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Author Topic: WCFL ECW Hardcore TV 3/15/99 - York/Mahoney; Big Return; TV Title
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This week on Extreme Championship Wrestling ...

It’s Fan Cam footage, as Kid Kash, Tommy Dreamer, and The Blue World Alliance take on The Triple Threat and Ian Rotten!

… Kash dives from the top turnbuckle and takes Rage down with a Hurracanrana! Rage rolls back to his feet and charges Kash, only to eat a boot. While Rage staggers from the corner, Kash leaps back to the top rope. He looks for a High Cross Body, but Rage catches Kash and drives him down with a Powerslam! Meanwhile, Dreamer circles the ringside area in an effort to retrieve as many chairs as possible. Rage thinks it wise to ascend the turnbuckles, but when he reaches the top, Richards knocks him off balance. He then ties Rage to the Tree of Woe and lays a chair across his face. Dreamer’s all over Ian Rotten now, as he brings him into the ring and does the same. Kaos is eventually tied to the Tree of Woe as well, but before the opposition can strike, Jeff Jones intervenes.

Wait a minute! Beulah enters the ring and hits Jones with a Low Blow! Dreamer’s now setting Jones up in the only free corner that’s left. There are four bodies hanging upside down in the corner with chairs placed over their faces, and now Dreamer rallies the troops in the center of the ring …


A quick cut, and now Kash leaps from the top turnbuckle and is caught by Shane Douglas. The Franchise pops his hips, driving Kash down into the canvas with the Belly to Belly Suplex! Douglas hooks the leg and gets the three count.

ECW Hardcore TV 3/15/99
(Taped 3/9/99)
Location: Philadelphia, PA


Joey Styles: "Hello everyone and welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling!!! I'm Joey Styles... "

We open with Joey Styles standing mid ring, while the rabid ECW Faithful chant “EC-DUB”. Joey can hardly contain himself, as he gets ready to announce that ECW will be returning to National TV on Friday night, April 12th as part of another special on MTV! The actual show will be tapped on March 30th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, to which the Philly born fans begin chanting “Screw New York”. Joey asks the crowd to please welcome a young woman who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and will be challenging for the ECW TV Title. She is the “Female Fighting Phenom” Jazz!

“Money, Power and Respect” by The Lox ft. Lil Kim & DMX hits the PA system as Jazz makes her way to the ring. She seems to be in a good mood on this night, as she pobs her head to the music. The mood changes when Jazz passes by a blond woman in the front row, and a heated argument breaks out. Atlas Security step in to separate the two. Jazz shakes her head, before entering the ring.

Jazz: “That’s right, Joey. You just introduced me as the Female Fighting Phenom … ‘cuz unlike any of the other woman in that locker room, I’m not your average T & A. In fact, my T & A stands for Talent & Ability! Yeah, that’s right … What the hell do you want *BLEEP*?”

Nora Green aka The Blond Woman

The blond woman in the front row hops over the guardrail and into the arms of Atlas Security. She pulls her way over to the ring apron, while Joey tries talking Jazz down from making a huge mistake. The fans want to see a Cat Fight, and Jazz does not disappoint, as she shoves past Joey and tackles the blond woman to the ground! This ain’t no ordinary Cat Fight though, as both women aren’t holding back. Clinched fists are thrown, with one second Jazz is on top of the blond woman and the next, the roles are reversed. Atlas Security are about to make their move, when the Head of Security Ralphus tells them to stand down.

Ralphus climbs into the ring and takes a second to admire the view of two hellcats slugging it out. Ralphus finally steps in to grab Jazz and pull her off, but Jazz responds with a back elbow. Ralphus backs up, holding his jaw, and now Jazz decks the Head of Security with a stiff forearm shot! The blond woman takes this opportunity to tackle Jazz to the ground, as the fight resumes. This is Atlas Security’s cue to get involved, to a mixed reaction from the ECW Faithful.

A frustrated Joey Styles throws his hands up into the air, not knowing what to do. The opening segment has been ruined, with security escorting both Jazz and the blond woman to the back. Fans, we need to take a quick commercial break while we sort things out.

x-x-x-x-x COMMERCIAL BREAK x-x-x-x-x

ECW returns with Joey Styles standing in front of the ECW banner and he’s still a little flustered over Jazz being assaulted by a fan … someone who has no business getting involved with what happens inside the ring. Joey strongly reiterates that the barricade that separates the fans from the action is put up for their safety. You should never cross it, no matter what. They still have a show to do, even though they’ve gone off script, again.

Cut To:

The fans seem to be getting restless, when a familiar face climbs into the ring and is handed a live microphone.



The former ECW TV Champion has returned and seems humbled, as he explains to the fans that the reason he left several months ago was because he couldn’t do it anymore. He had to take a break, because he was sick and tired of being viewed as the underdog or the rookie time and time again. Even though Chetti beat EVERY challenger ECW threw at him for 8 months, it was always in the guise of “overcoming the odds” … so he had reached his breaking point several months ago, which Chetti says explains his little outburst against Louie Spicolli. Chetti says he respects Louie, but won’t dignify him with an apology, which garners a slight negative reaction. Chetti couldn’t care less if you boo him though because he refuses to be the underdog any longer! He refuses to be the rookie! “Tonight, I take back my Television title and then … I pick up where I left off. I plan to out wrestle each and every Hardcore piece of trash they put in my way, and I’ll do it because I can!”

Match 1 - ECW Television Title: “The Warlord” Pat Tanaka versus Chris Chetti
Pat Tanaka has been at ringside this whole time and he doesn’t seem convinced about the challenge. He gets ready to head back to the locker room, when Cyrus stop him at the entrance way. Cyrus reminds Tanaka that he signed up for a title defense, so that is what we are going to get. Tanaka doesn’t look too pleased, as he turns and heads back to the ring.

A heated opening contest that sees Chetti grow more and more desperate as time passed. The blond woman from before somehow alluded security and gets involved, as she distracts Tanaka so that Chetti can connect with a Springboard Missile Dropkick from behind. Chetti starts displaying a newfound aggression at this point, as he drags Tanaka to a standing position, only so he could take his head off with a nasty looking Savate Kick! The match is over as Tanaka looks legit knocked out. Chetti shows no remorse though. Instead he toys with the ring vet for a few, before wrapping things up with the Amityville Horror.

While Chris Chetti celebrates his victory with the blond woman, ECW Officials help Pat Tanaka back to the locker room.

x-x-x-x-x COMMERCIAL BREAK x-x-x-x-x

Joey Styles is beside himself as we return from the break. He can’t believe that it was all a set up … Chris Chetti had this blond woman, whoever she is, ambush Jazz and remove her from the match, just so Chetti could then swoop in and take it all for himself! Joey has had the privilege of watching Chetti grow inside the ring, so he doesn’t really know what caused this sudden attitude adjustment we’ve seen tonight.

Moving on to other news, Joey brings up the moment last week when “The Franchise” Shane Douglas shocked many when he denied High Voltage the chance to be handed the ECW Tag Team Titles. If those two quote unquote Superstars want to become two times ECW Tag Team Champions, they have to earn it, just like everyone else. This brings us to March 30th and the debut at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City … on the night, a tournament has been set up. Eight teams will compete for the chance to become the new ECW Tag Team Champions, with the Finals airing as part of the MTV Special on Friday Night, April 12th. We now take you to the ring, where two former allies get ready to collide for the first time …

Match 2: Balls Mahoney versus Christian York w/ Joel Gertner:
The match is an exciting encounter between the former friends, with Mahoney surprising many with his amateur wrestling skills during the early portions of the match. A well placed Belly to Back Suplex sends York retreating to the outside in order to nurse his sore neck. Mahoney isn’t above turning things into one giant brawl, so he follows York and decks him with cup of beer, donated from a fan in the front row. The fight is not going York’s way, so he attempts to balance on the barricade long enough to go for a high risk move. Mahoney steps in and shoves York into the front row!

Match eventually returns to the ring with York scoring numerous near falls, now that he had the advantage. York ultimately finds himself straddled on the top turnbuckle, falling victim to a big time Superplex. Rather than go for the pin fall, Mahoney sets York up and connects with a Superkick flush against the jaw. Without any hesitation, Mahoney readies his steel chair, looking for the Coup de Gras. Mahoney swings and misses! York goes for a Spin Heel Kick, but Mahoney ducks to the side. KABONG! Mahoney creams York with a hellacious chair shot! Feeling like he’s done enough, Mahoney goes to hook both legs. The three count is moments away, until Joel Gertner panics and drags Mike Kehner out of the ring!

An argument now breaks out at ringside, which leads to Gertner being ejected from the match! Mahoney takes joy in watching Gertner slink back to the locker room, but by doing so, he takes his eyes off of his opponent. York makes it to the top turnbuckle before Mahoney finally turns around and gets the chair driven into his face via a diving side kick! No cover, as York returns to the top turnbuckle to deliver the Suicide Elbow Drop. He then hooks the far leg and gets the three count.

We get an Extreme Replay of the moment of impact, when York kicked the chair into Mahoney’s right eye. After multiple replays including one in slow motion, we head to a commercial break.

x-x-x-x-x COMMERCIAL BREAK x-x-x-x-x

Saturday March 30th, Extreme Championship Wrestling invades THE HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM in New York City! Tickets are on sale. Eight teams compete in a one night tournament for the ECW Tag Team Championship! Teams already qualified include - Christian York & Joey Matthews! The Blue World Alliance! Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy! Hot Commodity! And former ECW Tag Team Champions High Voltage! More teams to be announced in the coming weeks! Plus The Franchise Shane Douglas defends his ECW Heavyweight Title against Kid Kash! Portions of the show will be aired on April 12th when ECW returns to MTV! Be a part of this National TV Taping!

We return with Jason coming down the aisle to Salt 'N' Pepa’s “Whatta Man”.

Jason: “I know … I know … you’re simple minds can’t process the spectacle you see before your eyes, so let me be the one to set the record straight … yes, I am Jason, the Sexiest Man on Earth! And yes, the only question that matters right now is … How do you like … my new suit? Enough about me … I want to talk about someone else. Abyss, I’ve seen you making waves in ECW and while it has been impressive to say the least … you made one HUGE mistake! You put your hands on Jason, and now it is time you pay the price. So Abyss … I’m calling you out!”

Back to Joey Styles and we’ve heard the rumors all day long, but he never thought he’d see the day when Jason would have the intestinal fortitude to call someone out. And to top it off, he’s calling out the Monster Abyss! The same Abyss who sent the Sandman packing. The same Abyss who took out Chris Chetti for several months, And the same Abyss who stood toe to toe with High Voltage all by himself. And Jason is calling him out? Joey bursts into laughter.

We return to the ECW Arena, with “Until You Call on the Dark” by Danzig playing over the PA system. Jason could be having second thoughts, as Abyss slowly approaches the ring. It’s too late to back down now, so Jason sucks it up and confronts Abyss face to face. After sizing up the Monster, Jason reluctantly swings back and decks him with the hardest shot he has in his arsenal. Abyss’ head turns slightly from the impact, but when he sets his gaze back on Jason, it sends shivers down his spine.

Jason begins apologizing profusely, even going so far as to drop to his knees. There is no movement from the Monster, which gives Jason time to pick up a Kendo Stick and crack it against Abyss’ back! Jason raises his hands in the air, but the celebration is premature because Abyss is still on his feet! Jason turns around and has his neck grabbed. Abyss Chokeslams Jason in the middle of the ring! The ECW Faithful want more, so Abyss drags Jason to his feet and hurls him into the ropes. Jason hooks the ropes as he hits them, and now he slides out of the ring.

Abyss cocks his head to the side, while Jason begins running his mouth. Joey gives a backhanded compliment by implying that Jason may not be as dumb as he looks. Abyss remains in the middle of the ring, when Chris Chetti comes sprinting down the aisle. Chetti springboards into the ring and hits a Double Axe Handle across the back! It’s enough to take the Monster down to one knee, and now Jason reenters the ring. Chetti and Jason swarm over Abyss, but the pummeling blows have little effect, as the Monster shoves them back. Abyss returns to a standing base, but before he can fight back, Chetti and Jason have already made their way to the aisle way. The catcalls begin, as Chetti and Jason head back to the locker room.

x-x-x-x-x COMMERCIAL BREAK x-x-x-x-x

ECW returns with Lance Wright prowling the parking lot, looking for scoops. It’s looking like he’ll get nothing this night, when he stumbles into Pat Tanaka exiting the ECW Arena.

Lance Wright: “Lance Wright, Investigative Reporter here with former ECW TV Champion Pat Tanaka. Pat, coming off that dismal performance you put on tonight, my adoring viewers would like to know how you’ll bounce back. Pat? Your answer…”

Tanaka brushes past Lance and continues on his way to his rental car, when suddenly a voice off camera is heard.


CG Afi: “Hey you mook! I’mma talkin’ to ya over here!”

The former pupil of Pat Tanaka isn’t afraid to let his mentor know just how he really feels about him. Tanaka takes the bait and drops his bag, but before he can take one step further, Tanaka is blindsided by Damien Stone andSal E Graziano! The trio gang up on Tanaka like a pack of wild dogs, with the Big Salboski ultimately slamming the Warlord through a conveniently placed table. The camera’s focused on the carnage, when Lance pokes his head into view and instructs the cameraman to focus on him so that he can sign out.

And on that note, it’s that time again for some Pulp Fiction styles promos, as “Misirlou” by Dick Dale plays in the background.


Balls Mahoney: “Take a look at my face. (camera close in) Get a good look. Look at my eyes … Black and Blue. Broken blood vessels. Detach retina. All this because of a steel chair smashing me in the side of my face ... And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”


The red hot luchador Psicosis paces back and forth with a white towel draped over his face. He cuts an intense promo in Spanish and even though subtitles weren’t provided, it was pretty clear that the luchador was talking about Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck. Psicosis wraps up his promo by throwing the white towel at the camera.

Psicosis: “This is my moment! My time is now!”


Cyrus walks down the hallway until he bumps into a frustrated Jazz.

Cyrus: “Tough break kiddo. I was really pulling for you…”

Jazz gets in Cyrus’ face and backs him to the wall.

Cyrus: “Alright! Alright! I can see that you’re not in the mood to talk. I get it, but remember your beef is with Chetti, not the Office! You know Chetti’s still here? Yeah, I saw him. He’s somewhere in this building and if you go now, I think you can catch him before he leaves…”

Jazz shakes her head, before walking down the hallway.

Cyrus: “Geeze. What a stupid son of a…”


Mikey Whipwreck: “Yoshihiro Tajiri … he kicks hard. (rubs the back of his head) He kicks REAL hard! Psicosis … he likes to fly around the ring like Super Man. And Mikey Whipwreck … well, I always find a way to win. So I guess I got that going for me, huh?”


Joel Gertner: “It is I, the Quintessential Studd Muffin … Joel ‘Bigger than a Snickers bar and tons more satisfying’ Gertner! And for all the faith you people have for your favorite teams … like the drug addled Balls Mahoney and wannabe homeboy Chilly Willy or two of the biggest ZEROS I’ve ever seen, The Blue World Alliance … What you people don’t have is any inkling of an idea as to how none of those losers hold a candle next to the REAL dynamic duo of professional wrestling … Christian York and Joey Matthews!”

“Spoiler warning … They are going to make a mockery of all your favorite teams at the Hammerstein Ballroom. On the night, York and Matthews plan on raising the violence quotient in ECW. And believe you me, they’re doing it on your behalf. They’re doing it only to raise the standards around here. They’re doing it … because they care.”


Joey Styles: “Fans, be sure to be here NEXT WEEK for the International Three Way Dance featuring Mikey Whipwreck, The Japanese Buzzsaw Yoshihiro Tajiri, and Psicosis! Plus a Rumble Style South Philly Street Fight … The Triple Threat and Ian Rotten go to war against the team of Tommy Dreamer, Kid Kash, and The Blue World Alliance! You WILL NOT want to miss this!”


Chris Chetti, Nora Green, and Jason stand around in the hallway. Moments later, Cyrus approaches.

Cyrus: “Chris! I wanted to get some comments on your unsuspecting return and that masterful plan you pulled off. It was a thing of beauty!”

Chris Chetti: “Like I said before I recaptured my title. My days of playing the underdog are over. Now I know some out there won’t approve of my methods, but to tell you the truth … I couldn’t care less what they think of me. The gold I hold in my hands is the only validation I need.”

Cyrus: “I don’t know if you know this, but I talked with Jazz moments ago and don’t shoot the messenger … but I think you got some heat with her. In fact, there she is…”

Cyrus quickly bails, as Jazz strikes Jason from behind, knocking him to the ground! Chetti and Nora use that brief time to run the other way, while Jazz takes her frustrations out on Jason. She then stops and turns to the camera.


Jazz: “What stupid son of a…”



Shane Douglas: “There’s a lot of things you can say about the Triple Threat and Shane Douglas. You can hate us all you want, but the one thing you must admit is that when that bell rings, we always come out on top. I told you marks from Day One, there’s a simple reason why I’m always been at the top of ECW. Be it with Jerry Lynn and Kenny Bolin, Arn Anderson and Bill Alfonso, The Eliminators, High Voltage…”

“You starting to see the trend? The Franchise not only surrounds himself with the absolute best in this sport, I surround myself with people that I can trust. Just take a look at those other guys … Tommy Dreamer, Kid Kash, Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie. … They stand alone. They’re all for themselves. It’s no secret that Tommy Dreamer still holds resentment for Stevie Richards putting ECW’s first Pay Per View in jeopardy. Don’t let his stoic bravado fool you. Dreamer will stab Richards in the back at the drop of a hat.”

“And then you have Kid Kash. What else can be said … This little runt can’t stand it that he’s been stuck in the minor leagues all so long. He’s at the bottom rung of the ladder and it’s eating him up inside! You know what? I wouldn’t put it past the kid to use his own partners to get himself over. All in the name of making a name for himself, right? Look, it’s a real simple deduction with all things considered … We win! They lose! Hahahahaha!”

Copyright 1999 ECW

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Commish from California
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This was a fantastic episode of The Chris Chetti Show. I mean that as a compliment. Sometimes you need a singular focus for one episode. You refreshed the reader on Chetti’s history here and set up his new character effectively.

Good promo from Douglas at the end as well, and a fun little segment with the FBI.

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Great to see Chetti back and making such a huge impact all across this show. His TV Title reign was probably the high point of 1998 in ECW in terms of reading material, so here's to hoping you can recapture even some of that. I was a bit worried with Jazz getting the shot we'd end up with something that would feel like a rehashing of Lori Fullington as TV champion a year ago as there's only so much that can be done here with man vs woman before it needs to go another way, so it's good to see Chetti take her place and Nora Green arrive as opposition.

Abyss should be interesting as a challenger, tapping into the more hardcore side of things. Not sure how long he lasts here as a face before he naturally reverts back to a heel, but it makes a good feud in the interim with something different.

That March 30th show is looking pretty good. The tag team tournament is pretty deep already and should provide some good action. Kash hasn't been here long, but with the right type of match, no reason he can't pose a real threat to The Franchise. My only question mark with it is pushing March 30th, and the airdate being like 2 weeks later. This has an almost PPV like feel and definitely would have benefited from a quicker turnaround time, if not live given it's on MTV.

It's easy to go unnoticed, but the writing here really highlights the importance of non wrestling talent to the presentation. Good usage out of Joel Gertner, Jason, Cyrus as always, plus Joey Styles as the glue holding everything together.

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