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Are you interested in joining the WCFL? Curious about how things operate? Check out the Rules & Regulations link below!

Click Here For the WCFL Rules & Info Thread


Click Here for the WCFL Discussion Thread






























Got someone on the trading block, or just curious to see who IS on the trading block? Click Here for the Waiver Wire



Current WCFL Advisory Board Members
AB Members: Blind Guy, Grape Ape, jp1985

Any questions or concerns you can send any of the 3 AB members a PM. Any general issues with the FA list or rosters feel free to PM the AB.

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Available roster setup:
30 wrestlers
3 managers
1 WCFL representative
4 announcers / interviewers
1 ring announcer
3 referees
4 misc staff

World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

Writer: Blind Guy 6/11
Promoting the area of: Georgia, Alabama & Florida
Main Location / Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

WCFL Representative: Bobby Heenan
Commissioner: Terry Taylor
Director of Authority: Erik Watts (11/17)
Executive Producer: Craig Leathers
Trainer: Ron Garvin
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Gene Okerlund, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay
Ring Announcer: David Penzer
Referees: Nick Patrick, Randy Anderson, Mickey Jay


Bob Holly
Booker T
Brian Adams
Bryan Clark
Cactus Jack
Chris Kanyon
Craig Pittman (Fill-In #1, The Hart Brothers)
Curt Hennig
Dale Torborg (10/28)
Don Harris
Joe E Legend (11/17)
Konnan (11/14)
Mike Maverick
Mr. Aguila
Otto Schwanz (Bo Dupp) (10/28)
Perry Saturn
Pierre Ouelette
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Robbie Brookside
Ron Harris
Sean Waltman
Shoichi Funaki
Stevie Ray
Sylvain Grenier (Fill-In #2, The Hart Brothers)
TAKA Michinoku
The Undertaker
Tokyo Magnum
Van Hammer

Managers: Eric Bischoff, Paul Bearer, Vince Russo

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

Writer: jp1985 9/15/15
Main location: Jeffersonville, IN
Promoting: Indiana, Kentucky, and southern Ohio

Owner / Head trainer: Danny Davis
Assistant trainer: Rip Rogers
WCFL Representative: Jim Ross
Minority Investor: Shane McMahon
Commissioner: Bill Dundee
Announcers: Dean Hill, Jim Cornette, Kenny Bolin, Stacy Carter
Referees: Robert Brisco, Joe Wheeler, Ray Ramsey


Chad Collyer
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
Chris Michaels
Christopher Daniels
Dallas Page
Doug Basham
Flash Flanagan
Goldberg (11/14)
Jamie Dundee
Jason Lee
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Nick Dinsmore
Pete Gas
Reckless Youth
Ricky Morton
Rico Constantino
Rob Conway
Robert Gibson
Rodney Lienhardt
Ron Killings
Russ Haas
Sean Casey
Sid Vicious
Steve Bradley
The Damaja
Trailer Park Trash
Wolfie D

Managers: James Mitchell, Truth Martini, Ryan Shamrock

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

New South Pro Wrestling (NSPW)

Writer: The Jack of Diamonds 5/26/16
Promoting: The states of Virginia, North & South Carolina
Main Location: Raleigh, NC

Owner: John Ringley, Ringley Entertainment LLC
President: Tully Blanchard
Vice President: J.J. Dillon
Trainer: Ricky Steamboat
WCFL Representative: Gerald Brisco (11/12)
Television Announcers: Lee Marshall, Dusty Rhodes, Baby Doll, Chris Cruise
Ring Announcer: Angela Blevins
Referees: Charles Robinso, Billy Silverman & Dave Hebner


2 Cold Scorpio (11/14)
Barry Windham
Billy Fives (10/31)
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Chris Harris (Braden Wright)
Dustin Rhodes
Gary Steele (Fill-In, Steve Austin)
Glacier (10/31)
Hulk Hogan
James Storm
Jamie Noble
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Juventud Guerrera (11/14)
Kendall Windham
Lenny Lane
Lex Luger
Matt Hardy
Mike Rapada
Ric Flair
Roddy Piper
Scott Steiner
Super Dragon (10/31)
Terry Funk
Tommy Rich

Managers: Arn Anderson, Teddy Long, Joe Malenko (10/31)

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)

Writer: Grape Ape 9/14/16
Promoting: Pennsylvania

Top Dog: Ron Hed
WCFL Liason: Cyrus
Announcers: Joey Styles
Ring Announcer: Bob Artese, Joel Gertner
Referees: Jim Molineaux, Scott Dickinson, Bill Alfonso


Blue Meanie
Bryan Alvarez
Buddy Wayne
Chase Stevens
Chilly Willy
Chris Champion
Chris Chetti
Danny Doring
Disco Inferno
Donovan Morgan
Ian Rotten
Jack Victory
Jason Knight
Johnny Grunge
Kenny Kaos
Matt Knowles (HC Loc)
New Jack (11/14)
Pat Tanaka
Pit Bull #1
Robbie Rage
Rocco Rock
Shane Douglas
Stevie Richards
The Sandman
Tom Marquez
Tommy Dreamer

Managers: Beulah, Francine, Ralphus

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW)

Writer: Old School 7/2/17
Promoting: east & central Tennessee
Headquarters: Knoxville, Tennessee

Owner/Commissioner: Ron Fuller
WCFL Representative: Doug Furnas
Announcers: Les Thatcher, Joe Pedicino, Boni Blackstone
Referees: Les Thornton, Phil Hickerson, Larry Sharpe


Air Paris
Bart Gunn (11/17)
Bobby Duncum Jr.
Brad Anderson
Brad Armstrong
Brian Christopher
Brian Lee
Buddy Landel
Butch Reed
Cedric Crain
Chris Chavis (11/07)
Chuck Palumbo
Doug Gilbert
Dutch Mantel
Glen Kulka
Hector Garza (11/15)
Ice Train
Kaz Hayashi (11/15)
Mick Tierney
Pit Bull #2
Reno Riggins
Rick Steiner
Scoot Andrews
Scott Putski
Shawn Stasiak
Slyck Wagner Brown
Steve Armstrong
Steve Doll
Tom Brandi (11/15)
Tony Anthony

Managers: Tommy Gilbert, Ron Wright, Synn (11/10)

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

Premier Wrestling Federation (PWF)

Writer: abundant (11/25/17)
Promoting: Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia

Owner: Jim Kettner
WCFL Representative: Kevin Sullivan (11/15)
Promoter: Frank Iadeavia
Commentators: Eric Gargiulo, Mark Clemson, Gabe Sapolsky, Lance Wright
Ring Announcer: Anthony Kingdom James
Referees: Mike Kehner, John "Pee Wee" Moore, John Finnegan (11/11)


Al Snow (11/14)
Angel Medina
C.W. Anderson
Chris Hamrick
Christian York
CIMA (11/15)
Devon Storm (11/18)
Dragon Kid (11/05)
EZ Money
Joey Matthews
Johnny Kashmere
Johnny Swinger
Julio Dinero
Justin Credible
Little Guido (10/31)
Marty Jannetty (10/31)
Mikey Whipwreck
Nova (11/18)
Roadkill (11/06)
Rosey (11/15)
Simon Diamond
Sonny Siaki (11/15)
Steve Corino
Tony DeVito
Tony Mamaluke (11/11)
Trent Acid
Umaga (11/15)
Yoshihiro Tajiri (10/20)

Managers: Robert Fuller, Lou E Dangerously, Nicole Bass (10/31)

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

Power Pro Wrestling (PPW)

Writer: CokeMan (12/14/2017)
Promoting: Arkansas, west Tennessee, Mississippi
Headquarters: Jonesboro AR

Owner: Randy Hales
WCFL Representative: Jackie Fargo
Staff: Bob Armstrong, Michael Hayes, Jim Duggan
Commentators: Lance Russell, Dave Brown, Corey Maclin
Ring Announcer: Michael St. John
Referees: Jerry Calhoun, Scott Bowden, Scott Armstrong


Ali Stevens
Austin Idol
Big Show
Billy Joe Travis
Bobby Eaton
Derrick King
Emory Hale (Lord Humongous)
Eric Young
Jerry Lawler
Jesse James
Lance Jade
Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Hawk
Rodney Mack
Savio Vega
Scott Taylor
Spike Dudley
Stan Lane
Steve Keirn
Terry Gordy
The Barbarian
The Godfather
Tom Prichard
Tony Williams

Managers: Brandon Baxter, Jimmy Hart, Debra McMichael

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

Writer: Cory (01/01/2018)
Promoting: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, & Massachusetts
Headquarters: Stanford, CT

Head of Board of Directors: Vince McMahon
Commissioner: Sgt. Slaughter
Announcers: Kevin Kelly, Mauro Ranallo, Scott Hudson
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Earl Hebner, Jeff Jones, & Tim White


AJ Styles
Big Bossman (11/14)
Buff Bagwell
Chris Candido
Dan Severn (10/31)
Darren Drozdov (Fill-In, The Rock)
Dean Malenko
Evan Karagious (10/31)
Hayabusa (11/13)
Horace Hogan (10/31)
Hugh Morrus (11/15)
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
John Kronus
Johnny B. Badd (11/15)
Ken Shamrock
Lance Storm
Masato Tanaka (11/18)
Mike Awesome
Prince Iaukea (11/15)
Ricky Banderas (11/15)
Scotty Riggs
Shane Helms (10/31)
Shane Sewell
Shannon Moore (10/31)
Shawn Michaels
Steve Blackman
Steve Williams

Managers: Paul Heyman, Dawn Marie, Madusa (10/31)

Roster Total: 30 wrestlers, 3 Managers

Pro Wrestling PROMETHEUS (PWP)

Writer: Commish from California (01/02/2018)
Promoting: Nevada, California

Owner: Rick Bassman
WCFL Representative: Ted DiBiase
Referees: Jason Ayers, Jack Doan, Jimmy Korderas
Announcers: Wally Yamaguchi, Michael Cole, Bruce Prichard, Mark Madden (10/20)
Ring Announcer: Sharmell
Head of Security: Virgil
Master of Ceremonies: Johnny Legend (11/15)
Head Trainers: Mando Guerrero


Al Perez (10/29)
Axl Rotten (11/05)
Balls Mahoney (11/06)
Bam Bam Bigelow
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chris Hero
Crash Holly
D'Lo Brown (10/31)
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Homicide (10/31)
Ivory (11/05)
Jushin Liger
Kid Kash
La Parka (11/15)
Low Ki (10/20)
Nora Greenwald (11/05)
Psicosis (11/14)
Rob Van Dam
Scott Hall
Shark Boy
Super Crazy
Tori (11/05)
Ultimo Dragon

Managers: Sonny Onno, Tammy Sytch (11/10), Sable (11/15)

Current Roster: 30 wrestlers, 3 managers

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Available roster setup:
25 wrestlers
2 managers
1 WCFL representative
3 announcers / interviewers
1 ring announcer
2 referees
3 misc staff

Atlantic League Wrestling (ALW)

Writer: Forrest 11/21/13
Promoting: United Kingdom
Main Location/Headquarters: London, England

Owner/President: Brian Dixon
WCFL Representative: Orig Willisms
Commissioner: Otto Wanz
TV Announcers: John Sachs, Dynamite Kid, Jonathan Pearce, & James Richardson
Ring Announcer: Martin Fitzmaurice
Referees: Steve Lynskey, Phil Robinson & Chic Cullen


Alex Shane
Alex Wright
Andre Baker
Buffalo Breheny
Chris Adams
Davey Boy Smith
David Finlay
David Taylor
Dirtbike Kid (Jason Harrison)
Douglas Williams
Erik Isaksen
Frank Anderson
James Mason
Jim Neidhart
Jody Fleisch
Johnny Moss
Jonny Storm
Kazushi Sakuraba
Norman Smiley
Shak Khan
Steve Casey
The Great Sasuke
Tiger Mask IV
William Regal

Managers: Mark Rocco, Steve Wright

Current roster: 25 wrestlers, 2 managers

Stampede Wrestling (SW)

Writer: cwalt 9/5/17
Promoting: Calgary

Owner: Bruce Hart
WCFL Representative: Leo Burke
Announcers: Justin Roberts, Ed Whalen, Bad News Allen
Referee: Wayne Hart, Mike Sparks


Adam Firestorm
Akam Singh
Bison Smith
Bobby Roode
Brett Como
Brody Steele
Chance Beckett
Chi Chi Cruz
Greg Pawluk
Jimmy Snuka Jr.
Johnny Smith (11/15)
Kevin Northcutt
Ladies Choice
Lenny St. Clair (Dr. Luther)
Michelle Starr
Mike Sanders
Paul Lazenby (11/15)
Robby Royce
Scott D'Amore
Sean Morley
Teddy Hart
Tiger Ali Singh
Tony Kozina
Wavell Starr

Managers: Gama Singh

Current Roster: 25 wrestlers, 1 manager

Pacific Northwest Wrestling Association

Writer: mrppvjrb (05/28/18)
Promoting: Oregon, Washington

Owner/ WCFL Representative: Sandy Barr
Commissioner: Dutch Savage
Head of Talent Relations: Victor Quinones
Announcers: Don Coss, Rick Rude, Brian Webster
Ring Announcer: Gary Michael Cappetta
Referees: John Cone & Marty Elias


Bart Sawyer
Biff Wellington
Brian Cox
Corporal Robinson
David Sierra
Joey Abs
Jun Akiyama
Kenta Kobashi
Kevin Nash
Len Denton (The Grappler)
Matt Borne
Michael Modest
Miguel Perez Jr.
Rex King
Ricky Santana
Shane Ballard
Shannon Ballard
Shinya Hashimoto
Steve Rizzono
Tom Howard
Tracy Smothers
Vic Grimes
Yuji Nagata

Managers: Buddy Rose, Rip Oliver

Current Roster: 25 wrestlers, 2 managers

Wildside Wrestling

Writer: PsychoSem (06/08/18)
Promoting: Northeast Georgia

Owner: Bill Behrens
WCFL Representative: Paul Orndorff
Commissioner: Steve Martin
Trainer: Buddy Lee Parker
Announcers: Al Getz, Steve Prazak, Dave Prazak
Ring Announcer: Tim Dix
Referees: Mark 'Slick' Johnson, Danny Daniels

Ashley Hudson
Caprice Coleman
David Young
Eddie Golden
Gypsy Joe
Jason Cross
JC Dazz
Keith Cole
Kent Cole
Kory Chavis
Kory Williams
Lash Leroux
Moondog Spike
Moondog Spot
Mustafa Saed
Nathan Jones
Rick Michaels
Rod Price
Scottie Wrenn
Sean Royal
Todd Morton

Manager: Jeff G Bailey, David Crockett (11/14)

Current Roster: 25 wrestlers, 2 managers

Pro Wrestling SPIRIT

Writer: Omega JeriFlair (06/20/18)
Promoting: Japan

President / WCFL Representative: Jumbo Tsuruta
Head Trainer: Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Other staff: Mitsuo Momota, Brad Rheingans
Commentary: Akira Fukuzawa
Ring Announcer: Hidezaku Tanaka
Referees: Tiger Hattori, Red Shoes Unno


Atsushi Onita
Gary Albright
Genki Horiguchi
Great Muta
Hiroshi Hase
Kendo Kashin
Kensuke Sasaki
Manabu Nakanishi
Mark Kerr
Masakatsu Funaki
Minoru Suzuki
Minoru Tanaka
Muhammad Yone
Nobuhiko Takada
Osamu Nishimura
Ron Simmons (11/14)
Scott Norton (11/15)
Shinjiro Otani
Tadao Yasuda
Taiyo Kea
Takao Omori
Takashi Iizuka
Ultimate Warrior
Volk Han
Yoshihiro Takayama

Current Roster: 25 wrestlers



Available roster setup:
20 wrestlers
2 managers
1 WCFL representative
3 announcers / interviewers
1 ring announcer
2 referees
3 misc staff

Pro Wrestling Now (PWN)

Writer: PPK (7/16/17)
Promoting: Northern Ohio
Headquarters: Toledo, OH

Commissioner: Great Wojo
Announcers: Jerry Graham Jr
Ring Announcer: Brian Matthews
Referees: Jim Lancaster, Charlie Fulton


Adam Pearce (11/16)
Ahmed Johnson
Andy Chene (Fish)
Bobby Fulton
Brent Albright (11/16)
Breyer Wellington
Cassidy O'Reilly
Damian 666
DBA (Malcolm Monroe Jr.)
Frankie Kazarian
Gene Snitsky
Jake Roberts
John E. Bravo
Johnny Devine (11/17)
Mike Knox (11/13)
N8 Mattson
Tommy Rogers
Tyson Dux

Managers: Lanny Poffo, Saul Creatchman

Current Roster: 20 wrestlers, 2 managers

Texas All Star Wrestling (TASW)

Writer: FantasyWrestlingDrew (03/14/18)
Promoting: Texas

Owner: Bill Watts
WCFL Representative: Nick Bockwinkel
Staff: Kevin Von Erich
Announceres: Doyle King, Carlos Cabrera, Blackjack Mulligan
Ring Announcer: Mark Lowrance
Referees: Kevin Christian, Mark Curtis


Dennis Knight
Dr. Wagner Jr.
El Hijo del Santo
Hector Guerrero
Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Josh Barnett
Manny Fernandez
Mark Canterbury
Masahiro Chono
Mike Rotundo
Misuhara Misawa
Negro Casas
Nord the Barbarian (John Nord)
Pentagon II
Randy Savage (11/14)
Stan Hansen
The Wall
Tito Santana
Ultimo Guerrero

Managers: Gary Hart, Bob Backlund

Current Roster: 20 wrestlers, 2 managers


Newcomers or seasoned hands welcome - locations available include several regions in Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Washington, British Columbia, Quebec, Germany, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, and more.

PM Blind Guy, Grape Ape, or jp1985 for info.

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The following are trades posted concerning non specific future considerations or draft picks. When fulfilling a trade listed here, please indicate as such in the transaction so the trade debt can be erased. Please note that these do not carry over from promotion to promotion if a writer switches rosters through a takeover bid and should be called in and dealt with before any territory swap or departures. If a trade listed here has already been fulfilled, please contact me through PM and it will be adjusted accordingly. Should a writer drop out, they forfeit being owed anything.

- 06/19/18 - PWF (abundant) owes ALW (Forrest) a future dispersal draft pick, traded with Kid Kash & #10 dispersal draft pick, in exchange for #2 dispersal draft pick & Nova
- 07/02/18 - WCW (Blind Guy) owes ECW (Grape Ape) future considerations, in exchange for #13 pick in August 6 dispersal draft

The following are trades posted that deal in a specific payout. Will be fulfilled accordingly. Should a writer drop out, they forfeit the pick(s) and it becomes invalid.

- 10/19/98 - PWF (abundant) owes WWF (Cory) next dispersal draft pick, in exchange for Nova

The following are trades posted of future rookie draft picks for the 1999 Rookie Draft (trades listed in related thread). These acquired picks can carry over from promotion swaps if they are taken as 1 of the 5 "talents". If they are not, the pick becomes invalid and does not revert back as the original promotion still gained from the trade. Should a writer drop out, they forfeit the pick(s) and it becomes invalid.

- 12/19/16 - Grape Ape acquires PsychoSem's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick, in exchange for Little Louie
- 03/12/17 - jp1985 acquires BRobb123's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick, along with 1998 2nd Round Rookie Draft Pick in exchange for 1st Round Dispersal Draft Pick of 03/18/17 Dispersal Draft
- 12/05/17 - Grape Ape acquires Forrest's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick off BRobb123 (H2W), in exchange for Shark Boy
- 12/26/17 - jp1985 acquires abundant's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick, in exchange for D'Lo Brown
- 12/27/17 - jp1985 acquires Old School Wrasslin's 1999 1st Round Rookie Draft Pick, in exchange for Doug Gilbert, Erin O'Grady, & Steve McMichael
- 01/02/18 - jp1985 acquires Money Dragon's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick, in exchange for Tracy Smothers
- 01/11/18 - jp1985 acquires BRobb123's 1999 2nd Round Draft Pick, in exchange for 2nd Round Dispersal Draft Pick of 01/14/18 Dispersal Draft
- 06/08/18 - Commish from California acquires Cory's 1999 1st Round Draft Pick, in exchange for Sean Morley (not taken on switch to PWP, pick now void, 06/15/18)
- 08/30/18 - BRobb123 acquires abundant's 1999 2nd Round Draft Pick, in exchange for Balls Mahoney



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*ASTERISKS* will be added to wrestlers who MAY be inactive by this time. End of career dates are not always definitive, so this notation is open to writers' interpretation and meant only as a guideline.

If you see any names that are currently on an active roster, please advise any member of the AB and we will rectify the situation.

Note, that if you change a name of a wrestler to something totally different, please advise us so we can add that name, so we can keep better track of individuals.


2 Dam Hype
7ft Thunder
Abdullah Kobayashi
Abdullah The Butcher
Abe Guzman (Pharoah)
Abismo Negro
AC Golden (Mark Freer)
Ace Darling
Ace Steel
Acero Dorado Jr.
Adam Flash
Adam Jacobs
Adam Knight
Adolfo Bermudez
Adrian Byrd
Adrian Hall
Adrian Lester (Firefighter Adrian)
Adrian Lynch
Adrian Street
Aero Flash
Airman Archer
AJ Freeley
AJ Petrucci
AK 47
Akeem Mohammad (Black Moondog)
Akihiro Yonekawa (Yone Genjin V.1)
Akira Maeda
Akira Nogami
Akira Raijin (Kiyoshi)
Akira Shoji
Akira Taue
Akitoshi Saito
Al Bold Eagle
Al Burke (Dr Freegood)
Al Green
Al Hardimon
Al Jackson
Al Phillips
Al Poling (911)
Alan Kilby*
Alan Martin (Kevin Dillinger)
Alan Stone
Alex Arion
Alex G
Alex May
Alex Porteau
Alex Shane (Tennessee)
Alexander Otsuka
Alexander the Magnificent
Alexander Worthington III (Scott King)
American GI (Rich Scruggs)
American Kickboxer
American Wild Child
Americo Rocca
Andrei Kopilov
Andy Anderson
Andy Ellison
Andy Hogg
Angel Azteca
Angel Mortal (Al Capone)
Ángel o Demonio
Angel of Death
Antar (Tigre Blanco)
Anthony Adonis
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Netzler
Antifaz del Norte
Antonio Adams
Apollo Sugawara
Apolo Dantes
Arkangel De La Muerte
Armand Mayer (The Warrior)
Art Gore
Asahishi Saito (Mongolman)
Ashe (Paul Dew)
Asian Cougar
Astin Ambrose
Astro de Oro
Austin Darwin Downing
Austin Rhodes
Austin Steele
Awesome Kong
Awol (Chance Christopher)
Aykut Artan
Azazel (Luis Eduardo Gonzalez Ramrez)
Azteca (Jun Kaneka)
B.A. Dalton
Babe Cobra
Babe Face
Babe Richard
Babe Sharon
Bad Boy Hido (Hideo Takayama)
Bad Bubba Brewer
Bad Crew Dog
Bad Crew Rose
Bailey Mannix
Bam Neely
Barry Darsow
Barry Hardy
Barry Houston
Barry Usher
Bart Batten
Bart Vale
Batty Bat
Bay Ragni
Beast (Ron Richards)
Beau Douglas
Beau James
Beautiful Bruce
Bello Adán (Morales)
Ben Bassarab*
Ben Earwood
Ben Jordan
Benson Lee
Bernard Funk
Bernard Vandamme
Bert Centeno
Bestia Salvaje
Big Boy Bob
Big Daddy Hammer
Big Dave (UK Pitbulls)
Big Dick Dudley
Big John Paul
Big Mikey
Big Titan
Big Vito
Bill Eadie
Bill Ford
Bill Irwin
Bill Marino
Bill Mulkey
Bill Skullion
Bill Tabb*
Bill Weaver
Bill Wiles
Billy Black
Billy Black (New England version)
Billy Blaze
Billy Briggs
Billy el Malo
Billy Firehawk
Billy Jack Haynes
Billy Joe Eaton
Billy Ken Kid
Billy Mack
Billy Maverick
Billy Reil
Billy Simmons
Billy Two Eagles
Black Bart
Black Bear
Black Bird (#1 & #2)
Black Cat (Eric Blacke)
Black Cat (Mexico)
Black Cat (Victor Mar)
Black Cougar Jr.
Black Demon (Ku Klux Klan)
Black Feather
Black Knight (AIWF)
Black Man
Black Man Jr.
Black Poison (Mexico)
Black Power (Johnny Guzman)
Black Rider
Black Shadow Jr.
Black Soul
Black Terry
Black Thunder
Black Warrior
Black Wolf
Blackjack Phoenix
Blade Boudreaux
Blare Rogers
Blondie Barrett
Blue Demon Jr.
Blue Panther
Blue Thunder (Carl Fisher)
Bo Cooper
Bo Dacious
Bo Vegas
Bob "Boomtown" Bradley (California)
Bob (Tulip) Miller
Bob Baragail
Bob Bradley
Bob Brown
Bob Cook
Bob Emory
Bob Evans
Bob Gilstrap
Bob Orton Jr.
Bob Shoup (Pink Assassin)
Bobby B
Bobby Baker
Bobby Blade
Bobby Blair
Bobby Blaze
Bobby Bronz
Bobby Brooks
Bobby Clancy
Bobby Collins
Bobby Hayes
Bobby Jay
Bobby Kane
Bobby Lee
Bobby Saddlebags (Jackie Youngblood).
Bobby Starr
Bobby Steele
Bobby Wales
Bobby Walker
Bobo Brazil Jr.
Bobo Brown
Bodacious Pretty Boy
Body Guard For Hire (Mike Mayo)
Bombero Infernal
Bonecrusher Scott Turner
Boogie Woogie Brown
Boom Boom Comini
Boris Dragoff
Boris Kruschev (CAN)
Boris Zhukov*
Botswana Beast
Boy Gone Bad (Joe Daniels)
Boyce LeGrande
Brad Batten
Brad Young (CRMW)
Brandon Bishop
Brandon K
Brandon Young
Brazo Cibernetico
Brazo de Oro
Brazo de Plata
Brett Powers
Brian Adias
Brian Anthony
Brian Blair
Brian Carr
Brian Costello
Brian Danzig
Brian Donohue
Brian Gassaway
Brian Ireland
Brian Jewel
Brian Johnston
Brian Knobbs
Brian Lakewood
Brian Logan
Brian Mackney
Brian Perry
Brian Taylor
Brian Walsh
Brick Crawford (Nelson Veilleux)
Brickhouse Baker
Brickhouse Brown
Brodie Chase
Bruiser Bastein (TCW)
Bruiser Bedlam (Johnny K-9)
Bruiser Graham (Troy Loveday)
Bruiser Mastino
Bruiser Okamoto
Bruno Bekkar*
Bruno Sassi
Brutus Beefcake
Bryan Cruize
Bryan Hart
Bryan Rydar
Bryan Wayne
BT Express (Brian Tramel)
Bubba Fangman
Bubba Humphries
Bubba Kirk
Bubba Monroe
Bubba the Bulldog
Buck Quartermain
Buck Zumhofe
Buddy Shane
Buddy Valentine
Bugsy McGraw*
Buitre Lee
Bulk (UK Pitbulls)
Bull Buchanan
Bull Harley
Bull Pain
Bull Schmidt
Bulldog Raines
Bulldozer (Mason the Mangler)
Bullman Downs
Buster Blackhart (Ricky Fowler)
Butch Blackhart
Butch Long
Butch Malone
Butch Masters
Butch Miller
C.N. Redd
C.W. Bergstrom
Cachorro (Chico) Mendoza
Calvin Knapp
Camaleón de Plata
Cannonball KAZU
Caribbean Kid Berto (Haiti Kid)
Carl Conroy
Carl Greco (Malenko)
Carl LeDuc
Carl Mizzery
Carl Styles
Carlos Colon
Cash Flo
Cat Man
Cazador Salvaje #1
Centella Inca
Cesar Pabon
Chad Austin
Chad Fortune
Chad Hart
Chad Love
Chains Dalton (Peter Weeks)
Chaos (Florida)
Charles Gracie
Charles Long
Charlie Norris
Charlie Parker
Charly Manson (Jim Kata)
Chase Tatum
Chaz Taylor
Chazz Rocco (Chad Floyd)
Cheetah Master
Chic Donovan
Chic White
Chicago Express (Edward Lomeli)
Chicano Flame
Chicano Power
Chicky Starr
Chico Che
Chico Torres
Chino Martínez
Chip Fairway
Chip Fletcher (The Hornet)
Chip Minton
Chip Stetson
Chiva Rayada
Chocoflake K-ICHI
Chotaro Kamoi
Chris Alexander
Chris Annon
Chris Barrett
Chris Carnage
Chris Carter
Chris Curtis
Chris Curtis (UK)
Chris Dolman
Chris Duffy
Chris Evans
Chris Garvin
Chris Hahn (Johnny Paradise)
Chris Hasemen
Chris Long
Chris Nelson
Chris Pepper
Chris Pillon
Chris Powers
Chris Rocker
Chris Rox
Chris Steelheart
Chris Stephenson
Chris Stone
Chris Sullivan
Chris Walker
Chris Wayne
Chris Windham
Chris Youngblood
Chubby Dudley
Chubby Mo Cool
Chuck Coates
Chuck Sloan
Chuck The Kosher Killer
Chuck West
Chuy Escobedo Jr.
Ciclon Furia
Ciclón Ramírez
Cien Caras
Cien Caras Jr.
Cincinnati Red (Gregory Scott Daves)
CJ Summers
Clark Haines (Thunder)
Cliff Compton
Cliff Sheets
Clive Myers
Cobra (George Takano)
Coco Amarillo (El Indómito)
Coco Azul (Chamaco Hernández)
Coco Rojo (El Cobarde #2)
Coco Viper
Cody Hawk
Cody Michaels
Cody Wade
Colt Steele
Copetes Salazar
Corporal Punishment
Cougar Boy
Count Von Zuppi
Cousin Otter
Crazy Boy (various)
Crazy Demon (Rene Jimenez)
Crazy Johnny Tiger
Crazy Train
Cristiano Marcello
Crusher (Cruiser) Lewis
Crusher Takahashi
Cruz Diablo Jr.
Crybaby Waldo
Cuban Assassin (Angel Acevedo)
Cueball Carmichael
Cuefa The Flyin Hawaiian
Curly Moe
Curtis Breslaw (TCW)
D.I. Bob Carter
Dagon Briggs
Daijiro Matsui
Daikokubo Benkei
Daisaku Shimoda
Daisuke Ikeda
Dale Mann*
Dale Preston (UK)
Dale Rivers (CRMW)
Damian Dragon
Damian Duplessis
Damian El Guerrero
Damian el Terrible
Damien (Ryan)
Damien Demento (Mondo Kleen)
Damien Kane
Damien Steel
Damien Strange
Damon D'Archangelo
Dan Bidondi
Dan Childers
Dan Christian
Dan Cooley
Dan Denton
Dan Engler
Dan Farren (Thunder Machine)
Dan Fowler
Dan Garza
Dan Grundy
Dan Jesser
Dan Shannon
Dane Rush
Danger Boy Alfredo
Danie Brits
Danie Voges
Danny "Bullwhip" Johnson
Danny "Shotgun" Gage
Danny B Goode
Danny Boy Collins
Danny Boy Hawkins
Danny Cage
Danny Dominion
Danny Fargo
Danny Gimondo (AKA Inferno Kid)
Danny Rose
Dapper Dan
Dark Justice
Dark Streep
Darren "Tarzan Boy" Ward
Darren Dalton
Darren Wyse
Dave Beneteau
Dave Dalton
Dave Diamond
Dave Gold
Dave Hart
Dave Johnson (Blackheart)
Dave Linton
Dave Menne
Dave Petro
Dave Pinsky
Dave Reardon
Dave Sullivan
Dave the Rave
Dave Vicious (Webber)
Dave Wagner
Davey Rich
David "Mad Dog" Lynch
David Adcock
David C
David Deaton
David Heath
David Isley
David Morgan
David Power
David Sammartino
Deadly Dutchman
Dean Champion
Dean Draven
Dean Ducharme
Dean Jablonski
Deano Linski
Death Row 2000
Death Row 3260
Dee Drake
Demolition Blast (Carmine Azzato)
Demon Hellstorm
Demon Rocker
Demonseed (Eddie Guill)
Demus 3:16
Dennis Allen
Dennis Condrey
Dennis Gregory
Dennis Herrmann (Pitbull Kid)
Dennis Koslowski
Denny Brown
Denny Kass
Densen Man
Deon Johnson
Derek Domino
Derek Stone
Derek Wylde
Derik Destiny
Derrick Dukes
Devil Dawg
Devil Rocker
Devon Michaels
Dexter Hardaway
Diabolico (Rolando Hernandez)
Dick Angelo Jr.
Dick Dalton
Dick Togo
Dino Casanova
Dino Divine
Dino Sandoff (Cujo the Hellhound)
Dino Scarlo
Dino Ventura
Dirty Money
Disc Joker
Disco Fury
Disco Machine
Dobie Gills
Doc Dean
Doc Holliday
Don Arakawa
Don Bass
Don Carson
Don E. Allen
Don Evans (The Bandit)
Don Frye
Don Fuji
Don Kolov
Don McCulloch (CRMW)
Don Montoya
Don Sanders
Donnie B
Doomsday (Tennessee indy)
Dory Funk Jr.
Dos Caras
Doug Deeds
Doug Flex
Doug Gentry (New Jersey Devil)
Doug Masters
Doug McColl
Doug Somers
Doug Stahl
Doug Vines
Dr. Cianuro
Dr. Dan
Dr. Destruction
Dr. Hurtz
Dr. X-Treme
Drake Dexton
Dream Killer
Dream Warrior
Drew McDonald
Drifter Nomad
Drifter Ripper
Duane Gill
Duke "Pitbull" Snider
Duke Droese
Duke Durango
Durango Kid
Dusty Wolfe
Dynamite D
E.T. Stanton
Earl "Bam Bam" Kennedy
Earl the Pearl
Earthquake Ferris
Ebony Prince
Ecki Eckstein
Ed "Moondog" Moretti
Ed Atlas
Ed Robinson
Ed Wiskoski
Eddie (Snowman) Crawford
Eddie Atlas
Eddie Brown
Eddie Bruiser
Eddie Craven
Eddie Jackie
Eddie Lee
Eddie Valentine
Eddie Watts
Edric Hines
Egon Inoue
Eight-Ball Jones
Eigo Suruga (Eigo Ito)
El America
El Angel (Oscar Sevilla)
El Ángel Azul
El Averno
El Bracero
El Brazo
El Bronco
El Cancerbero
El Canek
El Canibal
El Charro
El Cholo
El Cobarde (Miguel Reyes)
El Cobarde II
El Columbiano
El Comodín
El Corsario
El Cosmonauta
El Custudio
El Dandy
El Diablero
El Egipcio
El Enfermero Jr.
El Engendro
El Enterrador
El Espanto Jr. (El Santo Negro)
El Falcon
El Fantasma
El Fantasma Jr.
El Fantastico #1
El Fantastico #2 (Juan Trevino Zocaeiga)
El Fugitivo de Texas
El Gato Nocturno
El Gigante
El Hechicero
El Hijo de Anibal
El Hijo del Diablo (Super Amigo)
El Hijo del Espanto #1
El Hijo del Solitario
El Idolo #1
El Itocable
El Latigo Blanco
El Latino (East LA Angel)
El Legendario
El Macho (#1, #2 & #3)
El Magnifico
El Matemático (#2 & #3)
El Mercenario
El Metalico
El Mexicano
El Monarco
El Olimpico (Super Popular)
El Pantera
El Polifacetico (Juan Andrade Salas)
El Príncipe Maya
El Psicopata
El Retador
El Sagrado
El Samurai
El Scorpio (Scorpio Jr.)
El Sicoldelico
El Signo
El Supremo
El Terrible
El Torbellino (Antonio Dorado)
El Torero
El Tornado
El Valiente
El Veneno (Rafael Ernesto Medina Baeza)
El Vigilante
El Zorro
Elvis (Ricky Boy)
Elvis Elliot
Elvis Sinosic
Emilio Charles Jr.
Emilio Ulacia
Emmanuel Yarborough
Enemigo Publico
Enrique Vera
Enson Inoue
Eric Dawson
Eric Draven
Eric Fontaine*
Eric Freedom (Eric Love)
Eric Freeze
Eric Sbraccia
Erik Anderson (Ebony Blade)
Erik Paulson
Ernest Miller
Ernesto Beneficia (Herve Renesto)
Ernie Todd
Eron Hatchett
Escudera Rojo
Espectro Jr.
Espirotu Maligno
Estrella Dos Mil
Estrella Universal
Evangelista Santos
Exciting Yoshida
EZ Ryder (Canada)
Fabián el Gitano
Fabulous Fabio
Falcon Coperis
Fang Suzuki
Fantasma de la Ópera
Fantasma de la Quebrada
Farmer Vic
Father Juan
Felino Salvaje
Fernando Valentino (CRMW)
Firebreaker Chip
Flaming Youth
Flash #1
Flash (Mexico)
Flash Barker
Flash Wheeler
Flecha Azul
Flex Armstrong
Flex Lavender
Flexx Wheeler
Flying Kid Ichihara
Francisco Ciatso
Frank "Chic" Cullen
Frank Blues
Frank Cody
Frank DeFalco
Frank Finnegan
Frank Goodman (Masked Maniac)
Frank Melson
Frank Mullen
Frank Murdoch
Frank Parker
Frank Stalletto
Frank Starr (Piche)
Frankie Lancaster
Frankie Lee
Frankie Rose
Frankie Sloan
Franky The Mobster
Franz Schumann
Franz Van Buyten
Fred Avery
Freedom Fighter
Freight Train Freddy (Bill Tyree)
Freight Train Fulton
Frogman Leblanc
Fuerza Chicana
Fuerza Guerrera
Fugofugo Yumeji
Full Contact
Future Shock (Big Neil Harley)
Gallo Boy Z
Gary B. Ware (Gary Clwyd)
Gary Jackson
Gary Keyes
Gary Lawler
Gary Mountain
Gary Royal
Gary Scott
Gary Steele
Gary Sturdivant (Big D)
Gary Welsh (UK Doink)
Gary Williams
Gary Young
Gator McAllister
Gavin Starr
Gene Lydick
Gene Petit
Gene Swan
General Von Kessler
Genichiro Tenryu
Gentleman James
George "Animal" Rivera
George Michael
George South
George Steele*
George Youngblood
Gerard Gordeau
Gerry Morrow
Geza Kalman Jr.
Ghetto Blaster
GI Joe
Giant Silva
Gil Cannatella (Mr. New York)
Gilbert Yvel
Gino Giovanni
Gino Martino
Gitano del Norte
Golden Boy
Goldie Rogers
Goro Tsurumi
Gosaku Goshogawara (Azusa Kudo)
Gothic Knight (Ed Gadski)
Goya Mask #1
GQ Knight
GQ Madison
GQ Stratus
Gran Apache
Gran Apache #2
Gran Cochise
Gran Coloso (Asesino Negro)
Gran Hamada
Gran Markus Jr.
Gran Naniwa
Gran Petroneo
Gran Sheik (Arias Romero)
Great Kabuki
Great Takeru
Greg Bobchick
Greg Brown
Greg Evans
Greg Regalado
Greg Sawyer
Greg Stekker
Greg Valentine
Grim Reaper
Grizzly Boone
Grom Zaxa
Guerrero de los Dioses
Guerrero Universal
Guido Andretti
Guido Falcone
Gunther Wagner
Gustavo Mendoza
Hack Myers
Hacksaw Higgins
Halcón Dorado Jr.
Halcon Negro
Hanzo Nakajima
Hardbody Harrison
Hardcore Craig (Swan)
Harker Dirge
Harley Lewis
Harold Howard
Haruka Eigen
Hator (Mario Gurrola)
Hayato Nanjo (Dark Ranger)
Haystacks Calhoun Jr.
HD Ryder
Headhunter A
Headhunter B
Heavy Boy
Heavy Metal
Helcon Negro
Hellcat (Mike Rosario)
Helmut Hessler
Hercules Ayala
Hercules Hernandez
Hermano Muerte III (Juan Romero)
Hideki Hosaka
Hidetada Irie
High Roller Hayze
Hillbilly Festus (Billy Starr)
Hiro Saito
Hirofumi Miura
Hiroshi Hatanaka
Hiroshi Itakura
Hiroshi Ono
Hiroshi Shimada
Hiroshi Watanabe
Histeria II (Morphosis)
Hollywood Kid
Hombre de Oro (Carlito Montana)
Honky Tonk Man
Horace the Psychopath
Hoss Deaton
Hotstuff Rivera
Hubert Simpson
Humberto Garza
Hunter (Freezer) Thompson
Hurrican Castillo Jr. (Jesus Castillo Jr.)
Hurricane Hunt
Hurricane Smith
Hutch Thomas (Spider Webb, Dr. Drago Zhivago)
Ian Decay
Ian Weston
Ibo Latino
Ichiro Yaguchi (SPWF)
Idol X
Ike Idol (Isaac Evans)
Ikuto Hidaka
Invader 4
Iron Sheik
Isamu Teranishi
Isao Takagi
Isao Takagi (Arashi)
Italian Stallion
Ivan Koloff
Ivan Putski*
Izuru Takeuchi
J.B. Trask
J.D. Wolff
J.J. Taylor
J.R. Hogg (Scuffling Hillbilly)
J.R. James
J.W. Storm (Jeff Warner)
Jacques Rougeau
Jack Armstrong
Jack Hammer
Jack Jester
Jack Lord
Jackie Fulton
Jackie Pallo Jr.
Jagged Edge
Jaguar Vijay Singh
Jake LeDuc
Jake Milliman
James Adkins
James Earl Wright
James Kaiser
Jamie (J.T.) Stringer
Jamie Kyle
Jamie Magnum
Jamie McKinnon
Jaque Mate
Jardi Frantz
Jase the Ace (UK)
Jason Anderson
Jason Cross (UK)
Jason Dukes
Jason Gibson
Jason Helton
Jason Jaguar
Jason Kronan
Jason Ray
Jason Sterling
Jason Styles
Jason the Terrible (Karl Moffatt)
Javier Cruz
Javier Llanes
Jay Eagle
Jay Jaillet
Jay Kobain
Jay Smooth
Jay Steele
Jay Strongbow Jr.
Jayson Maples
Jayson Reign
Jebediah Blackhawk
Jeff "Heartbreaker" Grant
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Bradley
Jeff Cannon
Jeff Collette
Jeff Daniels
Jeff Farmer
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gaylord
Jeff Grippley
Jeff Lindberg
Jeff Lovin
Jeff O'Day
Jeff Raitz
Jeff Rocker
Jeff Roth (Schmuck Dudley)
Jeff Sword
Jeff Tankersly
Jeff Victory
Jeque (Kundra)
Jeremy López
Jeremy Madrox
Jerome Crony
Jerry Estrada
Jerry Faith
Jerry Flynn
Jerry Grey
Jerry Hall (JR Alzado)
Jerry Price
Jerry Rose
Jerry Saggs
Jerry Seavey (Candyman)
Jerry Stubbs
Jersey Hurricane
Jesse Barr
Jesse Hennig
Jesse Salica
Jihad Hussein
Jim Boss
Jim Breaks
Jim Brunzell
Jim Bryant
Jim Dalton
Jim Evans
Jim Haley
Jim Hammer (Jimmy Shoulders)
Jim Magnum (FL)
Jim Manning
Jim McPherson
Jim Pope
Jim Powers
Jim Richardson
Jim Ryder (Plowboy Wilbur)
Jim Steele
Jim Tilquist
Jim Young
Jimi V
Jimmie Lee (Gravedigger)
Jimmy Cicero
Jimmy Deo
Jimmy Golden
Jimmy James
Jimmy Jannetty
Jimmy Jordan
Jimmy Kanda
Jimmy K-ness JKS
Jimmy Lamb
Jimmy Ocean
Jimmy Powell
Jimmy Shalwin
Jimmy Sharpe
Jimmy Snuka
Jimmy Susumu
Jimmy Valiant
Jimmy Vegas
Jimmy Watts
Jimmy Wells (Rated X)
JJ Jackson
JJ The Crew Guy
Joe Cazana
Joe Chetti
Joe Cruz
Joe DeFuria
Joe Ferrari
Joe Gomez
Joe Kane
Joe Lider (Jose Alvarez)
Joe Rules
Joe Savoldi
Joe Thunder
Joel Davis
Joel Deaton
Joel Hartgood (Jimmy D Ranged)
Joel Travis
Joey Cormann
Joey Knight
Joey Maggs
Joey Palumbo
Joey Stallings
John Arden
John Brewer
John Cosman (Principal Pound)
John Crystal
John Curse
John Elijah (UK)
John Kenny
John LeRoux
John Noble
John Paul
John Peterson
John Phoenix
John Prater (UK)
John Rambo
John Rock
John Savage (John Latu)
John Saxson
John Sutton
John Thundercloud
John Zandig
Johnny Ace
Johnny Angel (New England)
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Bradford
Johnny Canuck
Johnny Dollar
Johnny Evans (Ram Man)
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Graham
Johnny Handsome
Johnny Hot Body
Johnny Kidd (Captain America)
Johnny Kidd (UK)
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee Coaltrain (CRMW)
Johnny Mantell
Johnny Mercedes (Mark Gallo)
Johnny O
Johnny Obsession
Johnny Paine
Johnny Primo
Johnny Raynor
Johnny Reb
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Saint
Johnny South
Johnny Spade
Johnny Starr
Johnny Webb
Johnny Wildside
Johnny Wiseguy
Johnny Z (Ziegler)
Jon Dahmer
Jon Michaels
Jon Ritchie
Jonathan Holliday
Jonathon Sayers
Jonnie Stewart
Jonny Love
Joop Kasteel
Jorge Castano
Jose Estrada Jr. (Super Medico III)
Jose Estrada Sr. (Super Medico I)
Jose Luis Riveria (Super Medico II)
Jose Medina
Joseph Cabibbo
Josh Wilcox
Josiah Caine
JP Black
JQ Publik
JR Ryder
JT Coleminer
JT Lightning
JT Robinson
JT Smith
JT Southern*
Juan Hurtado
Juan Vega
Judas Young
Judge Dread
Judge Jesse
Julio Estrada (Super Medico IV)
Julius Smokes
Jumbo Baretta
Jumpin' Jimmy
Jun Kasai
Jun Onai (Ultraman Robin)
Junji Tanaka
Justin Bug
Justin Idol
Justin McCully
Justice Pain
Justin Richards
Justin St. John
Justin Starr (UK)
JW Hawk
Kaboz Jr. (Astro Rey Jr/Mephisto)
Kancho Nagase
Kane D
Kantaro Hoshino
Karis la Momia
Karl Krammer
Karl Pope
Karloff Lagarde Jr.
Karsten Kretschmer
Kashmir Singh (UK)
Katsuji Ueda
Katsumi Hirano
Katsumi Usuda
Katsuomi Inagaki
Katsushi Takemura
Katsutoshi Niiyama (Shooter)
Kazuhiko Matsuzaki
Kazumasa Nihei
Kazunari Murakami
Kazunori Yoshida
Kazuyuki Fujita
KC Knight
Keely Rhodes
Keiji Sakoda
Keisuke Yamada (Black Buffalo)
Keith Crème
Keith Eric
Keith Hart
Keith Scherer (Special K)
Keith Sharpe
Keizo Matsuda
Ken Bond
Ken Johnson (Calgary)
Ken Massey
Ken McGuire
Ken Patera*
Ken Raper
Ken Timbs
Ken Wayne
Kendo Nagasaki (UK)
Kengo Kimura
Kengo Takai
Ken'ichi Asakawa
Ken'ichi Yamamoto
Kenichiro Arai
Kenji Fukimoto
Kenny Arden
Kenny Hurricane
Kenny Kendall
Kenny the Stinger (Vito Mussolini)
Kenshiro Yukimura
Kent Carlson
Kentaro Shiga
Kerry Brown
Kerry Davis
Kesen Numajiro (Yone Genjin )
Kevin B Wild
Kevin Grant
Kevin Greene
Kevin Kastelle
Kevin Kirby
Kevin Knight
Kevin Krueger
Kevin Martel
Kevin O'Neil
Kevin Quinn
Khris Germany
Kick Boxer
Kid Dynamite
Kid Guzman (Tigre Blanco)
Kid McCoy
Kid USA (Armond Cecere)
Killdozer (The Hillbilly)
Killer Kanareck
Killer Kumpf
King Cobra
King Dabada
King Drako (Mateo Alcantara Villafuerte)
King Imperio (El Alebrije)
King Kong
King Kong Bundy
King Kong Bundy Jr (Mike Phillips)
King Parsons
Kingpin Price
Kingpin Schaffer
Kintaro Kanemura
Kip Abee
Kishin Kawabata
Kit Carson
Kiyoshi Tamura
Klaus Breuderheim (CRMW)
Knuckles Nelson
Kodiak Bear
Koichiro Kimura
Koichiro Kimura (Lion Man)
Koji Ishinriki
Koji Kanemoto
Koji Kitao
Koji Nakagawa
Koko B. Ware
Kongo Kong
Kortsia Korchenko*
Kosei Kubota
Kousin Krazy
Kris Kramer (Blackhawk)
Krull Danzig
Krusher Knopf
Kryss Thorn
Kuku The Samoan
Kung Fu
Kuniaki Kobayashi
Kurt Beyer
Kwee Wee
Kyle Storm
L.A. (Larry) Stevens
L.A. Gore
La Amapola
La Calaca de Ultratumba
La Chona
La Chona
La Flecha (Alberto Hern ndez Blanco)
La Flora
La Gata
La Ley
La Parka Jr.
La Pocima Letal
La Zorra
Lance Gunn
Lance Von Erich (as Fabulous Lance)
Larry Canyunga
Larry Cory
Larry Destiny
Larry Gligorovic
Larry Green
Larry Lane
Larry Oliver
Larry Power
Larry Santo
Láser Boy
Latin Lover
LaVerne Clark
Le Géant Golem
Lee Bronson (UK)
Lee Thomas
Lee Wang Pyo
Lennox Norris
Leon Djik Vrij
Leopardo Negro
Leroy Howard
Leroy Reid
Lizmark Jr.
Lizmark Sr.
Lloyd Anoa'i (Alofa)
Lobo Rubio
Lobo Vikingo
Loco Castillo
Loco Max (Edgar Gabriel Morales Correa)
Loco Valentino (Mosco de la Merced)
Loco Zandokan
Logan Caine
Logan X
Lord of Discipline (Florida)
Lord Zoltan
Lou Andrewa
Lou Fabiano
Lou Marconi
Lou Perez
Lou Winston
Louie Ramos
Luc Poirier
Ludger Proulx
Luis Mariscal
Luke Williams
Lumbee Warrior
Lumberjack Bubba
Luminous Warrior (Jimmy Dejewski)
Lupus (Kent Porter)
Lynn Fields
Mace Mendoza
Macho Kid
Mad Dog McPhie
Mad Dog O'Malley
Mad Dog Richards
Mad Man Pondo
Magic (Andrew Morgan)
Magnificent Zulu
Magnitude Kishiwada
Magnum Conroy
Magnus Von Steel
Major Havoc
Major Powers
Makato Hashi
Makato Miyazawa
Makoto Morimitsu
Makoto Onai (Ultraman Robin)
Makoto Saito
Mal Sanders
Malcolm Monroe*
Mammoth Sasaki
Mamoru Okamoto
Mana (Polynesian Warrior)
Maniac Mark Mustang (Mark Bryan)
Maniacal Mark
Manny Villalobos
Mano Negra
Mano Negra Jr.
Maravilla Lopez
Marc Ash
Marc King
Marc Laurenitis
Marc Verow
Marck Gjoka
Marco Jaggi (Ares)
Mario Mancini
Mario Santana
Mario Valenzuela
Mark Adcock
Mark Cooper
Mark Flemming
Mark Kyle
Mark Laurinitis
Mark Manson
Mark Mercedes
Mark Mest
Mark Miller (Commando)
Mark Ragin
Mark Shrader (Joe College)
Mark Sterling
Mark Thomas
Mark Vance
Mark Von Erich
Mark Youngblood
Martin Escebado
Marty Garner
Marty Jones
Marvin the Maniac
Masa Saito
Masaaki Mochizuki
Masahiko Kochi
Masahiko Takasugi (Super Seven)
Masahito Kakihara
Masakazu Fukuda
Masakre (MS-2)
Masanobu Fuchi
Masanobu Kurisu
Masao Inoue
Masao Orihara
Masaru Toi
Masato Yakushiji
Masayoshi Motegi
Masayuki Naruse
Mascara Ano 2000
Mascara Magica
Máscara Mágica (Talismán Jr.)
Mascara Sagrada
Mascara Sagrada Jr.
Mason Hunter
Master Galaxy
Matt Burns
Matt Fairlane
Matt Farmer
Matt Houston
Matt Lindland
Matt Otto
Matt Storm
Matt Stryker (Ohio)
Maurice Smith
Maverick Wilde
Max Anthony
Max Thrasher
Maxx Crimson
Maxx Fury
Maxx Justice (Mike Diamond)
Maxx Muscle
Maxx Payne
Mel Stuart (UK)
MEN's Teioh
Menace #1
Menace 2 Society
Mensajero de la Muerte
Mensajero del Diablo
Merc the Cruiser
Metal Maniac
Mexico Bronco (Tomas Moreno)
Michael "Hitman" Bruno
Michael Anthony (Chicago indy)
Michael Devine (Mohammad Kane)
Michael Kovac (Martin Hutter)
Michael Snap
Michael Starr
Michiyoshi Ohara
Mickey Doyle
Mighty Inoue
Miguel Rosado
Mike "Flash" Jordan
Mike "Machine Gun" Kelly
Mike Andrews
Mike Bell
Mike Blatnick (Angel Armani)
Mike Bond
Mike Cooper
Mike Dahl
Mike Davis
Mike Dell
Mike Enos
Mike Golden
Mike Hennesy
Mike Hollow
Mike Hughes
Mike Incognito (Peskin)
Mike Jackson
Mike Justice
Mike Kaluha
Mike Khoury
Mike Kirschner
Mike Legacy
Mike Lozansky
Mike Masters
Mike Maze
Mike Miller
Mike Norman
Mike Powers
Mike Quackenbush
Mike Reed
Mike Richards
Mike Roberts (UK)
Mike Roselli
Mike Samples
Mike Samson (Iron Cross)
Mike Sensation
Mike Shane
Mike Sharpe Jr.
Mike Shaw
Mike Somaini (Purple Haze)
Mike Stone
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sundance
Mike Tatum
Mike Thor
Mike V
Mike Weaver (UK)
Mike Williams
Mike Youngblood
Mikey Henderson
Mikhail Ilyukhin
Mil Mascaras
Mile Zrno
Milwaukee Mauler
Mini May Flowers
Minoru Fujita
Misterioso #2
Mitch Page
Mitch Ryder
Mitch Snow
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
Mitsuteru Tokuda
Mitsuya Nagai
Mocha Cota
Mohammad Saad
Mohicano I
Mohicano II
Mongo (Death Force)
Monsta Mack
Monster Viper (AKA Dollar)
Moondog Manson
Moondog Nathan
Moondog Rover
Moondog Splat (AKA Goliath)
Morgus the Maniac
Mosco de la Merced
Motley Cruz
Motor City Madman
Motoshi Okuma
Movie Star Mike
Mr. Buddhaman
Mr. Chin
Mr. Excitement
Mr. Gannosuke
Mr. Hughes
Mr. Mac (Guillotine LeGrande)
Mr. Main Event
Mr. Meaner
Mr. Mister
Mr. Motion (Mike Taris)
Mr. Niebla
Mr. Ooh La La
Mr. Pogo
Mr. Power
Mr. Tempest
Murderer (SPWF)
Murray Happer
Musashi Oyama
Muscles Manfield
Myke Murphy
Nailz (Kevin Kelly)
Naja Viper
Naohiko Yamazaki
Naohiro Hoshikawa
Naoito Shimitsu
Naomichi Marufuji
Naoshi Sano
Naoya Ogawa
Navajo Warrior
Necro Butcher
Ned Brady
Negro Navarro
Neil Carr
Nick Barbary
Nick Busick
Nick Danger
Nick Golden
Nick Steel
Nick Tarentino
Nicky Benz
Night Train Jackson
Nikita Allanov
Nikolai Volkoff
Ninja de Fuego
Nobukazu Hirai
Nobutaka Araya
Nobuyuki Kurashima
Norbert Klatt (Johnny Malibu)
Norio Honaga
Norvell Austin
Notorious TID
Nova (UK)
Obacchi Iizuka
Oly Olsen
One Man Gang
Oriental #2
Orin Jones
Oro #2
Osami Shibuya
Osamu Kido
Osamu Suganuma
Osamu Tachihikari
Otis Apollo
Otoko Sakari
Ox Harley
Oziel Toscano (AKA Tarzan Boy)
P.N. News
Pablo Fuentes
Pablo Marquez
Paddy O'Brien
Pain (Death Force)
Pancho Tequila (Torbellino)
Pasion Cristal
Pat Anderson
Pat Brady
Pat Friday
Pat McGuire (Mulkey)
Pat Rose
Patrick Schulz
Patrick Smith
Paul Atlas
Paul Bunyan (Canadian Giant)
Paul Diamond
Paul Lauria
Paul Lee
Paul Marcoux
Paul Puertorico
Paul Ranville
Paul Roma
Paul Tyrrell
Paul Varelans
Paul Zinc
Paulie Gilmore
Payasito Lagunero
Pegaso #2
Pepe Aguayo
Pequeo Cachorro
Perro Aguayo
Perro Aguayo Jr.
Perry Action Jackson
Perry Allen
Petar Bojetz
Pete "Judo" Roberts
Pete Johnson
Pete Lapaque (UK)
Pete Madden
Peter Flowers
Phantom Funakoshi
Phil Apollo
Phil Bedwell
Phil Belanger
Phil Davis
Phil LaFon
Phil Powers
Pierre Fontaine
Pierroth Jr.
Pirata Morgan
Piratita Morgan #2
PK Ripper
Pogo the Clown (Joe Applebaumer)
Poison Sawada JULIE
Polly Star
Polvo de Estrellas
Polynesian Prince Moses Moli
Power Raider Azul (Discovery)
Power Raider Rojo (Lasser)
Preston Quinn
Preston Steele
Pretty Boy Floyd
Primo Carnera III
Prince Aladdin
Prince Kharis
Prince Nana
Príncipe Gitano #2
Principe Unlimited
Psycho Mike
Puma del Norte
Quinn Magnum
Quinn Nash
Rainbow Brown
Ralph Lemieux
Ralph Mosca
Ralph Soto (Mr. Puerto Rico)
Ramazi Buzariaschwili
Ramstein (Francisco Javier Costilla Macedo)
Randy Barber
Randy Colley
Randy Fuller
Randy Gusto
Randy Lewis
Randy Mulkey
Randy Rhodes
Randy Rogers
Randy Rose
Randy Rudd
Randy Sledge
Randy Starr
Randy Taylor (Trash Man)
Randy Thatcher
Randy Thornton (Swoll)
Randy Tyler
Ranger Ross*
Rapid Fire Maldanado
Rasche Brown
Rasta the Voodoo Man
Ratón Boy
Raul Castro
Ravishing Ronny
Ray Apollo
Ray Ayala
Ray Brooks
Ray Dube
Ray Evans
Ray Garcia
Ray Hudson (Star Ryder)
Ray Odyssey
Ray Richard
Ray Roberts
Raymond Snow
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
Rayo Tapatío (#1 & #2)
RD Swain
Rebelde Punk
Red Eagle
Red Lightning
Red Master
Red Tyler
Reggie B. Fine
Reggie Marley
Remco Pardoel
Rene Guajardo Jr.
Renegade (Rick Williams)
Rex Farmer
Rex Hargrove*
Rex Havoc
Rey Gonxalez
Rey Mysterio Sr
Reyes Veloz
Rhett Bobzien (Thor)
Ric Hogan
Ric Matrix
Rich Lupkes
Rich Myers
Richard Byrne
Richard Charland
Richard Pound
Richard Sartain
Richard Slinger (Ricky Gordy)
Richard X
Richie Acevedo
Richie Brooks (UK)
Richie Dye
Richie Maggnett
Rick Conners
Rick Davis
Rick Deezel
Rick Fargo
Rick Ford
Rick Fuller
Rick Fury
Rick Garren
Rick Garrett
Rick Jones
Rick Justice
Rick Keller
Rick Lawrence
Rick Link (Beastmaster)
Rick Martello
Rick Masters (UK Undertaker)
Rick Patterson
Rick Perez
Rick Renslow
Rick Ryder
Rick Savage
Rick Stallone
Rick Thames
Rick Vain
Ricky (Tony) Apollo
Ricky Blues
Ricky Bouer
Ricky Fuji
Ricky Harrison
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Knight
Ricky Lee
Ricky Long
Ricky Marvin
Ricky Regal
Ricky Reno
Ricky Reyes
Ricky Rice
Ricky Rockett
Ricky Thompson
Rico "The Gladiator" Morales (UK)
Rico Cassonva
Rico Rodriguez
Rico Suave
Rik Ratchett
Riki Choshu
Riki Senshu
Rikiya Fudo
Rikki Nelson
Ringo Mendoza
Rip (Terry) Sawyer
Rip Sawyer (Sid Garrison)
Ripper Manson
Riptide Rockford
Roadblock Rex
Rob Austin
Rob Etcheverria
Rob McBride (Libyan Assassin)
Rob Ramer
Robert Thompson
Robbie Eagle
Robbie Ellis
Robby Baker (Striker)
Robert Roma
Roberto Rodriguez (Jason il Terrible)
Robin Knightwing
Robin Maravilla
Rocco Dorsey
Rocco Valente
Rocco Valentino
Rochester Roadblock
Rock Stevens
Rock Werner
Rockero del Diablo
Rockero Tri
Rockin Randy
Rocky Della Serra
Rocky Iaukea
Rocky King (Apollo)
Rocky Santana
Roc-N-Roll Cowboy
Rod Bell (Lightning Rod)
Rod Steele (Kentucky)
Roger Anderson
Roger Blade
Roger Ruffen
Roger Sartain
Rokambole Jr.
Rollin' Hard
Rolling Thunder (Mike Staples)
Romano Garcia
Romeo Bliss
Romeo Valentino
Ron Cumberland
Ron McClarity
Ron Niemi
Ron Reis
Ron Shaw
Ron Slinker
Ron Starr
Ron Zombie
Ronnie "Diceman" Vegas
Ronnie Dee
Ronnie Sexton
Ross Hart
Roughhouse Graham
Roy "Scrubber" Daly
Rude Dog
Rudy Switchblade
Rumina Sato
Rusher Kimura
Russ Greenberg
Russian Assassin II (Randy Scruggs)
Russian Brute (George Petraski)
Rusty Brooks
Rusty Riddle
Ryan Jensen
Ryan Reed
Ryan Wing
Ryo Miyake
Ryo Saito
Ryota Chikuzen
Ryuji Hijikata
Ryuji Walter
Ryuji Yamakawa
Ryuki Ueyama
Ryuma Go
Ryushi Yanagisawa
Ryuta Sakurai
S.D. Jones
Sabastian Ice
Sal E Graziano
Salman Hashimikov
Sam Cody
Sam Houston
Sam Samson
Sambo Asako
Samoan Kid (Pancho Killa)
Samson (Ricky) Fuyuki
Samuel Dez Astor
Sandy Starr
Sangre Chicana
Sanshiro Takagi
Satoru Asako
Satoshi Kojima
Scott Ashworth
Scott Bazo
Scott Bishop
Scott Braddock
Scott Chase
Scott Colantonio
Scott Ferrozzo
Scott Hodges
Scott Parker
Scott Peterson
Scott Powers
Scott Powers
Scott Sandlin
Scott Schwartz (Joshua Ben-Gurion)
Scott Sharkey
Scott Sterling
Scott Stevens
Scott Summers
Scott Thomas
Scotty McKeever
Scott Vick
Scotty Williams
Scotty Z (Zappa)
Scrapyard Dog
Sean Allen
Sean Allen (AKA Tank Morgan)
Sean David Baxter*
Sean Davis
Sean Evans
Sean O'Reilly
Sean Powers
Sebastian Dark
Sebastian Kane
Sensei (UWA)
Serge Proulx
Sexxxy Eddy
Sexy Francis
Sexy Piscis
Sgt. Kaos
Shadow Of Death
Shadow WX
Shaggy 2 Dope
Shane Cortez
Shane Eden
Shane Sanchez
Shane Shadows
Shane Young (Shane Austin)
Shaun Brody
Shaun Simpson
Shawn Brown
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Summers
Sheik Al Shaad
Shigeo Kato
Shigeo Miyato
Shigeo Okumura
Shinichi Hayashida
Shin'ichi Nakano
Shinichi Shino
Shinjuku Same
Shinjuku Shark (Hiroshi Osumi)
SHINOBI (Mexico)
Shirley Doe
Shiro Koshinaka
Shogun (UWA)
Shoichi Ichimiya
Shoji Nakamaki
Shu El Guerrero
Shunji Takano
Sicodelico Jr.
Silky Boom Boom
Silver King
Silver Shadow
Simbolo Dorado
Simon O. Umeh
Siva Afi*
Skayde (Jorge Rivera)
Skinhead Ivan
Skip Young
Skull Ganz
Skull Manson
Skull Murphy (UK)
Slam Shady
Sledgehammer McGill (NOT 911)
Slick the Butcher
Sluggo Smith
Snake Brown
Snake Watson
Snake Williams
Snot Dudley
Soaring Eagle
Solar I
Solomon Grundy
Sombra Chicana
Sonny Beach
Sonny Blaze
Sonny Corleone (CRMW)
Sonny Goodspeed
Sonny Myers*
Sonny Rogers
Sonny Trout
Spike Huber*
Spoiler (Don Jardine) *
Stalker Ichikawa
Stan Lee
Stan Saxon
Star Boy
Stefan Gamlin
Stephen Petitpas*
Steve Boz
Steve Brinson (Falcon)
Steve Butler
Steve Collins
Steve Constance
Steve Cox
Steve DiSalvo
Steve Estes
Steve Flynn
Steve Gatorwolf
Steve Gillespie
Steve Gligorovic
Steve Greene
Steve Grey
Steve Greyeyes
Steve King
Steve Kyle
Steve Lawler
Steve Lombardi
Steve Marino
Steve McMichael
Steve Morocco
Steve Neely
Steve Nixon
Steve Olsonoski
Steve Prince
Steve Regal 'Mr. Electricity'
Steve Rivers
Steve Saxon
Steve Simpson
Steve Stallion
Steve Starr
Steve Stone
Steve Tanna
Steve Valentine
Steve 'Wild Thing' Ray
Steve Wilde
Steven "Tornado" Debbes
Steven Dane
Steven Davis
Steven Deleon
Steven Hawkes
Stevie Knight (UK)
Stoney Burke
Storm Trooper (Roy Raymond)
Sub Zero
Suicide Kid
Sunny War Cloud
Super Astro
Super Boy
Super Brat
Super Brazo
Super Calo
Super Delfin
Super Diablo
Super Hentai
Super Mario
Super Mega
Super Muneco
Super Nova (luchador)
Súper Pinocho
Súper Ratón
Super Rider (SPWF)
Super Shisa
Super Strong Machine
Super Taira
Superfly Tui
Supreme (Lester)
Survival Tobita
Susumu Mochizuki
Syl Dancer
T. Kawada
T. Rantula
T. Rex
T.J. Jackson
T.J. Powers
Taisuke Tagami
Takaku Fuke
Takashi Ishikawa
Takashi Okamura
Takashi Sasaki
Takashi Sato
Takashi Uwano
Takeshi Morishima
Takeshi Ono
Takuya Kito
Talismn (Hijo del Gladiator)
Tamba the Flying Elephant
Tanomusaka Toba
Tarasco (#1, #2 & #3)
Tarek the Great
Tarzan Boy
Tatsuhito Takaiwa
Tatsumi (Koki) Kitahara
Tatsumi Fujinami
Tatsuo Nakano
Tatsutoshi Goto
Tayo Reed
TC Carter
TC Reynolds
TD Steele
Ted Allen
Teddy Marshall
Teijo Khan*
Tennessee Equalizer
Terminator Riggs
Terminator Wolf
Terry Adonis
Terry Alexander
Terry Allen
Terry Austin
Terry Daniels
Terry Dos Mil
Terry Golden
Terry Houston
Terry Lawler
Terry Morgan
Terry Simms (Terrence Garvin)
Terry Tomko
Terry Zeller
Tetsuhiro Kuroda
Tex Benedict
Tex McCoy
Texas Outlaw 1 (David Broadaway)
The Almighty Sheik
The Bouncer
The Bruiser
The Business Man
The Gambler
The Killer (Luis Vera)
The Musketeer
The Prankster (Marcus O. Middleton)
The Xtremist
Thryllin' Dylan
Thunder (Darren Walsh) (UK)
Thunder Morgan
Thunderbolt Norton
Tibiri Tabara
Tiger Chung Lee
Tiger Conway Jr.
Tiger Khan
Tiger McGuigan (UK)
Tigre León
Tiki Tapu
Tim Ashley
Tim Brooks
Tim Burke (Lucifer)
Tim Flowers
Tim Frey
Tim Horner
Tim Hunt
Tim McNeany
Tim Parker
Tim Patterson
Tim Renesto
Tim Towers
Tim Warcloud
Timm Wylie
Tineblas Jr.
Tiny Tim
Titan (East Coast TWA guy)
Tito Torres
TJ Gray
TK Riot
TNT (not Savio Vega)
Toad (Curtis White)
Toby Klein
Todd Becker
Todd Bullet
Todd Champion
Todd McPhee (Todd Douglas)
Todd Overbow (Vince Young)
Todd Shane
Todd Zane
Togi Makabe
Tokai Bushido V3
Tom Bennett
Tom Burton
Tom Jones*
Tom Nash
Tom Pitner
Tom Stone
Tom Urbanski
Tomezo Tsunokake
Tommy Angel
Tommy Cairo
Tommy Capone
Tommy Fererra
Tommy Jammer
Tommy Lane
Tommy Montana
Tommy Rose
Tommy Seabolt
Tommy Wonder
Tomoaki Honma
Tomoharu Fuse
Tomohiro Ishii
Tomoya Adachi
Tony "The Annihilator" Scrivens
Tony Arce
Tony Atlas
Tony Burton (Ninja)
Tony Capone
Tony Charles
Tony DeNucci
Tony Falk
Tony Gatillo
Tony George
Tony Golden
Tony Jones
Tony Mella
Tony Nardo
Tony Parks
Tony Prichard
Tony Puccio
Tony Rivera
Tony Roy
Tony St. Clair
Tony Stetson
Tony Ulysses
Tony Viccaro
Tony Zane
Too Sweet Jones
Too Tuff Tony
Tookie Tucker
Tornado Negro
Tortuguillo Karateka (#1, #2 & #3)
Toshiaki Kawada
Tough Tom (Texas Hangman)
Tre the Smooth Operatin' Gangsta
Treach Phillips Jr.
Trent Knight
Trent Nash
Trevor Austin (Dream Weaver)
Trevor Blanchard
Trevor Remus (CRMW)
Troy Graham
Troy Haste
Troy Mest
Troy Montour
TS Aggressor
Tsubo Genjin (Hiroyoshi Kotsubo)
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
Tug Taylor
Tun Tun
Twiggy Ramirez
Ty Dalton
Tyler Mane
Typhoon (Fred Ottman)
Tyree Pride
Ulf Herrman
Ultimo Chingn
Ultimo Rebele
Ultraman (Ventura Perez)
Umanosuke Ueda (Professor Ito)
Universo 2000
Val Puccio
Valentin Mayo
Van Hughes
Vance Nevada
Vandal Drummond (Kurt Brown)
Veneno Negro
Vengador Boricua
Vern Henderson
Vernon Deaton
Vic Capri
Vic Powers
Vic The Bruiser
Vic Violent
Victor the Bodyguard
Victor Zangiev
Viewing Sammy
Villano III
Villano IV
Villano V
Vince Charming (Kid Galvez)
Vincenzo Massaro
Vinnie Biondo
Violencia (Lynx)
Violent J
Vito Andretti
Vlad Koloff (Carl Brantley)
Vladimir Berkovich
Vladimir Markoff
Voltaje Negro
W*inger (Takashi Okano)
W.T. Jones
Warren Kowalson (Agent Orange)
Warrior Steel
Wataru Sakata
Watsumi The Rising Sun
Wayne Bloom
Wayne Gill
Wayne Woo
Wendell Cooley
White Dragon
Wildman Austin
Wildman Firpo
Will Hitch
Will Hunter
Willie Williams
Woody Lee
X-Man (Ulises Angel)
Yashshi Kanda
Yasuhito Namekawa
Yasushi Kanda
Yoji Anjoh
Yoshiaki Yatsu
Yoshiki Takahashi
Yoshinobu Kanemaru
Yuel Lovett
Yuichi Fukaya
Yuichi Taniguchi
Yuji Sugawara
Yuji Yasuraoka
Yuki Ishikawa
Yuki Nishino
Yukihide Ueno
Yuko Miyato
Yukon Braxton
Yuri Vaulin
Yusuke Fuke
Yutaka Yoshie
Yuto Aijima
Yves Edwards
Yvon Cormier
Zakk Wylde
Zane Morris
Zaquary Springate III.
Zonik Dos Mil

NOTE: Any inactive wrestler may be used for NON-RING roles (manager, referee, announcer, etc.). Those noted below MAY inactive in ANY role and are left to the writer's discretion.


Abu Wizal*
Abdullah Farouk Jr*
Adnan Al-Kaissey
Akio Sato
Al Costello*
Alushe (mini)
Ashley Kennedy*
Bert Prentice
Big Business Brown
Bob "The General" Bryan*
Bobby Bass
Bruno Lauer
Bubba the Love Sponge
Buddy Roberts
Cosmic Commander
Count Grog (Greg Mosorjak)
Dave Drason
Dewey Donovan
El Profe
Fabulous Moolah
Frank Dusek
Fray Tormenta*
Gen. Orville M. Scott*
Gorgeous George Jr.
Go Ito
Hiro Matsuda
Hugh Hart*
Hunter Q. Robbins III
Jason Deadrich
Jason Sensation
Jim Kent
Jimmy Z (James Zaveski)
JD Costello
Joe Don Smith
John Cheatham
Johnny Fairplay
Judd the Stud
Kelly Keith*
KY Wakamatsu
Lady Alexandra
Lady Blossom
Little Louie
Lou Albano*
Mark Guleen
Mark Lewin
Mini Histeria
"Miss" Linda Gunthorpe-Hawker
Miss Sylvia*
Mr. Donnie
Mr. Fuji
Mortimer Plumtree
Nate The Rat
Neil Drummond
Niño de la Calle (mini)
Notorious Norm Conners
Ox Baker
Paul Ellering
Peaches* (wife of Ron Starr)
Dr. Red Roberts
Richard Lee
Rocky Johnson
Ron Wright
Ronnie P. Gossett
Sam Dollar
Skandor Akbar
Sir Samuel Kent*
Sweet Dreams (Mark Howard)
Ted DiBiase
The Assassin
Thomas Rodman
Tiffany Million*
Tiger Jeet Singh
Tineblas Sr.
Tricky Nicky
Zeke Rivers
(other women listed in women's thread)

Women Wrestlers



Afa Anoa'i
Alfonso Dantes
Alfonso Morales
Angelo Savoldi
Antonio Inoki
Antonio Pena
Archie Gouldie
Arturo Rivera
Barry Owen
Bob Kelly
Bob Meister
Bob Yuma
Bobby Garrett
Bobo Brazil Sr.
Buck Robley
Dennis Corraluzzo
Dennis Wippercht
Dick Caricofe
Don Muraco
Dr. Cesar Vargas
Ed Ferrara
Ed Francis
Ed Langley
Eddie Mansfield
Eddie Marlin
Eddie Sharkey
Gary Juster
Gary Langevin
George Culkin
George Scott
Giant Baba
Gino Brito
Gorilla Monsoon*
Greg Gagne
Greg Price
Grey Pierson
Grizzly Smith
Harley Race
Hector Guzman Jr.
Hector Guzman Sr.
Howard Brody
Jack Tunney
Jacques Rougeau Sr.
Jeff "Bruiser" Bosta
Jeffrey Cohen
Jerry Jarrett
Jim Barnett
Jim Crockett Jr.
Jim Kellner
Jimmy Suzuki
Jody Arnold
Joe Blanchard
Joel Goodhart
Joel Watts
Johnny Rodz
Johnny Valentine
Johnny Weaver
Jose Lothario
Kantaro Hoshino
Ken Spence
Kunimatsu Matsunaga
Larry Burton
Larry Hennig
Lars Anderson
Lee Fields
Lia Maivia
Lord James Blears
Magnum T.A.
Mark Selker
Mark Starr
Max Andrews
Mitsuo Yoshida
Olu Oliami
Paco Alonso
Pat Patterson
Paul Alperstein
Paul Jones
Pedro Morales
Pete Birkholz
Ricky Romero
Ron Hutchison
Sam DeCero
Seiji Sakaguchi
Sika Anoa'i
Takashi Matsunaga
The Sheik
Tito Montez
Tod Gordon
Tor Berg
Verne Langden
Victoria Van Ellen
Wahoo McDaniel
Wayne Stanton


Abe Jacobs
Akihiko Fukuda
Andre Roy
Babe Richard
Beautiful Bruce
Benny Mendibles
Bill Haltom
Bob Bruggers
Buddy Lane (Dave Kochen)
Carl Fergie
Dario Romero
Dennis Hall
Doug Gilbert (Omaha)
El Catrin
El Tirantes
Evan Johnson
Frank Morrell
Fred Richards
Fritz Black
Gary DeRusha
Gary Grocky
Gino Brito
Hachiro Abe
Henry Van Loon
Hiroyuki Oono
Jack Howe
Javier Llanas
Jerry Usher
Jesse Hernandez
Jim "Iron Duke" Mitchell
Joe Higuchi
Joe Zanolle
Johnny Boone
Jurgen Herrmann
Kurt Brown
Kyohei Wada
Larry Brock
Larry Lisowski
Larry Lisowski
Leroy Ramsey
Marty Asami
Marty Miller
Mike Figueroa
Mike Port
Nelson Royal
Oscar Cecena
Paul Morton
Paul Neighbors
Paul Turner
Pepe Casas
Pete Marquez
Rick Garcia
Rob Hartog
Sam Esposito (Sam Bass)
Scott LeDoux
Shadito Cruz
Steve Harms
Stu Schwartz
Suzie Tanner
Tom Fornini
Tyler Dunn
Verne Seibert


Al Tomko
Lord Alfred Hayes
Bill Mercer
Bill Phillips
Bill Wallace
Bob "Bulldog" Brown
Boyd Pierce*
Brian Webster
Bruce Beck
Carlo Gianelli
Charlie Minn
Charlie Plett
Craig Johnson
Curtis Iaukea
Dangerous D" Dave Yearwood
David Jett
David McLane
David Webb
Dick Graham
Ed Karl
Eiji Tosaka
"Flamboyant" Freddie Fargo*
Francis Buxton
Fumihito Kihara
Henry Dean
Hugo Savinovich
Ichiro Furutachi
Jack Reynolds
Jay Sulli
Jeff Blatnick
Joaquin Padin Hijo
John Johnson
John Tolos
John Watanabe
Johnny Valiant
Kevin Casey
Larry Nelson
Larry Rivera
Leonardo Magadan
Les McIntyre
Marc Blondin
Maria Felipe
Matty In The House
Mike Carlson
Pete Doherty
R.D. Reynolds (Randy Baer)
Raymond Rougeau
Rickin Sanchez
Steve Stack*
Stevie Wonderful
TR Shock
Todd Webb
Yoshinari Tsuji
Yuichi Tabata


Bruce Buffer
Dennis Shock
Julio Cesar Rivera
Marty Gold
Mick Karch
Reiser Bowden
Richard Crowe
Rob Moore
Ron Lemieux
Ryu Nakata
Tony Chimel
Tony Gilliam

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Blind Guy
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Mike Enos
Mike Knox

Dale Torborg (KISS Demon)
Otto Schwanz (Bo Dupp)

Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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Commish from California
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PWP drops Makoto Saito for Al Perez.
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The Jack of Diamonds
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As of 12:01am Oct 1, 1998 NSPW :

Trades Evan Karagis & Horace Hogan to WWF for Glacier and Super Dragon.

Drops Ron Reis (Big Ron Studd)
Picks up Billy Fives

Adds Gary Steele as replacement for Steve Austin winning the WCFL world title.

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WWF sends Scorpio to H2W for Dan Severn
WWF sends Little Guido to PWF for Homicide
WWF sends Homicide & D'Lo Brown to PWP for Shannon Moore & Shane Helms

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PWF drops Louie Ramos and picks up Marty Jannetty.
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The Jack of Diamonds
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NSPW drops Medusa as the third manager and picks up Joe Malenko
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WWF picks up Medusa as the second manager.
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PWF picks up Nicole Bass as the third manager.
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Commish from California
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PWP would like to release Dragon Kid, Keiji Sakoda and Scott Vick to move female talent Ivory, Tori and Nora Greenwald to protected main roster spots.
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PWF drops Axl Rotten for Dragon Kid.
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Commish from California
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PWP drops Ernest Miller for Axl Rotten.
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Commish from California
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PWP sends Roadkill to PWF for Balls Mahoney.
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The Jack of Diamonds
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New South Pro Wrestling trades Chris Chavis to Smoky Mountain for their number 6 pick in the upcoming H2W supplemental draft.
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OVW trades Tammy Sytch to PWP for futures. PWP drops Synn.
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Smoky Mountain Wrestling drips Paul Ellering and picks up Synn.


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Originally posted by OLD SCHOOL WRASSLIN':
Smoky Mountain Wrestling drips Paul Ellering and picks up Synn.

You've got to drop a wrestler too. You're over the limit by 1.
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Ok. I will drop Phil Lafon.


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Grape Ape
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ECW ...

Gerald Brisco & referee John Finnegan are drops.

Tony Mamaluke is sent to PWF as part of a larger future trade.

Chyna is moved to the regular roster.

Ralphus is moved to the third manager's spot.

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PWF drops Joe E Legend and replaces Paul Turner with John Finnegan.
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The Jack of Diamonds
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New South picks up Gerald Brisco as forth member of misc staff... moving him to WCFL Rep. Moves J.J. Dillon to VP.
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PWN picks up Mike Knox and drops Hayabusa


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OVW moves Rip Rogers to a staff spot as a trainer.

Moves Ryan Shamrock to third manager spot.

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WWF drops Rasche Brown, picking up Hayabusa

[ 10-14-2018, 08:57 PM: Message edited by: Cory ]

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October 15 Dispersal Draft:

1. WCW - Konnan
2. ALW - no list
3. OVW - Goldberg
4. NSPW - Juventud Guerrera
5. ECW - New Jack
6. NSPW (SMW) - 2 Cold Scorpio
7. PWN - no list
8. SW - no list
9. PWF - Al Snow
10. PPW - no list
11. WWF - Big Bossman
12. PWP - Psicosis
13. TASW - Randy Savage
14. PNWA - no list
15. WSW - list complete
16. PWS - Ron Simmons

Leftover draft talent will be available to be signed on Tuesday, October 16, at 12pm eastern.

[ 10-14-2018, 09:48 PM: Message edited by: jp1985 ]

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WWF releases Big Vito to make room for Bossman.
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Commish from California
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PWP releases Don Montoya.
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PWF releases Danny Rose.
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Wildside drops Richard Lee - Picks up David Crockett

The future's uncertain and the end is always near...

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Commish from California
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PWP drops Devon Storm and Akio Sato to sign La Parka and Sable (mgr).
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PWF drops the following…

Adam Flash
Monsta Mack
Prince Nana

And picks up the following…

Jamal (Umaga)
Kevin Sullivan as WCFL Rep
Sonny Siaki

[ 10-16-2018, 09:01 AM: Message edited by: abundant ]

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Smoky Mountain picks up Kevin Sullivan, Rosey, and Umaga.
Drops Prince Iaukea, Mick Tierney, and Glen Kulka.


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Doggone it . Forget my drops then.


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Commish from California
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PWP would also like to drop Gran Hamada and sign Johnny Legend as Master of Ceremonies.
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WWF drops Mike Quackenbush and brings in Johnny B Badd as Mark Mero
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Omega JeriFlair
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PWS adds
Scott Norton
Paul Lazenby

Kenny Flairicho?

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