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On September 22, 2007, Mark Markley aka Mark from WA passed away. A former standup comic and devoted fan of PNW Wrestling and '70s rock, he was one of the best liked and most entertaining posters ever on WrestlingClassics. We have renamed this forum, where he liked to post goofy stuff, in honor of the Nicest Guy On The Internet. Come on in and have a Rainier. It's all we serve. RIP, pal.

[img] hhttps://i.imgur.com/0PE0iac.jpg [/img]

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    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 1 Would anyone care to join me for a drink? Starbucks Rogers 2
Icon 1 I am YOUR Immature Moderator... wild bill From CA 4
Icon 1 Somebody, quick... Rhiannon 19
Icon 1 Hello muh baby Ded Sexay 3
Icon 2 Mmmm... cake. Rhiannon 17
Icon 1 I'm thinking of a cake... Ded Sexay 11
Icon 2 Lunch Special! Rhiannon 8
Icon 1 New House Rule GreyGhost from MS 5
Icon 1 Return of a SUPERMODEL! Pages: 1 2 Cara and the über stud Brock Lesnar 45
Icon 1 Have a cigar, twins are home Portalesman 16
Icon 1 FWO: Round 2: Sudden Death GreyGhost from MS 10
Icon 1 Who wants to Trick or Treat? wild bill From CA 11
Icon 5 I have the answers.....do you have the questions? Larry 4
Icon 1 Rhi Ded Sexay 1
Icon 1 Ask Wilford Brimley Portalesman 28
Icon 1 FWO Round 2: Voting GreyGhost from MS 3
Icon 1 Proof Positive Cara and the über stud Brock Lesnar 10
Icon 1 FWO: The Second Round GreyGhost from MS 7
Icon 1 Hello there, Friday... wild bill From CA 9
Icon 8 What is NOT being reported about Terrell Owens and monday night.... Kilroy 16
Icon 1 First Time I Have Stopped In SpanishAnnounceTeam 12
Icon 1 Nobody knows... Jeff Luce 21
Icon 1 FWO First Round Winners! Matt Resling 18
Icon 1 I have some alarming news... wild bill From CA 11
Icon 1 Some Crazy Things You Run Across Starbucks Rogers 5
Icon 1 Dude...kinda sucks to be you Jeff Luce 3
Icon 1 We interupt today's postings with a brief message from our sponsor.... Kilroy 3
Icon 1 Cowboy Bob Orton Pages: 1 2 lord azteca 44
Icon 1 OT good news/ bad news Portalesman 18
Icon 1 For the love of God... Ded Sexay 21
Icon 1 This may be the venue for an Untitle Match wild bill From CA 26
Icon 1 Okay! Listen Up Everyone! Pages: 1 2 Legend-Killer from TX 55
Icon 1 2nd Annual FWO 1st Round Pairings Pages: 1 2 Matt Resling 43
Icon 1 And you may find yourself... wild bill From CA 7
Icon 1 Monk WahooFan 11
Icon 1 Played in a Battle of the Bands saturday...listen to this... Kilroy 4
Icon 1 Isn't it ironic...don't ya think? Ded Sexay 25
Icon 8 Best TV Instrumental Theme Finals OneFanGang 2
Icon 1 Poetry Site Updated... Larry 1
Icon 1 Can I be serious for just a moment? wild bill From CA 28
Icon 1 Master-Blaster rules The Ak-Bar wild bill From CA 22
Icon 1 Phone Call from Mizz Rhi in the Ladies Room Crimson Mask I 5
Icon 1 Challengers for the 6 man untitle Portalesman 0
Icon 1 Pssst.... JKeane... Rhiannon 11
Icon 1 It Is Friday! wild bill From CA 8
Icon 1 re HAI Portalesman 0
Icon 1 HAI Portalesman 0
Icon 1 Hey Wild Bill Starbucks Rogers 13
Icon 1 Sasha 1987-2002 uman4546 18
Icon 12 What are you laughting at??? ScottyJ 8
Icon 4 Baby..... ScottyJ 4
Icon 1 Andy Rooney says to all women........ Kilroy 7
Icon 1 Andy Rooney said... wild bill From CA 3
Icon 1 Roll call... Pages: 1 2 Ded Sexay 42
Icon 1 Second Annual Funny Word Open (NO HIJACKING PLEASE) Matt Resling 13
Icon 5 Guys, what's with this? Rhiannon 12
Icon 1 Question For All Women Here... Pages: 1 2 3 Kash Flagg 83
Icon 1 Rhi... Ded Sexay 7
Icon 1 Hijacked funny word contest Portalesman 0
Icon 1 So, there I am in bed last night.... ScottyJ 20
Icon 1 OT: This is SO far off topic!!! Larry 12
Icon 1 Hey Group! TJ Rude(no relation) 18
Icon 1 Mary Worth is here to help you... Ded Sexay 10
Icon 1 I can't believe my eyes..... Starbucks Rogers 2
Icon 1 TWIW features simultaneous two-ring World title matches (including title change) Mark Nulty from WA 0
Icon 1 The Autumn Wind... wild bill From CA 1
Icon 14 Have a good weekend.... ScottyJ 3
Icon 10 More signs of the apocalypse... Ta-Kargol, Lord Of The Volcano 2
Icon 10 Useless Misinformation... Larry 3
Icon 1 Wow...dig me. Ded Sexay 3
Icon 1 OT: I made the front page!!!!!!!! Larry 2
Icon 1 OT: FOX's baseball coverage of the Braves/Giants game... Larry 0
Icon 1 Feel The Velvet... wild bill From CA 19
Icon 1 Big sale on Florida, Jack Brisco, Buddy Colt collections! Mark Nulty from WA 0
Icon 1 Big sale on Florida, Jack Brisco, Buddy Colt collections! Mark Nulty from WA 0

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