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Author Topic: WCFL 10/24/92 "AWA Championship Wrestling" - Who gives Dream Machine the CHAIR?
Blind Guy
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WCFL & AWA prersent "AWA Championship Wrestling"
Episode 2/4 taped October 17th, 1992 at The St. Paul Civic Center
To air October 24th, replayed throughout the week of Oct. 25th to 30th. on Sportschannel America (available regionally on cable in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa)



Red, white and blue graphic "AWA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING" including the AWA logo. As the theme picks up, dissolve to recent clips of AWA action - Haku beating Tom Zenk to recapture the AWA Heavyweight belt; WCFL Tag champs Rick & Scott Steiner in their rematch with Larry Cameron & Lex Luger; Chris Benoit defending the AWA Light-Heavyweight belt in high-flying trios action, Larry Zbyszko beating Dick Slater for the TV title and a clip from 1984 WRESTLE ROCK event with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & Hulk Hogan battling.

  • Sonny T. Trout vs. Mike Jones
  • Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine vs. Rick Thames
  • Chris Benoit vs El Tigre
  • "Lethal" Larry Cameron vs, "Dirty" Dick Slater

We open the show in the interview area, where a pained-looking "Mean" Gene Okerlund has been surrounded by "Dream Machine" Troy Graham and taking turns waving the rebel flag, The Southern Posse.

TG: "Heck, boys, thass jist the START a' thangs, we'll git them belts back from that Adnan the Sheik right pronto, yuhknowwhuttImean?"

Ah, the source of Gene's discomfort - Graham has a whistle around his neck - a SHRILL blast...

GO: "Graham, I said NO MORE whistles! Now, GOOD LUCK on your quest to recover those invisible belts from the New York Knights - I HAPPEN to know that Sheik Al-Kaissie considers you...ECCENTRIC".

TG: "Sorry 'bout the whissle, Mr. Announcer-Man. Sonny T. an' Rick done call me theah COACH, an' give me the whissle...far as whut Sheik Ka-Zam calls me, he kin call me whutever he wants, so long he don't call me LATE FER DINNER, yuhknowwhuttImean!"

The Posse find this hilarious.

TG: "But The Sheik better take gooood care a' them belts, gittem ALLLLL shinied up cause, we're comin' after them!"

GO: "The Southern Posse are in singles action today, fans!"



Its Larry Nelson.

LN: "Fans, if you've been calling the AWA Fan Phone Hot Line, you already know that former AWA TV champ Johnny Hot Body is headed back to the AWA! Would you believe we are having TWO former TV champs returning? Come on in, Mike "The Champ" Jones!"



MJ: "Hey, thanks, Larry! But I haven't held NO belts since the AWA TV strap, so its back to "Soul Train" Jones".

LN: "Whatever you want, my friend! Now, fans will recall it was a bit of an upset early in the year when you re-inaugurated the title, but back then, you were travelling with some sidekicks..."

MJ: "Seems like forever ago - guys like Apollo King, Mr. Hughes...Fack is, I ain't won a WCFL match since I left, I been mainly working outlaw promotions..."

LN: "Well, once a champ, always a champ, let's hope! Fans, this man also held the AWA Southern Tag Team title..."

This catches Jones by surprise.

MJ: "Who in heck would care 'bout THAT?"

LN: "Oh, you'll find out soon enough! Good having you back, Mike Jones".


NOW, we go to the announce position, where we find Okerlund (pinky wiggle in an ear) and Scott Hudson.

SH: "Welcome again, fans! Indeed, "Soul Train" Jones is back and is in our opening match - let's go up to Larry Nelson, large and in charge!"

GO: "We'll work on this audio difficulty, fans, seems like we're hearing a whistling noise..."

Larry in the ring with Coach Graham & one of his understudies. Graham gets all excited & leans into the mic,

TG: "Hey that there's ole "Soul Train", hey, Cuz! We oughtta git ALL the former AWA SOUTHERN champs up heah, an have a PAR-TY, yuhknowwhuttImean!"

Jones enters, gives a dubious look at his opponent's Confederate-flag tee-shirt. Not a big talker, Jones wants to get the show on the road.

Match 1 One fall 15 minutes Referee Gary DeRusha
Sonny T. Trout 255 Fargo GA vs. Mike "Soul Train" Jones 240 Nashville TN

GO: "Okay, fans, don't adjust your sets, it was just ME! Or to be more precise, Coach Troy Graham and his whistle!"

SH: "Mike Jones may be making a fresh start, "Mean" Gene, he came to the ring alone & seems to not be aligned with anyone that I can tell of"

Our sophisticated audience is in a sociological dilemmas as to who to cheer. Jones WAS pretty dirty before, in that Black Barons crew. Graham can be quite amusing but Trout wearing a rebel tee-shirt to the ring when facing an African-American is tacky (even in rasslin). And that whistle is ALREADY annoying...

SH: "We've had an even contest thus far, no apparent ring rust on the "Soul Train". Young Trout is in his first year in the sport, and has some success in the AWA in a few live shows".

GO: "An even contest, as you said, Scott! The fans enjoying the action but not sure who to cheer...HOLD everything!"

After a quick check with Coach, Trout gets down & dirty...Graham jabbering on the apron serves as decoy. Low knee-lifts and choking. As DeRusha turns, the choke is shielded in a headlock. A whip to the ropes @ 4:30 but Jones snags the top rope. Sonny T. clotheslines Jones over. Geez a whistle blast right in the ear, and Troy gets a punch or 5 in as he heaves Jones in. Trout down and has an ankle lock.

Result Match 1 Sonny T. Trout submits "Soul Train" Jones @ 5:20

GO: "Are you kidding me? Its Trout's partner out, waving the flag to celebrate!"

SH: "Rick Thames is in our next match - a very disappointed Jones, he's wise giving a wide berth as he heads to the back".

COMMERCIAL 1 - Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man

We return with Graham, Trout, Thames, the flag & the whistle in the ring. Out comes very grim-faced Paul Ellering and Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine.

Troy just uncontrollable with microphones...

TG: "Hey, ELL'RING! I wuz sayin' NICE things LASS SHOW, 'bout you holdin' the AWA SOUTHERN HEAVYWEIGHT BELT, back afore yore career kinda went down the ole toilet! Awww, I kin tell by yore pusses, y'all still mad 'bout my match with Mr. Muskles thar. Well, tough nuts, Cuz! You thought you wuz all fixed fer the league Six-Man belts...HEY, seein' I done got these two heah, mebbe THASS another plan! Course, YOU is down to jest the Super Fighter guy now..."

Better do the intro, Nellie, Paul & Kama about to blow up.

Match 2 One fall 15 minutes Referee Gary DeRusha
Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine 266 Las Vegas w/ Paul Ellering vs. Rick Thames 249 Tallahassee FL

GO: "Oh my, Graham - on purpose or not - has gotten Ellering's goat! Paul is fuming!"

SH: "I sometimes wonder if there MIGHT be a method to the Dream Machine's madness - it JUST so happens that the AWA will be visited by the WCFL Six Man champs, The Honor Roll, very soon".

GO: "Perhaps Professor Larry Sharpe can give us a dissertation on the various AWA SOUTHERN title-holders! You could have been knocked over with a feather, Scott, when Graham mentioned our own Nick Bockwinkel is in the history books - holding the AWA Southern Heavyweight gold alongside such luminaries as Taras Bulba and the Great Malumba!"

Kama is flustered by the Southern scufflin' counter-moves - such as Graham getting a back rake from the apron @ 3:40, after Thames hitting some throat-thumbs. Did we relay Ellering's rising blood pressure?

SH: "Enough is ENOUGH says Ellering!"

Indeed - he has a chair and has clocked Troy & Trout - he enters the ring with it & Kama jabs it in Rick's throat!

Result Match 2 Rick Thames def. Kama via DQ @ 4:20

GO: "Apparently, a single chair shot is not enough to slow down Coach Graham! HE has the flagpole and is swinging wildly! Ellering & Kama are cornered! WE HAVE HELP COMING! Slaughter, Kirchner...Zenk...OWWWW!"

SH: "If Tom Zenk wasn't having BAD luck, he'd be having NO luck at all! Gene, that MIGHT not be accidental! Graham faces Tom on "Major League Wrestling"! Tom is reeling from the butt-end of the pole!"

COMMERCIAL 2 - Sy Sperling's Hair Club for Men

We return and have Larry Nelson with the New Horsemen - ALL FIVE!

LN: "I see Monsieur Ouellet has returned to the fold, Colonel - what other news do you have for us today?"

RF: "We done have us a REEE-treat, lass week - got The Legionnaire as you say - heh-heh - back in the bosom of the New Horsemen! We done great up in Milwaukee, I gave ole Kirchner the paddlin' he's bin askin' for!"

LN: "Your mob had TWO matches in Milwaukee, you ONLY batted .500".

Dick jumps the mic.

DDS: "Yeah, Cameron got by Kurasawa but you can cash in your chips NOW, Larry! In the Main Event today, I'll take care of getting you out of our hair FOR GOOD, myself!"

Jackhammer Jesse: "And we've filed a GRIEVANCE against SLAUGHTER! The big sneak WAS in Milwaukee and AMBUSHED Dick and me!"

LN: "No doubt disrupting some scheme of yours! Well, we haven't heard from The Legionnaire yet..."

RF: "Not much ta say, nosey-parker - see that BRAND on Ouellet's chest done jist about faded off. But after our REEE-treat, he got the love of the New Horsemen tattooed on his HEART! Iffen ole Cameron sneaks ANUTHAH tainted win today, The Legionnaire'll be the NEXT hurdle - or should I say, heh-heh - ROADBLOCK!"

Not an enthusiastic response from Ouellet at that surprise.

PCO: "Oh...you're STILL not seeing my point are you, Colonel? We'll "retreat" to the back and see about talking that over..."

The whole darn gang looking miffed. To the desk.

SH: "Don't think The Legionnaire was jumping for joy there, Gene. We'll indeed, see Slater face Cameron in the Main Event. Perhaps, the waters will be calmer by then".

We go to Larry's weekly hype spiel - New LEX LUGER merch, LORDS OF THE RING and SURVIVOR SERIES coming in November! AWA WRESTLE ROCK PPV returns in December! Live MAJOR LEAGUE action coming to - Thurs. Oct. 25 Stevens Point WI, Fri. Oct. 26 Beloit WI, Sat. Oct. 27 Madison, Sun. Oct. 28 Peoria, Mon. Oct. 29 Rockford, Tues. Oct 30 Macomb, Wed. Oct. 31 St Paul TV taping HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, Wed. Oct. 31 Berwyn IL

COMMERCIAL 3 - McGruff says "Take a bite out of crime"

We have a VTR

Chris Benoit chats.

CB: "I had a title match in Milwaukee against Hayashi. Looks like Super Crazy has quit on Psicosis but this new man, El Tigre, seems to fit right in! I met Johnny Hot Body for the first time when he came out and had my back. Thanks for that, Johnny, but I've heard you have title plans yourself and you've been known to be pretty tricky. So, I'll see about taking care of Psicosis's gang myself".

Match 3 One fall 15 minutes Referee Buddy Lane
Chris Benoit 220 Edmonton vs. El Tigre 207 Mexico

GO: "Chris Benoit is a very independent type, but look here, fans! Once again, THREE men are at ringside - Hayashi, Psicosis and NOW, the actual opponent gets in the ring & we're underway!"

And NOT Hot Body, but Christopher Love brings out the All-Nighters, Sewell and Kanyon! Chris heads to the announce desk.

CL: "Psicosis must think he is the Mexican Colonel Fuller. Fight fire with fire, I say. Per-HAPS we can end this silliness of outnumbering your opponent".

SH: "Christopher, we were just saying Benoit is sort of hard headed about not aligning himself with anyone. But he and your team DO have a connection".

Benoit tries focussing on El Tigre - that is actually a very decent match-up. But the other four are pretty agitated.

CL: "Indeed! We were going to team and face the FORMER Six Man champs, AND had plans for the NEW champs - I am DELIGHTED we WILL soon face the HONOR ROLL!"

Benoit dropkicks Tigre out. Kaz & Psi fear the worst. Even though "Glamour Boy" & "Champagne" do NOT appear interested in getting involved, they have Kaz & Psicosis all over them. This pre-emptive attack ends up trampling old Tiggy - he does not get back in the ring. But Benoit goes out after the arm-raise.

Result Match 3 Chris Benoit def. El Tigre via CO @ 5:50

GO: "we have a brouhaha, folks - and I heasr there is action on the set of the "EZ Chair" - let's head there!"

Yes, it seems we have a last-minute scramble as Larry Z. is sitting in as guest co-host. Bish races in with a sausage platter!

EB: "Fans, we HAD a GREAT segment on tape but we're going live & impromptu as we have BREAKING DEVELOPMENTS! We had this man on recently, please welcome back...Pierre-Carl Ouellet".

The Legionnaire arrives with a piece of paper in hand.

PCO: "Zanks for the ad-lib, guys - no sausage, zanks, Eric".

LZ: "It looks like you brought notes for what you have to say".

PCO: "No, this is a letter. Off resignation! I'll give Fuller one las' chance - no more GOON work for me. I'm better zan zat!"

LZ: "So, the retreat in the Wisconsin Dells wasn't exactly gang-busters, I take it".

PCO: "Not unless you like hearing Fuller talk about himself! Zank you Larry - you could zay you told me so!"

LZ: "Seems you're coming to your senses ON YOUR OWN - I see that UGLY FREAKING BRAND HAS faded!"

PCO: "Yes, yours an' Crush will be gone...wish me luck, this will nots be pretty, I am sure..."

LZ: "Ouellet, a MAN has to do what he has to do! You WON'T regret taking a stand! In 19 GLORIOUS YEARS..."

We close with the gracious host offering hors d'ouevres to Ouellet.

COMMERCIAL 4 - Jingle for Juicy Fruit gum, the taste is gonna move ya

Hudson sounds like he is walking on egg-shells.

SH: "Well, it has been quite a while fans, but "Precious" Paul Ellering has joined us".

PPE: "I am really just here to make an apology for my actions tonight, gentlemen. I am really begging the fans' forgiveneess".

GO: "Paul, we've known each other well for a long time. I have some idea of the stress and disappointment you have had lately, but I must say I thought that was shocking! You've let the Dream Machine get under your skin".

PPE: "I've known Graham in the past and am well aware of what an unstable loose cannon character he is. But when he just so cavalierly mentioned the Six Man belts, that really struck a raw nerve".

Stage whisper from Hudson.

SH: "Bsndit at 10 o'clock high..."

Out comes the master at rubbing raw nerves in the flesh!


The Sheik!

Adnan: "Ellering, I'm not going to play around! No "tsk-tsk'ing". If a manager swings a chair, I can't call the black kettle...whatever! You and I don't send birthday cards, do we?"

PPE: "Not once".

Adnan: "But we are both professionals. We get our ups and downs. I manage the greatest Tag Team in the CWLF right now and YOU are up the creek in a leaky boat. Am I right or am I right?"

PPE: "Close enough..."

Adnan: "And we have a BIG problem in common, that whack-job Doctor Dream Coach Graham! He is worse than the fleas of a thousand camels pestering ME about his fantasy-land tag belts and YOU! I have a few ideas, my friend! We can rid the fleas from our armpits! Tell me...do you know your way around...LOUISIANA?"

Slack-jawed announcers watch Adnan lead Ellering away with an arm on his shoulder!

SH: "STRANGE bedfellows! Let's get to the Main Event! RIGHT after our final break..."

COMMERCIAL 5 - Gene Okerlund for Jolt Cola, "Maximum caffeine, more power"

And we BETTER get to the Main Event - Cameron has been waiting.

Match 4 One fall 15 minutes Referee Buddy Lane
"Lethal" Larry Cameron 275 Chicago IL vs. Dick Slater 237 Richmond VA

SH: "A tough assignment for Slater! He's facing a STOKED Cameron, trying to build on his first success in this Gauntlet Series over Kurasawa! Here comes Slater!"

Accompanied by Kurasawa and Barr. Oh, now a distracted-looking Fuller.

GO: "The Legionnaire is NOT out! As well, Scott - Barr and Slater ran afoul of Sgt. Slaughter in Milwaukee, suffering some scrapes and bruises as the Sarge apparently took some batting practice!"

Slater satisfied he has enough back-up & we get started. Cameron pushes him down in the first few hookups. Kurasawa is directed to be an annoyance on the apron. Larry hits HIM with a right cross...

SH: "Eric...well, LARRY speaking with The Legionnaire moments ago WAS advised there were last-ditch negotiations to take place - perhaps Ouellet with something like a baseball bat in the back, already, Gene..."

Not a bad guess, hold that thought, Scooter.

GO: "I've double-checked the stipulations on these Gauntlet Matches, fans, and Larry Cameron moves a step closer to a title shot with Fuller with ANY type of victory - including disqualification! He pinned Kurasawa in Milwaukee despite a lot of shenanigans...OH, Scott - HERE COMES OUELLET!"

No visible damage AND the letter in hand! In the ring, referee Lane is trying to concentrate. On the next tieup, he spots an egregious knee low-blow from the Dirty One. Larry staggered back into the buckles, needing to regain normal breathing as Slater is lectured. Barr slips something to Kurasawa who returns to the apron while Ouellet is being SCREAMED AT by the Colonel!

GO: "I believe Fuller has got the gist of The Legionnaire's note and very heated words being exchanged, Barr is in on it..."

SH: "Gene, Kurasawa just blasted Cameron from behind - oh, he has brass knuckles and Lane saw it!"

GO: "The disqualification is as good as a Lethal Lock submission for Larry! Slater now out - FOUR on one, the New Horsemen..."

Result Match 4 Larry Cameron def. Dick Slater via DQ # 4:40

SH: "Yes, this is strange, Gene, it is NOT an attack or beatdown...they're allowing Ouellet to back away, he is turning to the exit...GENE! GENE!"


Not another AWA cliff-hanger closing???!!!



GO: "Oh, now things are getting UGLY as Fuller leads a swarming here...WE HAVE HELP COMING!"

From the ring - Cameron, from the back, LUGER, The Snipers and Kona Crush!

GO: "Are you kidding me? Security is having a dickens of a time making headway!"

Until we have the great equalizer...Larry Zbyszko is out swinging...looks like the fairway iron...



Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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JWLPromoter from FL
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So Brian Lee is now in the "New Horsemen?" [Roll Eyes] Wow, Fuller's really getting the most elite guys.

Here's hoping someone shuts Fuller's, Larry Z's and Graham's mouths soon.


"Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it."- George Santayana

"...the strongest force in the world is a woman!"- Jimmy Hart

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Blind Guy
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Oh, no - that is what keeps folks tuning in - hoping that DOES happen. And if it does, whatever will they come up with next.

I could do more of the guys like Zenk saying, "I'm a nice guy. Drink milk".

Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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Prime Time has taken these Horsemen up to just that. Graham is a hoot. It will be fun to watch Ellering build his way up again by going after Troy T. Really surprised that Jones lost the opening match. That bears watching! Larry Z as a tweener is developing well on the multiple levels you have built. I am very, very, very excited to see Cameron putting together this winning streak.

Great AWA entertainment.


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