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Icon 1 Breaking News: McCain suspends campaign because of economy Pages: 1 2 3 bart 109
Icon 1 The Clintons and the 2008 election Chargers Fan From IN 8
Icon 1 OT: Ralph Nader Mr. Boston 10
Icon 1 Fifth Grader Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt Pages: 1 2 Wade Grooms 71
Icon 1 The difference between "us" and "US" wild bill From CA 5
Icon 1 Conn. Democrats to vote to censure Lieberman mr. disco 5
Icon 10 JUST ANNOUNCED! McCain’s Economic Plan! The Blue Meanie 3
Icon 1 Legend Killer you have a pm fugaziosbourne 1
Icon 1 Thunderdome: Don Adams vs Chad Bryant fugaziosbourne 7
Icon 1 Would This Have Prevented/lessened Current Economic Mess? NDRed 3
Icon 1 Were you wondering why it's $700B greenghus 0
Icon 14 It's about time!!! GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 14
Icon 1 Interesting congressional speech on bailout greenghus 2
Icon 1 Now Sarah Palin doesn't want to debate either sad dog cuzz sawyer from IL 1
Icon 1 Please add your write-in vote for POTUS here! aim 4
Icon 1 Move over, John Edwards... D-Chance. 1
Icon 8 A pox on BOTH houses GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 20
Icon 1 UMass credits for campaigning for Obama. Bolo Punch 7
Icon 1 Bi-Partisan? Chargers Fan From IN 9
Icon 4 BRUTAL, brutal Rolling Stone hatchet job on Sarah Palin Harry the K from Philly 18
Icon 5 Are you better off than you were 8 years ago? GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 35
Icon 1 She Can Turn the Sun Off With a Smile Chargers Fan From IN 23
Icon 1 George Will on a McCain Presidency Mr. A 4
Icon 1 Cell Phones and Polling Travlr 0
Icon 10 Joe made an oopsie GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 12
Icon 1 Convince me: why does faith matter? Pages: 1 2 3 4 wild bill From CA 122
Icon 1 Key Issues: Health Care SpiderGuard 37
Icon 1 I finally get a laugh out of FOX News... Mr. A 0
Icon 1 Chad Bryant, please check your PM's GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 0
Icon 1 Key Issues: Pharmaceutical Reform SpiderGuard 9
Icon 1 McBama or Ocain? bart 0
Icon 1 Obama VS. Biden Wade Grooms 3
Icon 14 My girl draws 60,000 in Florida! GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 33
Icon 1 "They" Wade Grooms 9
Icon 1 The Drumbeat (Fm The American Thinker website) Chargers Fan From IN 2
Icon 4 Hope-o-crisy: The Story of George Obama Iron Horseman 12
Icon 1 The great orator (Obama) in action JohnGalt_USA 20
Icon 1 Tired of Today's Political Ads? Travlr 2
Icon 14 Barry got $126k from Fannie & Freddie Pages: 1 2 GShea from TN loves Sarah Palin 60
Icon 1 Maybe the greatest Promo of all time..... RedRiver Kanyon 9
Icon 1 Questions I'd Like To Ask Chargers Fan From IN wild bill From CA 17
Icon 1 McCain Camp: Lies to reporters while complaining about being called liars. bart 0
Icon 1 UAW rides McCain on car claims KingGregzilla 2
Icon 1 Questions I'd Like To Ask Sarah Palin Pages: 1 2 wild bill From CA 46
Icon 1 Perfection and campaigning Luke Graham Jr. 15
Icon 1 Tim Wise: On White Privilege Purple Mike from AL 1
Icon 1 George Carlin -- and some truth? Old Fall Guy 2
Icon 1 Hypothetical Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 3
Icon 1 Changes (surprise, surprise) to the VP Debate Mr. A 19
Icon 1 Karl Rove is losing it... Mr. A 3
Icon 1 What the heck do we do regarding Al Qaeda hiding in Pakistan? bart 7
Icon 1 Columnist's Palin diatribe draws fire Chad Bryant 20
Icon 1 How many of you? Mario from Chicago 27
Icon 1 Palin’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Published on Web Site The Blue Meanie 36
Icon 1 Baseless Claims of Democrat Racism? Chargers Fan From IN 9
Icon 5 Politics: What Political Party Do You Consider Yourself? aim 34
Icon 1 On Track, On Teleprompter Chargers Fan From IN 3
Icon 1 How to Take the US into Depression Chargers Fan From IN 4
Icon 1 Kudos to the staff at The Daily Show Mr. A 1
Icon 1 New Poll: Does Ann Coulter look like a horse? wild bill From CA 39
Icon 1 OT - Bill Maher just hit it out of the park re: Obama. Pages: 1 2 KJL 62
Icon 1 Another Speshul Komment by Keith O KGB 3
Icon 1 OT: Mavericks Josh Howard doesn't celebrate national anthem 'cause he's black Pages: 1 2 hybridfan 47
Icon 1 Democrats continue baseless claims of Republican racism Pages: 1 2 3 KGB 116
Icon 1 More people would rather watch Football with Obama fivefatcatsguy from the Twin Cities 16
Icon 1 Video: Dear Mr. Obama Iron Horseman 5
Icon 1 Obama better hope this is not true.. Pages: 1 2 NDRed 46
Icon 1 Sen Chuck Hagel on Palin greenghus 16
Icon 1 From Radio Iowa: That's GOTTA Hurt.... Travlr 26
Icon 1 Anyone Else Think This Was A Mistake? Mr. Krang from The Technodrome 18
Icon 1 Who would you want to run? Wanderlust Diaz from SIU 14
Icon 1 Superdelegates: Your take Chargers Fan From IN 1
Icon 1 What's Next For Dick? Intelligent Sensational Super Mopey 15
Icon 1 General Disclaimer to All Crimson Mask from FL 0
Icon 1 The Presidential Election and Reason Mister Hollywood 3

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