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Author Topic: (WCFL) 10/29/97 - WCW HALLOWE'EN HAVOC PPV - Hitman vs. Kane
Blind Guy
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LIVE & available ONLY on PPV from the Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville, GA
  • GENE SNITSKY & DARREN DROZDORF settle their differences in a LOSER LEAVES TOWN match!
  • CURT HENNIG will be in singles action
  • JESSE JAMES defends the WCW Television title!/[i]
  • AHMED JOHNSON & THE ROCK defend the WCW Tag Team titles vs. YOKOZUNA & BULL BUCHANAN

Your host is "Professor" Mike Tenay
Your ring announcer is David Penzer
Your play-by-play announcers are Tony Schiavone & "Mean" Gene Okerlund[/b]
As the theme plays, we have a voiceover & graphics detailing the matches on the card. Mike Tenay welcomes us from the middle of the ring.

MT: "Keep an eye out for any goblins or ghosts that may turn up here in
picturesque Gainesville, but the guaranteed TREAT tonight will be NINE notable matches..."

The negative reaction is deafening! NOT for anything Tenay said, but foe tge firat batch of trick or treaters! One dressed as an accountant, another with face-paint and Ivory makes for an alluring WITCH. The fourth member of the gaggle speaks and he has surely gotten more than enough gum hand-outs already...

CH: "I count EIGHT matches, I was listed TWICE, with the TV title match on The Weasel's cockamamie list as well!|

MT: "Curt Hennig, it just so happens I was expecting either Commissioner Ron Garvin or Mr. Heenan to clarify that exact situation...yes, Mr. Schyster?"

The witchy woman is keeping watch on the pacing Ultimate Warrior as IRS prattles forth, "This WILL be great show whether or not the numbers seem a bit crooked to me! We are looking ahead to SURVIVOR SERIES and a showdown with MARLENA'S MOGULS! Our TRICK tonight is for me and Curt to get the titles off of Jesse James and Goldust!"

MT: "The Television title, for those fans who were not yet aware, has just changed hands in the past few days as..."

Hennig has it perfectly drawn up, "As that bimbo fell into my TRAP! I habe a match set here to face the NEW champ, Mr. Jamts, NOT the FORMER champ, Edge. Don't you worry about who has the most gold heading into SURVIVOR SERIES!"

Ivory quite sure SHE will have by that time, taken the Women's belt from Marlena's Devil Masami.

"HENNIG'S HOTSHOTS will have more gold by Thanksgiving than you cpuld dream of...SHUT UP!"

Tenay throws things up to Tony Schiavone & Gene Okerlund.

TS: "There ARE nine matches, the books haven't been fiddled with and Mr. Perfect may not like how things have been sorted out by The Brain".

GO: "We heard reference made to a five on five SURVIVOR SERIES challenge. We are unable to confirm exactly who Hennig has lined up but speculation swirls that Larry Zbyszko will come out of retirement! Here is the opening contest"/


The Coles struggle in the facr of Maggs' experience advantage.

TS: "Don't underestimate Joey's track record - as a World Six Man champion, he successfully took on all comers. He's passing that experience on to the Sarge, a relative newcomer to tag team work..."

The Coles may be identical but our referee is finding that it is the opposition's quick tag strategy that is hard to follow.

GO: "Indeed! Neither Keith nor Kent are aware that Maggs tagged right back out on that sqitch! Good golly, I think the twins aren't even sure which of them is the legal man and here we see the free-style skill that has won Pittman any number of medals in the amateur ranks!"

One of the Coles - or perhaps it is the other brother - submits to a Step-Over Armbar.

Quick filler as Gene & Tony banter.

GO: "Not wanting to take the focus away from this great event, but the name of the game at Survivor Series is five on five elimination matches. As we see some new talent arriving here in WCW, some superstars may need to be aware that their contracts might be eliminated!"


Is that an inference that the masked Cruiserweight newcomer has taken someone's spot?

TS: "The Medicos have long been a tag team force in the Caribbean - I assume that must be Super Medico III cheering his partner on. On that subject, I find it puzzking that Larry Zbyszko is making noises that HE might sign on as a wrestler again!"

Scott thwarts an attempted switch by the mascarados with a Noggin-Knocker.

GO: "The Living Legend who is obviously involved with the scheming surrounding Hennig's faction, might be mullimg his options - not only is he not announcing tonight, Bobby Heenan has suggested he be barred from the building!"

Then the Comeback Kid might be IN TRAINING...or tuning up on the putting greens at Maralago. Speaking of needing a work-out, the Medico's are needing to knock some rust off.

GO: "The legal man is a fair bit smaller than the other, but Taylor has given the both of them some grief! A Flying Head-Scissors and Taylor gets the pin.

Do we stick around for the full Worm-dance celebration that our fans are warming up to? Drat, it seems Mike Tenay has news in the back, just as Scotty started tossing Hallowe'en candy to the crowd...Gummi Worms, of course.

THE BROOD has come knocking on The Professor's door.

MT: "Christoan, you are NOT on the card despite having signed for a WORLD Junior Heavyweight title shot some weeks ago".

C: "Rey Mysterio Jr. and I were set, but things got complicated with Jerry Lynn winning the belt! The NEW champ, rather than honor his obligations, has taken sides with The Hurrikane! With some luck, Sabu and J.T. Smith and the other two will tear each other apart tonight...but Edge has BETTER news:.

Tenay is perplexed, "Edge, you no longer hold the Television belt so I thought uou would be onn the outside looking in tonight on HAVOC!"

"No, when I faced Jesse James on "WCW PRO", he and Marlena has agreed I could get my REMATCH here if Jesse beat me! Somebody might want to let Mr. Perfect in on that...the idea of doing things the RIGHT way might just blow his mind!"



Schiavone updates the card, "Qwll, now it seems HENNIG is left high and dry without a dance partner for Hallowe'en!"

Okerlund considers that crying on the lovely shoulder of Ivory is a nice consolation prize, "But in the ring, two big bruisers lay it all on the line with their futures here in WCW at stake!:

No acrobatics in this tussle. The perspiration sprays into the air as heavy shots are taken and given.

TS: "I am assuming that the TV title rematch is NEXT as I see Marlena and the new champ, Jesse James are watching from a safe distance...hold on, Goldust joins them. Snitsky lands a big boot to the breadbasket of Darren, knocking him clear from the ring!"

HORRORS! We get what may be the very last regurgitation from The Droz here in WCW! A real effort was needed, hence the countout, we'll need a mop as Gene gets his armraise...

GO: "Great balls of fire! Ivory and Mr. Perfect! They circle the ring as THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR bushwhacks the winner of the match! Doug Dillinger had the intention of assisting Drozdorf to the loser's pay window but loses his footing on that...HOLY DINAH!"

Doug looks up and observes a Gorilla Press Slam he has no chance of missing...

TS: "The Warrior sends Snitsky over the top, landing on The Droz & our Director of Security! What a mess! Here comes Ronnie Garvin!"

Ron gets a verbal lambasting from Ivory & Curt as UW loses his cimposure a tad more...you've seen this meltdown act before, so let's cut to Tenay!

Some of MARLENA'S MOGULS have joined Mike, the same three who were just kibitzing...

MT: "An unavoidable delay, it seems, involving Curt's scheduled appearance..."

A fuming Bobby Heenan races through the shot!

"HOLD TIGHT, I'll sort this out!"

Our femme fatale cool as the other side of the pillow, "

MT: "Marlena we are in the company of TWO of your Survivor Series team while we await official notification of who joins Schyster and Hennif as your opposition..."

"Hennig is using The Ultimate Warrior as a PAWN but if he is one member, that leaves room for some extras! The Windham brothers and Bobby Duncum Jr. are HERE but were supposed to stay behind the scenes..."

With great cinematic eddect, we now have a shot of those three former allies of Hennig racing out front! Cut to THE BRAIN!

BHL :You ARE signed to a SINGLES MATCH, Curt! You have about THREE seconds to pick your poison, while Ivory can take The Warrior back to his padded cell!"

So we DO seem to have that mysterious ninth match!


A bit of a coup as we announce two former World Heavyweight champs sqquaring off on the undercard! But there is still somewhat of a controversy...

GO: "Tony, I am not sure if Hennig picked an opponent or whether Mr. Heenan passed on his decision to the ring announcer on his own!"

Do we het some order restored?

TS: "Heenan, Dillinnger and Garvin get some help! Kendall Windham and Bobby Duncum Jr. are joined by Snitsky in man-handling an out-of-control to the back, kicking and screaming!"

We are getting things heating up in the ring at last with only that witch being a fly in the ointment...

TS: "A lor of stalling by Curt before the action picked up, bit now Ivory wants him comsult with her out on the floor!
Barry has his patience wearing thin, a foray to break up the huddle gets Curt bavk in the ring and Ivory with a lot to say.

TS: "Right...we'll censor those unladylike remarks, What's that, Gene?"

GO: "Mike reporting from the back that Marlena and her men have returned to their dressing rooms and refuse to stoop to the level of Hennig!"

So we get back to one on one action with Hennig well aware that Windham means business.

TS: "The Widowmaker has taken a lot of guff from Schyster & Hennig dir a while, but despite all that extra motivation, he knows Mr. Perfect is as fine a well-schooled wrestler as there is...when he puts his mind to it!"

An exchange of techmical stylings was good while it lasted but has degenerated into Curt corralling the ref.

GO: "Those gesticulations meant to convince the official that Hennig was the victim of hair-pulling. Totally fabricated balderdash...what is Ivory up to?"

She has Barry's attention again. And she has THAT MOP! It is dripping rather omenously...

TS:: "GOOD HEAVENS! That was used to clean up after The Droz had that unfortunate...SHE JUST SHOVED INTO WINDHAM'S FACE!"

ICK! And that was one easy School-Boy Roll-Up as Barry staggered backwards into Curt's clutches!


TO THE BACK! Mike Tenay with a Main-Ecenter...

MT: "Bret Hart, we cap off tonight's show with you defending the top prize in the sport against the monster known as Kane..."

BH: "UI'll need to be focussed, but right now, I can't quite believe what we just saw! Two former World champions in a match decided like THAT? Kind of makes ME sick to my stomach to watch///"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Hennig and Ivory march right up to The Hitman!

CH: "See this mop> I'll use it to clean yp whatever's left after Kane is done with YOU!:

BH: "Kane DESERVES a shot after winning a 28 man Battle Royal that honored my fallen friend BRIAN PILLMAN! Now long did YOU last, bigmouth?"

Curt tries a butt-end with the mop but deft stickhandling has the Calgary Hitman cracking it in half!

BH: "I was talking to HER!"

Back at the desk, we get a few chuckles.

GO: "Adter THAT, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Curt had the gall to ask Hart to join in on his Survivor Series match!"


TS: "The man who eliminated Hennig from that great Battle Royal is waiting in the ring with his partner J.T. Smith as we get our first look at Jerry Lynn holding the World Junior belt".

GO: "You rarely see The Hurrikane without the monster Kane lurking nearby, he is taking a new tack by calling upon the services of the newly-crowned World champ and we'll see how this works out. But it seems Sabu and Snith are not exactly shaking in their boots!"

Referee Scott Dickinson needs to hold them back in order for Lynn to enter!

TS: "Our ring girls arre on their toes - Lynn's belt was almost passed on to The Hurrikane before Spice took control..."

We get the bell and a blazing fast start to the proceedings.

GO: "Five minutes in, and the team of Lynn and The Hurrikane have been getting a crash course in what you might expect from two men who have made their reputions in the insanely extreme Philadelphia stylw! Smith came close to unmasking The Hurrikane!"

The masked superhero is on the floor straightening his disguise.

TS: "There were some tags we may have missed, Gene..."

As we find Sabu all over the visiting champ!

GO: "Lynn's back is turning into a crazy quilt of welts and gouges as Sabu digs his nails in...we see The Hurrikane is back, climbing up the buckles!"

The referee is acting as if Lynn & his homicidal tormentor are definitely the legal participants, so J.T. takes matters into his own hands.


TS: "Certaubly not the way that The Hurrikane had things planned! Smith isn't done, either! After dropping The Hurrikane, he teams up with Sabu on his way back to the corner!"


GO: "Lynn in a world of hurt, but able to pop his hips as Sabu went for the cover!"


Smith tags, a Double-Whip for Jerry...FLYING FOREARM!

GO: "Lynn nearly knovked out of his boots by J.T.! Sabu gives the other opponent a good stomping as his partner goes up top..."


J.T. SMITH pins JERRY LYNN @ 14:48


Never mind, The Hurrikane's last-ditch save attempt was a bit late.

GO: "A day late and a dollar short as Smith was up to celebrate pinning the World champ...that Elbo-Drop hits Lynn instead! The winners race off, they couldn't be happier unless we had had a balcony to dive off of!"

Highlights of International title matches including rarely-seen footage of defenses by Art Crews, Bugsy McGraw and Mike Davis...

GO: "And how about Sid Vicious pretty much ending the career of Nikita Koloff in that donnybrook! Here comes the challenger and some of his cintingent, who will be dubbed "Hennig's Hot-Shots" as they head to Survuvor Series".


Hennig first takes some pens from Schyster's pocket protector, now the mic.

CH: "Ivory, we'll need these when the time comes to make it OFFICIAL who the other Hot-Shots will be! And for the morons out there wondering WHEN they get signed on the dotted line, the answer is...

SHUT UP! When we are good and READY, is when!"

Ivory hissing at the referee who has deemed the tax-man's dorky accessories as illegal.

GO: "his tie, those suspenders and even the pocket protector have to go! All under the watchful eye of Marlena...she looks to be all business as she waits, along with the defending International champion...and Devil Masami, just to be on the safe side".

Getting Mr. Perfect & Ivory will be the next task at hand.

TS: "IRS hands Hennig some papers, could those be the infamous tax returns these double-crossers allege...no, it seems the referee has been convinced those papers give Ivory the right to serve as manager for this match".

Might have been smart to have Japanese language versions of the spurious paperwork...

GO: "Forget about that! Masami waves her WCW Women's belt and both Ivory & Hennig catch her meaning!"

With their departure stage rightm Marlena has the stage to herself on the outside.

TS: "Goldust immediately able to pull Schyster's dress shirt over his head - he lands some heavy Forearm Uppercuts before the shirt is reduced to rags!"

The champ able to build on the early advantage.

TS: "The challenger becoming more and more defensive, nobody manning his corner may have something to do with that...hang on!"

A Leg-Dive might rally Schyster's efforts as he extends Goldie's leg and kicks away at the quads.

GO: "Now he drops another elbow into the thigh! Is the champ going to be able to withstand this Figure-Four attempt? Goldust boots Irwin across the ring just as the hold was being cinched in!"

Goldust needs to shake the knots out of legs...a process the referee finds most interesting!

GO: "That allows Marlena...how the devil she can make it up on to the apron in that skin-tight gown boggles the mind! IRS takes a back-rake! OH MY WORD!"

TS: "I wondered why we didn't see him during all the hub-bub bedore the bell!"

THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR HAS HOISTED THE HOWLING MARLENA ACROSS A MASSIVE SHOULDER! Where will he carry her off to? What peril might she be in?


The answers (in order), are:

1. About half-way towards the tunnel
2. Danger of being struck by flying splinters as JESSE JAMES sacrifices a guitar across the muscular brain-bucket with great forve & effect

GO: "Surely a sour note as The Warrior finds himself embroiled in this feud. But a diversion was created and the wiley IRS wasting little tome in trying to take advantage!"

He has gone to the floor near the timekeeper's desk and looks for a weapon.

TS: "Marllena glad to be out of the clutches of The Warrior! Goldust is following Schyster..."

Marlena with sort of a jungle girl look that Gene directs our attention to...

GO: "A strap of that gown has come loose! Meanwhile, IRS hits a DDT on the champ and the timekeeper's desk gets the worst of it! Irwin taps a forefinger to his temple...


Marlena's wayward shoulder-strap is put to good use!

TS: "The referee able to prevent the challenger from being choked out any further! The manager sees that Goldust has cleared the cobwebs and tends to straightening out her loq-cut garment...Schyster is whipped headlong into a ringpost!"

And that is the turning point and who knows how much our taxman was discombobulated by Marlena's daring display? Goldust toys with him before applying a Sleeper.


Jesse James was just here a few minutes ago, but I don't see him coming out to join the victory celebration. Instead we feature him in a highlight package chronicling action in the WCW TELEVISION TITLE division.

TS: "Several successful defenses by Santana after that upset of Dean Malenko, a last hurrah for Arn Anderson as we see The Enforcer winning his last major singles title..."

GO: "No shortage of Booker T as he has had several reigns! Just days ago, Jesse James the long list of superstars to hold the title with a win over Edge..."

Tony Schiavonse suggests we need to get us some BREAKING NEWS from Mike Tenay in the back...BUT!

GO: "Hang on, partner! Here comes Edge with a microphone!"

And the hair & puffy-sleeved shirt are both a mess.

"I feel like I already just HAD a rematch! It took both me and Christian to break things up between The Ultimate Warrior and James...I KNEW hitting that musclehead's skull with a guitar would barely slow him down!"


A look of concern crosses Marlena's mug...

GO: "We hear the entrance music for the champ, Jesse signals he is none the worse for wear and raring to go! Goldust now obeying Nick Patrick's request to leave. James displaying his belt and despite all the chicanery from the Hennig contingent, we are underway".

TS: "As we saw in that video, Mr. Perfect also a TV champion here in WCW not too long ago...apparently he considers this belt is actually not worthy of his attention now. Don't tell that to the two men in the ring, they have been really battling for the first seven minutes or so".

Marlena is following the back and seems quitq ubder control.

GO: "Edge with an armbar in place, but Jesse gains the ropes for a break. His manager has pulled things together as well - both figuratively and literally, as there have been some repairs to that designer gown...Jamees with a Mule Kick on the break".

TS: "Marlena very cool, Gene - she certaonly can focus her animosity on the antics of Curt Hennig and his clique. Two more members of Hennig's team still to be named for Survivor Series..."

Edge again tries cinching an arm but is hiptossed over the top.

GO: "Curt is such a four-flushing double-crosser, who knows how his Hot-Shots will shape up?? As you noted, Tony, there is little in the way of bad blood between The Brood and Marlena's Moguls...she steps aside to allow the former champ to re-enter. OH! Edge shoots a shoulder through the ropes and may have knocked the wind out of James!"

A Sunset Flup on the re-entry! ONE!

TS: "Nick Patrick sees the boot on the rope and it got there with no help from Marlena! A lucky break for James but Edge suspects there may have been some chichanery! He stares down Marlena but turns his back on...

JESSE JAMES WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE! Wsge's shoulders are down right in the denter of the ring!"


Christian races out...

GO: "A short protest but Nick is right on the money, there were no shenanigans of any sort! After the explanation, Edge and Cheistian offer their hands to J.J. and Christian with an opinion.

"With the likes of Hennig's gang and The Hurrikane taking the low road, I guess we were a bit too suspicious! Best of luck at SURVIVOR SERIES and YES! Hennig asked us about being on his team but we laughed at him!"


GO: "HANG ON! That's Barry Buchanan!:

And his partner Yokozuna has a determined stone face as the omenous GONG speaks for him.

The ring clearing may just take a little while - Marlena takes her bows & departs. Tony cues some filler.

TS: "The competitors from the previous match graciously deferring to the team challenging for WCWtag team glory...and WHAT a package of highlights we have to chromivle the history of those illustrious belts!"

Including grainy black and white kinescope footage of Jack and Jerry Brisco!

GO: "Oh my! Rarely seen footage from the NFWA vault and even earlier! The Royal Kanggaroos! The Mongols! And right up to the Yikon Lumberjacks losing tyhe straps to THESE men!"

Ahmed Johnson and The Rock currently hold the vaunted belts and display them as their manager has a few words.

"Give it up for The Teddy Long Connection, players! No doubt about it, Curt Hennig and his gang have been asking EVERYONE to join them for Survivor Series,,,I thought Icory was JOKING when she tried sweet-talking US!"

WCW Tag Team title match

The action unfolds as the announcers speculate on who else the Hot-Shots may invite to the WWF's yitlry day shindig.

GO: "Tony, we may just see Larry Zbyszko andd Ivory forced into action! Both The Rock and Ahmed have had mixed results in aboiding Uolozuna's impactdul moves so far!"

The Rock smells Yoko cooking a massive Coco-Butt that has the young phenom reeling.

TS: "Johnson almost takes a Stinkfacee as he was a little slow in entering! Now we see B-3 not allowing the 5-- pound Sumo legend get winde4d!"

Barry "Bull" Buchanan is the man sporting the three B's in his name and Johnson finding him a handfull.

GO: "Ahmed is amazingly stromng, but The Bull is a physical forve as well - he reverses that Suplex attempt with ease!"

A test of strength is an extended effort by both...

GO: "A real stalemate, I think both released the grip simultaneously! Reminding me of such epic confrontations as Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell!"

The behemoths have worked themselves into a lather, how much longer can they keep this up.

GO: "Ahmed chargrd but is met with a Back-Elbow, both men need to tag out. Buchanan may have a better chance to get his partner in".

He pauses anand g
hauls Johnson closer to the entering Yokozuna.

TS: "The Rovk goes for a save! He prevents Yokozuna from landing a Splash but Buchanan is showing ge still has some gas left in ther tank...NO! The Rock Bottom!"

All very well and good for the favorites but neither of those two are legal! The Rock is up and surveys the situation...

GO: "Time enough for Yokozuna to reload for another Splash & he nails Ahmed! The Rock cooking up the People's Elbow. but..."

At the coubr of two, Yoko absorbs the hefty blow bit there is not enough time for The Rock to dislodge the Sumo star from atop Johnson's shoulders...THREE!


HP" :Ahmed and Yokozuna had quite a ribaltu over the Heavyweight belt and this match did not disappoint, either! Let's set up tonight's MAIN EVENT by taking a look at Bret Hart's tose tp becpming THE BEST THERE IS..."


A nice taped filler but we need time to show the grandiose entrance of the challenger in its entirety...

TS: "The smoke starts to clear and Kane is in the ring! A bit of a surorise to see The Hurrikane looking so cocky after being taken down a peg or two earlier..."

We feature the champ's entry.

GO: "Hart makes note of The Hurrikane's presence and isn't much impressed! He pushes by him and ascends the ring steps. What disrespect from the masked sidekick!"

Commissioner Ron Garvin iut to pt an end to things. Hart passes Ron the belt and notes that Kane is a bit coy abour unareapping his own United States strap.

GO: "Both Garvin and the referee ordering Kane to quit stalling...OH MY!"

We get the bell just as The Hitman takes matters into his own capavle hands! GREAT VALLS OF FIRE!

GO: "Hart eipped the belt from Kane and a good thing, too, as I think the big monster had malice in mind! The voice-vox apparatus Kane uses went flting and Bret deliberately grinds it under his boot into the mat!"

TS: "Nick Patrick is hard-pressed to wrestle the belt away from Hart before he gets a FOURTH shot in!"

Is there a DENTIST in the house? That welt on Kane's shaved skill could use some freezing but the action has gottenn real heated in a hurry!

GO: "The hame of human cheess as Larry Zbyszko calls it van get real even if a bigger man is ibviously losing his cool and a smaller, more technical wrestlers stays under control! The Hart Attack Clothesline staggers the monster! WHOA NELLIE! Here comes another and dowb goes the big man!!"

Hart keeps the adbantage for a good stretch with Kane using up most of his time-outs,,,WAIT A MINUTE!

TS: "Kane knows there are NO time-outs in wrestling but all those trips to the outside are keeping the champion fresh as well! Kane rolls in..."

But Hart is known to be a bit rash at times.

GO: "Kane gets both boots up as Bret dropped an elbow from the middle buckle! Kane needed to be worn down a bit more and the tide is turning!"

Hart spilled as the big bruiser shows his Drop-Kick skills are to be reckoned with! ONE!
TWO! Make that...

GO: "Just varely a two as Nick sees Hart's foot is on the ropes".

The next stretch sees Bret withstanding an onslaught with some cunning counters.

TS: "Off the Whip, The Hitman sacrifices his body, taking Kane's full weight but able to turn it into a Cross-Body Tackle! A hook of the legs...ONE!"
A massive leg comes free! TWO!


GO: "Was Kane able tp roll his body on hos own or was HART in control?"

THE SHARPSHOOTER! That is the end result but ...

TS: "He reaches towardfs his partner but Nick Patrick is johnny on the spot and will have none of that...Nick stomps on the superhero's fingers! But no time to pull on the little scoundrel's cape as there is enough of a distraction for Kane toescape the hold!"

GO: "Few men have ever broken that signature move but Kane is noot out of the woods! He is still horizontal and Hart is not standing by idly...what is he going for, Tony?"

It is revealed as Hart struggles to pull the challenger upright.

TS: "He has a SLEEPER in place and Kane's mammoth arm is falling lifelessly a second time and the ref lifts it once more...RING THE BELL!"
BRET HART submits KANE @ 18:04







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Hennig with a big win. Sad to see Rock and Ahmed lose. James and Marlena make an impressive duo.


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