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Author Topic: WCFL Prometheus TV 12/1/98
Commish from California
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Pro Wrestling Prometheus:
Full Throttle TV

Reseda, CA
Aired on Fox Sports West and KCOP in Los Angeles: 12/1/1998
Taped: 11/29/1998

We open on The Dudley Boys and Sunny in the locker room.

Sunny: “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Will you ever learn?”

D’Von Dudley: “(Looks at Sunny) We tried things your way. Now we do it the Dudley way. See, Eddie Guerrero is one problem, and me and my brotha can solve that problem for good next time. But me and Bubba, we’ve got ourselves another problem on our hands. Our so-called friend.”

Bubba Ray Dudley: “D’Von and me, we wanna know just what the hell our friend, the guy we’ve helped time and time again, Mr. Saturday Night, the Whole Fn’ Show, Rob Van Dam, was thinking? I mean, we ran Eddie Guerrero off. He was half-way back to El Paso, when you opened that big mouth of yours, Rob, and told him to come back to fight us?! Tonight, we’re gonna get ourselves some answers. Because we know Mr. Saturday Night is here. Robbie, we ain’t hard to find. We’re headin’ for that ring later tonight, and we’re gonna call your ass out. In the spirit of the holidays, we’ll even hear your out… since we are friends and all. But, Rob, you BETTAH have a good explanation. Because what goes for everyone else around here also goes for you… thou shalt not mess with the Dudleys!”




This week, we go right to the ring where ‘The Beast from the East’ Bam Bam Bigelow slides into the ring. Bigelow had his TV Title stolen from him weeks ago, by the man he’s demanded to face right here in our first match. The big man paces the ring as he’s introduced, and then menaces referee Jim Molineaux when the official comes off for the compulsory check of his boots tights. Bigelow shoves the official away, making it clear he is not in the mood to be checked tonight.

Bigelow’s mood grows even more sour when his opponent’s music begins playing…

D’Lo Brown vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

The Real Deal got himself involved in Bam Bam Bigelow’s business by costing him the TV Title, but he looks like he’s regretting that decision as he cautiously makes his way down the aisle. D’Lo goes to slide into the ring and Bigelow pounces, so he backs off. Bigelow snarls at him, foring D’Lo to back up. D’Lo considers turning around and leaving entirely, but some lewd chants from the crowd bait him into turning back around. He goes to once again slide into the ring, but Bigelow is right there so he once again thinks better of it.

D’Lo is ordering the referee to keep Bigelow away from him so he can actually get into the ring, but it’s foolish to think Jim Molineaux has any sort of control over the Beast from the East. Finally, Bam Bam backs off and agrees to let D’Lo actually enter the ring so the match can officially begin. Once D’Lo steps foot into the ring, Bigelow charges again. Brown skittishly tries to dive right back out again, but gets caught and battered by those huge forearms from Bigelow.

Bigelow throws D’Lo into the corner and lays into him with some vicious boots to the gut and then headbutts him, before scooping him up and driving him into the canvas with a running power-slam. That should be all! Bam Bam makes the cover and gets the one… two… thr-no! Bigelow pulled D’Lo up. He’s not done yet. Bigelow comes off the ropes for a big splash, but Brown gets the knees up! D’Lo finds his way back to his feet and then rocks Bam Bam with some knees his own, before connecting with a flying leg lariat that knocks Bigelow off his feet. D’Lo lays in the stomps and goes for a cover, but Bigelow powers out.

At this point, TV Champion Scott Hall makes his way out to the aisle to scout two future opponents. Hall takes every chance he gets to taunt both D’Lo and Bigelow. D’Lo lets himself get distracted, and that allows Bigelow to drill him from behind. Bigelow lays in with a headbutt across the back of the neck, and then slams D’Lo. He then signals for the end, and as he climbs the turnbuckle, he points to Hall out on the floor and slides his finger across his throat. Hall sticks out his hands and wiggles his fingers in fright, ******* off Bigelow even more in the process.

As Bigelow jaws with Hall from the top rope, D’Lo Brown is up and he dropkicks Bam Bam! Bigelow crotches himself on the top rope! That allows D’Lo Brown to climb up, hook him and super-plex Bigelow off the top rope! Brown rolls right on top with leg hooked for the one… two… three! D’Lo Brown just pinned Bam Bam Bigelow! Scott Hall backs up the aisle now with a shrug, while D’Lo has enough sense to slide right to the floor and dart up the aisle before Bigelow comes to and angrily storms off.

Winner: D’Lo Brown

Commercial Break


(Open on the backstage area of Black Friday as Super Crazy comes bursting through the curtain.)

Super Crazy is grasping the back of his injured neck, and shouting in Spanish. Clearly, he’s looking for Homicide and Low-Ki after that vicious sneak attack in his Mexican Deathmatch. Normally excitable, Crazy is unhinged here as he turns over tables and knocks over chairs demanding someone tell him where Homicide and Low Ki’s locker room is.

Finally, someone points him in the right direction and Super Crazy limps down the hallway. He throws open a door. The camera spots Homicide and Low Ki with their bags getting ready to hightail it. Those plans change immediately, as they jump Super Crazy before he even comes through the door. Crazy is fighting like hell, throwing punches wildly at both but he’s outnumbered against these two thugs.

Low Ki knocks Super Crazy to one knee with a body kick, and then flattens him to the ground with a knee to the forehead. Homicide grabs a steel chair and tells Low Ki to hold Crazy up. Just when it looks this could get really bad, Low Ki is belted across the back with a spinning elbow by…


Chris Hero!

Hero was himself jumped by Homicide and Low Ki several weeks ago, and he’s just returned the favor with one those trademark elbows to the back of Low Ki’s skull! Homicide actually backs up a bit now! Hero pulls the clearly injured Super Crazy away and tells him Homicide that his day is coming next. Homicide is seething with fury as he stands over Low Ki while Chris Hero helps Super Crazy off.

Cut to

(Chris Hero is in the locker room in Reseda)

Chris Hero: “All my life, it’s been the same story. Kids that were bigger, meaner, thought they were tougher or nastier loved to make my life hell just because they could. They thought that because I look the way I do, that I’d take their crap and come back for more every day. There was a bully in high school a lot like Homicide, now that I think about it. He used to throw full soda cans at my head every single day on my home from school. I was a 14-year-old kid, minding my own business, just trying to get through. What the hell did I do to deserve that?! One day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. When he threw that coke can at me, I flung my elbow around… and wouldn’t you know, I busted that can with it. You know what I did next? I did the same with that bully’s jaw.

“Sometimes, you just don’t know your own strength until you see it in action. Homicide, you and your little minion like to sneak attack. You jump people from behind. Why? Because when bullies fight straight up, they just might get beat. Hell, I beat you and I’m just a rookie, right? That’s what you told everyone before our match, how I didn’t even deserve to be in the ring with you? Well, Homicide, I think you learned by now that it doesn’t matter how tough you are, you’re not getting up from a Chris Hero elbow. When you get in the ring with this rookie, just remember: I concuss with my kicks, and I K.O. with my elbow. I did it to you once. If Super Crazy ever needs back-up, I’ll be there in a heartbeat to do it again… because Chris Hero doesn’t back down. He doesn’t give up. And he fights with every last breath because that’s the code of a hero.”


(We cut to the backstage area where Chyna is showing coming out of WCFL representative Ted Dibiase’s office.)

The so-called Ninth Wonder of the World rounds the corner and is stopped in her tracks. The camera then reverses shot to reveal…


Eddie Guerrero: “Orale, I heard the news! I gotta say, with a DDT like that, I woulda offered you a contract too. Not for nothin’, but you got some nice moves. Mamacita, as a token of my appreciation for Black Friday, how about you let Latino Heat take you for a night on the town to East LA? We’ll go to Manuel’s, have a couple Cervezas…”


Eddie Guerrero: “You busy? Hey, another time, right?! I just wanna say, Mamacita… from me to you… thanks.”

Eddie Guerrero slashes that cheeky grin and walks off, as Chyna stands with arms folded watching him walk off.

Commercial Break

(We cut to the locker room.)


Kid Kash: “Lance Storm, you marched into Prometheus telling everyone you were going to make yourself an Impact Player by pinning Kid Kash right in the middle of the ring. Well, I’d love to be standing here today telling you that I sent you right back to the Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but I’d be a liar if I told the people that. With Kid Kash, it always seems to be the hard way. That’s okay by me. You and that bytch… B-Y-T-C-H that is… got me the last time, but I see how you do it. Now, it’s my term to ask you for something. I want another shot. I want MY chance to make an impact by beating the Impact Player. This time, I’m a little wiser, I know the way you work, and I’ll come prepared, so to speak. What do you say, Impact Player? Let’s tear the house down again.”

Prometheus Cruiserweight Championship
La Parka (w/ Psychosis) (c) vs. ‘Lightning’ Mike Quackenbush

If ever there were an illustration of the different styles on display here in Prometheus it’s this next match as the Lucha Libre superstar La Parka puts his gold on the line against Mike Quackenbush. Quackenbush is no stranger to championship gold, having won light heavyweight titles on the East Coast here in the WCFL. He’s at a disadvantage here because La Parka is not only one of the most canny veterans in the division, but also has Psychosis watching his back out on the floor. La Parka shoots Mike Quackenbush off the ropes early, but Mike lives up to his Lightning moncker by jumping to the middle rope and coming flying back at Parka with a back elbow to the mush!

Quackenbush immediately follows up with a somersault leg drop, then twists the arm over the back of his own head to try to secure a submission. La Parka is in pain, but is able to get his right foot on the bottom ropes to break the hold. La Parka immediately scurries to his corner to regroup with Psychosis, before offering a handshake to Quackenbush. Mike doesn’t even have much time to respond, before Parka kicks him in the gut, hoists him up and Hot Shots him across the top rope. La Parka uses his boot and grinds it against Mike’s throat, then does the same with his knee.

La Parka then throws Mike Quackenbush to the outside, while putting his arm over referee Jimmy Korderas’s shoulders and moves away from the direction. Meanwhile, Psychosis is up on the apron, and comes flying off with the Guillotine Leg Drop across the throat on the floor! Psychosis then tosses Quackenbush back into the ring. La Parka stops playing nice with the official and nonchalantly covers, holding his fingers for the one… two… thr-no! Quackenbush kicked out! La Parka scratches his head, well mask, and then hits the ropes for a twisting leg drop but Quackenbush rolls away. Both men are slow to their feet, but as La Parka gets up, Quackenbush shoves his back and the champions bounces off the ropes. He ricochets right into a vicious diving lariat from Quackenbush into the back of the neck! Quackenbush with the cover for the one… two… no! La Parka kicked out.

Mike Quackenbush then goes to hoist La Parka onto his shoulders, it’s either the Lightning Lock or the Quackendriver here. Yes, it’s the Quackendriver… but La Parka flips out the back! Quackenbush turns around and is drilled by a vicious spinning wheel kick from the champion! He goes right up top and connects with the corkscrew senton and stays on top for the one… two… three! La Parka retains here, but Mike Quackenbush showed he might just be a contender down the road. Is Ultimo Dragon next in line to get a shot at La Parka?

Winner: Cruiserweight Champion La Parka

Let’s take a look at the incredible challenger from Black Friday and a man likely to receive a rematch soon, Masato Tanaka

[b]End VTR

Commercial Break

(We cut to the locker room as we come back from break)


Lance Storm: “Dawn, it was a joke wasn’t it?”

Dawn Marie: “No, you’re supposed to fit it around, and then pump…”

Lance Storm: “No! Not that!”

Dawn Marie: “Wait… what?”

Lance Storm: “Kid Kash! I’m talking about Kid Kash taking up valuable television ad space to ask for a rematch with me, Lance Storm, the Impact Player.”

Dawn Marie: “Oh… yeah. Duh! Obviously!”

Lance Storm: “If I could be serious for a minute, I can’t believe Prometheus even granted Kid Kash the air time to make his ridiculous challenge. Let’s look at the facts. Fact: Lance Storm is unquestionably the Impact Player. Fact: I come from the Mecca of Pro Wrestling, Calgary…”

Dawn Marie gets slightly uncomfortable with the long pause and looks over at Lance, who frowns.

Lance Storm: “... Alberta Canada. Fact: I have the smartest and most beautiful woman in professional wrestling in my corner every single night. There’s no debate about that.”

Dawn Marie looks confused again, and puts her hand on Lance’s shoulder.

Dawn Marie: “Wait, I thought I was in your corner every night?”

Lance Storm: “Yeah, I was talking about YOU!”

Dawn Marie perks up, nods enthusiastically and gives the camera a big thumb’s up. Storm just shakes his head and continues on.

Lance Storm: “Fact: I walked into Prometheus and did exactly what I said I’d do when I pinned Kid Kash clean as a whistle right in the middle of the ring at Black Friday. Everything about Lance Storm says winner. Now, let’s look at you, Kid Kash. Fact: You lost to Jerry Lynn. Fact: You lost to The Rock. Fact: You lost to me. Also Fact: Okay fine, you beat Vampiro, but last I heard, he was getting jobbed on Sunday Night Heat! The facts are, Kid Kash, that you are a proven loser, and I have no time for losers. So the answer to your challenge… is a NO!”

Dawn Marie is over-animated as she nods no and gives a big thumb’s down to camera as Lance Storm smugly smiles.

Tori vs. Starla Saxton

This the first taste of the women wrestlers, although it has been promoted a bit on TV. Announcers Kevin Kelly, Mark Madden and guest commentator Ivory mention that these two competitors come from very different backgrounds. Saxton was trained by the Malenko family down in Florida, making her proficient as a mat technician. However, Saxton has also adapted an aerial arsenal as well, which makes her doubly dangerous. Meanwhile, Tori has much more experience in-ring than Saxton, and was trained in the dojos of All-Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling.

Tori shows off that All-Japan background by using some body-kicks to gain an early advantage on Saxton, then taking her down with a flying head-scissors. Ivory ties in Tori’s background by mentioning that there are currently talks to bring two of the most dominant women in the history of of Japanese wrestling, Bull Nakano and Aja Kong, into Prometheus in order to crown a new promotional champion down the road. Ivory herself plans to be in the ring very soon as well, quite honestly because she doesn’t believe up to the caliber. Not even Nakano or Kong. Meanwhile, Starla manages to win the crowd on her side when she grounds Tori by moon-saulting, off the top ropes, landing on her feet behind Tori and then hooking her for a belly-to-back suplex for a near-fall.

Starla pulls Tori up and goes to plant her with gutwrench for another close fall. She then steps out to the apron as Tori gets back to her feet, then leaps from the apron to the top rope and dives off with a cross-body! Saxton stays on top for the one… two… no! Tori got that shoulder up. Saxton signals for the end, and now climbs up. She comes flying off with an incredible somersault sit-down splash… but Tori gets the boot up! Starla writhes around in pain, as Tori pulls herself up, grabs Saxton and plants her with the Fallaway Powerbomb to score the win! What a first match in the women’s division!

Winner: Tori

Commercial Break

(The camera fades in on the ring.)

As we return, Sunny is in the center of the ring and has handed a microphone to D’Von Dudley while Bubba Ray Dudley leans over the rope with his arms folded.

D’Von Dudley: “I think we waited long enough! Our supposed friend had all night to make himself clear, and yet he’s nowhere to be found. So, Rob Van Dam, get your ass out to this ring and explain yourself to us while my brotha and myself are still feelin’ friendly. Because if you don’t, you damn sure bettah know that we’re gonna come back there and find you. And we ain’t gonna be so friendly when we do.”

D’Von Dudley looks towards the aisle way, as does Bubba Ray. The Dudleys wait for a few moments, with Sunny look at her watch and showing annoyance. Bubba snatches the microphone from his brother.

Bubba Ray Dudley: “Yo Rob, my brotha asked you real nice to get your ass out here. Now, me, I ain’t askin’! I’m tellin’ you to walk you ass down to this ring right now and explain yourself to the Dudley Boyz or else we’re going to have some problems that you can’t handle. Do you understand me, Rob?! I’m gonna give you about 10 more…”

Ask and you shall receive! Making his way down the aisle (at his own leisurely pace, might we add) is Mr. Saturday Night, The Whole F’n Show, Your United National Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam! RVD doesn’t look concerned in the least, stopping multiple times to lead R-V-D chants in the crowd by pointing to his shoulders.

A boiling Bubba Ray Dudley is sitting holding the top and middle ring ropes open for RVD, so the champ flashes him a big grin and a thumb’s up as he walks to the other side and steps in the opposite side to leave Bubba hanging.

That doesn’t sit well with Bubba Ray, but D’Von Dudley and Sunny are over to talk him down, telling him to let Rob Van Dam explain himself first before things get out of hand. Sunny has the microphone and turns to Rob.

Sunny: “Rob, Rob, Rob. Listen, this should be real simple. My boys here, their blood tends to run hot, but I can appreciate the reality of the situation. Sometimes we get ourselves involved where we don’t belong, so I think if you just apologize for telling Eddie to come back, we can make everything right…”

Rob Van Dam now has a microphone of his own.

Rob Van Dam: “Hey Sunny, I appreciate you trying to run interference. Real cute, it really is! No, it really is. But hey, this all sounds like a YOU problem and not a ME problem. You got a problem with Eddie? So deal with it yourselves, that’s none of my business.”

Bubba Ray Dudley snatches the microphone.

Bubba Ray Dudley: “Ya mean like it was none of OUR business when we helped your ass out with the Guerreros time and time again?”

Rob Van Dam: “Dude, calm down, like I’ve been telling Eddie, Ted Dibiase, these people, you guys, anyone who’ll listen to me for months now, I never asked for your help. Hey, we’re friends. I’ll team up with you if a match is signed, sure. But make no mistake, I don’t need your help… and honestly, I don’t want your help either.”

Bubba Ray Dudley: “Oh, you get the gold around your waist and suddenly you forget…”

Sunny takes the microphone away from Bubba Ray.

Sunny: “Let’s keep this under control. Rob, like I said, we can settle this. See, I’m someone with a vision. What I want is to manage champions. I’ve got two here. I want all three of the top titles, and so I’ve made some moves to make that happen behind the scenes.”

Rob Van Dam: “I guess the stuff I bought was pretty strong because I got no idea what the hell you’re talking about…”

Sunny: “I’ve always managed champions. I managed Shane Douglas to the WWF Championship. And when I decided to come here, I had choices to make. It was either you, or Eddie who would take me to the top again. And when I weighed things out, you seemed like… the more manageable option. So, I recruited the Dudley Boyz to help get Chavo out of the picture. Then, I spent some considerablw cash to hire a certain masked friend to make sure… well, to make sure you have that gold you’re standing there wearing right now.”

Kevin Kelly and Mark Madden interject that Sunny has just dropped the bombshell that she was behind the masked stalker that attacked Eddie Guerrero multiple times, costing him the United National Title to RVD.

Suddenly, the smile on Rob Van Dam’s face washes away and he starts putting the pieces together.

Rob Van Dam: “So… what was all this?”

Sunny: “Consider it a show of good faith. But now, it’s time for yours in return. You need to make peace with Bubba and D’Von, come into the fold fully, and help us finish what I started. We get rid of Eddie, and then we go to the top together.”

D’Von Dudley eyes Rob Van Dam as the fans being booing loudly. RVD looks around at Bubba, who is suspiciously eyeing him and then takes the microphone.

Bubba Ray Dudley: “We stuck our necks out for you, since we have history. You better get on the bandwagon!”

Rob Van Dam seems to be thinking about all of this and finally raises up the microphone.

Rob Van Dam: “Who could turn down an offer like that? The manager of champions? The best tag in the world by your side? Well, the second best tag team after the Glory Hounds, but we’re not together anymore. But still! And a hired gun that can strike whenever needed? Who would ever turn that down?”

Sunny smiles as Bubba and D’Von finally relax a bit.

Rob Van Dam: “I’ll tell you who’d turn it down. Someone who goes out there every night and tears it up against anyone and everyone anyway. Someone who’s already Mr. Saturday Night, The Whole F’n Show, YOUR United National Heavyweight Champion all on his own… why be one of you losers when I can be… (fans chant along) Rob Van Dam!”

Sunny is furious and starts throwing a fit as the Dudleys jump Rob Van Dam! RVD is fighting back with backhands on Bubba Ray that send him sprawling. Van Dam lands a spinning back kick on D’Von to knock him into the corner… and then turns right into a Bubba Cutter!

RVD is down, and now the Dudleyz descend on their supposed friend like a rabid pack of dogs!

D’Von holds open the legs, as Bubba Ray climbs up and flies off with the flying headbutt to the crotch! Van Dam is writhing around in pain as Bubba Ray sits still, almost in a trance. D’Von charges over and slaps his brother, once, twice, three times. And hard! Finally, Bubba demands…


D’Von immediately rolls out to the floor, reaches under the apron and retrieves not one but two folding tables and slides both in the ring! Now, Bubba sets up one and D’Von sets up the other… then they stack them on top of one another! What are they planning here?! D’Von pulls Rob Van Dam up into position for an Atomic Drop but instead he hands him off to Bubba Ray, who is now sitting on the top rope.

Wait, hold on! The music just hit…

It’s Eddie Guerrero!

Latino Heat is on his way to the ring, and he’s got a lead pipe in hand! D’Von tries to cut him off on the apron, but gets a lead pipe to the gut for his trouble. Eddie steps into the ring and drills D’Von again with the pipe. Bubba is still watching all that unfold with RVD in his grip from the top rope… but Van Dam is fighting back now! Right hands to the forehead on Bubba! RVD clamps the legs around the neck!


D’Von Dudley has retreated to the floor after two shots from that pipe and, with a distraught Sunny’s help, pulls a lifeless Bubba to the floor. Sunny’s master plan went seamlessly until tonight, when it unraveled before her very eyes!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Eddie Guerrero looks over at Rob Van Dam lying amongst the wreckage of the table. RVD looks over at Eddie - all the history between these two former tag team partners is palpable! The injured Van Dam pulls himself up, and now he goes face-to-face with his former Glory Hounds partner.


We’re out of time! See you next week when Scott Hall defends the TV Title against Bam Bam Bigelow and D'Lo Brown in a Triangle Match!

© 1998, WCFL PWP

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good run for bubba


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I love seeing Hero and Homicide go at so early in their careers with something to prove. Low-Ki is far and above the two of them.

Scott Hall really should make sure hes got a prescription for percaset ready because Bam Bam is gonna put him through hell.

I am lovong the Dudlets right now. I always considered Bubba to be the standout.

I hate Lance Storm. I just hate him.

Mike Quakenbush never got the level of fame he deserved.. If only he had more personality.

I am loving all of this

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Interesting to see Hall now help D'Lo to beat Bigelow, seemingly returning the favor. Seems like there could be more to this than coincidence, but if not, this adds D'Lo into the mix for a title shot and a good setup for a 3 way.

Good bump for Chris Hero as he nears the year mark. Crazy needs some back up against Low Ki and Homicide and he's good an addition as any to that feud. It has the potential to yield all sorts of good matches from singles to tags.

Not hard to guess where the Eddie Guerrero and Chyna stuff eventually ends up, but I like the slow burn to getting there rather than just out of nowhere they're paired up.

Lance Storm is running circles around Kid Kash early on here. The promo work is spot on for him. Obviously Kash needs at least one win in this feud so as to not to completely bury him, but I think you've hit on something with Storm that could translate into main event material if he gets the chance to go back and forth with Guerrero or RVD. And that's not to say Kash is a lost cause by any means, quite the opposite, just that Storm came in and really eclipsed him.

Nice to see the women's division start out. It will take a while to really get it going with investment beyond the names - even WWF took a couple years before it felt like it was about something more than a niche match. Interested to see where things are in a couple more months here as there are probably tempting names in the rookie draft with some seeming more able to move things forward than others.

Great closing segment with RVD and The Dudleys, even Sunny was well utilized here. It seems a bit quick to go back to the Glory Hounds but there are ways to spin it if that happens thanks to some of Sunny's revelations here that should lessen animosity between Eddie and RVD. While neither are viable singles contenders really to draw on a big show, there's really no reason that a tag team match pushed right can't.

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Crazy bit with Dawn and Storm here. Still, I am looking forward to another bout with Kid Kash. Great use of hero. Hall and Bigelow is ready to blow. Loving the Eddie/RVD/Dudleys program.


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