be chaos when I slip the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere on Corino later on, and he FEELS THE BANG! And it’s gonna be complete chaos when I get my hands on that Missouri Heavyweight Title. Take my word for it, monkey.”





Val Venis and his ladies are already in the ring when we return, but Val’s strip routine is interrupted by The Big Show’s pyro going off. As the 7’4 giant heads down the ramp, Jim Ross assures fans that this time, there’s no stun gun and no hired guns, it’s just mano-e-mano.

Val Venis makes the mistake of trying to offer the hand of friendship to Big Show after all he’d done to antagonize the Show over the last several weeks. But, surprisingly, Big Show takes him up on it! Show shakes Venis’ hand, and Val smiles like he’s pulled off a master plan. That Cheshire grin turns to a grimace after a few seconds, when Show starts crunching down on Val's hand.

Big Show pulls Val Venis into a brutal short-arm clothesline, then shoots off him the ropes for a boot to the face. Big Show then hoists Venis above his head, presses him five times and then slams him down to the canvas. Despite the protests of Chastity and Miss Patricia, Big Show throws up the Choke Slam sign.

Miss Patricia gets up on the apron and orders Big Show not to do it. Big Show turns around and gives her a frightening growl. Miss Patricia immediately learns that discretion is the better form of valor and runs off as Big Show clutches Val by the throat and drives him into the canvas with a choke-slam! Big Show then looks around and holds up one finger, signaling one more! After a second choke-slam, Big Show puts one foot on Val Venis’ chest for one… two… three. Back to wonderland, Val.










Bob Holly fills in for Jack Brisco as the special guest referee here, to counteract Mark Madden in the corner of ‘King of Old School’ Steve Corino. While Holly has been a tag team player recently, keep in mind that Corino beat Holly in the Missouri Heavyweight Title tournament way back when. Page looks ready and he dives into the ring and he and Corino begin slugging away at each other as referee Bob Holly calls for the bell. DDP has Corino in the corner and he is unloading on Steve Corino with quick jabs.

DDP then hip-tosses Corino down to the mat and as Corino starts to get back up to his feet, DDP connects with a big running knee lift. Corino scurries to the outside and tries to regroup with his adviser Mark Madden on the arena floor. DDP follows his opponent to the outside and whips the champion into the steel barricade as the crowd cheers. DDP then drives Corino's head into the ring post. A fleeing Corino rolls back into the ring and DDP is close behind. He nails Corino in the back of the head with a diving elbow.

The King of Old School is crawling towards the ropes, but he's cornered by the Page. DDP now has Corino pinned down in a headlock on the mat. DDP releases the hold after a few moments and drags Corino to his feet, and Corino drives his head into the midsection. Corino takes a second to catch his wind and then lands a questionably low blow on DDP, which gets a warning from Holly.

Corino rears back and catches DDP with a chop to the jaw and then belly-to-back suplexes the challenger to the mat. Corino catches some momentum off the ropes and propels himself into the air and lands feet first on the stomach. Corino steps off and then climbs to the second ropes and comes off the top with knee drop to the back of the head as the challenger is getting up.

DDP rolls over in real pain. Corino then begins slapping the back of Page’s head and yelling at the fans, as he yucks it up with Madden on the outside. Corino is trading jokes with Madden as he drops an elbow across the chest of DDP. For a second time, Corino shouts while looking towards the crowd, but this time DDP rolls out of the way of his elbow drop and Corino collides with the mat.

DDP slowly makes his way to his feet and catches the injured Corino with a kick to the gut and he bounces off the ropes and both men hit each other with clotheslines. Both men are down now. The two men are slow to their feet, but Page hits a short-arm clothesline to get the solid momentum.

DDP has taken control once again and he plants Corino with a back-drop driver and goes for the cover, but Corino kicks out at the last possible second. DDP is now up and he is feeding off the crowd and it looks like he's coming off the ropes. DDP bounces off the ropes, but Corino moves out of the way and turns right into… a Diamond Cutter! It’s over! That’s all she wrote!

But no! Madden is signaling! Here come the Big Bossman and Rhino! Madden is calling out the back-up to once again keep the title! But this time, Bob Holly meets Bossman on the apron and begins brawling with the former Cobb County security guard. Meanwhile, Rhino sneaks into the ring and perches. DDP hobbles up, but he senses Rhino is coming… and dives away! Rhino gores Mark Madden on the apron by mistake, forcing Madden to take a terrible-looking bump first to the ring apron and then slide down to the floor unconvincingly! Rhino is dumb-struck, until DDP whips him around and drops him with a Diamond Cutter!

Page is up again now, but so is Corino! Oh no! Old School Kick… is blocked! Page grabbed the foot! Page spins Corino around! Another Diamond Cutter on Corino! Page covers again. This time, Bob Holly has dispatched Bossman and he counts the one… two… three! DDP has done it! He’s defeated Steve Corino, and ended his grip on the Missouri Heavyweight Title!


There’s not much TV time left, but this (final?) episode fades out with Diamond Dallas Page holding up the Missouri Heavyweight Title.


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Big wins by Page and Big Show and, at least, the winner's share for Chavo. Know that there will be great wrestling wherever those guys end up. BRAVO!!


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Grape Ape
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Too bad this is not going forward with it's solid roster and storytelling. Would have been fun to see what came out of this single episode, especially the main event and the title changing hands.
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