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Icon 1 The Presidential Election and Reason Mister Hollywood 3
Icon 1 What does Sarah Palin bring to the ticket besides her "values"? Pages: 1 2 wild bill From CA 78
Icon 1 Is This the Beginning of a Super Depression? Old Detroiter 10
Icon 1 It's official - even John McCain admits the economy sucks wild bill From CA 1
Icon 1 And just to be fair - Joe Biden or Young Frankenstein? wild bill From CA 1
Icon 1 For Those Who Believe in McCain Please Read diamondmd 6
Icon 1 Pick your own VP Scot V from TX 4
Icon 1 The Sarah Palin baby name generator..... The Blue Meanie 8
Icon 1 Interesting DawgFan 26
Icon 1 my health care view The Masked Marauder 5
Icon 1 A Conservative For Obama Travlr 0
Icon 1 As Long As Shea Isn't Around To Defend Himself... fivefatcatsguy from the Twin Cities 9
Icon 1 TOOOO Much on the Politics People oxman88 20
Icon 1 I'm confused???? fivefatcatsguy from the Twin Cities 2
Icon 1 Jesse Ventura for President Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 7
Icon 1 McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds The Blue Meanie 2
Icon 1 Can The Divide Be Bridged? Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 29
Icon 1 Two Weeks Later Travlr 0
Icon 1 Hot off FOX.com - It's the Sean and Sarah Show - Part the First! Mr. A 17
Icon 1 Questions You'd Like To Ask John McCain Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 32
Icon 1 McCain Aid Claims He Invented the Blackberry Mister Hollywood 8
Icon 1 You won't have Shea to kick around anymore... GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 16
Icon 1 Anyone else think THIS was a mistake? wild bill From CA 0
Icon 1 If wrestlers talked about the presidential election? sad dog cuzz sawyer from IL 1
Icon 1 Today's educational filmstrip... Chad Bryant 1
Icon 1 Moderator Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 1
Icon 1 Gallup Poll: Republicans Significantly More Mentally Stable Iron Horseman 23
Icon 1 Tell me one good thing that's come out of the Iraq War wild bill From CA 29
Icon 1 (OPINION) Cable News Is Hurting America Chad Bryant 6
Icon 1 Bob Barr Files Suit in Texas to Remove McCain, Obama from Ballot Mario from Chicago 14
Icon 1 Did they really "Vet" Gov. Palin??? chgowolvs44 5
Icon 1 Jeanine Garofalo is a disgrace! Pages: 1 2 The Masked Marauder 40
Icon 1 I announce my candidacy The Masked Marauder 5
Icon 1 CNN.com commentary on Middle Class stake in this election Ded Sexay 0
Icon 1 Questions I'd Like to Ask Obama Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 38
Icon 1 The Masked Marauder is a disgrace! wild bill From CA 17
Icon 1 Latest Reuters poll: Obama leads McCain by 2 points Chad Bryant 1
Icon 14 Youtube: Chuck Norris Vs Arianna Huffington GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 30
Icon 1 Chad Bryant check your Private Messages Mark Nulty from WA 0
Icon 1 White privilege and the election Wanderlust Diaz from SIU 37
Icon 1 Iraq Jeff Luce 5
Icon 1 Records show McCain more bipartisan GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 9
Icon 1 Good Stuff ponyplayer19 2
Icon 1 Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter Chad Bryant 8
Icon 1 O.T. Do You Really Support Obama's Proposed Tax Cuts? Old Detroiter 27
Icon 1 New York Times & Washington Post aid & abet McCain lies Chad Bryant 20
Icon 1 What would you ask Joe Biden bart 5
Icon 1 What would you ask Idi Amin? Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 12
Icon 6 Political forum . . .so far, so good IMHO Harry the K from Philly 2
Icon 1 Fox News dust off the John Kerry attack book... The Blue Meanie 12
Icon 1 Fox News: Still not fair, still not balanced... Pages: 1 2 Chad Bryant 44
Icon 1 This is the funniest video of the elections so far bart 2
Icon 1 Thought this was pretty funny RE: Palin's repeated "community organizer" jabs RockyRacoon War Damn Eagle from GA 1
Icon 1 5 Secretaries of State Urge The U.S. Iran Talks Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 10
Icon 1 Rove says McCain ads went too far Mr. A 4
Icon 1 Tony Blair's Legacy Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 8
Icon 1 Pitbull Gov vs. Dog-Faced Prof??? JJ Bklyn42 3
Icon 1 Questions You'd Like To Ask Monica Lewinski Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 8
Icon 1 I turned Republican for a night, or how bart was a real life troll bart 11
Icon 1 Whats your Palin name? bart 14
Icon 1 Obama's victories in The Senate wild bill From CA 9
Icon 13 OT: Sarah Palin bombs miserably in ABC interview Pages: 1 2 3 Harry the K from Philly 93
Icon 1 Can we admit something to each other. Pages: 1 2 PoorlyToldJoke from OH 42
Icon 1 Matt Damon on Sarah Palin Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 The Blue Meanie 167
Icon 1 Lies & Politics K. Fitz from Staten Island 3
Icon 1 Here's my decision on political discussions Pages: 1 2 Mark Nulty from WA 47
Icon 1 Israel Pages: 1 2 Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 62
Icon 1 U.S. and Commies Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 14
Icon 1 (OT) Some good that has come out of the Obama campaign that we can *all* agree on... Chad Bryant 8
Icon 1 Electoral College vs Popular Vote Scot V from TX 24
Icon 1 Two videos for your pleasure KGB 15
Icon 1 OT Term Limits Moondog Fluffy 23
Icon 1 OT: Democrat Tactics Pages: 1 2 Chargers Fan From IN 45
Icon 14 OT: 9-9-08 McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 6
Icon 1 John McCain: Mentally Capable of being President? Pages: 1 2 Mister Hollywood 46

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