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Author Topic: WCFL (Super Sat) Pro Wrestling SPIRIT [Japan] Sept. 26, 1998 “Vendetta”
Omega JeriFlair
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Pro Wrestling SPIRIT
September 26, 1998 @ Tokyo NK Hall
LIVE on TV Asahi
1. SPIRIT's Inaugural Women's Bout: Akira Hokuto vs. Megumi Kudo
2. Six-Man Tag Bout: Yoshihiro Takayama, Takao Omori & Genki Horiguchi vs. Bret Hart, Owen Hart (The WCFL Tag Team Champions) & Teddy Hart (Stampede)
3. U-Style Rules Bout: Atsushi Onita vs. Minoru Suzuki
4. King of U-Style Title Bout: Kensuke Sasaki (c) vs. Volk Han
5. WCFL International Title Bout: The Rock (c) vs. Keiji Mutoh
6. IWGP Title Bout: Nobuhiko Takada (c) vs. Vader (ALW)

MATCH ONE: SPIRIT's First Ever Women's Battle:
Akira Hokuta
Megumi Kudo

Ring Entrances:

Megumi Kudo, dressed in pink and blue attire, comes out to her own recorded theme song "Keep on Running," The lady they call Kudome is pumped up and full of energy and the crowd is enthusiastic for her, as she has always received much support from live audiences in Japan.

Next, the Dangerous Queen herself, Akira Hokuto, makes her way to the ring to the sound of Luis Miguel's "Oro De Ley," She is dressed in a furred white robe, covering her face with a futuristic mask that only reveals her hair, tonight the color of silver. Once inside the ring, she drops the robe and removes the mask, revealing white and silver attire, silver boots, her face painted in frightening swaths of white, silver and black....

Match Highlights:

After an initial feeling out period, Kudo reverses a whip and sends Hokuto into the corner, follows that up by executing a flying hip attack to a great reaction form the NK Hall crowd, witnessing the first women's match in company history. Kudo pumps her fists. Kudo goes in to land some shots but Hokuto is ready and turns the tide, pushing Kudo into the turnbuckle, doing a little hair pulling, slapping Kudo across the cheek and screaming in Kudo's face, Hokuto then grabs hold of the top rope and with her boot puts a corner foot choke deep into Kudo's neck. Hokuto has some choice words for the audience. Hokuto eventually releases as Kudo slumps, her bottom to the mat. Hokuto picks her up and slams her back town towards the center of the ring. Hokuto climbs the turnbuckle. Kudo gets to her feet. Hokuto nails Kudo with a missle drop kick, Kudo's back hitting hard to he mat, Kudo grabs the back of her neck. Hokuto is quickly on her, hooking the leg. Referee Red Shoes Unno counts 1..2...no, Kudo kicks out. Hokuto then transitions to a kneebar, still in control of this fight. Hokuto is really working the knee. Kudo slaps the mat, not to tap out, just expressing her pain and frustration, trying to fight through it. Kudo has long been one of the most resilient wrestlers in the sport, able to take vast amounts of punishment.

Kudo eventually is able to roll and flip free, back to a foot and hops up, using Hokuto for leverage, hitting Hokuto with a kick to the neck. Kudo is showing some damage as she limps on one leg. But then again, she hits Hokuto with a kick to the back and then kicks to the back of the knees, taking Hokuto to her knees. Kudo is fired up. Kudo locks in a Dragon Sleeper on Hokuto, how quickly the momentum has swung. Now Kudo has Hokuto by the neck, literally, Kudo drops down to her knees, putting even more dangerous of an angle on this dragon sleeper. Red Shoes checks on Hokuto. The crowd can see her intimidating face paint/makeup has been smeared and grinded off at this point. Can Kudo get this for the win? Hokuto is able to get her knees and feet out in front of her, taking away that back strecth, now Hokuto has her bottom down towards the mat, Kudo is forced to drop all the way down, into a grounded reverse sleeper hold, Hokuto uses the mat to roll over and she has room to breathe, Kudo has to release the hold. Kudo back on her knees, Hokuto up on her knees, they face eachother and exchange open handed strikes to the face. Then Kudo is up to her feet, Hokuto is back on her feet, they continue to throw blows. Hokuto hits a devastating spinkick that takes Kudo back down. Hokuto is on top of her, she is choking her, Hokuto's hands on on Kudo's throat. Red Shoes is warning Hokuto. Hokuto then picks Kudo up by the throat with both hands, she lifts Kudo in the air, chokelift, and slams her back to the mat. Kudo is holding her neck and gasping for air. Red Shoes gives a stern talking to to Hokuto.

Hokuto then readdresses the grounded Kudo. She steps on her back and manipulates her wrists and knees, getting Kudo in a surfboard hold, rolling over and lifting her off the mat, Kudo screams in agony. Red Shoes is there, asking if she quits but Kudo refuses to submit. AHokuto then releases her and drops her back to the mat, realizing she is expending much energy and Kudo is not giving up. Hokuto then uses one out of her husband's arsenal, the stranglehold submission, wrapping Kudo up in it. Again Kudo is in a world of pain. Red Shoes is there. Kudo. Will. Not. Give. Up. Hokuto is yelling in Kudo's ear to quit but Kudo refuses. Somehow, Kudo with a free hand, extends and rea ches a rope. Red Shoes breaks Hokuto's stranglehold. Hokuto is visibly aggravated.

Hokuto grabs Kudo by the back of the head, pulling her up by the hair, but Kudo surprises her with a kick to the stomach, then another, she downs Hokuto with a diving clothesline. Kudo picks Hokuto up by her silver hair, she wraps her neck inside her arm...D-D-T! Kudo nails the DDT. Kudo makes the cover! Red Shoes hits the mat! 1....2.....No....almost, Hokuto rolls her shoulder. Kudo lifts her again, Hokuto strikes back, hitting Kudo with an elbow, but Kudo this time returns the favor, and another kick to the gut from Kudo, Kudo has control, Kudo grabs Hokuto by the waist, tossing her overhead...Northern Lights Suplex!...Kudo pin...1.....2.....NOOO....Hokuto once again rolls her shoulder up. Red Shoes shows Kudo 2 fingers. Kudo slaps the mat, she thought she had it.

Kudo lifts Hokuto up again, she goes for a kick, but Hokuto grabs her leg, Hokuto smashes an elbow into Kudo's nose. Kudo bends over holding her nose. Hokuto quickly takes advantage, putting Kudo's face between her legs, lifting her up...Hokuto nails Kudo with a spike piledriver. Hokuto makes the cover. Red Shoes counts..1...2...no, Kudo kicks out. Hokuto slaps Kudo, Kudo salps her back, Kudo chops Hokuto across hte chest, Kudo with a forearm smash, she is fighting back...but then misses with a followup, Hokuto kicks Kudo in the gut, and again, Kudo is forced to bend forward, Hokuto grabs her torso, Hokuto lifts Kudo up, spins her in the air...DANGEROUS QUEEN BOMB, and drops her hard to the mat, Kudo's back and head slamming hard, Hokuto holds the cover...Red Shoes counts 1....2....and this time ...3, yes indeed, finally Hokuto is able to put away the ever resilient and spirited Megumi Kudo. Hokuto shows her exhaustion after the match. She waits in the ring, allowing Kudo a few moments to recover. Kudo struggles but is able to get to a knee. The crowd acknowledges the effort from these ladies. Hokuto reaches out a hand, Kudo accepts it. They each bow their head, showing respect for the other fighter. Then Hokuto raises her arm and circles the ring for the audience to see, confident that she is the queen of this ring, and sport.

Official Result:
Akira Hokuta defeated Megumi Kudo via pin in 18:44 following a Dangerous Queen Bomb

MATCH TWO: Six-Man Tag Team Battle:
[SWORD] Yoshihiro Takayama, Takao Omori & Genki Horiguchi
[Hart Legacy] Bret Hart, Owen Hart & Teddy Hart (Stampede)

Ring Entrances:

The electric guitar of Tomoyasu Hotei plays "Dark Wind," the theme music for the SWORD Faction. Out first is Genki Horiguchi, no gimmicks needed tonight as he is all business. Then behind him comes the ever dangerous No Fear Tag Team, the joint leaders of this faction, the mountainous Yoshihiro Takayama and the man with badditude Takao Omori, recently returned from the states where the competed in a tag team tournament. Once in the ring, the huddle and go over their fightplan.

The famous "Hart Attack' plays and out walks the WCFL World Tag Team Champions, Bret and Owen Hart, along with their nephew from Stampede Wrestling in Canada, Teddy Hart. All three men are wearing the pink and black, the colors synonymous with their family's great wrestling legacy. Bret hands over his pink sunglasses to a lucky young fan at ringside.

Referee Tiger Hattori goes over the prematch instructions, Bret and Owen hand over their belts for safe keeping, while Takayama points at them and then towards his waist, he then puts a large finger in the face of Owen Hart who only smirks in response.

Match Highlights:

Owen Hart and Takao Omori start things off for their respected sides.
Omori gets the early advantage with sme chops and a lariat that sends Owen to the mat hard, back first. Omori whips Owen into the corner and follows up with a running forearm smash. The confident Omori talks to the crowd, telling them his opponent is just a paper champion. Owen then fights back, he lands some knifehand chops into Omori's chest, surprising him. Owen hits a spinning wheel kick, then Owen again this time with a kick to the thigh, he goes for another but Omori catches the leg, Owen then adjusts and with his other foot hits Omori with an Enziguri! Omori falls face first to the mat. Owen picks him up and tries to whip him to the corner but Omori reverses and whips Owen back into the corner. Omori again goes for a forearm smash but Owen leaps up and over, getting the sunset flip for th epin...Hattori counts 1..2...,Omori kicks out. Omori shakes his head, he did not see that coming. Owen kicks the downed Omori, seeming to only anger him. Omori is up to his feet. Owen chop, Omori brushes it off. Owen chop, Omori gnashes his teeth. Omori grabs Owen, he lifts him up,this looks like a power bomb...but wait, Owen punches Omori, Owen maneuvers his body, Omori has him high in the air, but the wily Owen Hart twists it around, now Owen brings Omori down....Victory Roll, he ha shim hooked, Hattori counts 1..2...No, Omori is out again and again he shakes his head, Owen Hart is catching him in surprise pins out of disadvantageous situations. Omori is frustrated. Omori gets to his feet but is met with a dropkick from Owen, Owen picks Omori up, belly to belly suplex! Omori is on the mat. Owen quickly rushes to the corner, he climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself out over the ring...diving headbutt! Ouch! Owen connected...Owen stung himself on that one, but after a moment, he roll sover and makes the cover, he has his arm over Omori...1...2...No, Omori is out again. Owen picks Omori up, he lifts him up, he has him in piledriver position, but before he can plant him, Genki Horiguchi jumps in and delivers a diving elbow to Owen's face, forcing him to release Omori. This gives Omori a moment to recover and reassess, allowing him to make it to his corner. Hattori directs Genki out of the ring. Omori tags in the big man, Yoshihiro Takayama.

Takayama charges Owen with a running knee but Owen ducks under, just barley, he hits the mat and avoids contact. Owen quickly makes it to his corner and tags in his brother, Bret. Bret enters the ring. He walks directly up to Takayama. The big man looking down into Bret's eyes, neither man breaking contact, they stare one another down until Takayama shoves Bret, Bret shoves him back. They start throwing punches. Bret lands a european uppercut that sends the big man reeling back on his heels. Takayama gets his balance and retaliates with a big haymaker that knocks Bret down, Bret checks his own jaw. Takayama follows up with a thundering soccer kick to the downed Hart. Bret absorbs it but you can see the pain from his facial expression. Bret musters the strength to stand but only to be met by a giant running high knee from Takayama, sending Bret down to the mat. Takayama quickly is at him again, lifts Bret up, Takayama applies double underhooks, Takayama with a double underhook suplex, Bret crashes to the mat! Takayama makes the cover, pushing down on to Bret's chest, Hattori counts ..1...2...but The Hitman is able to kick out. Bret rolls to the side of the ring, by the ropes. He is buying himself some time. Takayama kicks at his torso. Bret grabs Takayama's leg, then the other, Bret's up, he lifts Takayama into an inverted atomic drop. Takayama has to bend over, that one got him. A rejuvenated Bret seizes the moment and shows his strength, hoisting the big man to his side, Bret Hart with a pendulum backbreaker. Takayama is down! Bret Hart drops a pointed elbow. Bret hooks the leg, Hattori counts 1..2..No, Takayama is up. Bret rolls away, Takayama up on one knee. They stare eachother down, having sized the other up, a bit of a standstill. Bret backs up to his corner and tags in his nephew. Takayama nods and he moves to his corner and makes the tag to Genki.

Now we have the young Teddy Hart and the desperate Genki in the ring. These men battled before with the Canadian coming out victorious. Genki wants his revenge. These two really change the pace, going at it in a frenzy, hitting the ropes, high energy and exchanging high risk moves, aerial moves, more misses than hits. When Teddy hits a flying elbow smash, it sends Genki through the ropes down to the floor. Teddy then signals the crowd and rushes, leaping over the ropes to the outside, hitting a suicide senton on Genki. Oh my! That was insane! Teddy and Genki are both slow to get up. The crowd ooohs. Both men take a few moments to recover and then in the ring, they each tag out. It's going to be Owen and Omori at it again as the legal men,

Omori with a knee to the gut on Own, Omori clubs Owen's back, then Omori goes for a short arm lariat, but Owen ducks under, wraps his arms aorund Omori's waist and hits a german suplex. Owen then drops an elbow, Owen makes the cover. Hattori counts..1...Takayama and Genki are in to make the save for SWORD, Takayama with a smashing foot to Owen's face. That brings Bret and Teddy back in and we have a six man melee in the ring. Owen is working the jabs to Omori like he's Sugar Ray, Bret trips Takayama down with leg scissors, while Teddy hits a crossbody splash on to Genki. The Harts take control. Bret applies the sharpshooter on Takayama, Owen then follows it with his own sharpshooter on Omori, and now Teddy follows his uncle's guidance and ptuts Genki in a sharpshooter as well. The Harts have all three SWORD members in Sharpshooters inside the ring!

Omori, the legal man, gets to the ropes, Hattori calls for Owen to break the hold. Bret releases his on Takayama. Teddy lets Genki go. Bret stomps and kicks Takayama out of the ring. Teddy shoulder blocks Genki out to the floor. Bret Hart shows his daring do as he runs and jumps through the ropes with a suicide dive on to Genki! That was high impact! Teddy motions to the crowd. He is going for another senton, this time his target is Takayama. Teddy dives over the top rope...but the big man Takayama is waiting. for it this time..Takayama catches Teddy and uses the youngster's own momentum to slam him hard to the concrete floor, ouch! That one backfired, truly suicidal. Bret checks on his nephew.

In the ring, Omori and Owen are going at it. Omori attempts a running lariat, Owen ducks under, Omori misses but was heading towards his corner of the ring and tags in Takayama wiith Owen's back turned, Owen did not see the tag. Owen is still after Omori. Owen pumps his fist and goes for a running clothesline of his own, Omori ducks it, Takayama is waiting right behind and levels Owen with a big boot to the jaw. Bret slides in to the ring, seeing Owen facing both members of No Fear. Omori dives on to Bret and drags him back to the outside. Takayama lifts up the woozy Owen Hart, Everest German Suplex from wayyy up high! Takayama with the pin. Bret tries desperately to enter the ring and break it up but Omori is pulling his leg, pulling those black and pink tights. Hattori counts..1...2....Bret kicks Omori away, he's in the ring....3.....it's over, Bret is a second too late.

Official Result:
[SWORD] Yoshihiro Takayama (O), Takao Omori & Genki Horiguchi defeated [Hart Legacy] Bret Hart, Owen Hart (X) & Teddy Hart via pin in 20:02 following an Everest German Suplex by Takayama on Owen Hart


Following the match, Takayama and Omori pose for the audience and then Omori sends Genki to fetch the microphone for him.. Bret is helping Owen and Teddy to the back.

Omori: "Listen up $#itman and Bottle Rocket. You just came all the way over here to the modern, futuristic Tokyo NK Hall from some rusty antique cowboy museum in Canada to take a world class beating from No Fear. So....You're welcome! Did you really think it was going to go any other way? Did you think you were ready for us? Sure, you're family has an old history....emphasis on OLD...and history. But that is all it is. Just like you. Old and historic. You had your time, you made your run, yesterday was great for the Harts, but the Harts like passing wind from my bento box this afternoon...was there and then it's gone, to be momentarily smelled and then forgotten, to make room for the next meal, to make way for the next big thing, and that thing is us, No Fear. We are the new way, we are the future, and as of now....we are the present. Farts...I mean Harts, if you want to hold on to your history, if you value your legacy, the myth of the Harts, the grandiose stories of your conquests and the Dungeons and the pink tights, then you should fly your @$$es straight back to Calgary and never return to Japan, never see us again, never step foot in our ring ever again, keep telling those old stories about best there ever was-es and keep bribing kids with cheap American Made sunglasses. That is what you're best at these days anyways. We are going to be right here, making our legacy, with the world talking about us, having them forget all about you and your family. So go on home an don't ever look back, because if you do, if you dare step up to us again, we'll finish you once and for all, we'll take all that you have left, what little bit of talent and fight you still have in you, and we will rip it away and then you'll be forced to sit around the rodeos talking about how great you USED to be to any fool who will listen. My advice to you: be afraid of us. Stay afraid of us. Hold on to the last little drop of dignity you have left inside those pink tights. Because when you look at us, you see what you used to be when you still had a future, you see the face of wrestling today and it's not yours, you see a superior tag team, you see the best tag team there is, period. The only thing you have left to hold on to those belts is fear. Stay afraid Harts. Because if you aren't afraid, if you truly have No Fear.....well then you will put that Hart Legacy on the line, put those world titles at stake, and try to shut me up. But I am still talking...so...what's it going to be Hitman? Are there any bullets left in that sharpshooter of yours or are you just shooting blanks these days?"

Bret Hart outside the ring calls for a microphone, he slaps the WCFL World Tag Team Title that is slung over his shoulder. SPIRIT official Mitsuo Momota brings him the mic and does translation.

Bret Hart: "You are cocky and you're loud, I will give you that. But you aren't ready for us, not ready for these (slaps belt), not yet....Son."

Omori and Takayama start to climb out of the ring towards the Harts to physically confront them again, Owen gets in a fighting stance. Genki and Teddy try to calm things down. Bret holds up one finger and then speaks some more.

Bret: "Listen. We defend these titles all over the world against everyone and anyone man enough to challenge us and we haven't lost them yet. I am not calling you guys men by any means, but we are not going to start by losing them to you two. You want a match with us, you got it, besides it isn't wrestling you that I am afraid of, it's having to listen to you for one minute longer that terrifies me. [Bret addresses the audience] You want to see The Harts take on [mock old man voice] these two little whippersnappers? Ok, you got it. [back to No Fear] We'll be back in Japan, and we'll kick your @$$es all over that ring and give you something to Fear. Because we are the best tag team there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be."

Takayama and Omori look angry at first but then smirk and nod to one another, they have fought and provoked their way in to a future world tag team title match.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from WCFL Chairman Jumbo Tsuruta
Chairman Tsuruta officially releases the full battle schedule for October's SPIRIT SUPER LEAGUE.

October 3rd @ Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
[Block A] Gary Albright vs. Keiji Mutoh
[Block A] Nobuhiko Takada vs. Masahiro Chono
[Block B] Kensuke Sasaki vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
[Block B] Takao Omori vs. Taiyo Kea

October 10th @ Beppu B-Con Plaza
[Block A] Gary Albright vs. Mark Kerr
[Block A] Nobuhiko Takada vs. Keiji Mutoh
[Block B] Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Taiyo Kea
[Block B] Kensuke Sasaki vs. Takao Omori

October 17th @ Akita Municipal Gymnasium
[Block A] Gary Albright vs. Masahiro Chono
[Block A] Mark Kerr vs. Keiji Mutoh
[Block B] Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Taiyo Kea
[Block B] Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Takao Omori

October 24th @ Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
[Block A] Gary Albright vs. Nobuhiko Takada
[Block A] Mark Kerr vs. Masahiro Chono
[Block B] Kensuke Sasaki vs. Taiyo Kea
[Block B] Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Mitsuharu Misawa

October 31st @ Ryogoku Kokugikan aka Sumo Hall
[Block A] Nobuhiko Takada vs. Mark Kerr
[Block A] Keiji Mutoh vs. Masahiro Chono
[Block B] Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Takao Omori
[Block B] Kensuke Sasaki vs. Mitsuharu Misawa
Final: Block A Winner vs. Block B Winner

MATCH THREE: U-Style Revolution presents a U-Style Rules Battle:
Atsushi Onita
Minoru Suzuki

Ring Entrances:

U-Style Revolution promoter Yoshiaki Fujiwara heads out to ringside. He sanctioned this match under the U-Style Revolution license due to Suzuki's medical suspension in SPIRIT. SPIRIT Officials Brad Rheinigans and Mitsuo Momota head down to ringside to accompany Fujiwara, with them they have brought along several members of arena security. Fujiwara has assured everyone that Bomb Squad will not interfere in this bout, and he has employed muscle to make sure it stays that way. Fujiwara has a word with referee Red Shoes Unno.

"Wild Thing" by the punk band X then plays over the loudspeakers. Out on the rampway we see Bomb Squad's Minoru Tanaka, right behind him with his hands on Tanaka's shoulders is Muhammad Yone, behind him with his hands on his shoulders and slightly bent forward is the big man Tadao Yasuda and bringing up the rear...with his hands on Yasuda's shoulders, it's the leader of Bomb Squad, the Wrestling Anarchist himself, Atushi Onita! We saw this entrance last week, The Onita Train. Onita is fitted in bright blue grappling trunks and a skin tight white grappling top, with black amateur wrestling shoes. His wrists are heavily taped. The scars from his deathmatch wars cover his exposed skin. Tonight though, he is fighting under U-Style Rules. And his Bomb Squad team will not be allowed to interfere.

The lights of NK Hall dim, then the song plays, it's "Kaze ni Nare" by Ayumi Nakamura, the lights brighten back up and smoke clouds the rampway, out he walks, he's back! With a white towel draped over his head, he approaches the ring in simple white trunks, and white wrestling shoes, no knee or elbow pads required, he has a walk of arrogance...he is Minoru Suzuki! Suzuki steps up on to the ring, through the ropes and pulls the towel from his face...he gives an evil smirk in Onita's direction. Suzuki has been out of action for quite a while here in SPIRIT, stemming from the brutal attack he received from the Bomb Squad faction back in the Deathmatch at Yokohama that nearly left him blinded and with a broken back. Since then his stable, make that former stable CATCH/STYLE has all but officially disbanded, it's spiritual leader Masakatsu Funaki exiled from Japan having lost to Onita in a Loser Leaves SPIRIT deathmatch, and try as he might, Suzuki has not yet cleared the medical evaluations of SPIRIT doctors...but, Fujiwara has granted him this opportunity and well, Suzuki does look healthy and ring ready, in great shape and this man did stir some controversy overseas recently by neckcranking a well known American wrestler in the middle of the ring until that wrestler not only left the ring and the match but he left the arena itself mid show, but we'll leave that alone for now. Here he is again, the dangerous one, the Lonely Warrior if you will, Minoru Suzuki!

Match Highlights:

Suzuki and Onita get prematch instructions from both Fujiwara and Unno. Fujiwara bows to Suzuki who nods, touches hands and gives as much as an approving grimace as you'll get from him. Onita turns away and refuses to bow or shake Fujiwara's hand and won't even make eye contact with Suzuki. Fujiwara exits the ring. The fighters are in their corners. Onita gets last minute instructions from his Bomb Squad team that are down at ringside, separated from the ring by Fujiwara's muscle.

Unno calls for the bell and this match has begun! Suzuki and Onita feel each other out, Suzuki is taking a direct line towards his opponent, while Onita seems to be ducking and dodging out of the way. Suzuki stops in the center of the ring and puts his hands on his hips, challenging Onita to come and fight him. Onita does not take the bait. Suzuki looks to the crowd, he's emasculating Onita by dropping his hands all the way down, daring Onita to take a shot. Suzuki sticks his tongue out at Onita. Suzuki is obviously much more familiar and confident in this type of match, stemming from his past in Pankration style fights, and training under catch as catch can legends such of Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson. This is unfamiliar territory for Onita, who does not look comfortable in there, having just two weeks to prep for these rules.

Onita can take the mocking no longer and steps up and open hands Suzuki across the face. It sends Suzuki's head sideways but Suzuki does not budge, he looks straight back at Onita and smiles. Onita open hand again across the face, Suzuki takes it and looks back at him again, this time the tongue sticks back out. Onita slaps him again, this time Suzuki returns the favor, Suzkui with a strike, Suzuki with another open faced strike, Suzuki is nailing Onita with a barrage of strikes, sending Onita backpeddaling to the ropes, Onita grabs the ropes and steps one foot through towards the outside. trying to avoid taking anymore shots to the head from Suzuki. That is a point deduction under U-Style rules, but grabbing the ropes does give Onita a break. Unno calls for the deduction. Onita is down to 4 points. A fighter gets 5 points under this format, once they are used up that fighter has lost the match. Onita is not letting go of the ropes. suzuki is pointing to Referee Unno to restart the fight, get Onita away from the ropes but Onita won't budge, he's holding on tight, he is not letting go. Unno warns Onita to get back in the ring and fight. Onita does not let the rope loose. Unno warns him. Onita refuses. Unno deducts another point. Onita is now down to 3 points remaining. Suzuki has had enough, he steps in and drills Onita in the face with an open hand strike he reeled from way back behind his back. Unno then gets in between them and has a word for Suzuki, he deducts Suzuki a point for hitting a man who has hold of the rope. Suzuki is down to 4 points. Unno forces Suzuki to get back in his corner, Onita is motioning Suzuki away, giving him the brush off signal. Suzuki is aggravated by this but relents. With a great distance between them, Onita lets go of the ropes.

Onita begins circling the ring again with Suzuki generaling the middle of it, Onita trying to avoid those strikes. Onita has his hands up high, Suzuki closing in ever closer, Suzuki jabs and feints a left, swings a right but Onita is being very defensive and keeping his hands high, blocking the strikes, this gives Suzuki an opening and with Onita's hands up, Suzuki shoots for the legs and quickly takes Onita down to he mat. Suzuki has Onita on his back. Suzuki then uses his grappling prowess to move to side control, he is playing and toying with Onita here, slapping him softly across the face, smirking at the situation, Suzuki in control here. Onita has trained in this position recently, defending from his back, against submission attempts. He seems okay in this spot for now. Suzuki with a smooth and quick transition, higher up Onita's torso. He maybe working on a neckcrank or possibly a chokehold or even try to flush out an arm for an armbar. Suzuki moves him arm in position for a choke attempt..but wait, what's that? What happened!??! Suzuki grabs his forearm and rolls off Onita, Onita sticks his hands up innocently like he does not know what happened. Referee Unno scolds him. Unno calls for another point deduction for Onita, he is down to 2 points. Is that blood on Suzuki's forearm? It looks like, yes, the replay shows it...Onita bit Suzuki, he took a chunk out of his arm. What the? That is certainly against U-Style Rules and the rules of decency itself.

Unno splits the fighters up and sends them to the corners. Unno walks over and explains what happened to Fujiwara. Fujiwara is angry/ Unno asks Suzuki if he wishes to receive medical attention and an evil and angry smirk covers his face as he refuses medical attention, Unno asks if he wishes to continue and Suzuki nods that indeed, of course he wants to continue. Onita is talking with his team that are at ringside. Unno restarts the match. Onita is not leaving his corner. He waves for his team to enter the ring. Yasuda and Yone try to get through the security, but are not able. Rheinigans and Fujiwara have to get involved to hold them back. This thing is getting chaotic.

In the ring, Suzuki wastes no time and goes after Onita in a frenzy. Onita tries to clinch up, Suzuki locks up, Suzuki and Onita work the clinch, Onita gets a shoulder into Suzuki's jaw, but Suzuki backs off, giving a little distance, an opening and nails Onita with a pair of stiff forearms, Onita covers up, Suzuki takes him down again, Suzuki has a leg, Suzuki has a heel hook, Suzuki has Onita in a heel hook....Onita in mad desperation reaches out as far as he can and just gets hold of the rope. He's made the ropes. That means Onita is down to his last point. Unno calls for Suzuki to break the hold. Onita is in a lot of pain. Suzuki is not letting go. Unno warns him, Suzuki still has the heel hook applied, Onita is in agony, Onita is shaking the ropes deliberately. Unno calls for a point deduction for Suzuki, Suzuki is down to 3 points, and finally Suzuki lets go of Onita's leg. Onita is hurting, he is laying up against the bottom rope. Suzuki then runs up and kicks him in the stomach. That's another point deduction for Suzuki, he is down to 2. Unno forces Suzuki away and back to his corner. He gives Onita a moment to recover. Onita is holding on to his knee. He is slow to stand. Onita is back up and his hobbling. Unno calls for the match to restart, Suzuki is coming towards Onita and Onita exits the ring. Onita has left the ring! That is it. Onita has taken a powder, Onita has abandoned this match and with that, Onita's lost the last point he had remining. Unno calls for the bell. This one is over. Officially, Minoru Suzuki has won on points.

Official Result:
Minoru Suzuki [i]defeated[/] Atsushi Onita in 10:28 via points (Onita lost all 5 of his allotted points)


Onita is limping out at ringside, his Bomb Squad stablemates are in a shoving match with SPIRIT officials and arena security. Then out from the back...what is this? Who is this!??! Standing on top of the rampway. It's a man in the Super Vader mask, the full frightening headdress! Vader is here tonight, but that is not that Vader, that is not his bodytype, this guy is more trim and muscular. The mask's eyes glow red and smoke flows out from the sides. The man inside, he is fit, he has tassles on his boots and around his arms....he is pumping up in the air, and rushes down the rampway in a frenzy, as much as one can with that monstrosity on their shoulders, could this be him? Is this...is this The Warrior looking for revenge? I guess we'll say it, Warrior was the man involved in the controversy with Suzuki back in America. Could he have dared to come to Japan for payback? And what's the story with the Vader mask? Onita certainly seems to think it is him. Onita and the Bomb Squad are pointing to this Vader Warrior, encouraging him to attack Suzuki, they are patting him on the back, they have his back. Vader Warrior is trying to remove his headdress, Yasuda helps him, the mask is off! There he is, his face painted in bright colors, and long brown locks. He looks a little smaller than we remember. Onita and company are gameplanning with him to charge the ring. Fujiwara and officials are warning them to move to the locker room. Suzuki waits in the ring, that evil smirk and glint in his eye. He looks ready for another piece of either Onita or Warrior.

But wait, now what? Out from the back in street clothes at the top of the rampway, more people, this time it's Suzuki's former CATCH/STYLE stablemates Manabu Nakanishi and Osamu Nishimura. They are methodically making their way towards Bomb Squad. They have their own vengeance in mind. Onita points Warrior towards Nakanishi and Nishimura but then, Warrior removes his hair. Wait, he took off his hair? It's a wig. That isn't Warrior! The non Warrior punches Onita in the face, Nakanishi and Nishimura charge in attacking Bomb Squad, meanwhile Suzuki hops down from the ring and pushes through the officials to join the fray. Not Warrior is hammering away on Onita. Under the face paint, t's...it's....it's....it's Masakatsu Funaki! CATCH/STYLE are together again, at least for this one moment and they are paying Bomb Squad back with a vengeance! Officials and security jump in and try to restore order. Bomb Squad have no recourse but to split up and escape through the crowd. Tanaka assisting the limping and now bloodied Onita out of the arena. Funaki smiles to the crowd, he nods, he found him some satisfaction here tonight. Funaki and Suzuki take a moment to look one another over, size eachother up and although for a moment it looks like they may go mano y mano, Funaki reaches out his hand and Suzuki accepts it. Funaki raises Suzuki's arm and points towards him, as if acknowledging his win and a passing of the torch so to speak. Then Suzuki, Nakanishi and Nishimura each raise up Funaki's arms, saluting their former leader. He may be exiled from the SPIRIT ring but he is not forgotten and tonight, he found a way to make an impact.


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MATCH FOUR: U-Style Revolution presents King of U-Style Championship Battle [U-Style Rules]:
Kensuke Sasaki (c)
Volk Han

Han and Sasaki battled to a hardly fought contest. Sasaki was forced to escape multiple submission attempts by Han who really focused on his previously injured arm but in the end it was Sasaki coming out victorious after leveling Han with 5 devastating suplexes, one after another, Han landing at dangerous angles to his head and neck. Afte rthe fisth suplex, the Referee counted to ten and declared Sasaki the winner by Knockout.

Official Result:
Kensuke Sasaki defended the U-Style Title, defeating Volk Han by knockout in (12:40) following a series of high angle suplexes.

MATCH FIVE: WCFL International Title Battle:
The Rock (c)
Keiji Mutoh

The two international stars battled it out in the ring and outside of it. The crowd was interested and entertained by The Rock but down the strecth really threw their support behind Mutoh in hopes that he would finally bring home the International Title. Mutoh controlled a great portion of the match and in the finishing sequence nailed Rock with a running knee. Rock kicked out. Rock then hit a rock bottom but Mutoh kicked out much to the joy of the Tokyo fans. Mutoh then got rock down, hit the turnbuckle and nailed a monnsault. The arena thought this was it but just before 3, Rock got his foot on the rope. Rock then took control back and got Mutoh in a sharpshooter submission, but Mutoh was able to surive and actually reverse it, putting Rock in a figure four. The crowd was really in to it. They could smell victory for their guy but Rock just made it to the ropes again. Mutoh then went for his handspring back elbow but the Rock was ready, the Rock caught him, spun him around and hit another Rock Bottom, this time it was enough..1...2...3...and in an epic battle, The Rock survived the challenge from Keiji Mutoh. An exhausted Mutoh can not hide his disappointment and frustration. He thought this was his time to win the belt. But it was not to be and once again, The Rock, the most electrifying man in pro wrestling takes home the International Title.

Official Result:
The Rock defeated Keiji Mutoh by pinfall in (26:33) following a Rock Bottom.

MAIN EVENT: IWGP Heavyweight Title Battle:
Nobuhiko Takada (c)
Vader (ALW)

This was a brutal contest. A real fight. Vader hammered and potatoed Takada the whole way, while Takada held nothing back with the stiffest, sweat slinging kicks he could throw at the big man. Vader crushed Takada with several huge power bombs, several close pins and one where Referee Tiger Hattori had to ask Takada if he could and even wanted to continue as he began favoring his ribs and back heavily. In the end though, Takada showed more attrition and endurance, he was able to withstand Vader's brutal attacks until Vader tired and slowed, with Vader unable to get out of the way of Takada's strikes or keep his defenses up, eventually Takada wore him down and pulverized the big man with a series of KO kicks that eventually fell the big minotaur. With Vader on one knee, either too exhausted or too dazed to stand, Takada nailed him with a soccer style kick that finished him off. Vader's eyes swollen, his face swelling inside the mask. Takada covered for the 1-2-3 and although he took a massive beating, Takada survived to retain his IWGP Title.

Official Result:
Nobuhiko Takada defended the IWGP Title in defeating Vader by pinfall in (22:57) following a soccer kick.

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Bret sure gave it to Takayama and Omori. Can't wait for that match. Will be watching to see how Warrior fits into all of this. Great action.


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Updated with results for last 3 matches

These recaps are a bit abbreviated. My apologies, as I am trying to catch back up and get current ASAP.

I hope they get the info across even if short on some details.

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