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Author Topic: September Lucha Libre results
Matt Farmer from WA
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Last year I posted a story on another site about the month of September and it's involvement in the history of Lucha Libre. As many know September is the Anniversary month for Lucha Libre and Salvador Lutteroth's debut as a promoter. That event took place on September 21, 1933 at the old Arena Mexico.

Lutteroth's first year as a promoter had a lot of ups and downs. He was promoting events at the run down Arena Mexico and also regular cards at the more expensive Arena Nacional. There was also issues dates for the arena and the costs kept rising.

Many new businesses struggle their first year and Salvador Lutteroth’s was no different. One the eve of his companies first anniversary something happend that changed his fortunes, literally. Lutteroth won 40,000 pesos in the Mexican National Lottery! A few months after the his first anniversary card he purchased Arena Modelo, changed the name to Arena Mexico and also made some upgrades to the building.

His first anniversary also marked the appearance of a special attraction that would set the table for what would become a tradiotion in Mexico. La Maravilla Enmascarado made his first appearance. Under the Hood was longtime veteran grappler Ciclon Mackey becoming the first wrestler in Mexico to wear a mask!

September 21, 1934 La Arena Modelo DF (1st Anniversary)
La Maravilla Enmascarada (Ciclon Mackey) beat Frank Gou
Stephan Berne beat Ray Ryan DQ
Raul Romero beat Gorilla Pogi

September 27, 1936 Arena Nacional DF (3rd Anniversary)
Zimba Parka beat Tuffy Klein (2-1)
Chong Yip beat Bobby Bonales
Chimuelo Campos beat Jimmy el Apolo
Pocho Aguirre beat Ben Ali Allah
La Maravilla Enmascarada (Ciclon Mackey) beat Bobby Pearce
Bobby Pearce beat Roja Enigma

The companies 5th anniversary marked the first time that their annual anniversary card would be held on Friday evenings. However I only have two matches listed for that card. This card reportedly sold out Arena Mexico, and there has been different reports on the capacity of the building. I’ve seen the capacity listed as low as five thousand, but have read reports of nine or ten thousand being in attendance.

September 16, 1938 Arena Mexico DF (5th Anniversary)
Tarzan Lopez* beat Don Hill- Mexican National Welterweight Title
Pete Pancoff beat Jack O’Brien
(First Friday night anniversary)

September 22, 1939 Arena Mexico DF (6th Anniversary)
Bobby Arreola beat Ciclon Veloz*- Win Mexican National Welterweight Title
Tarzan Lopez* beat Benny Wilson- Mexican National Middleweight Title
Eddy O’Shea beat Lobo Negro
Douglas Henderson beat Salvador Flores
Herman Branish beat Juan Saiza

September 22, 1948 Arena Coliseo DF (15th Anniversary I) a: 9,980* ($56,402.00)
Tarzan Lopez beat Mike Kelly (2-1)
Gori Guerrero beat Bobby Bonales (2-1)
Black Shadow beat Rito Romero
Ciclon Veloz beat Blue Demon (2-0 DQ)
(Blue Demon Arena Mexico Debut)

September 24, 1948 Arena Mexico DF (15th Anniversary II)
Tarzan Lopez* beat Harry Fields- NWA World Middleweight Title
Bobby Bonales beat Gori Guerrero
Rito Romero beat Black Shadow (2-1 DQ)

September 24, 1951 Arena Coliseo DF (18th Anniversary) a: 9,000*
Enrique Llanes beat Sugi Sito* (2-1)- Win NWA World Middleweight Title
Bobby Bonales beat Cavernario Galindo
El Santo beat Black Shadow
Fernando Oses beat Jalisco Gonazalez
Emilio Charles beat Murcielago Velasquez

September 29, 1957 Plaza de Toros Valente Areliano, Torreon Coahuila
Mishima Ota beat Juan Diaz*- Win Mexican National Lightweight Title
Ray Mendoza & Eddie Martinez beat Joe Marin & Tony Ramirez
Chu Chu Garcia beat Tony Fussario
Pokarito beat Halcon Argentino
Rudy Palma drew Arana Negra

The next anniversary card was held at Salvador Lutteroth’s new Arena Mexico! Built on the parking lot of the original Arena Mexico. This building was designed by the same architech that designed his Arena Coliseo buildings however this building held just under 18,000 fans.

September 26, 1958 Arena Mexico DF (25th Anniversary) a: 17,000
Rolando Vera* beat Black Shadow- NWA World Middleweight Title
Espectro I beat Torbellino Blanco (Mariano Yugueros)- Mask vs Mask Match
Karloff Lagarde beat Bobby Bonales
Dorrel Dixon beat Rene Guajardo DQ
El Enfermero beat Alex Romano
Manuel Robels beat Sordomudo Rodriguez
El Verdugo vs Giuliano

In Mexico events were held to raise money for the Luchador Union.

September 8, 1959 Arena Mexico DF (Union Nacional de Luchadores Function)
Tazan Lopez & Alex Romano beat Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza- Torneo Finals
Cavernario Galindo & Ray Mendoza beat Dorrel Dixon & Felipe Ham Lee- Quarter Finals
Tarzan Lopez & Alex Romano beat El Santo & Karloff Lagarde- Quarter Finals
Dorrel Dixon & Felipe Ham Lee beat Sugi Sito & Manuel Robles- First Round
Cavernaro Galindo & Ray Mendoza beat Rene Guajardo & El Califa- First Round
El Santo & Karloff Lagarde beat Halcon Negro & Torbellino Blanco- First Round
Tarzan Lopez & Alex Romano (sub for Rolando Vera) beat Blue Demon & Black Shadow- First Round

September 28, 1962 Arena Mexico DF
Rene Guajardo & Benny Galant beat El Santo & Henry Pilusso
Rolando Vera & Antonio Montoro beat Cavernario Galindo & El Gladiador
El Enfermero beat Ruben Juarez
Dick Medrano beat Raul Reyes
Tomas Riande beat Gori Casanova
Rafael Salamanca drew Memo Rubio

September 8, 1963 Arena Coliseo DF
Rolando Vera & Pantera Blanca beat Rizado Ruiz & Benny Galant
Manuel Robles & Jorge Allende beat El Rebelde & Tony Lopez
Fantasma de la Quebrada beat Humberto Cortez
Huroki Sito beat Mishima Ota
Willie Villanueva beat Black Sugar

September 30, 1966 Arena Mexico DF (33rd Anniversary II) a: 17,500*
Rene Guajardo beat Jerry London- Hair vs Hair Match
El Santo & Rayo de Jalisco beat Mil Mascaras & Black Shadow
Ray Mendoza beat Oso Negro DQ
Antonio Montoro beat Tiger Steiner
Dr. Wagner beat Relampago Cubano
Raul Reyes beat Chino Chow
El Rebelde beat El Vikingo

September 2, 1973 Arena Coliseo DF (Sunday)
Enrique Vera & El Halcon beat Alfonso Dantes & El Nazi DQ
Ruben Soria & Carlos Mata & El Rostro beat Adorable Rubi & Luis Mariscal & Manuel Robles
Mr. Tempest beat Espanto III
Dick Angelo beat Johnny Lezcano
Rey Halcon beat El Invasor

September 20, 1974 Arena Mexico DF (41st Anniversary) a: 18,000*
La Ola Blanca (Dr. Wagner & Angel Blanco) beat Super Star (Armando Lopez) & Enrique Vera- Mask & Hair vs Mask & Hair Match
Anibal beat El Cobarde*- Win NWA World Middleweight Title
Goro Tanaka & Alfonso Dantes beat Tony Stone & Tigre Colombiano
Adorable Rubi NC Ringo Mendoza
Paco Pardinez beat Black Shadow
El Marquez beat Cesar Valentino
Rizado Ruiz beat Cesar Silva
(NWA President Sam Muchnick was in attendance to present NWA Middleweight title to winner.)

One of Mexico’s hottest feuds was the El Santo fighting the young Perro Aguayo.

September 26, 1975 Arena Mexico DF (42nd Anniversary Part II) a: 19,000* (Thousands Turned Away)
Perry Aguayo* beat El Santo- NWA World Middleweight Title
Blue Demon* beat Karloff Lagarde- NWA World Welterweight Title
El Halcon beat Raul Reyes*- Win Mexican National Heavyweight Title
Alfonso Dantes & Los Gemelos Diablos I & II beat Huracan Ramirez & Dr. Wagner & Cien Caras
Ringo Mendoza & Gino Hernandez beat Adorable Rubi & Tony Salazar
Fishman beat Mr. Tempest
Cacique Mara beat Manuel Robles DQ
(Police had to come to the ring to settle the crowd due to a near riot.)

September 5, 1977 Arena Coliseo DF a: 5,500*
El Solitario & Angel Blanco beat Ray Mendoza & Rayo de Jalisco DQ
Alfonso Dantes & Karloff Lagarde beat Blue Demon & Black Shadow
Indio Jeronimo beat Chino Chow
Huroki Sito beat Rafael Salmanaca
Zorro Plateado beat Ruddy Palma
El Oso Blanco beat El Troyano

September 30, 1977 Arena Mexico DF (44th Anniversary II) a: 15,000
Fishman beat El Cobarde I (Miguel Angel Delgado Reyes)- Mask vs Mask Match
Alfonso Dantes* beat El Faraon- NWA World Light Heavyweight Title
Ringo & Cachorro Mendoza & Kung Fu beat Adorable Rubi & Sangre Chicana & Joe Palardi
Enrique Vera & Cien Caras beat Herodes & Gran Markus
Louis Canada beat Bruno Victoria
Manuel Robles beat Fumanchu

September 17, 1978 Palacio de los Deportes DF a: 8,000
Rayo de Jalisco & Huracan Ramirez beat Los Hermanos Muerte I (Jose Luis Manuel) & II (Roman Zacarias)- Double Mask vs Mask Match
America Salvaje & Astro Rey beat Rayo de Jalisco & Huracan Ramirez
America Salvaje & Astro Rey beat Anibal & Halcon 78
Dos Caras & Ultraman beat Los Villanos I & II
El Canek & As Charro beat Dos Caras & Ultraman DQ
Filli Estrella & Gulliver beat Gran Nicolai & Gaby da Silva

Two weeks prior to this card at the same building Santo took the mask of Bobby Lee in front of another sold out crowd!

September 24, 1978 Palacio de los Deportes (Sunday) a: 24,000*
El Santo beat Bobby Lee- Mask vs Hair Match
El Solitario beat Mascara Roja (Indio Jeronimo)- Mask vs Mask Match
Anibal & Villano III beat El Solitario & Mascara Roja- Relevos Suicidas
El Canek beat Mil Mascaras DQ
Rene Guajardo & Ray Mendoza & Fishman vs Rayo de Jalisco & Huracan Ramirez & Dos Caras

September 7, 1979 Arena Coliseo DF (Friday)
Los Indios Bravos (Gran Cochisse & Aguilar India) beat Americo Rocca & Sangre Chicana
Cool Cat & El Cobarde beat El Supremo & Divino Roy
Cesar Curiel beat Leo Lopez
Talisman beat El Invasor
El Egipcio beat Scaramouche
Roy Lancer beat Mr. Lancer

September 7, 1980 Palacio de los Deportes a: 19,000
Andre the Giant & El Solitario beat El Canek & Anibal & Dr. Wagner
El Texano beat El Gringo*- Win UWA World Welterweight Title
Perro Aguayo & Fishman & Huracan Ramirez beat Enrique Vera & Dorrel Dixon & Gran Hamada
Angel Blanco & Satoru Sayama & Kuniaki Kobayashi beat Los Misioneros de la Muerta (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)

September 13, 1980 Arena Mexico DF a: 15,000
Andre the Giant & Cien Caras beat Alfonso Dantes & TNT & Herodes
Pak Choo & El Fantasma & El Faraon beat Tony Benetto & Tony Salazar & Adorable Rubi
El Satanico & Mocho Cota beat Ringo Mendoza & Lizmark
Carnicero Aguilar & Don Guill beat Pirata Morgan & Alma Grande
El Reo vs El Invasor

September 21, 1980 Arena Coliseo DF a: 6,000* (Record Arena Coliseo Gate)
Alfonso Dantes* beat El Faraon- NWA World Light Heavyweight Title
El Cobarde & El Jalisco beat Leo Lopez & Manuel Robles- Double Hair vs Hair Match
Siglo XX & Pak Choo beat Tony Salazar & El Nazi
El Invasor & Carnicero Aguilar beat Alma Grande & El Doberman
Vulcano beat Aguila Solitaria

This was the famous Arena Mexico card that was to feature Ric Flair, however Flair was not given proper work papers so he was stuck inside his hotel room. An issue of Box y Lucha stated that the card that Flair no showed drew 20,000 fans. I’m still trying to verify that.

September 10, 1982 Arena Mexico DF (Friday)
Dr. Wagner (sub for Ric Flair) & Perro Aguayo & Sangre Chicana beat Halcon Ortiz & Tony Salazar & Lizmark
El Faraon & El Satanico & El Supremo beat Ringo Mendoza & Fishman & Cesar Curiel DQ
Rayo de Jalisco Jr & El Jalisco beat La Fiera & Mocho Cota
Belcebu & Panico beat Chamaco Valaguez & El Solar II
Leon Chino & El Dandy beat Josue & Dardo Aguilar
(Ric Flair No Show)

September 26, 1982 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 15,000
El Canek beat Riki Choshu*- Win UWA World Heavyweight Title
Perro Aguayo & Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) beat Masa Saito & George Takano & Kuniaki Kobayashi & Gran Hamada
Enigma de Oro beat Batman- Mask vs Mask Match
El Solitario & El Solar & Kiss beat Fishman & Babe Face & Anibal
Reina Gallegos & Panterita Surena vs La Monsther & La Briosa- Ladies Tag Match

September 23, 1984 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan 8,000
Stan Hansen & Brazo de Oro beat Dos Caras & Enrique Vera
El Canek & Fishman & Abdullah Tamba beat Scorpio & Babe Face & Luis Mariscal
Solar & Ultraman & Super Astro beat Cesar Valentino & Dalia Negra & America Salvaje
Mano Negra & Gran Hamada beat El Brazo & Brazo de Plata
Chavito Silva & Zuleyma beat Las Viudas Negras I & II

In 1985 there was a massive earthquake in Mexico City that killed thousands of people and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. Here is the card that was scheduled.

September 20, 1985 Arena Mexico DF (52nd Anniversary)
(Scheduled card)
El Supremo vs El Dorado- Mask vs Mask Match
Cachorro Mendoza vs El Solar I
Alfonso Dantes & Super Halcon & Tony Salazar vs Sangre Chicana & Cien Caras & El Faraon
El Satanico & MS-1 & Pirata Morgan vs Los Brazos
America Rocca & Stuka & Gran Cochisse vs Mocho Cota & Jerry Estrada & El Enfermero
Aguila Solitaria & El Solar II vs Fuerza Guerrera & Talisman
(Card was cancelled due to massive earthquake)

September 5, 1986 Arena Mexico DF
Los Misioneros de la Muerta (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro) beat El Dandy & Talisman & Jerry Estrada- Hair vs Hair Match
Perro Aguayo & Villano III & La Fiera beat Fishman & El Satanico & MS-1
Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & Pirata Morgan beat Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Alfonso Dantes & Lizmark DQ
Kung Fu & El Solar & Tony Salazar beat Gran Cochisse & Herodes & Hombre Bala
Eddy Guerrero & Mogur beat Ari Romero & Guerrero Negro
(Eddy Guerrero Arena Mexico debut)

September 16, 1986 Arena La Victoria, Naucalpan Edo de Mexico
Javier Llanes & Eddy Guerrero beat Panico & Belcebu
Tigre Escarlata & Sombra Poblana beat Bufalo Salvaje & Super Maquina
Rocco Valente beat Pegaso I
Reyes Veloz drew Pegaso II

September 16, 1987 Arena Mexico DF (Wednesday) a: 16,000
Perro Aguayo & El Satanico vs Sangre Chicana & Villano III beat Perro Aguayo & El Satanico
Los Hermanos Dinamitas (Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000) beat Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo & El Texano & Negro Navarro)
Los Desctrutores (Tony Arce & Vulcano & Emilio Charles Jr) beat Los Villanos I & IV & V
Lola Gonzalez & Rossy Moreno & Chela Salazar beat Irma Gonzalez & Irma Aguilar & Pantera Surena- Ladies Tag Match
Yoshihiro Asai & Hata & Naoki Sano beat Comando Ruso & Leon Chino & Bestia Salavaje

September 14, 1988 Arena Ecatepec, Ecatepec Morelos Edo de Mexico
El Canek* beat Dos Caras- UWA World Heavyweight Title
Mano Negra & El Texano & El Halcon beat Kung Fu & Zandokan & Cuchillo
Black Terry & Jose Luis Feliciano & Shu el Guerrero beat Korak & El Falcon & Super Bengals
Apolo Blanco & El Resplandor & Geminis II beat Azabache Negro & Rey Cobra & Tigro

September 9, 1990 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan
El Texano & Los Villanos I & V beat Dr. Wagner Jr & El Signo & Negro Navarro
Dos Caras & Los Villanos III & IV drew Fishman & Killer & Rambo
Negro Casas & Blue Panther & El Hijo del Diablo beat Frey Tormenta & El Solar I & II
Silver King & Ruben Garcia & El Hijo del Black Shadow beat Los Temerarios (Shu el Guerrero & Jose Luis Feliciano & Black Terry)
Halcon 78 & Dragon beat Scorpio Jr & Zeus

September 14, 1990 Arena Mexico DF a: 14,000
Perro Aguayo & Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 beat Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Konnan & Ringo Mendoza
Fabuloso Blondy (Ken Timbs) & Mike Golden & Emilio Charles Jr beat Atlantis & Lizmark & Angel Azteca
El Hijo del Santo & Eddy Guerrero & El Satanico beat Los Brazos (Brazo de Oro & El Brazo & Brazo de Plata) DQ
Octagon & Super Astro & Volador beat Fuerza Guerrera & El Hijo del Gladiator & Ponzona
(Konnan Arena Mexico debut)

September 23, 1990 Arena Mexico DF
Cien Caras & Konnan & Fabuloso Blondy beat Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Sangre Chicana & Solomon Grundy
Atlantis & Lizmark & Anibal beat Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 & Emilio Charles Jr
Eddy Guerrero & Super Astro & Ringo Mendoza beat Jaque Mate & Vulcano & Tony Acre
Javier Llanes & El Supremo & Verdugo beat Leono & Pantera & Tigro
Felino & Ciclon Ramirez beat Babe Richard & Master
{Arena Mexico was temporarlly closed due to structure damage on anniversary show}

September 1, 1991 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos
Mil Mascaras* beat Kokina CO- UWA Heavyweight Title
Villano III & Gran Hamada & Enrique Vera beat Fishman & Rambo & Killer
Los Misionarios de la Muerte (El Signo & Negro Navarro & Black Power) beat Los Villanos IV & V & Kahoz
Villano I & Fantasma & Celestial beat Los Temerarios (Shu el Guerrero & Jose Luis Feliciano & Black Terry)
Los Tortugas Ninjas I & II & III & IV beat Ricky Boy & Migra & Angel Mortal & Falcon

Business was really bad at Arena Mexico with weekly cards at the smaller Arena Coliseo were out drawing it.

September 10, 1993 Arena Mexico DF a: 220
Atlantis & Pierroth Jr & La Fiera beat Negro Casas & Mano Negra & Black Magic
El Texano & El Dandy & Silver King drew Dr. Wagner Jr & Felino & Sangre Chicana
Oro & El Faraon Jr & Chamaco Valaguez beat Drako & Cachorro Salvaje & Archangel de la Muerte
Panico & Halcon Negro Jr beat Bronce & Aguila Solitaria
America II & Escudero Rojo beat Olimpico & Olimipus

September 11, 1994 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, Naucalpan a: 550
El Canek & Cibernetico & Gran Hamada beat Villano III & Zandokan & Shu el Guerrero
Villano IV & Killer & Scorpio Jr beat El Signo & Rocky Santana & Mala Sangre DQ
Karloff Lagarde Jr & Perro Silva & Principe Maya beat Enrique Vera & Andy Barrow & Mercenario
Gamma & Takeda & Aero Flash beat Los Machos I & II & III
Rey Richard & Los Mohicanos I & II beat Los Makaras I & II & III

September 23, 1994 Auditorio Municipal, Tijuana BC
Cien Caras & Blue Panther & Fishman beat Konnan & Love Machine (Art Barr) & Chicano Power
Los Payasos (Coco Azul & Coco Rojo & Coco Amarillo) beat El Hijo del Santo & Super Muneco & Angel Azteca*- Win Mexican National Trios Titles
Fuerza Guerrera & Jerry Estrada & Psicosis beat Octagon & Rey Misterio Sr & Jr
Latin Lover & Heavy Metal & El Mariachi beat Los Destructores (Tony Arce & Vulcano & Rocco Valente) DQ
El Vagabundo & Principe Universal & El Angel CO Fobia & Pandillero I & Aztucia

September 29, 1995 Arena Mexico DF (62nd Anniversary) a: 10,000
Pierroth beat El Boricua (Fidel Sierra)- Mask vs Mask Match
Negro Casas beat El Hijo del Santo DQ
Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 & Miguel Perez Jr beat Atlantis & Rayo de Jalisco Jr & Vampiro Casanova
Apolo Dantes & Ricky Santana & Foreign Exchange beat Hector Garza & El Dandy & La Fiera
Chicago Express & Astro Jr & Arkangel beat Olimpico & Javier Llanes & Mascara Magica

September 21, 2001 Arena Mexico DF a: 9,000
Atlantis & Negro Casas & Blue Demon Jr beat El Satanico & Averno & Mephisto
Tarzan Boy & Fuerza Guerrera & Bestia Salvaje beat El Hijo del Satno & Juventud Guerrera & Lizmark Jr
Felino beat Nozawa*- Win CMLL Welterweight Title
Violencia & Poder Boricua & Gran Markus Jr beat Olimpico & Mr. Niebla & Safari
Ricky Marvin & Tigre Blanco & Pantera beat Dr. X & Mr. Mexico & Virus DQ
Los Rayos Tapatios I & II beat Enemigo Publico & Ramstein

September 16, 2002 Arena Mexico DF
Universo 2000 beat Bulldog (Manuel Clausing) DQ- Mask vs Mask Match
Atlantis & Anibal Jr & Lizmark Jr & Mephisto & Villano IV & Blue Panther & Killer & Nitro & Dr. Wagner Jr & Violencia beat Universo 2000 & Bulldog- Elimination Match
Mr. Niebla & Brazo de Plata & El Gigante Silva beat Emilio Charles Jr & Bestia Salvaje & Scorpio Jr
Virus & Hombre sin Nombre beat Fuerza & Juventud Guerrera
Felino & Black Warrior & Olimpico beat Black Tiger III & Katsushi Takemura & Mazada DQ
Hooligan & Ramstein & Sangre Azteca beat Starman & El Sicodelico Jr & Neutron
(Special Monday card to go head to head with AAA’s Verano de Escandalo show.)

September 16, 2002 El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos (Verano de Escandalo) a: 18,000*
Perro Aguayo Jr & Zorro & Electro Shock beat El Dandy- 4 Way Hair Match
La Parka Jr & Super Crazy & Mr. Aguila & Latin Lover beat Cibernetico & Hector Garza & Heavy Metal & Leather Face (Rick Patterson)
Octagon & Mascara Sagrada & El Alebrije beat Psicosis & Monsther & Jason the Terrible DQ
Gronda & Dos Caras Jr & El Hijo del Solitario beat Pirata Morgan & Sangre Chicana & El Barzo
Los Vatos Locos (Picudo & Espiritu & Silver Cat & Nygma) beat Chessman & Ozz & Cuervo & Escoria*- Win Mexican National Atomicos Titles
Pimpinela Escarlata & Mascarita Sagrada 2000 & Oriental & Esther Moreno beat Polvo de Estrellas & Mini Abismo Negro & Gran Apache & Fabi Apache

Cool to see the midcard tag team of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura. I wonder whatever happened to those two guys?

September 16, 2005 Arena Mexico a: 18,500* (17,528 Paid turn away crowd. 72nd Anniversary)
Perro Aguayo Jr & Universo 2000 beat Hector Garza- Triangle Hair vs Hair Match
Mistico & Dr. Wagner Jr & Negro Casas beat Tarzan Boy & Mephisto & El Terrible
Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & Averno beat Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shinsuke Nakamura & Shigeo Okumura
Marcela beat Dark Angel (Sarah Stock)- Win vacant CMLL World Women’s Title
Ultimo Dragon & Heavy Metal & Felino beat Mascara Magica & Sangre Azteca & Apolo Dantes
Pequeño Olimpico & Ultimo Dragoncito & Bam Bam beat Pequeño Vioencia & Pierrothito & Sombrita- Mini’s Tag Match

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