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Author Topic: WCFL 9/5/92 "AWA Championship Wrestling" - Zbyszko not taking it anymore?
Blind Guy
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WCFL & AWA prersent "AWA Championship Wrestling"
Episode 49, taped Sept. 5th 1992 at The St. Paul Civic Center
To air LIVE Sept. 5th, replayed throughout the week of Sept. 6th to Sept. 11th on Sportschannel America (available regionally on cable in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa)



Red, white and blue graphic "AWA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING" including the AWA logo. As the theme picks up, dissolve to recent WCFL Championship action - World champ Ricky Steamboat defending against AWA challenger Lex Luger; WCFL Tag titles changing hands as The Steiner Brothers defeat Abdullah the Butcher & Cactus Jack; Junior champ Jushin Liger in action against Chris Benoit at the Bruiser Brody Memorial Show and Six Man champs Dick Murdoch & the Colt Brothers brawling with Hog Wild

  • The Jackal & "Wild" Bill Irwin vs. "Dandy" Don Bass & Tug Taylor
  • Candi Devine vs. Susan Sexton
  • Atsushi Onita vs. Steve Prince
  • Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in action!

We open the show in the middle of the ring with a collection of odds & sods, it appears. "Mean" Gene Okerlund is with WCFL World Champ Ricky Steamboat. To one side are "Champagne" Chris Kanyon and Christopher Love. On the other side, we have Mr. Go. At his side, with a wave & a wink for the camera - AWA's Japanese interpreter, Tosh Honyaku.

GO: "This is, indeed, a special show tonight, fans! We will see Ricky Steamboat in the Main Event - welcome back to the AWA, champ!"

RDS: "Gene, it is ALWAYS a pleasure. I know there might have been some hard feelings concerning my last match here against LEX LUGER, but I have several matches lined up against other AWA competition soon".

GO: "Starting right here TONIGHT, in a non-title match with young Chris Kanyon. A very nice coup for you and Mr. Kanyon, Christopher Love!"

CL: "This is a HUGE thrill for us and we thank Mr. Steamboat! Chris Kanyon sees this as a FABulous experience!"

GO: "INDEED! And on next week's episode, our esteemed guest from the land of the rising sun, Mr. Go, gets a glorious opportunity. What is YOUR reaction to this news, Mr. Go?"

Tosh steps in.

TH: "Mr. Go has told me that he thinks this will be the start of something really big for him in the AWA! We are..."

Disembodied, VERY familiar voice...

"Good lord, what a PITIFUL display of unadulterated GARBAGE! Sukiyaki, not ONE MORE PEEP from YOU! Mr. Go takes his advice from ME!"

And Larry Zbyszko now enters the ring with a hand mic.

LZ: "Okerlund, how can you palaver on like this with a straight face? And Steamboat, you are a DISGRACE to that belt around your waist!"

GO: "Larry, you have your nerve!"

LZ: "It was BAD ENOUGH, Steamboat, when you showed up and pulled the name of LEX LUGER out of god-knows-WHERE...SHUT UP!...for a title shot! Kanyon is a JOKE! Mr. Go has been a SEVERE disappointment to me! I see what your schedule is here on this "Ricky Steamboat Steals a Paycheck" tour! Slaughter? They're bringing in Tsuruta for you? And WHAT ABOUT ME?"

RDS: "No, Gene, I have this! Yes, Larry, I have top names in live events for the belt, and for the TV matches, we decided to give a chance for some others. I SPECIFICALLY suggested YOUR name, and when I was told how you have been faring...we decided on these two men! You have YOURSELF to blame!"

LZ: "Oh I SEE! This was ALL carefully thought-out! WHO were you talking to, you FRAUD? Gagne? Bockwinkel? Joe freaking Blanchard? I SEE, greater minds than ME...SHUT UP! Well, I guess I should feel embarassed and a bit...foolish..."

Larry looks CRUSHED! He drops the mic, drops his head, turns around to leave. Turns around to NOT leave...

He picks up the mic.

LZ: "Listen here, COWARD! Mr. Go will be attending to a family emergency next week. It JUST came up! I'll take his match, YOU GUTLESS WONDER! Why not tell the AWA spud-heads you're stooping to using loaded PURSES to save your bacon...

...and Steamboat...WELCOME TO LARRY-LAND!"

Mr. Go & Kanyon struggle to hold the steaming champ back.

To the announce area where Scott Hudson is picking his jaw up off the desk!

SH: "Fans, welcome to the show, where we just saw Larry Zbyszko pull a SHOCKER! Oh, my, what a surge of testosterone THAT must have required! The arena is in a FLAP! Let's roll this interview as HOPEFULLY, things settle down..."



Larry Nelson gots him a LADY!

LN: "Wrestling fans, standing beside me is a woman with a lot of ability and top-level experience, coming all the way from Australia to challenge for the AWA Women's title, Susan Sexton, welcome back to the territory, Susan".

SS: "Thank you, Larry! I have been in the AWA before and it is certainly wonderful to find some places in the WCFL where the ladies get appreciated. And that was a WELCOMING introduction, I've SEEN what Candi Devine had to say!"

LN: "Errr, yes, Miss Devine has a lot of confidence..."

SS: "And not much class! She called me The Kangaroo Queen, I believe - well, Candi, kangaroos are great jumpers, and so am I! Try some more snappy cracks at MY expense and I'm likely to JUMP - and kick your snaggly, yellow teeth down YOUR THROAT, lady!"


1 COMMERCIAL - Motel 6, we'll leave the
light on

We return to another VTR

Butch Masters looking none too happy!

BM: "Well, I bin tryin' my best 'round here but MAN, I'm gittin' SICK an' TIRED of summa the mental midgets I bin dealin' with! Reverend Angel! Paul Roma and HIS nut-job problems! The Sheik! Big Sky was a bust!

"NOW I do a FAVOR fer The One Man Gang. Laid it out for him nice an' simple how we kin git a Tag title run here! An' HE sez to go through Cameron an' Luger in Chicago! An' puts the blame on ME when it blows up!

So nex' Saturday in Milwaukee I say this area ain't big enuff fer the both of us an' I'm challengin' ya to a loser leaves town match!"

With a copy of OMG's closing, he blocks out the lens with a ham-sized fist.


SH: "Glad you made it here in one piece, Gene! Mr. Zbyszko catch you by surprise there?"

Gene puts down his cup...

GO: "Ah! That caught EVERYONE by surprise and Mr. Go DOES speak English! He had a few VERY choice words that I HOPE didn't make it on air! And by the time my errr, COFFEE cooled down, we get Butch Masters showing his grumpy side!"

To the ring.

Match 1 One fall 15 minutes Referee Buddy Lane
The Jackal & "Wild" Bill Irwin vs. Tug Taylor & "Dandy" Don Bass

SH: "These two members of Hog Wild had a WILD match with the New Horsemen in Chicago, but it was hardly 2-on-2! The Colonel was introducing Kurasawa to the niceties of tag team wrestling, Horseman style!"

GO: "And the two men across the ring had a VERY bad time of it on TV last week against the apparently short-lived team of Masters & The One Man Gang!"

But Bass and Tugboat have their game faces on. Tug makes it clear HE is leading off against Irwin.

SH: "Bill Irwin out of Duluth is a rugged customer, the senior member of the Hog Wild team..."

Bill keeps Tugboat spinning as he attacks from every angle and the slower, even MORE senior veteran is not quick enough. Bill makes a big score with a bulldog @ 2:20. Irwin is tagging out & Bass is hollerin' for Tug to GIT while the getting's good. Taylor says he's just fine. Until The Jackal starts unloading.

GO: "Big Tug may be ruing his stubbornness as The Jackal has him on one knee. And judging by the conversation, Bass & Taylor not quite as tight as they might be..."

Hot tag to Irwin, Jackal pins Tug's arms & Bill snaps off a few sharp jabs. Irwin tries a headlock but Taylor hits an Atomic Drop. Bass is tagged in - he gives Tug a push to the apron. Irwin dropkicks the charging Bass & Jackal back in.

SH: "Now Bass on the wrong side of town with Tug hollering at him..."

Taylor jumps in - the ref attends to this while Hog Wild rocks the Dandy one with a double-team brain-buster. Now the ref is questioning the tag, Bass on his hands & knees tries to make his corner. Tug stands with his arms folded across his chest as Bass reaches for...well, empty air. The Hog Wilders have been sorted out, Irwin is deemed legal. As Taylor & Bass are now engaged in a shoving match, the schoolboy rollup is easy pickings.

Result Match 1 Bill Irwin pins Don Bass @ 5:30

As we head to a tape, the hostilities between Tug & Don escalate to a scrap!

More VTR

Gene Okerlund is with Sheik Adnan and The New York Knights and the AWA title belts.

GO: "Fans, again the AWA Tag belts are with Sheik Adnan!"

BOTH Knights shift the belts to the shoulder FURTHEST from Sheikie! Big Bobby leans in.

BK: "Gene, every OTHER time, you'd be right! The Sheik's Army! The Sheik THIS! The Sheik THAT! These here belts BELONG to me an' Big Daddy!"

Adnan taking a pragmatic approach? He's looking FAR less irate than you would guess!

Adnan: "WHAT? HA HAH HA! You were expecting me to go into a cardiac arrest, Hokeyman? THIS is the errr, 1992 version of Adnan, he does business the MODERN WAY, Harvard Business School can learn from me! No hostile take-overs, friendly mergers! NO total ownership, spread the wealth!"

GO: "I never thought I'd hear The Sheik talking like a commie! (Adnan is satisfied that was a compliment) - I hear ONE business decision that can be tabled is the rematch with The Sioux War Party as they have injury issues".

Adnan: "There is only ONE order of business - the WLCF titles! And POOH on the Sioux! Their dilly-dallying about a rematch FORCED us to face The Steiner Cousins with LITTLE warning! Steiners, NEXT time these men will be ready!"


GO: "And the blow-up between The Gang and Masters lessens the competition, to be sure!"

SH: "Wow, 1992 version of The Sheik! AND I might even owe him an apology! I suggested that perhaps The Sheepherders were helping Adnan's posse BUT, in Milwaukee the belts go on the line against the New Zealanders! AND, fans in Milwaukee, TWO WCFL title defenses top the card! The Steiner Brothers will defend against a pair of New Horsemen but we have NO WORD YET on which two! As part of Jumbo Tsuruta's American farewell tour, HE faces the WCFL World Champ, Ricky Steamboat! Chris Benoit gets a chance at the AWA Light-Heavyweight belt held by Psicosis. You've already heard about the AWA Women's and Tag Team matches AND we might see The One Man Gang face Butch Masters one last time!"

GO: "Quick confirmation, Scott! That is a YES for Masters & The Gang - IT IS ""Loser Leaves the AWA" AND is NO disqualifacation...MERCY!"

2 COMMERCIAL - Sy Sperling's Hair Club for Men

We return and Susan Sexton is in the ring awaiting the intro's.

GO: "Here we have Susan Sexton, the Australian star - she's looking very well, in a blue outfit with red & white trim...there is some sort of design on the front..."

SH: "It appears to me to be a stylized map or silhouette of Australia, Gene..."

SH: "Gene?"

Dead silence.

SH: "I THINK that's TASMANIA, Gene!"

GO: "YES INDEED, and now we have this commercial break!"

No, we have a new high-energy entrance theme...


Scott making the save. FOCUS, Gene!

SH: "And here we have the AWA Women's Champ, Candi Devine waving her belt in the air".

Candi in plain black one-piece, no distracting logos or trim.

Match 2 One fall 15 minutes Referee Gary DeRusha
Candi Devine © Nashville TN vs. Susan Sexton Perth Australia

Gene is back with us, mind & body.

GO: "As we have Ricky Steamboat in the Main Event, this match has been made a non-title affair! Well, Candi knows Miss Sexton is well aware of the fact, but she is taunting her by waving the belt under her nose!"

Sue is showing patience - UNTIL the belt is removed & we get a bell...

THEN, she unleashes one solid slap!

GO: "Good gravy, that was as good as Zbyszko's! Susan Sexton is taking charge here against the champ!"

And Candi slips out to the floor to regroup. And yammer at DeRusha & Sexton. Miss Sexton graciously opens the ropes for Candi's convenience. She is told to go to heck.

SH: "The ladies are skilled wrestlers, Gene, but there is always a danger when tempers get out of control, the rulebook flies out the window. Gene?"

GO: "CATFIGHT! Oh, yes, indeed, Nick..."

SH: "It's SCOTT. Gene". Sighs.

Whatever, its Susan Sexton on fire. She unleashes a series of flying mares to the squealing champ & picks up the non-tle W with a textbook Thesz press.

Result Match 2 Susan Sexton pins Candi Devine @ 4:30

Sexton revels in the armraise & cheers. Devine interrupts her victorious exit with a snatch of Larry's mic.

CD: "You hang on, missy! Don't think this was a non-title match by accident! What with your jet lag and all, I did you a FAVOR! And you just keep showing up ALL OVER my territory and you'll be running home to hug a koala quick enough!"

Good segue to Nelson's hype package - Watch for Candi Devine defending her title all around the AWA - Thurs. Sept. 6th Winona MN, Fri. Sept 7th Oshkosh WI, Sat. Sept. 8th Milwaukee, Sun. Sept. 9th Evanston IL, Mon. Sept. 10th Belleville IL, Tues. Sept. 11th Moline, Wed. Sept. 12 Chicago TV taping, Wed. Sept. 12th Treasure Island Resort & Casino Red Wing MN

3 COMMERCIAL - WCFL Video presents "Best of the BASH 92" in stores now! Look for OFFICIAL WCFL Video for the BEST in wrestling excitement!

Back to the announce position.

GO: "On "Major League Wrestling" this week, we WILL have The Steiners in action AND the AWA Tag champs, BUT the New York Knights are in singles matches!"

Match 3 One fall 15 minutes Referee Buddy Lane
Atsushi Onita 239 Nagasaki Japan vs. Steve Prince 210 Plymouth England

Larry Nelson now waving...oh, he wants Tosh Honyaku! Onita grabs the mic, no interpreter needed?

AO: "Ah-ha, first of all, good luck for Legend Larry in world title, ha-ha! And MR. GO need slap TOO, Legend Larry or do I take care myself! Sar-jin Slaughter think I am being sneaky or tricking him. Slaughter big man, BIG MOUTH! I care LESS about stupid belt, go lose it to Legend Larry, Mr. Go-No, WHO CARE?"

At that, Onita removes his red ring jacket. Is it chilly in here? He's keeping ON a brand new red "FMW" tee shirt???

SH: "It is a shame that Eric's "EZ Chair" segment with Zbyszko is pre-recorded as there is NO shortage of new developments swirling around The Living Legend in the past few minutes alone!"

As with Mr. Go recently, Onita looking un-stressed about no backups! He's chucking the Brit around quite handily! Enziguri'es Prince through the ropes.

GO: "I'm trying to recall, Scott, which Japanese wrestlers here allegedly had a set-to in the locker room?"

SH: "NOT allegedly, Gene, it was Mr. Go-No and Mr. Go and I hear it was a BRAWL! Maybe they are fighting to see who is sticking with Mr. Zbyszko?"

GO: "Lately, Larry has not been so interested in anyone but himself...no surprise there...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

Alluding to Mr. Onita, after chopping Prince ALL over the floor, slams him throat-first over a guard-rail. The Great Onita sprints to the ring to beat the clock. Stick a fork in Mr. Prince.

Result Match 3 Atsushi Onita def. Steve Prince via CO @ 3:50

GO: "Fans, our opening matches have flown by quite quickly, we have PLENTY of time for a WCFL champ in action after this!"

To the "EZ Chair" set, where Larry Zbyszko has the sponsor's complimentary snack tray in his lap!

LZ: "Why else would I come on? I heard the eats were good! But seriously Bischoff, we've BOTH been around the company long enough to know yourself how the game is played! You think you're REALLY important here as CEO and I come out and see you folding cocktail napkins for your DINKY segment - SHEESH!"

Bit of color in EB's cheeks as Larry stuffs his face and tosses some napkins on the floor.

EB: "Well I know YOU were asking about doing a segment YOURSELF..."

LZ: "The salsa SUCKS! Don't get in a pi...DON'T try to top me, ERIC! You are the JOE-BOY GO-PHER, "Mr. CEO"! You might do well to start thinking along the lines of - what's best for Larry Zbyszko is best for the AWA and ultimately BEST for Eric Bischoff!"

EB: "I don't think you see the big picture..."

LZ: "You know, Bischoff you MIGHT take a lesson from ME! I hear Steamboat is heading here and when he does, I'll probably just walk up to him and RIGHTFULLY demand my title match! THAT is how I got to be a LIVING LEGEND! Nice guys finish LAST, Bischoff and don't you forget it!"

Bish has plenty to mull over as he signs off. Zib leaves - taking the snack platter with him...


SH: "I have a funny feeling the world is a safer place the FURTHER those two are from each other...After a word from our sponsor, Chris Kanyon faces none other tha THE DRAGON!"

4 COMMERCIAL - Johnsonville Sausages proudly presents the "EZ Chair" every week on "AWA Championship Wrestling"

We return and the Main Event is at hand. Love & Kanyon await the champ's entry.

Match 4 One fall 15 minutes Referee Gary DeRusha
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat 239 Charlotte NC vs. "Champagne" Chris Kanyon 250 NYC w/ Christopher Love

Quick handswipe & a bell-ring.

GO: "Fans, we are pleased to be joined by former AWA Heavyweight champ, Jumbo Tsuruta! Jumbo, you are embarking on what might be called a farewell tour of North America. On Labor Day, you were in Oklahoma to participate in the Bunkhouse Battle Royal".

JT: "Oh, the Bruiser Brody Show was very special for me! Andre the Giant and 20 guys with taped fists and so forth! It's real nice being here in the AWA, Gene. As I have decided that the pace of working regularly in the WCFL is getting to be too much, I am VERY pleased with what the AWA has scheduled. I expect to face Sgt. Slaughter, among others".

GO: "In Milwaukee, you start at the very top, facing the WCFL World champ, Mr. Steamboat!"

In the ring, it has been quite even, @ 2:50, Kanyon has a headlock on The Dragon, who uses elbow shots to break it.

JT: "It is likely going to be my final shot for the WCFL World title, so I am glad to do some scouting! As I might not get another chance, young Steamboat might be surprised by how determined I may be!"

At 3:50, we're concluding a criss-cross session that has featured some leapfrogs & slides to the mat. Solidly built Kanyon hits your basic shoulderblock, Steamer bounces off, but gets an armdrag takeover.

SH: "Mr. Tsuruta, we saw a very determined Larry Zbyszko make an audacious challenge to Ricky Steamboat. What are your thoughts there?"

Ricky sitting out with an armbar @ 4:30.

JT: "From what I know of Larry, I had better watch out for a face-slap! I will watch that match next week for sure! I'll see you then, but I must run, I promised young Tosh Honyaku a dinner..."

Kanyon uses a headscissors to roll into the dominant position. Steamer seems trapped & in jeopardy before a handstand escape. He hits some rapid quick kicks, as the referee circles out of position, the last one seemed a little low - Kanyon grabs the ropes and questions the legality...

Fans were grumbling about the kick, now have more to gripe over as RDS whacks "Champagne" with a chop to the throat while he was in the ropes.

SH: "A couple of maneuvers that MAY have been fouls...or accidental".

Referee warning over & Kanyon staggering a bit & shaking his head as he leaves the ropes. Dragon dropkick leads to the figure-4.

Result Match 4 Ricky Steamboat submits Chris Kanyon @ 5:20

There is a chant as Steamboat takes the arm-raise...WE WANT LUGER!

Steamboat shaking is head "NO" in response? We close the show running down the next big Saturday card.

This Saturday in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center!
Kama vs. Don Bass, Corporal Kirchner vs. Kurasawa, AWA Women's Title with Candi Devine vs. Susan Sexton, LOSER LEAVES AWA as One Man Gang battles Butch Masters in NO-DQ tilt, Psicosis defends Light-Heavyweight crown vs. Chris Benoit, New York Knights vs. The Sheepherders for AWA Tag belts, WCFL Tag action with The Steiner Brothers facing a duo of The New Horsemen, WCFL WORLD title on the line as Ricky Steamboat faces Jumbo Tsuruta!

Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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JWLPromoter from FL
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Well, no Fuller, but, wow, more lame awkward "comedy." Wow, Larry Z still doesn't get along with anyone. Hey, Sheik Adnan's tag team doesn't want anything to do with him. Hey, Mediocrelund STILL sucks at his job.

Larry Z told Bischoff "Nice guys finish last." That may be so in some cases, but Bischoff isn't known as a nice or friendly guy, and he has turned out to be a LOSER IRL, so why bother telling him that?


"Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it."- George Santayana

"...the strongest force in the world is a woman!"- Jimmy Hart

The George The Animal Steele Fan Page!

Your uncrowned IWA World Heavyweight Champion

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Blind Guy
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Always interesting to be reminded who you like and dislike from real life. Especially when its in the context of future events. It is good to know I'm portraying some of the characters well enough.

I've noted that you don't care for, or grasp, the comedy or any sort of humor, so no need to repeat the complaints.

Thanks for the read. I'm sort of tickled that AWA is a regular stop for you.

Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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Larry Land makes a statement! A program against Steamboat could really do well. Good to see Devine and Sexton get some time here. Hoping to see Steamboat get some real challenges from Luger soon. Interesting new edge to Adnan. I like it.



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Blind Guy
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Have not spent too much time on Adnan lately, I'll have to do some.

He HAS a change, but it is more "subservient" to his team - as they more or less picked him, rather than the other way around. Just to put him on his "good behavior"...for now.

Michael Moriarty as Henry Wiggen in, "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1973)

"From here on in, I rag nobody"

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