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Author Topic: WCFL: WWC " Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre"; New TV Champion Crowned; 8/12/85
Badstreet Fields
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WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre
Channel 4 WAPA Studios- San Juan, Puerto Rico
Taped: August 12, 1985
Broadcast: Various dates throughout the Caribbean

Hector Moyano: Hola amigos! Welcome to another edition of Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre! Tonight, we crown a new Television Champion as Rip Rogers meets Pedro Morales in the tournament final. Also on tonight's program, you will see the return of Hurricane Castillo, Jr, plus Abdullah the Butcher will be in action.

On last week's program, Hercules Ayala received yet another mysterious message as he was delivered a card indicating the curse of el Diablo. Joining on the program is the heavyweight champion, Hercules Ayala, and former champion, Carlos Colon.

---Hercules Ayala and Carlos Colon arrive at the interview area---

Carlos Colon: I don't know where these messages are coming from or who's behind them. I demand that the WWC do all it can to stop this nonsense. As for the Copa Caribbean, on August 28, right here in San Juan, I'm facing Ron Bass in a bullrope match. I don't care what kind of match it is, Ron Bass is going to end up with his shoulders pinned against the mat!

Hercules Ayala: Whoever is sending those messages, show your face. Come out here and face me like a man. Only a coward does what your doing. When I find out who you are....

---The screen begins to break into static before becoming completely black. We then see the following figure on the screen:


A voice begins to speak:

"Evil is coming to the World Wrestling Council. Destruction is coming. The forces of darkness will take over your islands. When I am through, the Caribbean will never be the same."

---The message ends. Hercules Ayala is furious at the message. He throws down the interview podium and storms off.

H. Moyano: Yet another mystery message is received. We must get to the bottom of this! Let's head to the ring for our first match of the evening as Hurricane Castillo, Jr. returns to action.

Match #1
Hurricane Castillo, Jr. v. Pablo Fuentes

Castillo Jr. shows a newfound energy as he completely dominates the match, gaining the pinfall following a flying bodyblock off the top rope.
Winner: Hurricane Castillo, Jr. via pinfall (4:51)

---Commercial Break---

H. Moyano: As we told you last week, on the first night of the Copa Caribbean in Bayamon, in addition to the tag-team matches, the world heavyweight champion will defend his title. Joining me on the program to announce his challenger is WWC President Diego Canales.

---Diego Canales arrives at the interview area---

Diego Canales : It is my pleasure to announce that we have signed a challenger to meet WCFL heavyweight champion Barry Windham on the evening of August 27 in Bayamon. The challenger will be...

Terry Funk has a history with the World Wrestling Council, and I am sure he will put forth quite a challenge for the heavyweight title.

H. Moyano: Huge news!!! August 27, in Bayamon, Terry Funk will challenge Barry Windham for the World Heavyweight Title. Let's head to the ring for our next match.

Match #2
Abdullah the Butcher w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink v. Tyree Pride

Abby is in prime form tonight, as he destroys Pride. He lands an elbow drop and covers for the pin. After the match, he pulls out the dreaded fork and carves up Pride until police and security clear the arena.
Winner: Abdullah the Butcher via pinfall (4:06)

---Commercial Break---

Hector Moyano: Before we begin our Main Event, we are joined by David Sammartino. Sammartino faced his mentor Pedro Morales on last week's program. Let's take a look at a video replay of that match.

VTR: August 5, 1985, Super Estrellas de Lucha Libre, Pedro Morales v. David Sammartino; joined in progress---
As Pedro is breaking cleanly, Sammartino levels him with a cheap-shot closed fist. Pedro is stunned. Sammartino delivers another. Another! Sammartino takes the upper hand. Pedro is hunched in the corner. Sammartino charges in for a forearm smash. Morales moves! Sammartino hits the turnbuckle hard. Pedro quickly rolls Sammartino for a pin attempt. 1..2..3
]Winners: Pedro Morales via pinfall (14:51)

As both men are recovering in the ring, Pedro goes over to shake Sammartino's hand. Sammartino refuses! David storms out of the ring.

H. Moyano: Here to talk about last week's match is David Sammartino

---David Sammartino arrives at the interview area---

David Sammartino : What you saw last week, that was nothing more than a misunderstanding. I believed that Pedro Morales used a cheap shot to gain the victory against me. We've talked it out and I wish Pedro good luck in his match against Rip Rogers this evening.

H. Moyano: It looks like mentor and pupil are back on the same page. It's now time to determine a new WWC Television Champion!

WWC Television Title Tournament, Finals
Pedro Morales v. Rip Rogers w/ Bubba Rogers
TV Time remaining: approximately 28 minutes

Rogers and Bubba enter the ring first. Morales is joined by David Sammartino. Rogers argues that Sammartino should not be allowed at ringside. WWC officials decree that if Bubba is allowed at ringside, so is Sammartino. The match begins with both men feeling each other out. Morales executes a series of moves which stun Rogers. Rogers retreats to ringside to confer with Bubba. When he returns to the ring it's more of the same. Finally, well time interference by Bubba stops Morales' momentum. Rogers then takes over, using a series of cheap shots to maintain control. Rogers gets a series of near pinfalls. He traps Morales in a bear hug.

---Commercial Break---

WWC Television Title Tournament, Finals
Pedro Morales v. Rip Rogers w/ Bubba Rogers

As we return to action, Morales is struggling to break out of the bear hug. He's finally able to reach the ropes. As he's hunched against the turnbuckle, Rogers storms in. Morales moves as Rogers hits the ropes hard. Morales gets his second wind. He lands a knee-drop backbreaker. He goes for the pin. 1....2...NO! Rogers is somehow able to kick out. Morales continues with a series of scientific moves. Morales has the advantage. HE TRAPS ROGERS IN A BOSTON CRAB! This could be it. Bubba climbs to the ring apron but the ref stops him. The ref is arguing with Bubba. As the ref's attention is turned to Bubba, David Sammartino steps into the ring. He pulls something out of this trunks....AND LEVELS PEDRO MORALES!!! Morales is out. Rogers musters enough energy to drape his arm over Morales. The ref turns around. He has no idea what happened. He starts the count. 1....2...3!!! RIP ROGERS IS THE NEW WWC TELEVISION CHAMPION.
Winner: Rip Rogers via pinfall (26:09); Rip Rogers wins WWC Television Title


---Sammartino joins Bubba and Rogers as they celebrate in the ring.

H. Moyano: David Sammartino has betrayed his mentor! What a travesty. We're out of time. Till next week. Adios!
---Show ends---

World Wrestling Council, in conjunction with promotion throughout the WCFL, presents...

Two-day Tag-Team Tournament

August 27, 1985
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Participants in the tournament:
WCFL Tag-Team Champions Road Warriors
Los Guerreros (Mid-South)
Dirty White Boys (CWF)
Mr. Pogo & Samurai Pat Tanaka (SECW)
Killer Kahn & One Man Gang (WCCW)
Duke Kono & Superfly Tui (PPW)
Tom Zenk & Scott Doring (NWF)
George Steele & Jack Krueger (CWA)
Nightmares (Danny Davis & Ken Wayne) (CSW)
WWC Tag-Team Champions Los Primos
Bobby Jaggers & Don Kernodle (WWC)
Dirty Roughnecks (WWC)

Special Attraction

August 28, 1985
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Semi-Finals and Final of the Copa Caribbean!


WWC Heavyweight Champion Hercules Ayala v. Abdullah the Butcher
-Texas Death Match

Carlos Colon v. Outlaw Ron Bass
-Bullrope match

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IrishWhip Mark 2
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The ending angle was perfect, you've got a money feud now with Smmartino & Morales, and Rogers with the belt is great.

Wow, August 27th looks like a huge card, from the awesome tag tourney, and now Funk vs. Windham.

If I were Ayala, I'd leave the island immediately so he won't have to face the mystery man.

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The messages continue and just keep getting spookier by the week.
Funk vs. Windham will just heat things up in the caribbean.
David Sammartino has just made the largest mistake of his career. Morales in PR will have the chance to destroy David like none before ever has.

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