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Author Topic: WCFL - New South Pro Wrestling - 12/5/97 - The Enemy Within!
The Jack of Diamonds
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WCFL World Champion: Ric Flair
WCFL International Champion: Dustin Rhodes
New South Heavyweight Champion: Lex Luger
New South Tag Team Champions: Jeff & Matt Hardy
New South Mid Atlantic Champion: Vacant
New South Cru-Division Champion: Billy Kidman
New South Hardcore Champion: Vampiro

New South Pro Wrestling Owner: John Ringley
New South Pro Wrestling General Manager: Jerry Jarrett
New South WCFL Representative: (pending)


New South Pro Wrestling’s Tuesday Night Stormforce Live on Fox Sports South
Date of Broadcast: December 5, 1997
Live from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center
Format for show: Approximately two hours, starting 8pm Eastern Time.
Announcers: Lee Marshall, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, and Baby Doll on interviews.
Referees: Dave Hebner, Charles Robinson, Billy Silverman

The show starts with Lee Marshall, Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes welcoming everyone. Marshall says while New South is still reeling from “Supercade 97”, it has just been announced that the next PPV event will be “Seasonal Disorder” on Saturday December 23rd in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Horsemen music hits and hitting the entrance platform is the WCFL World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, The WCFL International Champion, Dustin Rhodes, The New South Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger, The War Eagle Chris Chavis, and their manager Elizabeth. Lee Marshall meets them in the ring.

Marshall goes to Ric Flair.

Flair: “Lee Marshall, let me tell you in the last week or so since winning this belt I have traveled all over the country and there is nothing finer than…. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! … being in Carolina!”

Flair: “Lee, I have taken on all comers and nobody, but nobody can or will take this belt from me. Bring on the best, because the Nature Boy is ready!”

With that, New South Pro Wrestling’s General Manager Jerry Jarrett comes out.

Jarrett says that Wahoo McDaniel has stepped away from his role as the WCFL Representative for New South for now to take care of some personal matters. Then Jarrett tells Ric that he contractually obligated to defend his world title at Seasonal Disorder on the 23rd. Flair agrees.

Jarrett says there is a roster full of great talent in NSPW all that are deserving of a title shot, but there is only one man who really stands out from the rest right now.

Jarrett: “So New South, and our new WCFL Representative will take this up when he is here next week, is petitioning for you to face whom we deem as the number one challenger for your belt, Ric. That man is none other than The Total Package Lex Luger, the New South Heavyweight Champion.”

Everyone is stunned by the announcement, but Liz is mortified.

Liz: “No!”

Lex Luger: “What?”

Liz: “No, I have worked too hard to see the Horsemen torn apart like this?”

Flair: “Liz, I don’t think it’s a matter of tearing apart the Horsemen, but we all know in this business that the competition is fierce and champions have to face top contenders and Lex is deemed as the top contender.”

Liz: “I know Lex is the top contender and deservingly so, but I also know how competitive you guys are. If you and Lex face off the Horsemen will never be the same, and all of you guys know it.”

Lex: “Don’t you think I deserve a title shot? I beat Jarrett for this belt and now as part of the reward for doing that I get a world title shot. Ric is the champion. I don’t have a problem with that. Ric doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.”

Liz: “In the short term no, of course neither of you have a problem with that, this is your egos talking, but for the state of the Horsemen, what will the day after look like.”

Jarrett: “This is not official yet. It has to be signed off on by Ric, Lex and the WCFL Representative who will be here next week.”

Liz: “As manager of the Horsemen, it is my job to look at the long term factors involved with this. Worse yet, you are forcing me to choose sides between you and Ric. Not only is that not fair, but it will be catastrophic to the Horsemen.”

Luger: “I want a shot at the World Title, Ric!”

Liz: “Funny, you weren’t even thinking about that before we walked out here!”

Flair: “Lex, friend or not, if we meet in the ring, you are going after MY title, and I will keep it at all costs!”

Liz disgustedly: “So it begins!”

Highlight clips of The Hardy Boyz beating Kronik at Supercade 97 – Rise of a Champion II is aired as Marshall, Steamboat and Rhodes talk about what just happened. Then the Hardy Boys hit the ring.


Jeff and Matt Hardy come over to Studio 1 where Baby Doll interviews them. Jeff says it is time for Harlem Heat to step up and defend the world tag team titles against them. Matt says the last time they met, the champs barely came out the winner after they had won a tournament that same night to face them. Jeff says this time will be very different.

BREAK ONE ===========0==========

When we come back from the break, Lee Marshall says tonight’s show is full of action packed matches including Chris Harris and James Storm, America’s Most Wanted, will face off against Primetime Brian Lee and Kid Kash. He says Ricky Morton will be here as well as Vampiro, newcomer Chris Kanyon will make his debut, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman will face off with Disco Inferno and Jamie Noble. Marshall says in the main event, Dustin Rhodes will defend the International Title against Bryan Clarke.

Marshall then throws it to Baby Doll in Studio 1 who has the New South Cru-Division Champion Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Baby Doll asks about the recent tensions between the two that has been displayed in recent weeks.

Kidman is about to speak but Chavo speaks up first: “There is no tension between Billy and me as long as everyone understands their role. I am the best cruiserweight in NSPW and he is the cruiserweight champion, so by all rights as with Flair and Luger, I should be getting a title shot soon. Isn’t that right, Billy?”

Kidman: “Hey man, like I told you, I don’t have any say there, unlike guys like Flair and Luger, Jarrett and others, I don’t have the weight to throw around and neither do you, Chavo. So, I guess we will just wait and see.”

Chavo: “I aint waiting, Billy. And I am not gonna let you weasel out of giving me a match. I know I can beat you, just like I beat Jamie Noble and just as I will beat anyone. And now, Billy we have Noble and Disco in a few minutes, don’t mess it up!”

With that Chavo walks off.

Kidman: “Yeah, Chavo, I wont mess it up. Just make sure you bring your A-game so your talent might match up with your mouth!”

Disco Inferno and Jamie Noble are introduced and they head to the ring. Disco grabs the microphone.

Disco: “You know, take a good look at us, South Carolina. This is what winners look like. Kidman is still the Cru-Division Champion, imagine that. Never has someone with so little underwhelmed so much!”

Noble: “Except for maybe Chavo Guerrero.”

The two have a good laugh until Kidman’s music hits. Chavo seems a bit put off by coming out to Kidman’s music as the two come to the ring as the fans cheer.

MATCH TWO – BILLY KIDMAN & CHAVO GUERRERO versus DISCO INFERNO & JAMIE NOBLE: The match started as wild brawl between the two teams with all four men in the ring and Chavo and Billy getting the advantage knocking their opponents out of the ring. Noble and Disco regroup and go after Kidman. Chavo seems to be fussing at Billy from the corner for letting Disco get the advantage on him. Kidman fights off Disco and Noble gets tagged in. Kidman tags in Chavo who complains, “Sure, tag me in now when there is a fresh man in the ring because you couldn’t hold your own.”

While Chavo and Kidman are fussing, Noble sneak attacks Guerrero. Noble takes Guerrero to the mat and Chavo yells at Kidman that this is all Billy’s fault. Noble works over Chavo pretty well before tagging in Disco, who parades a lot but maintains the advantage. Chavo finally escapes and makes the hot tag to Billy. Kidman comes in like a madman on fire taking down both Disco and Noble and nearly getting a pin on the Inferno. Disco lands a cheap shot to get the advantage on Billy, and Guerrero starts berating his partner again. Billy battles back as Chavo keeps fussing. Finally, Kidman delivers a neck breaker on Disco and hears, Chavo yell, “About time you did something right! How the heck did you ever become champion?!?”

Kidman walked over to Guerrero and looked as if he was going to make a tag, but instead knocked his partner in the chops, sending Guerrero down to the floor. Kidman followed suit outside the ring. Inside the ring, Disco Inferno and Jamie Noble watched the Kidman-Guerrero team fall apart as the two were fighting on the floor. After the ten count, Kidman was counted out of the ring and the match was awarded to Noble and Disco at 8:46. Kidman clocks Guerrero as the show goes to a pre-recorded promo from Bob Caudle about New South Pro Wrestling Mid Atlantic Title Tournament.

Bob Caudle with the New South Pro Wrestling logo in the background: “Hi wrestling fans, this is Bob Caudle and I am here to tell you about a fantastic event coming up in Wilmington, North Carolina called “Year’s End” on December 31st at UNCW’s Thrask Coliseum. New South Pro Wrestling will be ringing in the New Year with a tournament for the vacated Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title. The top stars of NSPW will be there in a twelve man tournament plus join Lee Marshall, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Baby Doll and others as we count down to 1998 at midnight. Catch us live on Fox Sports South starting at 8pm or join us live at Thrask Coliseum in Wilmington on New Years’ Eve for “Year’s End”.

BREAK TWO ===========00=====================

Lee Marshall, Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat welcome us back from the break and discuss what is going on with the Horsemen. Marshall says NSPW General Manager lowered the boom on the Horsemen earlier by saying not only will Ric Flair be defending the WCFL World Title at Seasonal Disorder in Roanoke on the 23rd but his most likely opponent will be his friend and fellow Horsemen, New South Heavyweight Champion, Lex Luger. Steamboat says Flair and Luger seem okay with the match but their manager Elizabeth is very upset by this. Rhodes say it hasn’t been finalized but we will find out more next week when the new WCFL Representative will be here, “whoever that is.”

Then Lee Marshall throws it to Studio 1 and BabyDoll who is with the former New South Tag Team Champions, Kronik, Brian Adams and Brian Clarke. Adams does the talking.

Brian Adams: “You know, we are sick and tired of how things are going down here in NSPW. A couple of things first, no one has heard from Robert Fuller in a while now so I guess he isn’t coming back. That’s too bad, I would like to bust his head open for messing up our lives. First, with bringing in that incompetent moron, Malice, to be the enforcer that he wasn’t tough enough to be. Then, Fuller messed everything up in two different pay per views and ended up costing all of us our titles. Malice was a bad penny that corrupted the Stud Stable from the beginning. That big dumb oaf is lucky he is no long around here or my partner and I would really mess him up.”

“Now Dustin Rhodes, you have to defend the WCFL International Title tonight against my partner Bryan Clarke. I think tonight will be the first nail in the coffin of doom for the Horsemen when Bryan beats you for that belt, Rhodes! Count on it!”

For the New South Hardcore Title:
MATCH THREE – VAMPIRO beats MADD MAXX in 7:33. After Vampiro pins Maxx, Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys enters the ring. Last week, Vampiro fireballed Jerry Sags injuring him. This week it looks like Knobbs wants revenge for his partner. Vampiro and Knobbs fight all the way back to the backstage area. The two grab whatever they can find to attack each other with until finally being separated.

Vampiro is escorted out while Brian Knobbs is swearing, and I mean swearing, revenge on “the makeup faced ghoul!”

BREAK THREE ===========000===============

Lee Marshall, Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes welcome everyone back from the break and Lee says they have just been handed some news coming directly from New South General Manager Jerry Jarrett. Lee says two matches have been signed for Seasonal Disorder on December 23rd in Roanoke. Not only will Ric Flair be defending the WCFL World Heavyweight Title but Vampiro will defend the New South Hardcore Title against Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys and Billy Kidman will put his New South Cru-Division Title on the line against former champion Chavo Guerrero, Jr. Steamboat and Rhodes comment on both feuds before Marshall throws it to Baby Doll in Studio 1.

Joining Baby Doll in Studio 1 is Bobby Eaton with America’s Most Wanted, James Storm and Chris Harris. Eaton tells Baby Doll that Ricky Morton is a pathetic husk of the man he used to be, “which wasn’t much to begin with.” He says he feels his obligation is two-fold, one, to get rid of Morton, the last remnant of the Rock n Roll Express and two, to help guide AMW to the New South Tag Team Titles and take belts away from “those modern day Rock n Roll Express clones” Jeff and Matt Hardy.

James Storm later in the show they have Brian Lee and Kid Kash, two friends of Ricky Morton. Chris Harris chimes in, “the only two friends left.” Storm says those “Tennessee Goobers” are going to learm what AMW is all about.

MATCH FOUR – RICKY MORTON versus LENNY LANE: Before the match, Lane gets on the microphone and talks about how he is the real tag team legend and as come to New South to show everyone his greatness. The fans don’t buy it and boo the new comer until Ricky Morton hits the arena. The fans cheer. The camera cuts to Bobby Eaton, James Storm and Chris Harris who are still in Studio 1 watching Morton work his way to the ring. Once the match starts, Lane does well, but Morton is determined and starts taking the upper hand. This brings Eaton, Storm and Harris to ringside. Lane seems to feel renewed by their presence and makes a comeback. The comeback halted when Morton catches Lane with a dropkick that sends him into the ropes and follows it with a roll up pin at 7:18. This brings Eaton, Harris and Storm into the ring to triple team Morton briefly as the odds are evened up by Kid Kash and Brian Lee. The fan favorites rally and send AMW and Eaton back to the dressing room.

Joining Morton, Lee and Kash in the ring is Baby Doll.

Morton: “Bobby Eaton, you and me, boy are headed for a showdown of epic proportions! This is going to end one way or another. Either it’s you out or me out and it’s not going to be me, brother!”

Brian Lee: “Later tonight Harris and Storm, its you two versus me and Kash. You say you are going to teach us something, well I think you boys are about to be schooled.”

BREAK FOUR ===============0000=============

When we come back it’s Lee Marshall in Studio 1 and he introduces members of the Horsemen, Elizabeth and WCFL World Champion Ric Flair and WCFL International Champion Dustin Rhodes as the fans cheer. Marshall then mentions to Elizabeth that she seems to not like the idea of Flair defending his world title against New South Champion Lex Luger at Seasonal Disorder on the 23rd.

Elizabeth: “I hate it! In the 17 year history of the WCFL, this could be arguably the most successful faction of the Horsemen or any faction in wrestling. Ric is the WCFL World Champion. Dustin is the WCFL International Champion. Lex is the New South Heavyweight Champion. Chris is at the top of his game and is a threat to any title in the world. Why mess this up?”

Flair: “It’s not a matter of messing anything up. I am the World Heavyweight Champion, and while The Horsemen are very important to me and Lex is my friend, my first obligation is to this title. Dustin understands this because he knows his first obligation is being International Champion. It’s nothing personal and everything professional. Lex’s first obligation is be recognized as the very best this sport has to offer and that road runs through Ric Flair.”

Elizabeth still not impressed but doesn’t say anything.

Rhodes: “Competition is what it is all about. Liz is right, The Horsemen are standing strong and proud right now holding three of the four most prestigious belts in wrestling. Chris is our ironman and is more than a threat to anyone’s belt. The Horsemen are strong and we will be strong no matter if Ric and Lex face each other for the belt or not. Why? Because, we are The Horsemen! And Bryan Clarke and Kronik are going to learn that lesson later tonight!”

Elizabeth looking at Flair and Dustin unmoved by their words and disappointed: “I love you both, but the two of you both know this is bravado. We destroyed the Stud Stable only allow the WCFL to divide us.”

Shaking her head Elizabeth walks off and Flair and Rhodes watch her go before the camera goes to the ring.


After the match, Chris grabs the microphone:

Kanyon: “Who’s better than Kanyon? (The crowd responds… “Everybody!”) NOBODY! Nobody is better than Kanyon!”

Then Kanyon walks off.

BREAK FIVE ============00000=================

Lee Marshall welcomes us back from the break and reminds everyone that still to come on the show Chris Harris and James Storm face Brian Lee and Kid Kash and in the main event. Then Lee says former New South Jeff Jarrett has sent in a video and goes to the tape.

Jeff Jarrett outside beside a red convertible: “You know, evidently Robert Fuller has decided to leave a mess for everyone in his stable to clean up. Well, it’s been secret this has been a disastrous couple of months for the Stable and Jeff Jarrett in particular. Fuller is gone and if people think Jeff Jarrett is done or Superstar Test Martin done, that would be a very dangerous mistake to make, I can assure you of that.”

MATCH SIX – CHRIS HARRIS & JAMES STORM w/Bobby Eaton versus BRIAN LEE & KID KASH: Despite the best advice of Eaton, Kash and Lee dominated AMW in the early going. Harris and Storm had no answers as the stronger Lee and the speedier Kash ran circles around the young team. This comes to a crashing end as Eaton trips Kash and youngster falls right into a jumping DDT by Storm, which secures the win for America’s Most Wanted at 6:04. Lee goes nuts and grabs Bobby Eaton and starts pummeling him only to have Harris and Storm attack him. Lee is able to battle the three for a few seconds but the numbers overpower him. Ricky Morton then hits the ring with a chair. Storm and Harris leave the ring but it’s Eaton who gets clocked with the chair. Then AMW pull their manager from the ring and head to the back while Morton checks on Lee and Kash.

In Studio 1, Baby Doll is with Horsemen members Elizabeth, New South Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger and Chris Chavis. Baby Doll asks New South Champion Lex Luger what he thinks of the possibility of wrestling Ric Flair for the World Title at Seasonal Disorder on the 23rd.

Luger: “This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I wont pass it if it is available to me!”

Elizabeth: “I’ve seen this so many times before: Self-absorbed egos at play and not looking at the bigger picture. This is the most successful version of the Horsemen and we are ruling wrestling right now. We could ride this wave of success for years but instead of being a team, a group with a common goal, everyone seems to be willing to go for what’s best for them individually. Chris, you understand what I am saying, right?”

Chris: “Liz, I see your point, but you aren’t seeing the why we get into the sport in the first place. We get into it to win and be the most successful wrestlers we can be. Lex deserves a title shot for the world belt, and it just so happens that Ric is the champion. I’m sorry but I agree with Lex on this one.”

Elizabeth looking disappointed with the big brown eyes: “I really thought this group was special, that is why I worked so hard to form it, but I see the selfishness going on here. “

Lex: “Liz, we’re not being…”

Liz: “No Lex! All of you are willing to throw away what we have all worked so hard over the last few months for individual goals. As a group, Chris put the final nails in the coffin of the Stud Stable, Lex won the New South Title, Dustin the WCFL International Title and Flair the WCFL World Title. We did that as a team. We cleaned up New South, put it on the map, gave the fans a promotion that is dominant and something they can be proud of, and now, all of you want to throw that away! Well, if you wont fight for the Horsemen, I will. I can only hope that whoever this new WCFL Rep is that is coming in next week is rational and sensible and will listen to logic because there is a lot more going on here than just a world title shot!”

With that Elizabeth walks off and camera says on Luger and Chavis looking perplexed.

BREAK SIX ===000000======

Lee Marshall welcomes everyone back to the show. He recaps the show so far and reminds fans about Seasonal Disorder coming up December 23rd in Roanoke, Virginia. Marshall says two matches already signed Vampiro will defend the New South Hardcore title against Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys and Billy Kidman will put his Cru-Division Title on the line against Chavo Guerrero. He says Ric Flair will defend the WCFL World Title and we will find out next week if it will be officially Lex Luger when New South’s new WCFL Rep will be here.

For the WCFL International Title:
MATCH SEVEN – DUSTIN RHODES w/Elizabeth versus Kronik BRYAN CLARKE w/Brian Adams:One might think Elizabeth would be distracted by all that is going on, but she seems to be more focused as Dustin and Clarke face off. After the initial collar and elbow lock up, the match deteriorates into a brawl after that with Dustin getting the edge. This lasts until Adams takes a couple of illegal shots at Rhodes and Clarke is able to get the advantage. An irate Elizabeth grabs a chair and heads towards Adams. Adams laughs at her saying, “You must be kidding” then challenges her to hit him with the chair. With the fans cheering and Adams egging her on, Elizabeth holds the chair up. Adams laughs until WHAM!!! He is hit from behind by Chris Chavis. Chavis and Adams fight on the outside of the ring. As the show is coming to a close, the Adams – Chavis fight enters the ring and Dustin and Clarke still battle it out. The referee calls for a double disqualification at 10:04 as in the stands Malice watches the action and the show comes to a close.


New South Pro Wrestling presents…

Television Format: 60minutes
Syndicated throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina
Recorded: Jim Graham Building, NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Date: December 6, 1997
Announcers: Bob Caudle, Magnum TA, Ricky Steamboat and Baby Doll on interviews.
The show highlights the previous night’s action from Tuesday Night Stormforce in Myrtle Beach plus…

- Chris Harris and James Storm w/Bobby Eaton beat Marty Jannetty & Rick Michaels in 7:55. After the match, Michaels turned on Jannetty.

- David Young with help from new friend Simon Diamond beat Blitzkrieg in a great match at 9:14.

- Brian Knobbs downed Maestro at 6:51 and then told the fans he will wipe the floor with Vampiro at Seasonal Disorder.

- Lenny Lane got on the microphone and claimed to be the toughest wrestler in New South and then challenged anyone from the back to come out and face him. Much to his surprise and to the surprise of everyone in the arena, Terry Funk came out. Funk beat Lane to within an inch of his being. Lane was mauled by Funk so badly that at one point he pleaded, “Please Mr. Funk don’t hurt me anymore!” Funk and the fans laughed and Terry continued to punish Lane taking off Lane’s boot and beating him with it. Finally, Funk hit Lane with a piledriver and pinned him at 7:01.

- Brian Lee beat Bobby Eaton in the Main Event at 9:30. After the match, Lee was attacked by Chris Harris and James Storm. Ricky Morton and Kid Kash make the save and all six men are in the ring fighting as the show goes off the air.

Good Night from the South’s finest city, Raleigh, North Carolina!

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Liz looks to have quite the task on her hands of keeping the Horsemen cohesive now that Flair has the World Title. Jeff Jarrett felt on the outside looking in on this show, but you have to know that him & Test won't be far off and very quick to capitalize on any problems.

It's subtle but you really catch it at "Michaels turns on Jannetty". Interested to see if Rick Michaels plays up on the last name as a storyline of him copying how Shawn Michaels broke out could be something to get him going again.

Nice debut for Terry Funk. He feels like he could really make a dent with the roster you've assembled. You've got some of everything - old rivals, hardcore opponents, young studs - and he feels like he could get headline material in every area.

Kanyon should make a solid mid-carder here too. Already playing up the comedy side of things, wouldn't expect him to sniff the top or anything with that, but a guy like him can still carry a feud while giving the main eventers a good TV match. And who knows? Always capable of breaking out. Just glad he wasn't brought in as Mortis!

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Great character development for Chavo and Kidman. Elizabeth is right ans so are The Horseman. What a weave you have woven there. Eaton, Morton, and company is a great mid-card feud. Fantastic shows.


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