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Author Topic: Horst Hoffman
Mr. Electricity
Member # 819

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What information can any of you share about Horst Hoffman. I remember when he was in the AWA for a period of time teaming with Baron Von Rashke. They were a scary heel team. They made a big deal out Baron teaching Horst the claw. He also had some singles matches including a couple of shots at Verne for the belt.

He and the Baron had a few battles with Billy Robinson and Geoff Portz, in a Germany vs. The British Empire matches. They also wrestled Ken Patera & Chris Taylor fresh out of rookie camp in an early patriotism type angle. (Patera and Taylor were "supposedly" fresh from the Olympics). The Germans were scared of Taylor as they would not be able to get the claw around his big head.

The Baron and Hoffman scared the living daylights out of me when I was a little kid. Baron would never let go of the claw once he got it on. They scared me a little less when the team of Kenny Jay and George Gadaski scored an upset victory in the second fall of a best 2 of 3 (a famous Gagne TV match, tag team 2 of 3 falls).

I really know very little of Hoffman before and after his run in the AWA, in fact I do not remember the circumstances of him leaving the AWA (or the Baron, who returned a few years later as a face, coming in as a mercenary to seek revenge for Mad Dog) but I do remember him being a good technician and having a great gimmick with the Baron.

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Member # 743

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Horst Hoffman was a big star in Europe prior to joining the AWA. Hoffman won the annual IBV European heavyweight tournament 8 times from 1962 to 1973. Gary Will's Wrestling title Histories comes in handy again. 8-)

The feud I remember most featuring Hoffman and Von Raschke in the AWA was against Superstar Billy Graham and The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Hoffman and the Baron used "loaded" black gloves in this feud.


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Mr. Electricity
Member # 819

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Wow, I do not remember them going against Superstar and Dusty. My recollection of Dusty in the AWA was with Murdoch. They really ran down the midwest in classic heel fashion.

Superstar was definitely a heel in the AWA. He and Dusty against the Germans in a heel vs. heel match would have been very progressive for Verne in the 80s let alone the 70s. Verne always loved the face vs. heel match, although he occassionally deviated from it.

The fueds that Superstar had in the AWA that really stand out in my mind are with Wahoo and Ivan Putski (who he called Ivan Padutski). I am sure there are others but I remember him busting Wahoo wide open in an arm wrestling match on TV (it probably took just a strong breath on Wahoo's forehead to start the juice)and also taking a sledge hammer to Ivan during some test of strength deal where Ivan was having people shatter concrete on his chest with a sledge. I believe Superstars "punishment" from Wally Karbo was to face Odd Job. (A tie in promotion to THE WRESTLER!!)

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Masanori Horie
Member # 61

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Horst Hoffman had 4 tours for Giant Baba's All Japan Pro. and 3 tours for Isao Yoshihara's IWE (International Wrestling Enterprise) here in Japan.

Hoffman was a clean technician in Japan as a master of Side Suplex and Bow & Arrow (Sickle Backbreaker).
His singles match with Dory Funk,Jr. (December 15, 1975 / Miyagi Sports Center in Sendai,Japan) would be a great wrestling textbook.

IWA (IWE) World Series Tournament
(March 27-May6, 1972)
Strong Kobayashi, Thunder Sugiyama, Rusher Kimura,
and Monster Roussimoff (Andre the Giant), Don Leo Jonathan, Horst Hoffman, Baron Von Raschke, George Gordienko, Ray Golden Apollo, Ivan Buyten, Tito Kopaa, and Ali Baba

World Open Championship Tournament
(December 6-18, 1975)
Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, The Destroyer (Dick Beyer), Kintaro Ohki, Hiro Matsuda, Rusher Kimura, Great Kusatsu, Mighty Inoue,
and Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, Abdullah the Butcher, Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, Baron Von Raschke, Horst Hoffman, Pat O'Connor, Don Leo Jonathan, Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods), Ken Mantell, and Antone Geesink

World Open Tag Team Championship Tournament
(December 2 - December 15, 1977)
(1) Dory & Terry Funk (2) Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta (3) Abdullah the Butcher & The Sheik (4) Rusher Kimura & Great Kusatsu (4) Kintaro Ohki (Kim ILL) & Kim Duk (Masanori Toguchi/Tiger Chang Lee) (6) Bill Robinson & Horst Hoffman (7) The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) & Texas Red (Red Bastien) (8) Akihisa Takachiho (The Great Kabuki) & Mighty Inoue (8) Gen-ichiro Tenryu & Rocky Hata (Mitsuo Hata in Central States)

I heard he retied in 1978.

[This message has been edited by Masanori Horie (edited 09-05-2000).]

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Member # 744

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Mr. Electricity: Thanks for sparking my memory. Actually clawmaster64 is correct. I remember watching on AWA program where they were showing highlights of a 6-man tag with Graham teaming with the Germans. Somewhere in the match they had heat as the Germans tagged Graham in and then let him get beat on as they did the no-tag deal and defiantly turned their backs to him with their hands in the air. Then he smacked them. So he did have a feud with the Germans.
It's funny what will trigger a memory.

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Steve Yohe
Member # 302

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Their is some Japanese film on Hoffman. From a tournament, I think 1975. One match has him pinning clean my idol The Destroyer. I think I remember him losing to Dory Funk JR (Not sure & not in the mood to look it up). In 1971 The Destroyer was on a world tour & wrestled in 5 tournaments in Germany. Dick would beat everyone but always lose to Hoffman in the finials. He did beat Horst a few years later back in Japan. I thought Hoffman was pretty good.--Steve Yohe
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Member # 743

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Strange as it sounds Graham and Rhodes were the faces in this feud.


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Sergje Kapustin
Member # 221

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Horst Hoffmann begann 1957 as a pro and was one of the greatest scientific Wrestler of Germany. He was a great amateur and a superb Wrestler. Hoffmann winns over the years many tournaments in Europe and wrestled and winns agains stars like Billy Robinson, Destroyer (Dick Beyer), Sky Hi Lee, Rene Goulet, George Gordienko, Strong Kobayashi, Gedeon Gida, Michal Nador and many more. He winns 9 times the annual European Champion tournament between 1962-1975. (1964 the winner was Gedeon Gida, 1968 Billy Robinson, 1969/70 Jean-Louis Breston and 1974 Roland Bock). Here are a list of Hoffmanns Tournaments (all tournaments promoted by Gustl Kaiser)results:

1957 Wiesbaden „Großer Preis von Hessen“ 4. Platz
1958 Karlsruhe „Ehrenpreis der Sport-Illustrierten“ 6. Platz
1958 Mönchengladbach „Großer Sommerpreis“ 4. Platz
1958 Nürnberg „Großer Frankenpreis“ 5. Platz
1958 Kaiserslautern „Preis der Pflaz“ 6. Platz
1958 Krefelder Turnier 6. Platz
1958 Karlsruhe „Deutsche Meisterschaft der Berufsringer“ 4. Platz
1958 Wiesbaden „Deutsche Meisterschaft im Mittelgewicht“ 1. Platz
1959 Krefeld „Europameisterschaft im Mittelgewicht“ 6. Platz
1959 Krefeld „Preis vom Niederrehein“ 5. Platz
1959 Karlsruhe „Deutsche Meisterschaft im Mittelgewicht“ 2. Platz
1959 Wiesbaden „Europa-Preis“ 2. Platz
1960 Lübecker Turnier 2. Platz
1960 Karlsruher Turnier 2. Platz
1960 Kölner Turnier 3. Platz
1960 Krefelder Turnier 3. Platz
1960 Wiesbaden „Goldener Europoa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1960 Regensburger Turnier 4. Platz
1960 Nürnberg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1960 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 3. Platz
1960 Krefeld „Groper Herbst-Preis“ 1. Platz
1960 Hamburg „Preis der Ntionen“ 2. Platz
1961 Karlsruhe „Preis der Nationen“ 4. Platz
1961 Krefeld „Großer Preis vom Niederrhein“ 3. Platz
1961 München „Deutsche Meisterschaft der Berufsringer“ 3. Platz
1961 Regensburger Turnier 1. Platz
1961 Nürnberg „Europameisterschaft“ 4. Platz
1961 Münster „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1961 Karlsruher Turnier 4. Platz
1961 Krefeld „Großer Herbstpreis“ 3. Platz
1962 Krefeld „Preis der Nationen“ 4. Platz
1962 Regensburger Turnier 3. Platz
1962 Nürnberg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1962 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1962 Karlsruhe „Großer Sommerpreis“ 1. Platz
1962 Krefeld „Großer Herbst-Preis“ 3. Platz
1962 Hamburg „Preis der Nationen“ 2. Platz
1963 Karlsruher Turnier 3. Platz
1963 Krefeld „Deutsche Meisterschaft der Berufsringer“ 2. Platz
1963 Wiesbaden „Europameisterschaft“ 2. Platz
1963 Nürnberg „Europa-Goldpokal“ 1. Platz
1963 Münster „Preis der Ntionen“ 1. Platz
1963 Karlsruhe „Großes Freistil-Handicap“ 1. Platz
1963 Krefeld „Freistil Handicap“ 3. Platz
1963 Hamburg „Europa Championat“ 1. Platz
1963 Recklinghausener Turnier 2. Platz
1963 Oldenburg „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1964 Karlsuhe „Großer Jubiläums-Preis von Karlsruhe“ 1. Platz
1964 Krefeld „Großer Jubiläums-Preis von Krefeld“ 1. Platz
1964 Lübecker Turnier 1. Platz
1964 Wiesbaden „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1964 Köln „Preis der Nationen 1. Platz
1964 Nürnberg „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1964 Münster Turnier 1. Platz
1964 Karlsruhe „Freistil-Handicap“ 2. Platz
1964 Krefeld „Großes Catch-Handicap“ 2. Platz
1964 Hamburg „Preis der Nationen“ 2. Platz
1964 Hamburg „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1964 Oldenburg „Catch Handicap“ 1. Platz
1965 Karlsuhe „Catch-Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1965 Krefeld „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1965 Köln „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1965 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1965 Nürnberg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1965 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 2. Platz
1965 Krefelder Turnier 1. Platz
1965 Karlsruhe „Großer Herbstpreis“ 1. Platz
1965 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 2. Platz
1965 Hamburger Turnier 1. Platz
1965 Oldenburger Turnier 1. Platz
1966 Dortmund „Großer Westfalenpreis“ 3. Platz
1966 Karlsruhe „Großer Frühjahrspreis“ 1. Platz
1966 Hamburg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1966 Krefeld „Großer Preis vom Niederrhein“ 2. Platz
1966 Köln „Europa-Goldpokal“ 1. Platz
1966 Wiesbaden „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1966 Nürnberg „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1966 ünster „Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1966 Karlsruhe „Jubiläumspreis von Karlsruhe“ 1. Platz
1966 Dortmund „Großer Herbst-Preis“ 1. Platz
1966 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 1. Platz
1966 Oldenburg „Großer Preis von Oldenburg“ 1. Platz
1967 Dortmunder Turnier 1. Platz
1967 Lübecker Turnier 1. Platz
1967 Karlsruhe „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 2. Platz
1967 Köln „Europameisterschaft der Berufsringer“ 1. Platz
1967 Krefeld „Großer Preis vom Niederrhein“ 1. Platz
1967 Nürnberg „Europa-Championat“ 2. Platz
1967 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1967 Offenbacher Kurz-Turnier 1. Platz
1967 Münster „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1969 Köln „Europameisterschaft“ 2. Platz
1969 Krefeld „Preis der Ntionen“ 1. Platz
1969 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1969 Nürnberg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1969 Münster Turnier 1. Platz
1970 Köln „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1970 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1970 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 2. Platz
1970 Krefeld „Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1971 Karlsruhe „Großer Frühjahrspreis“ 2. Platz
1971 Krefeld „Deutsche Meisterschaftt“ 1. Platz
1971 Köln „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1971 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1971 Nürnberg „Albrecht-Dürer-Erinnerungspreis“ 1. Platz
1971 Münster „Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1971 Krefeld „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1971 Karlsruhe „Großer Herbst-Preis“ 1. Platz
1971 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 1. Platz
1972 Karlsruhe „Großer Jubiläumspreis“ 1. Platz
1972 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1972 Köln „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1972 Krefeld „Großer Preis vom Niederrhein“ 1. Platz
1972 Nürnberg „Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1972 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1972 Karlsruhe „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1972 Regensburg „Preis von Regensburg“ 1. Platz
1972 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 1. Platz
1973 Köln „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1973 Krefeld „Jubiläums-Preis von Krefeld“ 1. Platz
1973 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1973 Nürnberg „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1973 Münster „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1973 Köln „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1973 Karlsruhe „Turnier der Giganten“ 1. Platz
1973 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 1. Platz
1975 Nürnberg „Europameisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1975 Köln „Deutsche Meisterschaft“ 1. Platz
1975 Krefeld „Preis der Nationen“ 1. Platz
1975 Münster „Europa-Championat“ 1. Platz
1975 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1975 Karlsruhe „goßer Preis von Karlsruhe“ 1. Platz
1975 München „Großer Bayern-Preis“ 2. Platz
1976 Münster „Großer Jubiläumspreis der Halle Münsterland“ 1. Platz
1976 Wiesbaden „Europa-Pokal“ 1. Platz
1976 Nürnberg „Europa-Championat“ 2. Platz
1976 „Turnier in München“ Großer Baern-Preis“ 1. Platz

(The List is from a book of the late Gerhard Schäfer.)


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Member # 1137

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I remember Hoffman entering the AWA basically as a face and wrestling a lot of "European-style" bouts (with rounds) against Geoff Portz and Billy Robinson. Hoffman looked like a no-nonsense wrestler and when he teamed with Raschke, I had a hard time accepting them as a team. I viewed Hoffman was a wrestler and Raschke more of a performer. In retrospect, they were probably the perfect team in a way as Raschke actually was an Olympic-calibre wrestler.
Superstar Graham and Dusty Rhodes were the faces, and after defeating the Germans they got title matches against Bockwinkel and Stevens as well. I think Graham left the area reportedly over a money rift with Gagne.

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Mr. Electricity
Member # 819

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You are right about sparking a memory....at first I had no recollection of Superstar and Dusty teaming together at all, let alone as faces against the Germans but after your bringing up the six man tag match it all came back to me. I wished I had kept a journal of these things when I was a kid.

Now I can not get the memory out of my head of Al Derusha presenting Billy Robinson with a portrait of Billy that a sick 12 year girl in the hospital had drawn. Billy was gushing over the thing when Hayes and Super Destroyer Mark II showed up and tore up the picture and beat the cockeyed coalminer senseless. Like you could not see that coming from a mile away. Which leads to the question.....Has there ever been a presentation ceremony on TV that has not lead to a beat down?

Mr. E.

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Crimson Mask I

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Sure! Lots of 'em!! Just never on Wrestling!!!

btw, I never saw Hoffman---this thread has me wishing I had.

So long from the Sunshine State!

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Member # 18

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Having watched a couple of Horst Hoffman matches yesterday, I was going to make an inquiry about him but via Mr Searchy, found this thread

Originally posted by Steve Yohe:
Their is some Japanese film on Hoffman. From a tournament, I think 1975. One match has him pinning clean my idol The Destroyer. I think I remember him losing to Dory Funk JR (Not sure & not in the mood to look it up).

Yeah, he did lose to Dory Jr on that Dec 15 1975 match that Masanori Horie mentions above and then beat the Destroyer. Both were great scientific matches. In the "Unreal World of Professional Wrestling" show from A&E (I think that was the name of it), Dan Gable took (what I thought) a diplomatic view on pro wrestling, calling it an "exhibition of holds". I don't think most of today's wrestling (at least the US stuff other than parts of Angle-Benoit) applies to that description but those matches certainly did.

Well, I'm no expert on wrestling from that era but Hoffman did one of the quickest suplexes I've seen from back then. Kind of like the speed on the "snap suplex" Dynamite Kid would do later on.

I think I prefer Hoffman over the other sweet technician, Billy Robinson and on par with Jack Brisco. I love Robinson but sometimes, he was a bit too flashy with his matwork and looked a bit less believable while I thought Hoffman's was more solid.

[This message has been edited by Todd (edited 06-03-2001).]

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Member # 1277

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Hoffman was fun to watch although it took him a little while to get the "heel" personna down when teamed with Baron.

The feud of Graham/Rhodes against the germans came when Graham was six man teaming with Hoffman and VonR, and accidentally hit one of them. Of course they turned on him, and Graham brought in Dusty as his partner.

VonR and Hoffman also feuded with Crusher/Putski in some matches which even got a little bloody. Beleive it or not, at some point Hoffman and Putski had a "european rules" match. (Putski wrestling scientific, isn't that something the wrestling world was waiting for).

HI MASA, nice seeing ya!

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Member # 127797

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I saw a promotional poster from the UK for the 1976 closed circuit card headlined by Inoki vs Ali. On the undercard it read Andre vs Webner and underneath it read Bruno vs Horst Hoffmann.

Was the idea Boxer vs Wrestler and Brawler vs Technician?

I'm assuming the idea was nixed due to the Hansen broken neck which caused a change to the angle, and the fact that Bruno wasn't going to be able to work a long, scientific match with a broken neck.

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Claymation Quartermain
Member # 6083

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Patera said Hoffman tried to get cute with him in the ring and make him look bad with his superior wrestling skills. He confronted Horst in the locker room and told him if he wanted to go in the shower he would beat the crap out of him and Horst changed his tune.

"Old Time Hockey?"

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