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Author Topic: WCFL SAT HWA 03/03/1998: The future is now
Commish from California
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WCFL (Super Sat) Heartland Wrestling Association:
The Future is Now
Family Arena, St. Charles, Missouri

1. ‘The Iceman’ Dean Malenko defeats Chris Kanyon via submission at 14:45 when he forced Kanyon to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf. Kanyon had an impressive debut on HWA TV, and his innovative offensive style is used well to his advantage in this contact. Kanyon scored a near-fall with a swinging vertical suplex, and another after driving Malenko into the canvas with the electric chair face-buster. However, Kanyon only connected with the mat when he went for a moon-sault off the top rope. Malenko then folded Kanyon in with a power-bomb and then bridged the legs over to the Texas Cloverleaf for the pin-fall.

2. Mikey Whipwreck defeats Nova via pin-fall at 10:34 with the Whipper Snapper. This is Mikey Whipwreck’s first appearance here in HWA, and he has a fast-paced encounter with Nova. There’s a buzz when the former Steele, better known as Sean Steele… or Val (if you’re Michael Cole), made his way down to ringside and began yelling at Nova. Nova lunged at Steele, but Sean, err Val, leapt backed away with a smug smile and watched as Mike Whipwreck flattened Nova with the Whipper Snapper. Steele walked off as Whipwreck scored the win, with a slight assist from the former Steele.

3. Hotstuff Hernandez defeats Chavo Guerrero via pin-fall at 21:27 with the Border Toss power-bomb. The story of the match was Chavo’s heart, and his sly tactics using his speed to dodge Hernandez. Chavo rattled the big man with a flying head-scissors followed immediately with a missile dropkick, but Hernandez powered out of the pinning combination. The finish saw Chavo unload on Hernandez with a a spinning wheel kick, and then hook him for the Tornado DDT. However, Hernandez through Guerrero off him in mid-air! When Chavo popped back up after ricocheting off the canvas, Hotstuff ran him over with a big boot to the forehead. Hernandez then planted Chavo with the Border Toss for the three count. Hernandez taunted Chavo after the match, until he saw Guerrero struggling to get to his feet. Hernandez charged over and stomped Chavo again, telling him to stay down. Chavo wouldn’t stay down and began pulling himself up again. Hernandez then booted Chavo in the gut and press slammed him to the canvas. Hernandez then yelled at Chavo to “stay down”... but Chavo again started to stir. Hernandez charged, but this time, Chavo dove out of the way and Hotstuff went through the ropes and tumbled out to the floor. A furious Hernandez stormed off as the fans acknowledged Chavo pulling himself to his feet by using the ropes to stay up. Chavo Guerrero Jr. simply refused to stay down on this night!


4. The Holly Cousins (Crash and Harcore Holly) defeat Hot Commodity at 9:23 to become the HWA Tag Team Champions in the culmination of the best-of-three series. Chris Hamrick screwed up his advantage by letting Julio Dinero take too much punishment in recent weeks, so he was stuck competing in this match with EZ Money. The Hollys seem to enjoy punishing Hamrick, and only pin him after an Alabama Slam from Hardcore and a Crash Landing from his cousin. After the bout, Crash paraded around the ring with the titles, until Hardcore tried snagging one of the belts away. A tug-of-war developed between the new champions, with Crash taking a shot at his cousin. The Hollys brawled around the ring for a few minutes, until Hardcore and Crash both shrugged at each other with a grin. They eventually walked off with the titles slung over their shoulders.

5. Next Division Champion Super Crazy defeats Xavier at 14:02 with the triple moonsault. Super Crazy has constantly been at a disadvantage against Xavier in their rivalry thus far. Xavier attacked Crazy as he stepped through the ropes, but the champion was ready for him and fought fire with fire. Super Crazy caught Xavier with a sit-out power-bomb for a close fall, before Xavier caught him coming off the ropes with the high knee. Xavier tried to slow things down momentarily with a cobra hold, which nearly put Super Crazy out. Crazy tried back-suplexing his way out of it, but Xavier floated over for a cover and got another close two count. As Super Crazy got to his knees, Xavier hit the ropes full speed with a kick to the chest. Xavier climbed up top, looked to the skies, shouted “I am risen” and dove off with a 450 splash… only for Super Crazy to roll way. Crazy then connected with the triple moon-sault and hooked the leg for the one… two… three! A hell of a challenge and a hell of a successful defence for the Next Division Champion Super Crazy.

6. Main Event: Missouri Heavyweight Champion ‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino defeats ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner via pin-fall at 22:36. Corino stalled endlessly to prevent having to lock up with Steiner, and then jabbed Steiner in the eye when Big Poppa Pump lost it and charged him. Corino hit a few boxing jabs, then made the mistake of telegraphing punch, and ended up flattened with a belly-to-belly. Corino immediately rolled outside and walked it off, until Scott Steiner came out after him. Corino rolled back inside the ring and begged off, offering a handshake. However, the King of Old School slid out to the floor again as an agitated Steiner stalked him. Corino made a mistake by jawing with a loud fan at ringside, which opened the door for Steiner to grab him behind and hurl him back into the ring again. Steve Corino scurried towards the ropes to climb again, but Steiner grabbed his leg. Big Poppa Pump pulled Corino in and leveled him with a Steinerline. Scott Steiner then hoisted Corino in the air with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Corino crawled toward the corner as Steiner charged him, and Steve pulled referee Mickey Jay in the way of a collision with Steiner! A furious Scott Steiner looked down at referee Mickey Jay trying to shake off the cobwebs. Steiner turned back to Corino, pulled him and drove him to the canvas with a belly-to-back release suplex! However, Mark Madden made his way down to ringside at this point, strolled around the ring, and climbed up to the apron. Steiner immediately went after Madden, collaring him and dragging him into the ring. However, a panicked Madden pointed behind Steiner…. as former ECW superstar Rhino rolled into the ring. Steiner turned around and was driven to the canvas with the Gore. Gore! Gore! Gore! Rhino has come to the aid of Steve Corino and Mark Madden, and he puts Corino’s forearm over Steiner’s midsection and rolled out to the floor. Mark Madden shoved the dazed Mickey Jay over to the middle of the ring where he counted the one… two… three! Steve Corino has just regained the Missouri Heavyweight Title over Scott Steiner. After the match, Rhino and Mark Madden pulled Corino out of the ring and headed off to the dressing room with the title over Corino’s shoulder. Mark Madden’s masterplan to disrupt the established order of the WCFL seems to be working, at least on this night, by aligning himself with man-beast Rhino and the Missouri Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino!

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Good show like Steve Corino here and like Rhino here also.
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Grape Ape
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Super solid show from top to bottom. You have a fantastic roster, especially at this early stage in the game.

Was hoping Chavo would win here over Hernandez.

Rhino makes a great piece on Madden's master plan though I have a feeling that Steiner plans on being the Monkey Wrench/Fly in the Ointment.

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Commish from California
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Originally posted by Grape Ape:

Was hoping Chavo would win here over Hernandez.

Don't count out Chavo just yet. There's more to this story coming! [Wink]
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Great debut for Rhino, and above that, it's good to see shades of The Network from ECW as that stable could have been much better if not in the dying days of the promotion. Gives Corino some borrowed time to stay champion against forces like Steiner, who even opposite Rhino, I just don't see being enough to stop him in 1998. The lurking Big Show too ... Madden still needs more IMO.

The Hollys getting the titles is a good kickoff to their run. They make for a good pair to anchor the tag team division here - can do singles as well. Weird comparison but I'll go with the Hart Foundation in WWF in 1989 where Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart could do singles programs, but at the end of the day, snap your fingers and they instantly work as a tag team like they never missed a beat. It's a shame about Hot Commodity but I do like the idea of a JR Smooth led contingent maybe going after the belts.

Speaking of which, interested to see what happens with Chavo now. Was this just an easy introductory story, or the start of a long feud between the two sides. Chavo's bread & butter to this roster is really your Next Division, but that's not to say the story with Hernandez needs to or should be dropped if that's not your plan. Still a lot left there if you want to keep going.

Good showcase for the Next Division. Super Crazy feels like a destination type competitor where you tune in just to watch him as something you can't get elsewhere. Don't know if Xavier has it in him to take another run as his drop, re-add would suggest the plans for him aren't that great, but there's no shortage of challengers to Crazy on this roster now.

Malenko seems like he's having trouble finding his place long term anywhere, probably because he's so well defined by his wrestling skills which doesn't translate perfectly to reading. The match here with Kanyon makes for a solid opener that keeps him in the hunt for Corino, but history has shown he may have a hard time staying there. I do like his usage here so far though.

Still don't know what to say about this Steele stuff or where it's going, or why Nova. Hopefully we get some answers on TV.

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Madden comes out smelling like a rose here. Congrats to The Hollys. Hernandez looks ready to dominate.


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