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Author Topic: (nfwa) WCW TV #4 - Snapped
Midwest Dream
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World Championship Wrestling - featuring action sanctioned by the NFWA
Recorded 7/15/84 at the studios of WTBS for telecast later that evening

Interviews and Announcements:

- Gordon Solie welcomes fans to another exciting 2 hours of World Championship Wrestling. “In our first hour, we will see in action the World Junior Heavyweight Champion, ‘Exotic’ Adrian Street. We will hear from Mr. U.S.A. Tony Atlas. I’m certain he has some words regarding the Southern Title, held by Jesse Barr. Bret Hart will be in action after an impressive debut last week.” Before Gordon gets further, he is interrupted by “Precious” Paul Ellering and three fourths of the Stud Stable. “Gordon Solie, I know he is in the back. I know he there and he doesn’t have the guts to come out here. I demand an apology and Mr. Wrestling 2, I will get it today.”

- Jerry and Ted Oates come over after their match want to know who they have to beat to get a shot at the National Tag Team belts. Gordon first mentions Mike Rotunda and Dean Malenko. “Malenko and Rotunda? Malenko and Rotunda! That’s all we see. Every night we Ted and I have to face one of those chumps or the pair. We are sick and tired of seeing Mike Rotunda and Dean Malenko. Tomorrow night, in the Omni, we will finish off those two punks and finally move on to taking our shot at those National Tag Team belts.”

- Dr. X tells Gordon that he had one heck of a match with Adrian Street last Monday in Birmingham, “…and tonight, I’m getting another shot at the belt in Marietta. Adrian Street, you and I aren’t finished up brother and nothing is gonna keep me from becoming the Junior Heavyweight Champion of the World.”

- Tony Atlas tells Gordon that the time has come to take care of Jesse Barr. “I won a battle royal a month ago to get a shot at that Southern title and tomorrow night, in the Omni, I’m gonna take Jesse Barr and show him why it isn’t wise to mess with Superman. And if that pudgy pretty boy manager of his wants to get involved in this match, he’s gonna learn why you don’t pull on Superman’s cape. I will be the Southern Heavyweight Champion, Gordon.”

- At the top of the second hour Bret Hart is out to speak with Gordon, but Percival Pringle III and the Dynasty come out and he has more than a few words towards Hart. “Bret Hart, who do you think you are taking up valuable television time that can be used by my Pringle Dynasty to set for our agenda to not only hold the Southern title, but to show that freak Adrian Street who he needs to be afraid of, my Samurai.” Leroy Brown and the Hangman both seem to front up to Hart and Eric Embry seems to be mocking him in the background. Percy continues on adding, “Tony Atlas, you only have that title match because you threw out the trash. Tomorrow night in the Omni, not only will you face the cream of the crop, the Future of Wrestling Jesse Barr, but you will have each and every man of the Dynasty breathing down your neck. And that goes for every champion in World Championship Wrestling. Norvell Austin and Porkchop Cash, the Dynasty is coming for you. Jimmy Golden, keep looking over your shoulder because the Dynasty wants your belt. Even for you, Magnum T.A. There is not escape from the Pringle Dynasty.”

- “Professor” Bill Ash comes over and tells Gordon after his match, “Gordon, Pringle thinks his Samurai is so impressive. But why can’t he step in the ring and face me without that manager of his getting involved? So tonight, in Marietta, why don’t you show what you got Samurai? Because it’s not enough to beat me one on one.”

- Gordon Solie is joined by the National Tag Team Champions, Norvell Austin and Porkchop Cash, and they ask who they are going to face next. “Gordon Solie, take a look at those two teams there. Nothing but white boys. Which white boys are gonna be the ones to step up for these belts? Armstrongs? Please, Gordon. Me and the JYD are gonna just shut them up like their daddy should’ve. Oates Boys? They can’t beat Mikey Rotunda and Dean Malenko, and those two can’t touch us. Cooley and his masked buddy, Dr. X? If they and the Stud Stable can get out of eachothers way, maybe they could hold a candle to us. But ‘til they do, we are just gonna keep on keepin’ on and waiting for the Brisco Brothers to see if they still got what it takes.”

- Mr. Wrestling 2 comes out and tells Gordon that he wants Paul Ellering out here. Ellering walks out, but is supported by the Spoiler, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden, and he demands an apology. “You know what you did, you masked geezer. You slapped me and I told you that this wasn’t finished. Now, you apologize, and I might let you walk off into retirement. I might let you go and hang up your boots and fade off into the mist. So what do you have to say for yourself?” Gordon turns to Wrestling 2 and you can see him struggling with what to say. Finally you hear a soft, “I’m sorry.” Ellering and the Studs seem to celebrate, but Wrestling to grabs the microphone. “I said I was sorry, but that’s not all. I’m sorry I ever trusted you, you back stabbing weasel. I’m sorry I ever thought that you and that masked goon you manager cared about me. I’m sorry I took the tag titles with you. I’m sorry I turned my back on the fans. But the thing I’m the most sorry about is that I didn’t unload like this on you a long time ago. I’ve never respected you Ellering. You were a loud mouth punk when you first came to Georgia. You’re still a loud mouth punk. And I still remember what to do to a loud mouth punk.” Wrestling 2 tosses aside the microphone and lunges at Ellering, only to be overwhelmed by the rest of the Stud Stable. Golden, Fuller, and the Spoiler drag Wrestling 2 to the ring and punish him at the direction of Ellering. The Spoiler locks on his claw hold to Wrestling as Golden and Fuller hold Wrestling 2 until Magnum T.A. hits the ring and drills the Studs.

- After a brief message regarding upcoming cards, Magnum T.A. is with Mr. Wrestling 2 and Gordon. “Stud Stable! You think you’ve broken this man, but it’s gonna take more than what you did to break him. You don’t diminish a legend like Mr. Wrestling 2 and think that the fans are gonna forget it.” Wrestling 2 steps up again. “I may be long in the tooth. I may not be what I once was. But I’m still good enough to break you Ellering and show your Spoiler who the masked legend really is in World Championship Wrestling.”

Matches for this telecast:
- The Oates Brothers defeat Chris Youngblood and Tracy Smothers after Jerry locked Tracy into a spinning toe hold.

- Dr. X defeats Karl Steiner with a super kick.

- Tony Atlas defeats Tom Lintz with a swinging neck breaker.

- Bret Hart defeats the Blue Yankee with the sharpshooter.

- The Samurai and the Hangman defeat Leon White and Scott Armstrong after the Samurai hits a rolling wheel kick on Armstrong.

- “Professor” Bill Ash defeats the masked UFO #2 after Ash hits the Arkansas whiplash.

- National Tag Team Champions Norvell Austin and Porkchop Cash defeat the Davidson Brothers after Austin hit a diving head butt on Rick Davidson.

- Mike Rotunda and Dean Malenko defeat Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden after Rotunda is thrown out over the top rope and the Studs double team Dean until he is left lying in the ring.

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I believe Fuller and Golden could shut the mouths of Austin and Cash if they wanted to. Great to see Wrestling II and Magnum together. Hart is drawing some tough attention from The Dynasty. Rough road for White and Smothers, as of late. Solid show.


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